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shogun-buildbotbuild #244 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
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sonne|workwiking: back from the dead?10:51
sonne|workwiking: what happened10:52
wikingsonne|work: i'm just answering the email of shell10:52
wikingsonne|work: my dad's got hospitalised with serious stuff during xmas holidays10:52
sonne|workugh. hope he gets well soon10:52
wikingso i kind of like got disconnected10:52
wikingbut now i'm back to the usual working session10:53
sonne|workbad x-mas present :/10:53
wikingyeah :(10:53
sonne|workbut is he recovering?10:53
wikinghe's a bit better but still worries since nobody really knows the underlying causes of the sympthoms10:53
wikingsonne|work: he's stable...10:54
sonne|workwell at least10:54
wikingthe problem is that i had to come back to belgium10:54
wikingand he is living in serbia10:54
wikingso it's phone contact now only10:54
sonne|workwiking: well all the best to your dad. lets hope doctors find sth10:59
sonne|workwiking: no idea if you have time for shogun10:59
sonne|workbut in case you have  -your buildslaves are down11:00
blackburn1wiking: uh I am sorry - hope he will get well soon!11:03
wikingblackburn1: cheers thanks!11:10
wikingsonne|work: thnx!11:10
wikingsonne|work: oh shit i had a system upgrade on freebsd11:10
wikingso i'll fire it up now11:10
wikingi'll check the ubuntu one11:10
sonne|workwiking: we have a new redhat one that has 512G of memory :D11:10
wikingsonne|work: ok fbsd bot is up and running11:11
sonne|worklets see how many failure messages we will get11:12
wikingok ubuntu is up as well11:13
wikingi'll put a small script into crontab so that it checks/restart buildbot if it dies11:13
sonne|workgood idea, I think I should do sth similar11:15
sonne|workwiking: alright bb is happy again11:41
sonne|worknow we only need a new release :)11:41
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