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-!- sonney2k changed the topic of #shogun to: Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox | Workshop upcoming July 12, Berlin C-Base | When asking questions please be patient or use the mailing list. We always answer but it might take a while. | Channel logs
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sonne|workI've announced things on my blog too so it is now on planet ^10:44
blackburnsonne|work: nice!10:45
blackburnit has quite a lot readers, right?10:45
blackburnWhat did one support vector say to another support vector?10:47
blackburnI feel so marginalized.10:47
sonne|workthat would work with distributions too :)10:47
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heikoworkshop meeting looks like saturday16:31
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tomv_hello. I am trying to compile shogun 2.0 for Debian (using the 1.x packages as base). Unfortunately, the python-modular seems to have problems with string.h vs. cstring. Have you seen (and possibly resolved) this?22:21
blackburntomv_: hey22:24
blackburntomv_: could you please paste the error?22:25
tomv_In file included from modshogun_wrap.cxx:9562:22:29
tomv_/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.7/../../../../include/c++/4.7/cstring:101:3: error: declaration conflicts with target of using declaration already in scope22:29
tomv_  memchr(void* __s, int __c, size_t __n)22:29
tomv_and some more of the same variety.22:29
tomv_this is with clang22:29
tomv__BIGSTATES -DUSE_HMMCACHE -DUSE_REFERENCE_COUNTING -DGPL -DUSE_SPINLOCKS -DHAVE_DOXYGEN -DHAVE_PYTHON -c -I. -I..   -I/usr/include/json   -I/usr/include/libxml2   -I/usr/include/atlas -I../../shogun -I../.. -I/usr/include/python2.7 -I/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/numpy/core/include  -o modshogun_wrap.cxx.o modshogun_wrap.cxx22:29
tomv_(sorry for the flooding)22:30
blackburntomv_: I've never seen such error to be honest.. but let me try to help you somehow22:32
tomv_well, I have seen somewhere that clang has stopped using std:: or somesuch.22:33
tomv_I think it might be that you can only include ctring and string.h in a certain order or something.22:33
blackburntomv_: okay I think we can find some solution22:36
blackburntomv_: could you please remove line 71 in src/interfaces/python_modular/protocols_helper.i?22:37
blackburnthen try to recompile - should work22:37
tomv_doesn't look good.22:43
blackburntomv_: still? bad bad22:44
tomv_but something went wrong with regenerating the .cxx from .i, I'll check this some more an be back in a minute.22:45
blackburntomv_: what is the error now?22:45
blackburnif it doesn't help could you also try to replace that line with #include <string.h>?22:45
blackburni am not sure about that but it doesn't happen to reproduce on my machine so I'd need you help there22:46
tomv_blackburn: thanks! the problem just now was that the debian packaging copied around the .i and so it always took the copy of the old version. I am sure that the error will either be resolved or different now.22:54
blackburntomv_: nice22:54
tomv_I'll let you know which once I know. :)22:54
blackburntomv_: sure - I am going to get some sleep in 15-30 mins though but just paste it here I'll read that later (or post on the mailing list)22:57
tomv_I'll probably not try too long, but report tomorrow. good night and thanks!22:58
tomv_now I 'make clean'ed too good and it recompiles shogun, so it'll be tomorrow. good night!23:07
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