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n4nd0blackburn1: thanks for the fix in FA!09:40
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blackburn1n4nd0: du bist willkommen!10:39
n4nd0tack :)10:40
blackburn1n4nd0: I have a question regarding FA though10:40
blackburn1hmm no, I have no question10:40
n4nd0hehe ok10:40
blackburn1before it was producing some non-sense but I think there was a bug somewhere else10:41
n4nd0what happened?10:42
n4nd0blackburn1: :D we are scared in case you decide to attack10:42
blackburn1n4nd0: haha10:47
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blackburn1n4nd0: good shot on nato actually :) if we remember serbia10:50
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n4nd0sonney2k: working on the dropmenu atm, but it won't be finished soon probably16:59
n4nd0I have to modify css for it to work and I have no idea how it goes17:00
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sumitHey blackburn , I appreciate the ideas , and just mailed you some of them that I am keen on working over , But could you also tell me what you expect from interactive machine learning demos?as in , any paradigm?18:00
sumitand also , as for Dimension Reduction methods , shall I start with Auto - encoders first ? (from creating RBM class -> class for Stacks for RBMs , to train the auto-encoders for dimension reduction ?) the other options being working on kernel PCA ...18:05
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sumitblackburn ,  are you there ?18:13
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@sonney2kn4nd0, what is the difficulty with css mangling?21:37
@sonney2kcan't you just add the menu stuff to the end of the file?21:38
n4nd0sonney2k: no, not really21:50
n4nd0because we already have a css with out stuff21:51
n4nd0and this dropdown menu has it own css with its stuff21:51
n4nd0since we basically want to use the elements we already have with the dropdown menu style21:52
n4nd0we have to sort of combine both css21:52
n4nd0if you just use the one in the dropdown menu -> the positioning of the elements screws completely21:52
n4nd0sonney2k: see what I mean?21:54
blackburnn4nd0: I found a way to beat all other libraries - float instead of double :D22:00
n4nd0blackburn: are we twice as fast then?22:08
blackburnn4nd0: with some of methods22:08
@sonney2kn4nd0, but if you put them in some div then it should be no problem22:11
n4nd0sonney2k: in principle :)22:12
n4nd0so for example one the issues I was facing is22:12
n4nd0if I put workshop 2013 at the height where registration and workshop program appear now22:12
n4nd0then when hovering over workshop 2013, the dropdown menu is not visible22:13
n4nd0not sure why22:13
n4nd0probably sth related to the title div and the black image on the background22:13
n4nd0in the test project I had created just with the dropdown menu, this trouble didn't appear22:14
n4nd0sonney2k: it is fixable of course, but it is not just copy+paste :)22:17
@sonney2kn4nd0, I see22:18
blackburnis there anything better than django default admin console?22:38
blackburnn4nd0: I am going to unroll some crazy thing in tapkee22:41
blackburnmacro magic to add checkers for parameters22:41
n4nd0blackburn: what do you want to in django?22:41
n4nd0blackburn: loop unrolling :)?22:42
blackburnn4nd0: nothing - just curious as default one is cumbersome22:42
blackburnn4nd0: no, variadic macroses22:42
n4nd0blackburn: no idea what those macros are22:43
n4nd0blackburn: django admin interface rocks!22:43
blackburnn4nd0: PARAMETER(A,B,C,D) or PARAMETER(A,B,C)22:43
blackburnn4nd0: variable arity22:44
blackburnn4nd0: I need it as I want to provide two possible impls of parameter macro22:46
blackburnone without bounds22:46
blackburnand one with checkers22:47
blackburnPARAMETER(IndexType,                     k,                  NUMBER_OF_NEIGHBORS, IN_RANGE(k,6,end-begin));22:47
blackburnn4nd0: ^ that's the example22:47
blackburnI want to get rid of 'k' in IN_RANGE now, not sure if it is possible22:47
n4nd0mm I am not sure either how can that be done22:48
blackburnn4nd0: that's already crazy magic22:49
n4nd0blackburn: it is a nice blog22:55
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