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shwetahi everyone08:33
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@sonney2kblackburn1, hey there20:44
@sonney2kany idea what happened to wiking?20:44
blackburn1sonney2k: hey20:45
blackburn1no idea20:45
blackburn1if he was russian I'd had one20:45
@sonney2kblackburn1, which would be?20:46
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blackburn1we stay drunk till the end of holidays, but jk :)20:46
@sonney2kblackburn1, btw berlin airport won't open this year :D20:47
@sonney2kI am still lucky20:47
blackburn1nice to you20:47
@sonney2kand I bet it won't open next year20:47
@sonney2kor the year after20:47
@sonney2kI bet on 2030 or never :D20:47
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@sonney2kwhich certainly is long enough20:47
blackburn1to grow up kids20:47
@sonney2kto enjoy the lake and live with kids :)20:47
blackburn1to develop a missile as well20:48
@sonney2kyeah I should have some excursion to either US, israel or iran for that matter20:48
@sonney2kmaybe just asking around here in germany is sufficient though :)20:49
blackburn1iran is preferrable as we have shogun friend there :D20:49
@sonney2kblackburn1, IIRC we have visitors from .mil too20:49
@sonney2kso don't worry20:49
@sonney2kall your bugs will be KILLER features =:-)20:49
blackburn1hah right20:50
blackburn1sonney2k: I have been thinking about next year gsoc20:50
blackburn1we should go for deep learning I am afraid20:50
@sonney2kwe have no expert20:53
@sonney2kso that's a show stopper20:54
blackburn1we should obtain one somewher20:54
blackburn1it is too hot20:54
blackburn1it is so hot I hurted myself and had a blister20:54
@sonney2kI will be at some ML summit this spring but I don't think it is likely that I can convince a stranger to mentor for that task20:59
@sonney2kblackburn1, we for sure should make a list of things we would like to have done before gsoc20:59
@sonney2kand for this release :)20:59
blackburn1sonney2k: we should buy yann :D20:59
blackburn1sonney2k: and it feels like I should be a mentor this time21:02
blackburn1no idea may be I can get a little into this field which would allow me to lead that21:03
@sonney2kblackburn1, yeah but you have lots of other stuff going on too so no idea how you can make it21:08
@sonney2kblackburn1, btw I just plugged 32G of memory into my desktop machine21:08
blackburn1full time job + studies appears to be hard :D21:08
blackburn1but I am 21 yet so have power (yet)21:08
@sonney2kin case it runs smoothly I will create some buildbot for debian sid :)21:08
@sonney2ksounds like you will get some burnout soon21:09
@sonney2kdon't overdo it21:09
blackburn1any reason to have such great memory sizes?21:09
@sonney2kbuilding shogun will require a machine with 6G at least21:10
blackburn126 to go21:10
@sonney2k26 what?21:13
@sonney2ka memory21:13
@sonney2kyes sure21:13
@sonney2kit is running a db and some other VMs if things work out21:14
blackburn1I see21:14
@sonney2kand you know 4 cores == kill memory per thread21:15
@sonney2kblackburn1, n4nd0 made me aware that I have an h-index of 24. apparently that's quite ok hmmhh.21:37
blackburn1I never knew about h-index21:37
@sonney2kit means I have h publications which got cited h times21:37
blackburn1is it %Infty for me?21:37
@sonney2kmax h is what we are looking for21:37
blackburn1why wikipedia says galois has 221:38
@sonney2kso if you manage to submit your jmlr paper it will at least be 121:38
@sonney2k(at some point)21:38
blackburn1I will make my second effort to do that this month21:38
@sonney2kblackburn1, If you didn't waste^H^H^H^Hinvest so much time in making it tapkee you probably would have had it already21:39
@sonney2kgood luck!21:39
blackburn1no it is not a waste of time, I learned a  few things21:39
blackburn1sonney2k: it was much harder to describe why it is not shogun21:40
blackburn1it is a philosophical problem21:40
blackburn1I'd have to cite nietzsche21:41
blackburn1to describe why I hate situation I am in21:41
@sonney2kohh please don't21:42
@sonney2kI might find myself trapped in some brain twist21:42
blackburn1it would be nice to see zarathustra cite in ml paper21:43
blackburn1sonney2k: have you ever read some classics like kant?21:46
blackburn1I am curious how difficult it is to understand in original language21:46
blackburn1translation sucks :(21:47
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blackburn1heiko: may be you? have you ever read kant?21:51
heikoblackburn, yes I have, why do you ask?22:04
heiko10 years ago  in school :D22:04
blackburn1heiko: I am curious how difficult it is22:04
blackburn1in original language22:04
heikomax + 322:04
heikotry something else :)22:05
blackburn1well I have read let me remember22:05
@sonney2kheiko, btw I fixed some build failures in you last commits no idea if I did it the way you intended things22:05
heikosonney2k, thanks for that, I was busy with family over the last days and was not at a computer22:06
heikosonney2k, what did you do?22:06
blackburn1Kritik der reinen Vernunft22:07
blackburn1in russian translation22:07
heikosonney2k, all this lapack stuff, I see22:08
heikoblackburn, Kritik der reinen Vernunft is one of the most difficult books ever written in German22:08
blackburn1heiko: lolz22:08
blackburn1quite difficult in any lang22:08
heikoyes, even in German its like learning a new language22:09
heikosince all the words have Kant's own defined meanings22:09
blackburn1IIRC he heavily introduced apriori  and aposteriori22:10
heikosonney2k, blackburn, do you know the state of java_modular? does it work?22:10
blackburn1and a few more things like ehmm synthetic22:10
heikoblackburn, yeah he was the original Bayesian22:11
@sonney2kheiko, it should - at least tests do22:11
heikosonney2k, in order to make classes available, do I need to do anything more than for python_modular?22:11
blackburn1no, why?22:11
blackburn1in lapack we trust only22:12
heikojust curios, I never ran java22:12
blackburn1java is the only way to do java22:13
heikocool, a guy asked me about kernel mmd stuff and he is using java22:14
blackburn1java fur immer!22:14
heikohehe :)22:14
heikogonna go to bed now, sleep well guys!22:15
blackburn1may the force be with you :D22:16
heikoand with you blackburn!22:18
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@sonney2kblackburn1, you know there is this issue with the force, it has a dark (black) side...22:33
blackburn1sonney2k: yes both works22:33
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@sonney2kblackburn1, btw you should work in gunnars lab22:37
@sonney2kI just ssh'd into one machine and it had 512 G of memory22:38
@sonney2knot harddrive22:38
blackburn1powerful enough22:38
@sonney2kcompiling shogun there is a non-issue22:38
@sonney2ktakes < 1 minute22:38
@sonney2knot even sure if we have enough files to satisfy all CPUs ;-)22:39
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