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shogun-buildbotbuild #434 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at
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lambdaylisitsyn: hey11:12
lambdaylisitsyn: good morning11:12
lisitsynlambday: hey11:12
lambdaylisitsyn: one question - if a PR is not merged yet, can't I send another PR with a different commit? I want to create two separate PRs with those11:13
lisitsynlambday: yes from different branches11:13
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vgorbatilisitsyn: hi there, I am sorry for disappearing - I had a really tough preparation for my bachelor stuff (I did not expect myself that it would eat so much time). But now I am finally free) Did somebody already implement neural networks for shogun?)11:35
lisitsynvgorbati: why sorry, just take your time, you are not on duty :)11:49
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stepan_Hi, I wrote simple test using shogun::CGMM, here Running this program with valgrind reports errors There are some definitely lost bytes. Could you please advice me where the bug is?12:05
lambdaystepan_: its probably because you are SG_UNREF-ing features12:09
stepan_lambday: ok, I will test it without SG_UNREF, and let you know12:09
stepan_lambday: run it withou SG_UNREF and still definitely lost bytes errors12:10
lambdaystepan_: nono.. try this.. don't create features with "new", or, create both gm and features by new12:10
stepan_lambday: ok, I will try it...12:11
lambdaythen SG_REF gm, and then when you're done with it, do SG_UNREF(gm)12:11
lambday(I am not so sure though :( )12:12
lambdaystepan_: you can try "gist" for pasting codes and results :)12:13
stepan_othanks for info, I tried first version without the "new" for features and the report is here No lost bytes but sigseg. So I will try the second advice...12:16
stepan_creating "new" gm, code and report here Still errors12:24
lisitsynvgorbati: so what's up, are you done with your bachelors?12:25
vgorbatilisitsyn: well, at least I could warn you beforehand, but I really wasn't aware that I would be so busy)12:26
vgorbatilisitsyn: yes, I finally has my diploma:)12:26
lambdaystepan_: checking..12:27
stepan_lambday: thanks12:27
lisitsynvgorbati: ahh congrats then!12:27
vgorbatilisitsyn: speaking about neural networks: this is what I have in mind right now: . I'll start with implementing FeedforwardNetwork and BackpropagationTrainer for it. What do you think?12:27
vgorbatilisitsyn: it is on the very abstract level, without any details12:29
lisitsynvgorbati: I admit I don't know what is the best approach here as I never designed NNs12:29
vgorbatilisitsyn: well, I did take a look at some libraries as sonney suggested. Some of them do not use inheritance at all, some do:) Its actually quite a difficult problem, since NN's architecture are really different, and its hard to find something general in all types of NNs:)12:30
lisitsynvgorbati: I think we should try to implement DBN12:31
vgorbatilisitsyn: dynamic bayesian networks?12:32
vgorbatilisitsyn: or deep belief networks?)12:32
lisitsynvgorbati: yes, deep belief network12:33
vgorbatilisitsyn: that's quite an ambitious goal:) But anyway, DBF are layered networks, so starting with feedforward nets seems reasonable12:35
lambdaystepan_: can you try adding SG_REF(features) as well? ??12:37
stepan_lambday: yes I done it and still leaks...12:39
lambdaystepan_: :( sorry man! can't figure it out :( lisitsyn could you please take a look?12:40
stepan_lambday: thats ok, thanks for help anyway12:41
vgorbatilisitsyn: then I will start with feedforward nets, if you do not mind. After that, we can try to slowly move towards DBNs. The main architectural question I have to you (and other main contributors), is about training: either I should use 'Trainer's classes, as in the diagram I provided, or just make a method 'train' in the network class (and add some paramater to it, called 'TrainingType' or something).12:41
vgorbatilisitsyn: I prefer the 'Trainer's class approach, but some popular NN's libraries use the second one as well..12:42
lisitsynlambday: sorry I didn't following12:47
lisitsynwhat's up?12:48
lambdaylisitsyn:  so stepan_ has this code which leaks12:48
lisitsynvgorbati: I don't mind any approach as I don't understand how to design them properly :)12:48
stepan_lisitsyn: Hi, I wrote simple test using shogun::CGMM, here Running this program with valgrind reports errors There are some definitely lost bytes. Could you please advice me where the bug is?12:48
stepan_and after seome consulatation
lisitsynstepan_: the second leak is missed SG_UNREF(knn) I guess13:01
lisitsynin GMM13:01
lisitsynstepan_: the first leak is bug in CGaussian13:02
lisitsynstepan_: so no bug in your code13:02
stepan_lisitsyn: aha so it's bug in library?13:03
stepan_strange, I was trying mlpack GMM as well, and also found some bugs in library...13:04
stepan_is GMM some obscure method?13:09
stepan_I don't understadn machine learning, just implementing GMM13:10
lisitsynstepan_: obscure? what do you mean by that?13:10
stepan_lisitsyn: that it's not used often, some other approach is preferable so proper implementations are lacking13:11
lisitsynstepan_: ahh no, I wouldn't say so13:12
lisitsynstepan_: well it scales bad13:12
lisitsynbut is indeed better than simple k-means13:13
stepan_ok. Thanks all of you for helping me with shogun. It's pitty I can not use it for GMM13:20
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lambdayanyone got his welcome package? just curious :-/19:46
pickle27mine arrived!19:46
van51lambday: I got it this morning19:46
lambdaypickle27: van51 awesome! mine didn't :(19:46
lambdayvotjakovr: yours?19:47
van51lambday: be patient :)19:47
pickle27I'm sure it will show up soon19:47
lambdayvan51: pickle27 yes :)19:47
van51I was looking forward to the t-shirt19:47
van51but they told me you get that at the end :(19:47
lambdayvan51: me too19:47
lambdayvan51: oh!19:47
lisitsynheh yes t-shirt arrives later19:48
pickle27me too damn!19:48
lambdayend means after end term?19:48
pickle27I was actually just at mountain view and hit up the google store19:48
lambdaypickle27: you bought some stuffs there?19:48
lambdayah, moutain view :D19:48
lambdayhey there is this movie coming, "internship".. trailer looks funny19:49
pickle27yeah I haven't seen it yet19:49
pickle27looks like it might be kinda funny19:49
lambdaypickle27: its not released yet I guess.. the "wedding crashers" group again, huh :D19:50
pickle27lambday: yeah I bought a google shirt19:50
lambdaypickle27: great, man!19:50
pickle27they had some pretty sweet stuff in the store19:50
pickle27you need to be with an employee to be allowed in19:50
lambdaygotta be19:50
lambdayhow was your interview? I've read that you had one19:51
pickle27lambday: it was okay, I was interviewing for the montreal office and it wasn't as cool as mountain view :(19:51
pickle27I actually accepted one of my other offers yesterday19:51
pickle27so no Google for me ... yet19:52
lambdaypickle27: nothing is :(19:52
lisitsynpickle27: what is bad about montreal office?19:52
lambdaypickle27: congratulations, man! :)19:52
pickle27lambday: thanks!19:52
pickle27lisitsyn: it was just smaller and most of the people were older and quieter19:53
pickle27mountainview had a lot more life19:53
lambdayquiter is bad, really really bad :D19:54
pickle27lambday: where are you at with school?19:54
lisitsynwell I wish there was less life in some of my co-workers19:55
pickle27lisitsyn: haha!19:55
lambdaypickle27: I'm from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India19:55
pickle27lambday: very cool!19:55
lambdaylisitsyn: get married :P19:55
pickle27lambday: I got to visit India earlier this yeah19:55
lambdaypickle27: cool, man! where did you visit?19:56
pickle27I was in the north though, went to IIT Kanpur and BITS Pilani19:56
lisitsynlambday: btw about marriage, is that true about that recent law in india?19:56
lambdaylisitsyn: what law?19:56
lisitsynlike if you do the right things with a girl you are considered married19:56
lambdayif you have sex, you'll be considered as married?19:56
pickle27then I went on a bit of a tourist tour and saw Jaipur, Delhi and Agra19:56
lisitsynthat's crazy funny19:56
lambdaylisitsyn: no frickin' idea! these guys are freaks!19:56
lambdaypickle27: awesome!!! delhi is like my 2nd home :D19:57
lisitsynlambday: our guys recently wanted to restrict oral sex19:57
lambdaylisitsyn: fuck!! no :(19:57
pickle27lambday: so are you still in undergraduate or a masters?19:57
lambdaypickle27: masters... will be graduating next year19:58
lambdaypickle27: you too final year, right?19:58
pickle27I'm just finishing my masters19:58
lambdaypickle27: great! I can't wait to get out of the campus!19:58
lambdaywill be sitting for job placement this year, in Dec.. wish me luck :)19:59
pickle27lambday: yeah its getting that way for me too19:59
pickle27will do!19:59
lisitsynI am quite tired of dormitories too :D19:59
lambdaylisitsyn: hehehe :D you should really consider about the marriage stuff then :P20:00
lisitsynlambday: why that?20:00
lambdaydon't have to stay in dormitories :D20:00
lisitsynwell we are together with my gf for a few years like 5 already but still why :D20:00
lisitsynI don't have to stay here20:01
lisitsynI just save some money20:01
lambdaylisitsyn: hahaha! that's superb :D20:01
lisitsynbecause it is of much more cost to rent a flat20:01
lisitsynlike 500$/month20:01
lambdayoh crap!20:01
lisitsynhere I pay like20:02
lisitsyn40-50$ may be20:02
lisitsynI don't remember20:02
lambdayhahaha :D great20:02
lambdayI have to pay $500 per semester for food+hostel+insti fees.. :(20:03
lisitsynI don't know about rates is that a lot for you?20:04
lisitsynI mean gsoc stipend for pickle27 costs much less than for you I guess :)20:05
lisitsynwrong word, not costs - offers20:06
pickle27yeah I mean the stipend is quite a lot here but I imagine it would go further in other parts of the world20:07
lambdaywell, I earn $300 a month, so.. yea that's a lot :(20:07
pickle27did you mean for a smile at the end there?20:08
lambdaypickle27: I meant the fees :D about gsoc, yayyy :D20:08
pickle27ah gotcha20:08
lisitsynone reason I decided not to participate in this year's gsoc as student is that I earn more at job now20:09
lambdaylisitsyn: hehe good for us :D20:09
pickle27could you have participated? I thought you were done with school20:10
lisitsynpickle27: you are older ;)20:10
lambdaylisitsyn: how old are you? :-o20:10
pickle27lisitsyn: really? neat20:10
lisitsynlambday: 2220:11
lambdaylisitsyn: LOL =)20:11
lambdayyou old man!20:11
lisitsynlambday: you are of the same year or?20:14
pickle27omg did you guys try the new github ui?20:14
lisitsynpickle27: I don't get that, they changed everything again :D20:14
lambdaypickle27: I tried and not a day passes that I don't regret it20:14
pickle27I just clicked to try I hope I dont regret20:15
lambdaylisitsyn: I'm 26, sadly20:15
lisitsynlambday: ahh :D20:15
pickle27age is but a state of mind20:15
lambdaytrue that ;)20:15
lisitsynheh didn't know20:16
lisitsynpickle27: is that you are now 27 and later 28? ;)20:16
lambdayyou couldn't possibly be 22 :-/ you said you're final years masters20:16
lisitsynlambday: not final20:17
lisitsynfirst year20:17
lisitsynI finished high school when I was 17 (like everybody does here)20:17
lisitsyn4 years of bachelors20:17
lisitsynlambday: where is the error? ;)20:19
lambdaylisitsyn: hmm... sounds legit20:19
lambdayI finished when I was 18, took 2 years break from studies, bachelors 4 years, 2 years in masters :-/20:19
pickle27lisitsyn: no I am 2420:19
lisitsynpickle27: right between me and lambday20:19
lambdayand Heiko?20:20
lisitsynlambday: he is slightly older than you iirc20:20
pickle27do either of you know R?20:22
lisitsynpickle27: tried to learn it but you know20:24
lambdaynope! :(20:25
pickle27there is this one line in jdiag that I don't understand and google is not being helpful :(20:25
pickle27ctot.prov <- ctot20:26
pickle27I don't know what .prov is doing20:26
lisitsynpickle27: sounds very martian20:27
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gsomix_good evening, old people, hehe20:29
pickle27alright I'll be back in a bit I need a snack20:29
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