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@wikingif oooone more time somebody tells me that windows is an operating system....10:02
gsomixgood morning10:03
nubewiking: +!10:03
nubewiking: +110:03
gsomixwiking, huh, wut's goin' on?10:04
@wikingwhat is not going on10:06
@wikingman this is a complete shit.... in 2013 it's a problem to build something for 64 bit10:07
@wikingaaaand 32 bit10:07
gsomixwiking, visual studio?10:08
gsomixI'm just writing modules for matlab in visual studio. and version 2012 is crazy slow for debug other processes10:11
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gsomixiglesiasg, hi. how are you?11:17
@iglesiasggsomix: hey, sorry to say that not so well11:18
@iglesiasggsomix: what about you_11:18
gsomixiglesiasg, fine. preparing to "pass/no pass" exams a little11:21
gsomixiglesiasg, so what's happened?11:22
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@lisitsynwiking: win is not an os11:24
@iglesiasggsomix: I am losing myself writing my $%@$ final degree project11:28
@iglesiasgI missed my normal life :(11:28
@lisitsyniglesiasg: when is the deadline/11:38
@iglesiasglisitsyn: there is no hard deadline, you present once you are done11:39
@iglesiasganyway, I expect to have finished writing by this weekend11:40
@iglesiasgand present in max two weeks11:40
@lisitsyninteresting :)11:40
@lisitsyniglesiasg: then set it for yourself ;)11:40
@lisitsynor you get tapkee story haha11:41
@iglesiasglisitsyn: haha indeed11:41
@iglesiasglisitsyn: I am massively using shogun for the thesis btw :)11:42
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@lisitsyniglesiasg: that's great11:44
@lisitsyniglesiasg: we all hope you will join phd studies and then >3 years of shoguning11:45
@lisitsynthere is a chance to push it forward then11:45
@iglesiasgyes! that would be great11:45
@lisitsynI am not sure if I leave 'industry' at some point11:45
@iglesiasglisitsyn: why not? you should do a phd too!11:46
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@sonney2klambday, hey lamb-day? Thanks for enlightening us about you nick :D17:30
lambdaysonney2k: lol17:30
@sonney2klambday, mind that I add your blog to shogun planet?17:30
lambdaysonney2k: no problem :)17:31
lambdaybut its pretty useless as of now :(17:31
@sonney2klambday, here I mean
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lambdaysonney2k: sure :)17:31
lambdaysonney2k: I gotta be more careful what I write then :D17:32
lambdayonce I was working from my lab and a guy came, saw my github id, and asked wtf is lamb-day :D17:32
@iglesiasgday of the lamb! :D17:33
lambdayI'll go with the "silence" rather :D17:33
lambdaybut lamb-silence sounded even stupid :D17:34
@sonney2klambday, OK you are on17:35
@sonney2klambday, something is weird though the headline is not a pointer to your blog as it is supposed to be17:35
lambdaysonney2k: I changed it later :-/17:36
@HeikoSlambday, haha, nice with the name17:37
lambdayHeikoS: :D17:38
@sonney2ksomething is weird hmmhh17:38
lambdayI do realize that my email id is probably even weirdest among all of us :D17:38
lambdayI made it long back... like 7-8 years ago, to impress girls :|17:39
gsomixGood. >> Your unsubscription to google-summer-of-code-students-list was successful.17:43
@sonney2klambday, heavensdevil! it works!17:43
@sonney2kgsomix, it will come back17:43
@sonney2klambday, so now blog as much as you like :D17:43
lambdaysonney2k: not even once :D17:43
gsomixsonney2k, really? oh.17:43
@sonney2kgsomix, I am still suffering from the mentors mailinglist17:43
lambdaysonney2k: yup :D17:44
@sonney2kfor some reason I am subscribed with 2 email addresses17:44
lambdaysonney2k: *after checking the shogun-planet* shit just got real ! :-o17:46
@sonney2klambday, hehe17:49
@sonney2kalright gtg17:49
gsomixlambday, haskell-user? I think we need the haskell interface for shogun. but there is no support in the swig. :)17:49
lambdaysonney2k: ciao17:49
lambdaygsomix: I was totally in love with haskell...17:50
lambdaygsomix: now I hardly remember her name :(17:50
gsomixlambday, huh.17:51
lambdaygsomix: jk... btw I checked it last year.. no swig support for haskell17:53
gsomixand matlab support. it's really needed... but we can interface shogun with LISP! :D17:55
@lisitsyndon't you guys know about filtering mails or what :D17:55
lambdaygsomix: that's a nice idea :)17:56
@lisitsyncommon lisp is supported17:56
lambdayI never used lisp :(17:57
lambdaycarol is so patient! replies each and every mail !!17:58
@lisitsynyes she is an angel :D17:59
lambdayshe really is... :-o17:59
gsomixlisitsyn, interesting how many people uses lisp for ML?18:00
@lisitsyngsomix: no one? ML is just a linear algebra18:01
gsomixlisitsyn, btw, I don't know about filtering. gmail's interface too hard for me. :(18:01
gsomixlisitsyn, are there no blas/lapack wrappers for lisp?18:02
@lisitsyngsomix: you don't get any advantage calling wrappers - researchers just use matlab18:08
gsomixlisitsyn, ok18:08
@lisitsyneven simplest thing would look obscure (add x (add y z))18:09
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foulwallCiao, everyone.18:33
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gsomixsonney2k, sonne|work around?19:30
@sonney2kgsomix, hey!19:39
@sonney2khow is it going?19:39
@sonney2kfoulwall, do you have an idea how to make the code more re-usable?19:40
gsomixsonney2k, not good and not bad. :] I'm sorry, but things will done tomorrow (or at night): many homework at the end of academic year. :|19:47
gsomixsonney2k, all ok..? I think I able to finish piece in a few hours. and then continue work on reader.19:54
gsomixsonney2k, don't be sad. :)20:08
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@sonney2kgsomix, :P20:15
@lisitsynsonney2k: meeting! when?20:16
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@sonney2klisitsyn, hmmhh maybe we should try to have a spontaneous meeting tomorrow at around 8:30pm21:23
@lisitsynI am available21:23
@sonney2kgsomix, hushell pickle27 van51 you too?21:24
van51sonney2k: yeah21:24
@sonney2kfoulwall will be asleep for sure and v* too21:24
van518:30 gmt?21:24
@sonney2klisitsyn, alterantively we do 2 short ones21:25
@lisitsynI am available for anything21:25
gsomixsonney2k, yep21:25
pickle27what time zone?21:26
@sonney2kvan51, well 11 UTC or 19 UTC21:26
@sonney2kI am not sure yet21:26
pickle27I could do an early meeting tomorrow21:26
@sonney2kpickle27, early as in?21:26
pickle27oh right woops21:27
@sonney2kUTC time please21:27
pickle27I am on mountain time for the moment at a conference21:27
pickle27its 13:25 here for me21:27
@sonney2kso UTC-621:28
@sonney2k11 would be 5 am for you then :D21:28
pickle27so maybe 19 UTC then?21:28
pickle27I can do that if we need to though21:28
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@sonney2kvgorbat, do you have time tomorrow 11 UTC or 19 UTC?21:31
@sonney2klets have a short vote21:31
vgorbatsonney2k: vote?21:31
@sonney2kpickle27, gsomix, van51 , lisitsyn ^21:33
van51hmm on one hand I'd prefer 11 UTC but on the other hand I feel sorry for pickle2721:33
van51so I'll vote for both :)21:33
@sonney2kvgorbat, well you don't have too21:33
pickle27vote 19 UTC21:33
van51pickle27: it's your lucky day :p21:36
pickle27van51, :)21:36
vgorbatsonney2k: I'll try UTC 19.00, but can't promise21:43
vgorbatgood night21:45
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@sonney2klisitsyn, please check whether I forgot someone (I've send the email in private once more)21:52
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@lisitsynsonney2k: van5121:53
van51why do you keep forgetting me? :P21:54
van51it started with HeikoS yesterday..21:54
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@sonney2kmust be this german attitude again21:57
@sonney2kvan51, that and that you didn't send me an email to my address but to my work address I dont' have access too atm21:58
van51lisitsyn: mysteryyy hehe21:59
van51sonney2k: hmm that makes a bit sense22:00
van51sonney2k: would you like an empty email now?22:00
@sonney2kvan51, yes!22:00
@sonney2kvan51, and no idea if you have seen oliviers email?22:00
@sonney2kbut you really should get into things22:00
van51I've seen it22:00
van51and replied22:00
@sonney2kolivier is kind of a rock star ... well quoc to :D22:01
van51actually I will forward my reply to you22:01
van51instead of an empty email22:01
@sonney2kyeah please keep me in the loop22:01
van51sonney2k: sent22:01
van51cool, hope some of that rock star-ness will rub off on me22:02
@sonney2kvan51, we have to think about some cool applications already now22:03
van51sonney2k: like for examples or suggestions?22:04
@sonney2kvan51, yeah some real application for that...22:05
@sonney2kotherwise we have some cool algorithms that just sit there and rot22:05
@sonney2kb'cause no one knows what cool stuff you can do with them22:05
gsomixsonney2k, hm, I have realized that DynArray is not very useful for rolling buffer: it's not resizable and indexed with respect to the data, not the beginning of a block of memory22:06
van51sonney2k: I get what you're saying22:07
@sonney2kvan51, we had that with the streamingfeatures that were written 2 gsoc's ago22:07
van51they weren't used?22:08
van51have you managed to counter that?22:09
@sonney2kvan51, we really need something fancy... like upload your text document and it tells you who has written it or sth22:09
@sonney2kvan51, or upload some part of the linux kernel source code and it will tell you who wrote it or sth22:09
@sonney2kno they just sit there and I don't think people use them but who knows22:10
@sonney2kso we really need catchy examples22:10
@sonney2kgsomix, errm why not?22:11
@sonney2kgsomix, you don't have to resize it at all22:11
@sonney2kbut yes you could create some extra class doing that all in some char* rolling_buffer thing22:13
gsomixsonney2k, so only one thing from DynArray that in needed in rolling buffer is array.22:13
gsomix*in needed22:13
van51sonney2k: ok.. I like your ideas and I understand why a good example/demo is important22:13
van51sonney2k: btw the referenced on the hashing idea are the same as in the fast food one?22:14
@sonney2kvan51, something simple would be to tell whether a text is from a news article or certain types of books22:15
@sonney2kvan51, errm22:15
@sonney2kgsomix, yes only the array22:15
@sonney2kgsomix, so you could as well use SGVector<char>22:16
gsomixsonney2k, ok22:17
@sonney2kvan51, and ask me anything about dotfeatures - I wrote them...22:17
@lisitsynsonney2k: do you think it will help with sparse features?22:18
@lisitsynI mean why to increase dim of sparse features22:18
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@sonney2klisitsyn, what exactly?22:21
@sonney2kyou mean dot features in general?22:21
@lisitsynsonney2k: I mean with texts22:21
@lisitsynthey are usually sparse22:21
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@sonney2klisitsyn, well if you work on the original text document you can embed the text immediately22:22
@sonney2kfor training that might not be the best thing you can do (only for online learning)22:23
@sonney2kbecause the sparse representation  is usually more memory efficient22:24
@sonney2kbut hashing for sure even helps for that22:24
@lisitsynyeah true22:25
@sonney2kgsomix, looking forward to a PR22:30
* sonney2k off22:30
gsomixsonney2k, ok22:30
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