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lambdaymorning foulwall :)04:52
foulwalllambday: :)04:52
lambdayhow are you?04:52
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van51should there always be a constructor that takes no arguments?12:12
van51because I'm getting an error from class_list.cpp12:13
van51and if that's the case, should it also register parameters? even if their values are random or something12:13
lisitsynvan51: yes always12:17
lisitsynvan51: there is always default constructor12:18
lisitsynand all constructors need to register parameters12:18
lisitsynso rather put them to some init() which is called everywhere12:19
van51lisitsyn: ok got it12:20
van51lisitsyn: that's how I've been doing it actually12:21
van51lisitsyn: it's just that this particular class requires an argument and I didn't want to not have it specified12:21
lisitsynvan51: we have to because of serialization12:22
van51lisitsyn: ok.. I'll add some getters/setters as well then12:23
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pickle27hey is anyone on here right now?17:57
pickle27iglesiasg: lisitsyn ?17:57
lisitsynpickle27: yes17:57
pickle27got a quick question17:58
pickle27I am using the SGNDArray class17:58
lisitsynooh :)17:58
pickle27and I am trying to get a matrix "i" and modify it17:58
pickle27but its not sticking in the original array for some reason17:58
pickle27I've tried like 4 different approaches17:59
pickle27same idea as what I did here: line 25518:00
pickle27* or was trying to do there because it might not have worked there either18:00
@iglesiasgI don't see why it shouldn't work18:01
@iglesiasgwhat does get_matrix(k) returns exactly? a T*?18:01
pickle27I can't figure out why its not working18:02
@iglesiasgmm I am not sure then why it doesn't work18:02
@iglesiasgI tried recently Eigen::Map to see if the changes made after the mapping happen also in the original data18:03
@iglesiasgand they do18:03
pickle27yeah thats what has happened for me before too18:03
pickle27wait hold up18:04
pickle27got it18:04
pickle27had my eigen map wrong18:04
@iglesiasgto another variable?18:05
pickle27so it must have been doing a copy18:05
pickle27if you do a EigenMatrix x = Eigen::Map it will copy18:05
pickle27rather than a Eigen::Map X(...18:05
@iglesiasgaham I see18:05
@iglesiasgit seems to be something you learn rather than intuitive18:06
pickle27yeah a bit I guess18:08
pickle27making things intuitive is tough18:08
pickle27iglesiasg: heres another one18:12
pickle27I'm getting an io not declared when using SG_PRINT inside my class18:12
pickle27but I have all the headers I usually use included18:12
pickle27any idea which one I need?18:12
lisitsynpickle27: try SG_SPRINT18:12
pickle27lisitsyn: ah that works18:13
lisitsynpickle27: is that static method?18:13
pickle27actually its just a function18:13
pickle27thats probably why eh18:13
lisitsynpickle27: io is a member of SGObject18:13
lisitsynSG_PRINT calls through io18:14
lisitsynSG_SPRINT does that through global sg_io object18:14
lisitsynso when object is reachable use SG_PRINT18:14
lisitsynotherwise stick to SG_SPRINT18:14
pickle27okay thanks18:15
lisitsynpickle27: ^18:15
lisitsynI just pushed new tiny lib for formatting string easier18:15
@iglesiasglisitsyn: nice!18:17
pickle27yeah looks neat18:17
@iglesiasglisitsyn: is it possible to specify for real numbers number of decimals?18:19
@iglesiasgpadding for numbers in general?18:19
lisitsyniglesiasg: yeah I am thinking how could I done that18:20
@iglesiasglisitsyn: it is looking cool! nice idea18:20
lisitsyniglesiasg: one way would be precision[6](2.00005)18:21
lisitsyniglesiasg: formatting::format("{}", formatting::precised[6](2.00005));18:23
@iglesiasglisitsyn: what if you want to put a couple of options18:24
@iglesiasgsay precision and padding18:24
lisitsyniglesiasg: like global?18:24
@iglesiasgjust for a number, for instance precision and scientific notation18:25
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lisitsyniglesiasg: I want to keep it stateless18:35
lisitsynactually padding is not very often used18:36
lisitsynbut precision is indeed18:36
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gsomixgood evening20:00
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lisitsynsonney2k: finally22:22
lisitsynsonney2k: welcome back from somewhere :)22:24
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