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daveelooHi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Dave04:59
daveelooI'm interested in a project for GSoC and am wondering if there is anyone I can talk to for that05:00
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dvalcarcesorry for being disappeared this week11:47
dvalcarcei've been busy with projects and exams11:47
dvalcarcesonney2k, i like ideas 1 and 3, i don't know if they are still available11:47
@iglesiasgdvalcarce: I hope the exams/projects went well ;)11:48
dvalcarcethx, i expect that too :)11:48
dvalcarcehi,foulwall, have you decided what project you want to do?11:48
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deerishi@iglesiasg: hi12:11
@iglesiasgwhat's up deerishi12:11
deerishithe integration test on KPCA suceeded.what should i do next to merge it.12:12
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@iglesiasgonce you issue a PR, wait until someone can revise and merge it12:12
@iglesiasgI think Heiko was taking a look to this issue12:13
deerishik.thanks .:)12:14
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foulwallHi dvalcarce12:37
dvalcarcehi foulwall12:38
foulwallI've submitted my proposal, I chose 1.12:38
dvalcarceok, then i will go after 312:39
foulwalldvalcarce: if I finish the demos early, I will help you.12:41
foulwalldvalcarce: have you wrote your proposal.12:42
dvalcarcethat would be great12:42
dvalcarceno, not yet12:42
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dvalcarcethis week i didn't have much time12:43
dvalcarceand i didn't know if you had chosen a project12:44
foulwalldvalcarce: sonney2k suggest me write my proposal for the demos, so I chose the first one.12:46
foulwalldvalcarce: if you interested in implementing the demos, I can rewrite my proposal for the 3 :)12:47
dvalcarceno, no, it's not necesary :)12:47
dvalcarcei like both projects12:48
dvalcarcebut thanks :)12:48
@lisitsynfoulwall: dvalcarce: you are free to send multiple proposals12:49
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@iglesiasgdvalcarce, foulwall: if you are both interested in both projects; my suggestion is go ahead and send proposals to both12:57
abinashwhat does interfacing an external library via modular interface mean?12:58
foulwalliglesiasg: lisitsyn: Thanks for reminding12:59
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foulwalldvalcarce: What's your opinion? write both?13:00
@lisitsynfoulwall: dvalcarce: can you please remind me what ideas you are talking about?13:00
dvalcarcefoulwall: if they recommend us, i think we should13:01
@lisitsynnice point13:01
@iglesiasgdvalcarce: but it's not me making the choice either :)13:01
dvalcarcelisitsyn: we are talking about web demos and shogun web ui13:01
@lisitsynoh alright I see13:01
@iglesiasgdvalcarce: another guy and I were in a similar situation last year -- we apply to the two projects we were interested in13:02
@iglesiasgand let the captains decide :)13:02
@lisitsyndvalcarce: foulwall: it gives us more freedom to assign students13:02
foulwalllisitsyn: 1) do graphical demos for everythign that is in shogun13:03
foulwalllisitsyn: 2) do shogun applications13:03
foulwalllisitsyn: 3) do a machine learning web framework13:03
@lisitsynfoulwall: dvalcarce: I wouldn't expect to get some of sonney2k time on weekend so talk to Soeren next week13:05
foulwalllisitsyn: ok13:05
@lisitsynthe closer it is to the deadline the clearer it is so we will see13:05
dvalcarcelisitsyn: all right13:05
foulwalllisitsyn: How many slots did shogun get last year?13:07
@lisitsynfoulwall: 913:07
@lisitsynand we sent one back13:08
foulwalllisitsyn: I've heard that :)13:08
abinashHello anyone can please help me in understanding what does interfacing an external library via modular interface mean?13:09
@iglesiasgabinash: hey, where did you read it? ideas page?13:09
abinashYes from the idea Interface and develop the general quadratic solver library libqp13:10
@iglesiasgabinash: that you can access libqp via shogun modular interfaces13:11
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@iglesiasgabinash: hehe I am just re-writing mostly13:11
abinashiglesiasg: Ok does that mean inclusion of libqp within the mathematics folder13:13
@iglesiasgabinash: where to put it is a minor detail13:14
@iglesiasgabinash: it means it should be accesible from python and other interfaces via SWIG13:14
abinashiglesiasg: Ok I got it13:15
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dvalcarceiglesiasg, I've just sent a pull request with the perceptron demo you suggested13:48
dvalcarceI hope you like it :)13:48
@iglesiasgdvalcarce: can we see it somewhere?13:50
@iglesiasgI just browsed the PR13:50
dvalcarceyou can run it locally13:51
@iglesiasgI will check later, gtg now13:52
@iglesiasgsee you13:52
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deerishi@HeikoS :hi14:48
@HeikoSdeerishi: hi!14:48
@HeikoShave you seen my mail?14:48
deerishiyes .i just saw it14:49
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deerishii added the file name to the backlist ,that solved the error i was getting earliar14:49
deerishiwhat exactly did you mean by create a integration test?14:51
deerishii'll be back in 10-15vmin.just hv to go and submit a project report.14:54
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abinashiglesiasg: in the idea Interface and develop the general quadratic solver library libqp, one point stated is the integration of libqp with pr_loqo14:58
abinashiglesiasg: what is the necessity of it?14:58
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@HeikoSdeerishi: adding to ignore is not good15:06
@HeikoShave a look in tests/integration/python_modular15:07
@HeikoSthere is a script that gernerates test data15:07
@HeikoSsonney2k: are you around?15:07
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mdraganHello everyone! @lisitsyn, I have a question regarding the example for sparse inverse covariance (issue 863).16:04
deerishi@HeikoS : i executed the command "python".that should generate the test file?rite?16:07
@HeikoSdeerishi: yes, you should see some output OK16:07
deerishiu said that the file would come in tests/data16:09
deerishibut nothing as such is coming16:09
deerishii ran the python  command with a couple of more files,but no such results/output came16:11
deerishiany suggestions?16:13
deerishi@HeikoS : u der?16:21
@HeikoSdeerishi: yes sorry16:22
mdragan@lisitsyn: What should I use as input data for the sic estimation? The example in the sugested paper is applied to proteomics and the input dataset includes variables from 11 proteins for 7000 cells (observations). But the data is not public (I guess).16:22
@HeikoSlet me check16:22
@HeikoSar$ python regression_gaussian_process_modular.py16:23
@HeikoSregression_gaussian_process_modular                          OK16:23
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@HeikoSthis is what you get16:23
@HeikoSthen, a file in shogun/tests/integration/data/tests16:25
@HeikoSist created16:25
@HeikoSif not, try use the exact path of the example as input for generator16:25
deerishiwill try this one more ,n post the results on github in a few minutes16:33
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deerishi@HeikoS : could you check this
deerishi@HeikoS : u der?17:41
@HeikoSthis is a python error17:52
@HeikoSthe function does not match the filename17:52
@HeikoSdeerishi: see my comment in the above link,17:53
@HeikoSgot to go now17:53
@HeikoSsee you later17:53
deerishiwhich function do u mean?17:57
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abinashIn the idea Interfacing and developing general quadratic programming library libqp, it has be stated integration of pr_loqo with libqp19:06
abinashWhat is the need of this integration?19:06
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@iglesiasgabinash: you may want to google what pr_loqo is to understand. It might also be a good idea to contact the mentor for specific questions about the project.19:34
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@sonney2kwiking, look at this - the buildbot becomes active!21:52
shogun-buildbotbuild #712 of cyg1 - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed configure]  Build details are at  blamelist: Soeren Sonnenburg <>, iglesias <>, <>, Sergey Lisitsyn <>, Viktor Gal <>, Fernando Iglesias <>22:12
@wikingsonney2k: \o/22:13
@wikingand we all participated in the failure \o/ :DDD22:13
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@sonney2kHeikoS, I think it is totally fine to just ensure that a magic number fits22:27
@sonney2kHeikoS, each and every built is run22:27
@sonney2kHeikoS, I meant tested - so we can easily determine the checkin that broke the build22:28
@sonney2kHeikoS, and then it is the submitter who has to fix this22:28
@sonney2kHeikoS, btw
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@sonney2kHeikoS, I wonder why we always have constant variance - not good.22:30
vgorbatisonney2k, HeikoS, lisitsyn, wiking: it looks like all the main developers are here - good chance to ask my question:) I am preparing my application for the 'Improve dimensionality reduction module', and my question is: what is the main information you want to see in the application (apart from project ideas/schedule and my background)?22:32
vgorbatisonney2k, HeikoS, lisitsyn, wiking: also, any suggestions would be very appreciated22:33
@lisitsynvgorbati: well we have a doc describing a few things we would like to see22:33
@sonney2kvgorbati, yeah what are you missing from the template?22:34
@sonney2kall applications we have received so far followed this structure...22:34
vgorbatiI just wanted to ask beforehand whether there is something more, but if no - then I will just follow the template)22:36
@lisitsynvgorbati: apart from that - not really but if you have suggestions..22:36
vgorbatilisitsyn:no, no suggestions:) Okay, then I will just follow the template, thanks for your answers22:39
@sonney2kvgorbati, well the schedule and description about you (who you are/skills/what you contributed) are most important22:39
vgorbatisonney2k: understood, thanks.22:41
mikhailBelousSorry, I wonder if it all right with georg, he said that he was ill and haven't resoponded for 5 days?22:41
@lisitsynmikhailBelous: yes he is ok - do you have any question for him?22:42
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@lisitsynif so please mail him again he may be swamped by mails again :)22:42
mikhailBelousYes, I would like to talk to him about GSOC22:48
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@sonney2kdvalcarce, did you see what I meant?22:49
@sonney2kdvalcarce, btw a colorbar would also be very helpful22:49
mikhailBelouswonder if he intrested in me.22:49
dvalcarcesonney2k, yes, i understand what you mean22:50
@lisitsynmikhailBelous: we do require contributions from all students to be accepted - please keep that in mind22:51
dvalcarcesonney2k, but the countour plot of a perceptron is linear22:53
dvalcarceI can try to emphasize the colorscale22:53
@sonney2kdvalcarce, I don't understand what you mean22:54
@sonney2kdvalcarce, these colors are nice - but it is not clear which point will be classified as +1 and which as -122:54
dvalcarcesonney2k, ah ok22:55
dvalcarcesonney2k, should I add a colorbar?22:55
@sonney2kso contourline at f(x)=0.0 etc helps22:55
@sonney2kdvalcarce, would be nice22:55
@sonney2kthen one can see if we have a range of -0.001 ... 0.122:55
@sonney2kor -100 ... 10022:56
dvalcarceall right22:56
dvalcarcesonney2k, one more thing22:56
dvalcarcei talked to foulwall this morning22:56
dvalcarcehe said he will go for the demo project (#1)22:57
dvalcarceI was thinking about projects #1 and #322:57
@sonney2kdvalcarce, so?22:58
dvalcarcelisitsyn and iglesiasg recommend us to send multiple proposals22:58
@lisitsynoh guys I found a way how to remember when the gsoc ends22:58
dvalcarceit's that ok?22:58
@lisitsynjust recall earth wind and fire 'september' song :D22:58
@lisitsynthey missed two days though :(22:59
@sonney2kdvalcarce, so you apply for two ideas you mean?22:59
dvalcarcesonney2k, exactly22:59
@sonney2kI thought one big application :)22:59
@lisitsynah bad boy dvalcarce doesn't believe me ;)22:59
@lisitsynsonney2k: like that guy23:00
@lisitsynthat speaks machine code23:00
@sonney2kdvalcarce, well yes when there are conflicts it helps23:00
@sonney2kdvalcarce, but I would want to push you into #323:00
@lisitsyndvalcarce: :D23:00
@sonney2kof course we have to hope that we get enough slots from google23:00
@sonney2kotherwise we have to make grief causing hard decisions (not just for students but us too)23:01
@sonney2klisitsyn, heh23:01
dvalcarcehaha, of course, I understand23:01
dvalcarcein fact, I prefer idea #323:02
@sonney2kdvalcarce, so if you have any time once the contour / colorbar works better do stuff in that direction23:02
dvalcarcesonney2k, i am gonna finish contour now23:03
dvalcarceand tomorrow, i will work on idea #323:03
@sonney2kdvalcarce, like e.g. write some small system that allows registered users to upload a small (size limit!) .csv file that is purely numerical23:03
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dvalcarcesonney2k, should I create a new django project?23:03
@lisitsynand sends nothing as an answer23:03
@lisitsynwe will call it 'cvs disposer'23:03
@sonney2kdvalcarce, yes23:04
dvalcarcelisitsyn, sounds pretty useful! :)23:04
@lisitsyndvalcarce: yes23:04
@lisitsyndvalcarce: i'd  say23:04
@lisitsynsounds like a startup23:04
@lisitsynhere comes the motto23:04
@lisitsyn'Send us any .CSV and we will take care'23:04
@sonney2klisitsyn, dvalcarce yes then beat google predict/ etc and solve the 1 million$ kaggle competition23:05
@sonney2kand then please buy me an island23:05
@sonney2kand you know23:05
@lisitsynsonney2k: 1M$ is not enough23:05
@lisitsynfor an island23:05
@sonney2klisitsyn, c'mon there must be one somewhere on maledives23:05
@lisitsynsonney2k: I bet they cost much more :D23:05
@sonney2kit just has to stay above sea surface level for the next say 60 years23:06
@lisitsynsonney2k: 1 million is the minimal thievery level here in my country so it is just nothing23:06
@sonney2kdvalcarce, hmmhh what do you think shouldn't we better also extract the demos from shogun-web?23:06
@sonney2kI am tempted to say yes23:07
dvalcarcesonney2k, I think it would be convenient23:07
@sonney2klisitsyn, bah then become a minimal thief and *help me out* ;)23:07
dvalcarcebecause they are kinda independent23:07
shogun-buildbotbuild #372 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
@sonney2klisitsyn, just do some most worty victim predictor23:08
@lisitsynsonney2k: if I was repairing roads here I could eat money23:08
@sonney2kdvalcarce, so 3 repos right: shogun-web,shogun-demos,shogun-<weneedaname>23:08
@lisitsynbecause each km costs more than your island23:08
@sonney2klisitsyn, golden roads23:09
@sonney2klooks like it is true what is said about russia23:09
@lisitsynsonney2k: one magazine once compared23:09
@lisitsynwhat could be placed instead of an road23:09
@sonney2klisitsyn, shogun-temple?23:09
@lisitsynwith such cost23:09
@lisitsynsonney2k: temple? :D23:09
@lisitsynsonney2k: and it is like it could be *totally* covered by a few dollar notes layers23:10
@sonney2kfor the SaaS thing23:10
@lisitsynsonney2k: yeah temple sounds crazy enough23:10
@lisitsynsonney2k: what is said about russia btw?23:10
@lisitsynI wonder if you heard about roads :D23:11
@sonney2klisitsyn, maybe better bakufu23:11
@lisitsynno idea what it is23:11
@lisitsynsonney2k: japanese names are in use by heroku :D23:12
@lisitsynsonney2k: why don't you like your native german crazy words23:12
@sonney2k"house of the general"23:12
@sonney2kgerman is boring23:12
@lisitsynwhy shogun but not Oberbefehlshaber23:12
@sonney2kor blitzkrieg23:13
@lisitsynyes blitzkrieg is nice23:13
@sonney2ksome might disagree23:13
@sonney2kdvalcarce, shogun-baikufu !23:13
@lisitsynsonney2k: eierlegendewollmilchsau is nice too23:14
@lisitsynit makes the naming totally impossible to remember23:15
dvalcarcepeople will remember it :P23:15
@lisitsynsonney2k: actually blitzkrieg would be a nice name if it didn't fail :D23:18
@lisitsynotherwise that would mean something like an attempt to do the deal fast and get cold and die23:20
@sonney2klisitsyn, or shogunate ...
@lisitsynsonney2k: you know I don't like anything japanese :D23:27
@sonney2klisitsyn, like shogun :D23:28
@lisitsynsonney2k: yeah I don't really like the naming but it is that :)23:31
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