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blackburnsonne|work: where is u?12:13
blackburnare :D12:13
blackburnscanned two times no matches12:14
sonne|workblackburn: look at the right. there is this guy with the hat then go 2 to the left12:14
sonne|workred pullover12:14
blackburnI see12:14
blackburnwhere is chris then?12:14
sonne|workpretty fuzzy12:14
sonne|workin the very front12:15
sonne|worknext to the guy with the blue GSOC t-shirt12:15
sonne|workright of him12:15
blackburnhmm there is that pic in even bigger resolution12:16
blackburnhah catch him12:16
blackburnquite a lot of you!12:17
sonne|workcarol smith is in the very front at the very right12:17
blackburnwith big legs? :D12:18
sonne|workpurple and boots yes12:18
blackburnI see12:18
sonne|workyeah lots of people12:19
sonne|workand I was shaking hands with everyone!12:19
sonne|workto become immune against every sickness :)12:19
blackburnhaha righto, good way to get immune12:20
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sp1ritHi guys, I'm having trouble running any program after installing shogun 2.0 on my CentOS 6.3..I did have no trouble doing configure, make and make install. But when it comes to running an experimental program, it returns error msg: "ImportError: No module named sg"17:51
sp1ritI'm totally new to shogun&CentOS so I don't have a clue why shogun module is not loaded...17:52
sp1ritAny help would be greatly appreciated!17:53
sp1rithey :)17:54
blackburnwhy sg?17:54
sp1ritwhile I'm trying to run a python program:17:54
blackburnyou are using python modular right?17:54
sp1ritsrc]$ python ../examples/documented/python_static/graphical/svm_classification.py17:54
sp1ritTraceback (most recent call last):17:54
sp1rit  File "../examples/documented/python_static/graphical/", line 1, in <module>17:54
sp1rit    from sg import sg17:54
sp1ritImportError: No module named sg17:54
sp1rityeah I'm trying it17:55
blackburnwait, so how did you configure it?17:55
sp1ritI did it the default way17:56
blackburnI don't recommend to start with static interfaces17:57
sp1ritOK...I was trying to follow the installation guide..17:57
blackburnit is kind of deprecated17:57
sp1ritoh that's good to know17:57
blackburnso lets configure for python_modular17:57
blackburn./configure --interfaces=python_modular17:57
sp1ritrunning it :)17:58
sp1ritChecking for Python/Python Numpy Developer Files ... no17:58
sp1ritError: python/numpy developer files missing17:58
sp1rithmm ;(17:58
blackburnyeah it would require some additional packages17:58
blackburnI am not really into centos so let me google it17:59
sp1ritthanks :)17:59
blackburnprobably you need python-devel package18:00
blackburnsp1rit: is there such package to install?18:00
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