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poojitsI am a beginner, and would like to contribute towards issue 1042. Is it still open? How ho I get started?10:27
poojitsI would like to make myself familiar with the dev process of shogun, and issue 1042 seems like an easy task. Please guide me10:29
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@iglesiasgpoojits: hey, what have you done so far?10:39
@iglesiasgpoojits: forked the repository, compile shogun and so on?10:39
poojitsyeah, I have forked it and compiled it10:42
poojitsI just feel like I should know the various modules of shogun before I start modifying it.10:43
poojitsSo that my code doesn't break anything.10:43
@iglesiasgpoojits: aham ok10:43
@iglesiasgpoojits: then just take a look at the code ;)10:43
gsomixpoojits, btw are you familiar with "git flow" dev model?10:43
poojitsI will go through it right away.10:44
gsomixpoojits, ok. this might be useful.10:44
poojitsgsomix: thanks. I will get back once I am done going through git flow.10:47
gsomixpoojits, so, do not bother. just remember that we are all working in "develop" branch, not "master"10:49
poojitsgsomix: yeah, I came to know about that.10:55
@lisitsynohh we finally have at least one score for each student11:18
@iglesiasglisitsyn: you are efficient guys!11:18
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@sonney2klisitsyn, so it seems we have 1-2 more hot candidates?14:34
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@iglesiasgsonney2k: how did the scoring go? lot of good students this year?16:43
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van51if I have a combinedkernel, can I print all the current sub-kernels without writing custom code?17:39
van51I' ve tried using list_kernels, but there was no output17:40
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gsoc_newbiehello ?19:31
gsoc_newbieupdates on gsoc applications ?19:32
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gsomixgsoc_newbie, wut?19:53
@sonney2kvan51, do to see the list20:33
van51sonney2k: thx!20:37
van51but it doesn't display the values of the parameters of the sub-kernels.. pff20:37
@sonney2knope but that is a mere for loop20:41
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van51yea, I was just looking for a ready function :)20:43
van51from CKernel maybe20:44
van51like toString in java20:44
van51anyways, thx for poining the loglevel out though20:44
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