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@sonney2kblackburn, hey there08:45
* sonney2k feels like party time ;)08:45
@sonney2kblackburn, announce stuff like hell...08:45
blackburnsonney2k: hey08:46
blackburnsonney2k: so we are going to have some party time? :D08:46
@sonney2kyeah but it will be some work to make it BIG08:49
blackburnno problem lets do it08:49
@sonney2kblackburn, we need to do some planning08:51
@sonney2kthe usual suspects want to help so we should have some chat brainstorming08:52
@sonney2ksomewhen this week08:52
blackburnI am available mostly08:52
@sonney2kblackburn, btw I cannot figure out why the gp example suddenly crashes08:57
@sonney2kblackburn, seems like m_parametersi in SGObject is not inited08:57
@sonney2kbut that is not possible08:57
@sonney2ksince it is explicitly done in constructor08:57
@sonney2kany off the train...08:57
blackburnsonney2k: I don't know - will try to debug once I get some time08:59
blackburnsonne|work: it seems that I should go as a tourist to avoid visa troubles :)09:12
sonne|workblackburn: sure you should :)09:28
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sonne|workheiko: seems you forgot to twitter?11:32
heikosonne|work, have a look11:32
sonne|workour marketing deparment seriously lacks :D11:32
sonne|workohh there11:32
sonne|workand the perl one ?11:32
heikoI thought maybe wait another day to not flood it11:33
heikobut no idea if that is sensible, just my personal feeling11:33
sonne|workjust push it out11:33
sonne|workotherwise it will just be forgotten like last time11:33
heikoyou are right11:35
heikosonne|work , so the basics are working right?11:35
sonne|workwe should create some extra page for the workshop11:35
heikosonne|work, I think it would be a good idea to have an IRC meeting about the workshop11:35
sonne|workheiko: I just said that to blackburn11:36
heikoalready got a date?11:36
sonne|workno but maybe tomorrow evening?11:36
sonne|workheiko: where should I put the workshop link? under
heikosonne|work yes that is good11:38
sonne|workheiko: I mean when you look at the current website11:38
heikodamn, I should have put that into the twitter11:38
sonne|workI would add a new tab11:38
sonne|workand then beneath that the info11:38
sonne|workheiko: we will need to write some official announcement anyways11:39
sonne|workwith details about program11:39
sonne|workthis currently is just planning phase11:39
heikosonne|work, is it hard to insert a twitter stream on the website?11:39
sonne|workany idea for a cool name for our workshop11:39
heikopuh, good question11:39
sonne|worklike: shogun toolbox days 2013 - give your data a treat ;-)11:39
heikounexperienced in workshop names :)11:40
heikowell thats not too bad11:40
heikosonne|work, what about today evening?11:44
heikohi blackburn!11:48
blackburnheiko: hey11:49
heikoblackburn, I am currently using a method called Russian routlette, I thought you like that :)11:50
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blackburnheiko: that should be a good method!12:06
blackburnI like playing russian roulette12:06
blackburnI have been lucky till now you see :D12:06
heikohehe :)12:06
heikoyou must be a good player then12:08
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blackburnsonne|work: heiko: I am receiving mails from bremen about tapkee (in russian) :D12:24
blackburnJacobs University Bremen gGmbH12:24
heikoblackburn, haha, great :)12:25
heikowhat are they asking?12:25
blackburnhow to link their code to tapkee12:25
heikocool, that was quick12:25
heikoI know a girl who went there, good place12:25
heikoyou should be pround :)12:25
blackburnfunny thing is that12:26
blackburnfirst some student asked me I think12:26
blackburnand now his professor or so12:26
blackburnthey should be working on the same thing but lost connection I guess :D12:26
blackburnheiko: so you will visit berlin too, right?12:45
blackburnwiking: what about you and how are you?12:45
heikoblackburn, yes, already marked it in my calendar, need to sort out with job, but that should be no problem12:46
heikoblackburn, and you?12:46
heikoah you wrote on the list already12:46
heikoso finally, all of us will meet :)12:46
blackburnheiko: yes12:49
blackburnheiko: I should find some travel offer that works for me12:50
blackburnI think I'd stay at berlin for a week or so12:50
heikoblackburn, yes, for you its quite a trip12:50
heikoblackburn, same here :)12:50
heiko(at least I will try)12:50
heikomeet old friend12:50
heiko(everyone in Germany moved to Berlin)12:51
heikoold friends12:51
heikoall of them :)12:51
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blackburnbig meet12:58
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sonne|workheiko: looks like your c-base announcement got retweeted!14:28
heikosonne|work, I saw it, but c-base and sergey do not really count ;)14:29
sonne|workwhy does c-base not count?14:29
sonne|work~4k followers14:30
heikoif one of them re-tweet, then it counts14:30
sonne|workif one of them attends it counts already14:31
sonne|workbtw I posted this also on G+'s  (>3000 followers in ML group)14:32
heikothats very cool!14:32
heikothe TUB guys could also advertise it at uni14:33
heikoas could the t?bingen people14:33
sonne|workthen there is still planet.d.o14:33
heikooh yes14:33
blackburnif it gets big I will run horrored :D14:33
heikoI will write a blogpost soon, once things are a bit more set14:33
heikohehe :)14:33
heikoSo what about registration14:34
heikoIf we made this compulsory (but free of charge) then we would know how many people might be there14:34
blackburnI don't mind14:37
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blackburnhah no more github in china14:56
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wikingheheh we need to make them an unofficial mirror of shogun somewhere else ;)15:34
blackburnwiking: what for?15:34
wikingmaybe they'd like to have shogun as well but they cannot clone it15:35
wiking(chinese researchers)15:35
blackburngoogle code15:35
blackburnbut in general we should recall that principle wiking15:36
blackburnthe F U principle15:36
blackburnso we should put 'if you can't use github ... '15:37
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sonne|workwiking: / google code are also official mirrors16:02
sonne|workheiko: yes we will require registration. could anyone draft a form for that for our webserver?16:09
heikosonne|work, I have no idea how to do these things, what about the guy who did the page?16:13
sonne|workheiko: I just need some form design. doing that then on the website is not a problem for me. not sure if we need it but if we get say 50 emails then we will simply loose track16:14
heikosonne|work, but what do you  need then? the form should have two elements: name, email ??16:15
sonne|workwhat else?16:18
heikoyes, these would be good16:19
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@sonney2kheiko, do we want badges?17:26
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@sonney2kjust escaped in time :]17:26
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yophi all17:56
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ZagrethHey guys. What to do to join the session in Berlin?18:50
heiko1hi Zagreth, just register (once the page is up) and come18:51
heiko1If you want to help organising, thats very welcome18:52
ZagrethSadly im not in Germany18:52
ZagrethWhat kind of help might be useful for the organisation?18:53
heiko1We haven't had our kick-off meeting yet, so we are not yet fully synchronised on this.18:54
heiko1Where are you based?18:54
heiko1Its not terribly far away :)18:58
ZagrethNot much really... is the kickoff meeting going to have place virtually or over there?18:59
heiko1no, here in the irc. These days18:59
heiko1We might be sending an email to the list18:59
heiko1feel free to join us18:59
Zagrethif i can be helpful somehow just let me know18:59
heiko1thats appreciated :)19:00
ZagrethIm on the list now, so well meet again!19:00
Zagrethtill then!19:00
heiko1cool, see you!19:01
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