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wikinghey the live stream is up:10:17
wikinghave fun and if you have any issues just let me know10:17
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wikingvideo stream is down now a bit10:48
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wikingok it's up again10:55
wikinganybody around who's not in cbase10:56
votjakovrwiking: yep, i'm here10:59
wikingvotjakovr: can u test the live stream please10:59
wikingvotjakovr: mplayer (or any other player):
votjakovrwiking: yeah, i see the picture :)10:59
wikingvotjakovr: can u hear something?11:00
votjakovrwiking: yep, but it's noisy a bit11:00
wikingvotjakovr: apart from the static noise11:01
wikingcan u hear people talking?11:01
gsomixvery quiet11:01
wikinggsomix: :(11:01
wikingnow the sound should b fixed11:04
wikinglet me know if it's not working11:04
wikingi'll be here supporting the livestream11:04
wikingcan u hear sonney2k clearly?11:08
votjakovrwiking: yep :)11:08
wikingcool thnx11:09
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foulwallwiking: streaming is good here.11:26
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wikingfoulwall: cool thnx!11:32
wikingi think soon the presentations starts11:32
gsomixwiking, this video is recorded? will it be on the site? I have very bad connection now, want to watch later.11:40
wikinggsomix: yes yes we are recording it as well11:41
gsomixwiking, cool. :)11:41
wikingok session is on11:46
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-!- wiking changed the topic of #shogun to: "Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox | Devs are usually around between 10am-10pm UTC | Workshop upcoming July 12-14, Berlin C-Base | Live stream from the workshop: | We participate in GSoC 2013 | When asking questions please be patient or use the mailing list. We always answer but it might take a while. | Channel logs http://b11:49
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lisitsynsonney2k: ping :D11:56
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lisitsynthoralf_: hey11:58
@wikingnon c-base ppl: streaming is still good?12:10
votjakovrwiking: yeah, it's good12:10
@wikinggood thnx12:10
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@sonney2kthoralf_, hey are you still coming?12:14
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@sonney2kthoralf, hey are you still coming?12:15
thoralfsonney2k: No, have to work. ;)12:16
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lisitsynlala nobody is ready and nor sonney2k is12:25
@wikingi am12:29
lisitsynwiking: lucky you12:30
@wikinganybody who's not here12:32
@wikingyou can ask questions12:32
@wikingas well12:32
@wikingjust write it here on IRC channel12:33
@wikingand somebody will ask it for you (probably me)12:33
@wikingso just write your question(s) here, plz12:33
@wikingi'll do a count down for the questions..12:34
@wikingsince we cannot really wait all the day ;P12:34
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gsomixwiking, when SHOGUN take over the world? :)12:55
@wikinggsomix: hahahah ok i'll ask this question on the end of sonney2k's presentation ;)12:55
@wikingquestions? :)13:26
lisitsynpizza is coming lol13:29
@wikinglisitsyn: :) i reckon we should zoom the camera for the live stream on one of the pizzas :)))13:29
lisitsynwiking: pizza stream13:30
@wikinglisitsyn: indeed!13:33
@wikingi guess whoever is here knows about what sonney2k was talking about13:33
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@wikingquestions? :)14:49
lisitsynwiking: gunnar should have used *non*safesearch :D14:50
@wikinglisitsyn: :P14:50
lisitsynwiking: I know a company that works on porno detector actually14:51
lisitsynwiking: equations are going to not get out of the screen!14:52
lisitsynto get out*14:52
@wikinglisitsyn: ?14:52
@wikingyou can see them clearly on the live stream ;P14:53
lisitsynwiking: I mean there are so many equations :D14:53
@wikingyeah for sure14:53
vikram360Is a higher quality video going to be available sometime after the workshop?14:53
@wikingvikram360: yes yes14:54
@wikingvikram360: we are recording it with an HD camera as well14:54
@wikingthat'll be up on youtube14:54
vikram360Oh, I'm glad :)14:55
vikram360Thanks everybody for even having this! It's wonderful :)14:55
lisitsynvikram360: we are glad you like it14:55
@wikingvikram360: again if you haven't seen: any questions just shout them here and we'll fwd it to the presenter14:56
vikram360wiking : Got it, Thanks :)14:56
@wikingany questions?14:58
vikram360Are the slides up somewhere?15:00
@wikingnot now15:02
vikram360What are your personal thoughts on Alex Smola's "FastFood"15:02
vikram360It's a GSoC '13 project :)15:03
vikram360Yes, Yes Fourier Transform :)15:03
vikram360Haha, Okay Thanks :)15:03
@wikingok next one is up15:06
vikram360It'd be awesome if you could please put the slides up. It'd be much easier to follow along with the speaker. But it's okay if it's going to be too much of a problem to put that up :)15:07
@wikingvikram360:  i think heiko's slides are up15:09
@wikingjust a sec15:09
@wiking mmd15:10
@wiking gp regression15:10
@wiking gp classification15:10
vikram360Thanks wiking15:11
@wikingvikram360: nw15:11
@wikinglisitsyn: ping15:14
lisitsynwiking: yes?15:14
lisitsynwiking: slides?15:14
@wikinglisitsyn: indeed15:14
@wikingcan u up them somehwere?15:14
lisitsynwiking: yeah let me use heroku15:14
@wikingoh i didn't know about heroku15:15
lisitsynwiking: have you heard C++17 joke?15:15
@wikinglisitsyn: noup :)15:15
lisitsynauto auto(auto auto) { return auto; }15:16
@wikinglisitsyn: :D15:16
@wikinglisitsyn: can u up fernando's slide as well to heroku?15:16
@wikingi can fwd it to you15:16
lisitsynwiking: tell it to soeren too15:16
lisitsynwiking: yeah let me do that15:16
@wikinglisitsyn: ok... sending15:16
@wikinglisitsyn: set15:16
lisitsynwiking: setting Rack static site now, in a moment15:19
lisitsynwiking: I have nothing new in my mail15:23
lisitsynwiking: what address did you use?15:23
lisitsynwiking: ping15:32
lisitsynwiking: still not here15:32
@wikinglisitsyn: woah wtf15:32
@wikinglisitsyn: i've sent it to Sergey Lisitsyn <>15:33
@wikinglisitsyn: nothing?15:33
lisitsynwiking: oh let use gmail15:33
lisitsynwiking: lisitsyn.s.o at gmail.com15:33
lisitsynwiking: is too slow15:33
lisitsynit uses graylisting15:33
lisitsynwiking: here15:34
@wiking:( only 2 listeners now :P15:35
@wikingif u have questions plz prepare them15:35
@wikinglisitsyn: s/wiking/vikram360/g15:36
lisitsynwiking: and that's mine
lisitsynvikram360: ^15:36
lisitsynmine is totally minimalistic :D15:36
lisitsynI feel everybody is a bit tired so I just speak general words15:37
lisitsynwiking: just impress15:37
vikram360Thanks wiking , lisitsyn15:37
vikram360Non relevent question: Do a lot of people here use macs?15:40
@wikingvikram360: some15:40
vikram360wiking : any particular reason? if this isn't the place for this discussion, let me know. I'm just curious.15:40
@wikingi think it's just a personal option15:41
vikram360so not technical reason?15:44
@wikingno not at all15:44
@wikingGP question time15:46
vikram360I should've done my reading about this but what are some of the things that SVM's are better at than GP's?15:47
vikram360I think the previous question kinda answered that. Thanks.15:48
vikram360Do you have the slides he's currently using?15:50
@wikingmmm yeah15:51
@wikinglisitsyn: sent u heiko's slides15:52
@wikingcan u upload it as well?15:52
lisitsynwiking: yes15:52
lisitsynwiking: vikram360:
vikram360Thanks a ton lisitsyn15:56
lisitsynwiking: fernando's slides just arrived16:01
@wikingany input for usability of shogun discussion16:51
@wikingjust shout and i'll fwd it16:51
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vikram360what's the local time there?17:21
pickle27its 5:21 according to google17:22
pickle27i was trying to figure out whats up too17:22
pickle27can't tell if the dimension reduction talk is over or starting17:22
pickle27also all I hear is a buzz17:22
vikram360same here.17:22
pickle27well I guess we'll stay tuned17:23
vikram360Looks like other people in the audience are waiting for it too. So I guess it's safe to assume that it's yet to begin :)17:23
pickle27what browser slash OS are you using?17:23
vikram360I hope the audio feedback doesn't continue when it starts17:23
vikram360Win XP/FiF 2217:24
vikram360And you?17:24
pickle27linux and chrome17:24
vikram360I'm not a dinosaur, FYI. I'm using my home PC which, for my parents' convenience is still on XP.17:25
vikram360 I just thought I'd clear that up.17:25
pickle27okay we've got 2 very different setups giving the same result17:25
vikram360I hope tihs audio feedback doesn't persist when the talk starts17:26
pickle27yeah me too17:26
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vikram360wiking , lisitsyn : could you please check the audio source. There seems to be some sort of a buzz (sounds like feedback)17:27
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@wikingvikram360: we turned off audio17:29
pickle27so we can't really watch the stream then17:29
vikram360Oh, okay. You guys plan on turning it back on when the session starts, I hope?17:30
@wikingwithin seconds17:30
pickle27ahh kk17:30
@wikinglisitsyn: is talking now17:31
@wikingif u have problesm with the audio17:31
@wikinglet me knwo17:31
vikram360There's a bit of a buzz on there. pickle27 you hear it too?17:32
vikram360It's not too bad though.17:32
@wikingyeah unfortunately we have a little bit of static noise :(17:32
@wikingwe couldn't fix it17:32
thoralf_sonney2k: Some other usability issue is IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans, Slickedit).17:32
pickle27its not too bad17:33
thoralf_sonney2k: The current build configuration is hard to integrate into IDE workflows.17:33
thoralf_sonney2k: Especially that most of the code requires that you have run "(sudo) make install" after "make all".17:34
@sonney2kthoralf_, where are you ?17:35
vikram360pickle27 : Here're the slides to this talk:
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thoralf_I know this IP ;)17:40
AndChat49209Huh :)17:41
vikram360How many of these methods does Shogun offer?17:43
@wikingvikram360: i'll ask but i'm 99% sure that all17:44
@wikingany more questions?17:46
vikram360Great talk :)17:46
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@wikingvikram360: thnx for announcing!17:56
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lisitsynhaha guys how do you like awful russian english18:17
votjakovrlisitsyn: don't worry, you are cool ;)18:19
lisitsynhaha tapkee got accepted to JMLR right here at workshop18:24
lisitsynI am off18:24
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@wikinganybody question18:34
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van51gsomix_: hey20:03
gsomix_van51, hey.20:03
van51gsomix_: can I ask you something?20:03
van51gsomix_: I was using your LineReader before it was merged20:03
van51gsomix_: to read a binary file that had text delimited by \020:04
van51gsomix_: but after the merge it has stopped working20:04
van51gsomix_: actually it is reading stuff but it stops prematurely20:04
van51gsomix_: I had the same problem with using  basic c++ I/O20:04
van51gsomix_: do you have any suggestion? or could you tell me what did you change?20:04
gsomix_van51, hm. can you send me your code and text file? I'll check.20:05
van51gsomix_: give me a moment to cut a bit of the file because it's huge :P20:06
gsomix_>> before it was merged | hipster-programmer20:12
van51gsomix_: haha20:14
van51gsomix_: here is the file :
van51gsomix_: it's actually binary20:14
van51gsomix_: and here is my code20:14
gsomix_van51, ok.20:18
-!- gsomix_ is now known as gsomix20:18
van51gsomix: thx for offering to look at it20:19
van51gsomix: but don't spend too much time on it20:19
van51gsomix: I'm sure you have other stuff to do as well :)20:19
van51gsomix: I was just wondering if you could think of something20:19
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gsomixvan51, hey. how many parts are delimited by \0 in your file?21:15
van51gsomix: in the one I send you I think there is only one \021:15
gsomixvan51, and where reading stops?21:17
van51gsomix: it stops at "<area shape="RECT" coords="7,86,110,100""21:17
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van51gsomix: while it should have stopped at a </html>21:17
gsomixvan51, it works fine for me. I just replace SG_SPRINT("%s\n") by for (bla_bla) { SG_SPRINT("%c"); }.21:20
gsomixdo I miss something?21:20
van51gsomix: give me a moment to check21:20
van51gsomix: hmm indeed21:21
van51gsomix: I was just getting a seg fault in the beginning and I assumed it was from there21:21
van51gsomix: and the print statement didn't help :)21:22
gsomixbtw can you use has_next_line() for checking? I found some bad behavior in my code - need to fix.21:23
van51gsomix: ok I'll use it21:24
van51gsomix: thanks for your time :)21:24
van51gsomix: what was the bad behavior btw?21:26
gsomixvan51, unlimited decrease the internal counter in CircularBuffer when you try read nothing. nevermind. :)21:27
gsomixjust use has_next_line, I'll fix this thing little late.21:27
van51gsomix: cool21:28
gsomix>> thanks for your time | now I need YOUR time. a little. I'm writing CSV reader now.21:29
gsomixhow do you think what's better solution: templated CSV reader class with SGVector<T> readVector() and SGMatrix<T> readMatrix() methods21:30
gsomixor not templated class with many methods like SGVector<int32_t> readIntVector(), SGVector<int64_t> readLongIntVector()...21:31
gsomixand so on21:31
van51gsomix: hmm21:31
van51gsomix: I think I would prefer the first one21:32
van51gsomix: is there a change the csv file could have vectors of different types?21:32
gsomixyeah, maybe. I still didn't figured out how work with it. btw quoting is pain with only DelimiterTokenizer.21:35
gsomixnow I want just write reader for one-typed csv files21:35
van51gsomix: what exactly is pain?21:36
van51gsomix: reading between quotes?21:36
gsomixI think I should split line with " delimiter first, and then analyze each token21:39
van51gsomix: you use multiple delimiters?21:40
van51gsomix: then repeated calls to get next_token wouldn't give you the thingy between quotes?21:42
gsomixthere are some exotic examples, like delimiters and \n between quotes, that shouldn't be delimiters because it's quoted.21:43
van51gsomix: aaah I see21:44
van51gsomix: yeah that would be an issue21:44
gsomixbut I don't really think this is common for ML data sets. need consult with sonney2k21:44
van51gsomix: I don't know about that, but if it's required I could add support for it in the delimiter class21:46
gsomixvan51, I don't think that it's really needed.21:46
gsomixvan51, ok, thanks for advice. I should continue my work.21:47
gsomixah, and cool video at the end!
van51gsomix: I hadn't even considered escaped delimiters21:48
van51gsomix: maybe it's something that needs to be supported21:48
van51gsomix: anyway, discuss it with sonney2k and let me know :)21:48
van51gsomix: nice vid :)21:50
gsomixyeah, SpaceX is great aerospace company. I would work in it, but I'm not rocket scientist, huh.21:54
van51gsomix: you could learn how to handle a camera :p21:54
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