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sumit_does Shogun support simulation using Neural Networks(perceptron approach) , (as in , for various applications in financial forecasting , for instance ) ??differently put , may I contribute to shogun in this particular domain?08:41
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blackburnsumit_: we have only one-layer perceptron, but yes you can contribute and we welcome it09:40
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sumitdoes shogun offer support for simulation through neural networks(perceptrons,modelled for say , financial engineering for instance)??differently put,may I contribute to Shogun in this domain?13:59
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sumitsorry I have been asking this question time and again (the internet had not been working well :P  ,, rendering me disconnected all the time ),"Does shogun support simulation through Neural Networks (perceptron approach) ??16:01
sumitput differently , may I contribute to Shogun in this domain?16:01
blackburnsumit: hey there16:02
blackburnsumit: we have only one-layer perceptron, but yes you can contribute and we welcome it16:02
sumitok great , I shall be devising and analysing the direction to work upon shortly and let you know16:14
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sumitblackburn :: so perceptron.cpp is all (seems to be) shogun has progressed in this field??Evidently, Incorporating Neural Networks into it is an arena so promising ..... also lie scopes for improvement in clustering techniques and learning methods20:54
blackburnsumit: yes as shogun has been focusing on SVMs for a while20:54
blackburnwhat do you have in mind?20:54
sumitI am well versed with Neural Networks and have worked on related topics like support vector machines,,,I came to know about shogun as a machine learning toolbox a couple of days ago20:55
sumitto realise that Much has been done though , much needs to be done in fields other than SVMs,so basically20:56
sumitWhat I as of now aim for is to contribute in incorporating features that may be available in other toolbox / projects ,20:57
blackburnfeel free - we would welcome any contributions20:57
blackburnsumit: I'll try to help you with any integration but you just have to choose what to integrate20:59
sumitSure,thanks for the support .. I am basically brushing up my knowledge on these topics,to explore what could be done,,Yes certainly blackburn....21:00
sumitSimply put,21:00
sumitI firstly want to21:00
sumitextend the progress in21:01
sumitneural networks(perceptron learning ) to say , include multi layer perceptron(feed forward neural networks)21:02
sumitand say , facilties to adjust weight parameters layer by layer , and also inculcate other various models for neural networks,that may have been published earlier and appreciated21:03
sumitAll I need is a day or two so that I can come out with something that is amiable to work upon,,,21:03
blackburnyou are not in hurry I guess :)21:04
sumitNo blackburn :)21:04
sumitBut the keyboard ,,Aargh!...anyways never mind :)21:06
sumitI basically have come across a book so comprehensive on neural networks , touches every topic indispensible on neural networks21:08
sumitI am just imbibing insight on Adaline,Madaline,back propagation,counter propagation,hopfield networks and a few more, let me see how can they be transformed into a piece of code,I shall definitely come up with something fruitful very soon21:11
blackburnmost (if not all) of these methods are already implemented I expect21:12
sumitYes , the primitive ones though , anyways I may also work on topics apart from Neural Networks21:14
blackburnwhat is your motivation? :)21:14
sumitI has always been interested to work on statistics / machine learning analysis.Besides,I realize this as an opportunity towards GsoC 201321:21
blackburnI see - I just wanted to recommend you to work on something you really like or it could get tough21:27
sumitgood :) so let me shortly come up with what I could work upon,I ll keep you posted about it!thanks :)21:31
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n4nd0hello hello guys23:22
n4nd0sonney2k: so do you think the program draft is looking ok enough to send it around in the mailing list?23:22
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