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hushellwiking: awake?06:15
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wikinghushell: yes06:54
hushellwiking: we have a canonical risk() function in CStructuredOutputMachine::risk_nslack_margin_rescale, you mean leave the normalization here?07:02
hushellwiking: I have tried to do normalization in the risk(), but BMRM stucks at the 2nd iteration07:03
hushellactually, what I have modified will not affect any application, unless you want to get unnormalized primal objectives, even risks recorded in BmrmStatistics are unchanged07:06
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sonne|workgsomix|lab: good morning09:30
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lisitsynsonne|work: so to justify10:24
lisitsynsonne|work: you are able to participate in meeting sunday 10 PM10:24
sonne|worklisitsyn: justify oh justify!10:24
lisitsynI think I f* up time again10:25
sonne|workwhy not sleep is overrated10:25
lisitsynokay I can do that too indeed10:25
lisitsynwiking: doodle please ;)10:25
wikinglisitsyn: new doodle? i've filled out one but that meeting has not happened10:31
wikinglisitsyn: have u created one? if not then i'll create one now10:31
lisitsynwiking: yes10:32
sonne|worklisitsyn: link!10:32
wikinglisitsyn: link?10:32
lisitsynyes yes10:32
lisitsynwiking: sonne|work ^10:33
wikingit'll be on the weekend it seems10:34
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * 7ce5c5c / tests/unit/io/
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fix memleak in CSVFile_unittest.cc10:37
gsomix|labwiking: thanks!10:37
sonne|workwiking: something is weird10:40
sonne|workwiking: the LMNN notebook finished in 3 minutes now10:40
sonne|workbut the whole thing died nevertheless10:40
sonne|workwiking: did perhaps the shell script hang at the end?10:41
wikingsonne|work: noidea10:42
wikingsonne|work: fixing memleaks10:42
sonne|workwiking: please have a look / add some debug echo 's - nightly_default takes a year to complete and it is blocking me to get this stuff integrated on the website10:49
wikingsonne|work: blocking?10:52
wikingsonne|work: i mean you can create a script that does ls *html in current10:52
wikingand then just link it to the html file10:52
sonne|workwiking: haha10:52
wikingas for sure that this is going to change in the future10:52
sonne|workwe are talking python & django10:52
wikingsonne|work: yes10:53
sonne|workno static page10:53
wikingno need for static page10:53
wikingjust a page that is dynamically generated from the found html files in a given directory10:53
sonne|workI can only start working on this once the thing runs through10:53
wikingit's really that what we need10:55
sonne|workI don't have shell access from here so I cannot debug the bash script10:57
wikingbut what does this have to do with a dynamically generated page10:57
wikingsorry i dont see the connection10:57
sonne|workwiking: I can only do one thing at a time10:57
wikingyou know that there's going to be n html files10:57
wikingin a directory10:57
sonne|workand before notebooks don't run through I have no time for the rest10:58
wikingwe need a listing of it and do a <a href="the notebook.html">this file</a> to it10:58
shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * 402ee58 / tests/unit/mathematics/linalg/
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fix memory leak in ProbingSampler_unittest.cc10:59
shogun-notifier-shogun: this unit test is still leaking...10:59
wikingwhats my username for django11:03
wikingor how can i reset the passwd?11:03
sonne|workI don't know yours11:04
wikingand this site needs a restructure11:04
wikingwhy downloads is under documentation?11:05
wikingthis does not  make any sense11:05
wikingusersnames are emails or simple username?11:06
sonne|worksimple username11:06
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wikingthis site redirection is just fucking crazy11:14
wikingo maaan who the fuck wrote this site11:17
sonne|workwiking: what are you wasting time on now?11:21
shogun-buildbot_build #2306 of deb1 - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>11:24
wikingrefactoring the website11:24
sonne|workwiking: rather please check why the notebook script is not returning11:24
wikingsonne|work: can u give me plz write access for shogun-web repo11:27
wikingwant to push something now11:27
sonne|workcan only do that from home11:30
shogun-buildbot_build #49 of clang34 - undefined behaviour analysis is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>11:31
sonne|worklisitsyn: can you do that?11:31
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Viktor Gal's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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lisitsynsonne|work: do what?11:39
sonne|worklisitsyn: give wiking push rights for shogun-web11:40
lisitsynsonne|work: I think I don't have admin tab there11:40
wikingsonne|work: cannot access web from work?11:45
sonne|workwiking: I can but I dont' remember my github pwd11:45
wikingheh :)11:46
shogun-buildbot_build #51 of clang34 - thread analysis is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>11:46
wikingfgm is constaintly failing for me11:46
sonne|workwiking: where?11:46
wiking3 cells11:47
wikingand on fatbot11:47
sonne|workweird - it worked on fatbot in the build11:47
wikingsonne|work: fernando should have admin access to that repo right (web)11:47
wikingif anybody could merge it12:00
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Viktor Gal :master * 0967d1c / templates/documentation.html,templates/downloads.html:
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: move downloads page12:06
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: bahp :master * 3bcbf99 / templates/documentation.html,templates/downloads.html:
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Merge pull request #30 from vigsterkr/master12:06
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: move downloads page12:06
shogun-buildbot_build #69 of clang34 - static analysis is complete: Failure [failed analyse]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>12:29
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gsomix|labfirst issue for me at lab is serialization matlab's objects in XML13:09
sonne|workgsomix|lab: haha use shogun :D14:04
gsomix|labbtw I found protobuf module for matlab14:16
gsomix|labvery nice14:16
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lisitsynsonne|work: oops ignore if you receive some linkedin invitation from me14:40
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lisitsynpickle27: big in japan ;)15:07
pickle27lisitsyn, haha yup15:09
pickle27lisitsyn, Im here for another day then Im flying to NZ15:09
pickle27actually at 5'11 I feel like a giant in Japan15:09
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lisitsynpickle27: haha15:10
lisitsynpickle27: Heiko would be a tower in japan15:10
lisitsynas well as sonne|work15:11
lisitsynnot me though :D15:11
pickle27haha, they're tall guys eh15:11
lisitsynpickle27: so you must enjoy your trip, do you? ;)15:12
pickle27lisitsyn, yeah its been quite fun, Japan is a cool and strange place15:12
pickle27kind of looking forward to NZ though, I don't speak any Japanese so it will be nice to be back somewhere where I can communicate properly15:13
lisitsynpickle27: oh don't they know english?15:13
pickle27lisitsyn, I've been surprised at how little they know15:13
lisitsynpickle27: I thought they do a bit15:13
pickle27I'll be sure to learn some japanese if I ever come back!15:14
lisitsynha it's gonna be tough15:15
pickle27lisitsyn, most people probably think I'm wierd but I've been enjoying doing some casual coding on the trains etc lol15:24
lisitsynpickle27: oh why it is cool15:25
lisitsynpickle27: I enjoy coding stuff just for fun15:26
lisitsynwhen doing it as job it is not that funny :(15:26
pickle27lisitsyn, I guess we're all like that and thats why we're here15:26
pickle27lisitsyn, you must be back at the university now yes?15:27
lisitsynpickle27: no why?15:28
pickle27oh just curious, when do you go back?15:28
lisitsynpickle27: I just have to finish a few courses15:28
lisitsynand write some shitty thesis15:28
pickle27lisitsyn, could you do your thesis on tapkee?15:29
lisitsynpickle27: yeah why not15:29
lisitsynthey don't give a sh* what is it going around15:29
lisitsynand hey I have *publication* lol15:29
pickle27yeah no one really cares about masters thesis here either15:29
lisitsynpickle27: btw I ended up with using MOG215:39
pickle27lisitsyn, oh right on, I'm glad you got it working15:40
lisitsynpickle27: adaptive median is similar though15:40
lisitsynpickle27: one thing that surprised me was15:40
lisitsynI just tried liblinear+hog15:41
lisitsynand then tried to beat it with haar cascade15:41
lisitsynand hog cascade15:41
lisitsyninfinite time training and too many false positives :(15:41
lisitsynapparently svm just works15:42
pickle27haar and hog is supposed to be good but the opencv forums are completely filled with people having issues using them15:43
lisitsynpickle27: I barely have any idea what to use instead :)15:55
lisitsynah do you mean that cascade?15:55
lisitsynif yes - yeah it seems to be a miracle to properly train it15:55
lisitsynas it takes a lot of time I have no idea how to do that15:56
lisitsynHeikoS: iglesiasg: hey guys have you heard about gcc -O4?16:01
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sonne|worklisitsyn: that is the problem with svms they just work :D16:12
lisitsynsonne|work: yeah terrible issue16:13
sonne|workpickle27: when are you back from your around the world trip?16:13
sonne|workpickle27: or should I rather ask when you have no more money left?16:13
pickle27sonne|work, haha, I'll be back in Canada on Nov 116:14
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sonne|workpickle27: oh man hurry up enjoying your trip then16:36
pickle27sonne|work, i am haha!16:37
pickle27later guys!17:05
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@HeikoSsonney2k, sonne|work around for organising the trip now?20:02
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besser82HeikoS, sonne|work, wiking:  cloud-appliance will be avail in short  ;)20:34
@HeikoSwhooooo :D20:34
besser82HeikoS, sonne|work, wiking:  any special needs?20:34
@HeikoSbesser82: awesome!20:34
besser82HeikoS, sonne|work, wiking:  How many ram, HDD, CPU will be needed?20:35
besser82HeikoS, sonne|work, wiking:  IPv4-Adresses, IPv6-subnet  ---> How much / size?20:36
@HeikoSbesser82: good question, best ask wiking20:36
@HeikoSI would say like a laptop thing20:36
@HeikoSwith less hdd20:36
@HeikoSbut wiking knows better20:36
besser82HeikoS: i7-4700, 32GB RAM, GTX685M SLI  ????20:37
besser82HeikoS: ^^^ laptop thing  :D20:37
@HeikoSlol ;)20:37
@HeikoSDont know whether we in fact need a gtx20:37
@HeikoSbut the i7 and the ram sounds very nice20:37
besser82HeikoS: let's keep it honest ;)20:38
@HeikoSthen we could actually *do* stuff on there20:38
besser82HeikoS: I just wrote the specs of my laptop  ;)20:38
@HeikoSI see20:38
@HeikoSmine is older20:38
@HeikoSi5 8gb20:38
besser82HeikoS: So sth. in that range?20:38
@HeikoSI would say, but pls ask the others20:39
besser82HeikoS: already did in my first questions...20:39
@HeikoSyeah, sry I mean wait for them to answer20:39
@HeikoSreally cool that you did that20:39
@sonney2kbesser82, cool!20:40
@sonney2kbesser82, how is that scaled?20:41
@sonney2kbesser82, one machine or multiple?20:41
besser82sonney2k: scaled over multiple machines as needed20:41
besser82sonney2k: using oVirt20:42
besser82sonney2k: I just need some resources-specs and we can have it.20:43
@sonney2kbesser82, and how many machines is realistic20:43
@sonney2kbesser82, between 8 and 16GB make sense20:44
@sonney2kbut it all only depends on application as usual20:44
@sonney2kand cpu - you know that20:44
besser82sonney2k: 8G (16G dyn) shouldn't be the problem20:44
besser82sonney2k: CPU the more, the better  ;)20:44
@sonney2kthe more the better20:44
@sonney2ksome stuff only needs one core20:45
@sonney2ksome multiple20:45
@sonney2kso no idea how it is done20:45
besser82sonney2k: I think, I can arrange dynamic multi core20:45
@sonney2kwhich would mean single core and if multiple cores are used then it would get > 1 core?20:46
besser82sonney2k: like 8 cores ---> 1 - 2 decidated, rest shared amoung other f-i stuff20:46
besser82sonney2k: or sth. like that20:46
@sonney2kbesser82, if shogun sees 8 cores it will use 8 for some tasks20:47
besser82sonney2k: that's not the problem20:47
@sonney2kbut spiltting is not dynamic in the sense that it will split the task into 8 chunks20:47
@sonney2kI guess that should be ok then20:47
besser82sonney2k: allright20:48
besser82sonney2k: HDD? How much?20:48
besser82sonney2k: ~50G20:48
@sonney2kbesser82, regarding all this can we start slow / tiny and grow if needed?20:48
besser82sonney2k: sure20:48
@sonney2k50G should do20:48
besser82sonney2k: growing isn't the probelm  ;)20:48
@sonney2kit doesn't make sense to waste resources20:49
besser82sonney2k: 1x IPv420:49
@sonney2kand we don't know what to expect20:49
besser82sonney2k: 1x IPv6 / 6420:49
besser82sonney2k: Heise DDOS is in prep  ;)20:49
@sonney2ksorry I have to do some real life cleanups now20:49
@sonney2kwill be back in ~30mins20:49
@sonney2k(latest I hope)20:49
besser82sonney2k: kk  ;)20:49
besser82HeikoS, wiking: Which OS, btw. ?20:52
besser82HeikoS, wiking: FC or RHEL?20:52
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wikinghavent been here tll now20:58
wikingbesser82: ?20:58
wikingok i'll read logs20:59
besser82wiking: here  :)20:59
besser82wiking: back in 5 mins  ;)20:59
wikingbesser82: ok so basically at the moment of course anything would be fine, but having at least around 4 gigs dedicated ram would be good21:01
wikingbesser82: the thing is that it should be possible some way to extend it21:01
wikinghence some kind of a 'cluster/cloud' setup21:01
wikingnumber of cpus: 4-8 cores21:01
wiking1 ipv4 is more than enough21:01
wikingif we get ipv6 /64 subnet that's good as well21:02
wikingsonney2k: like 8 cores ---> 1 - 2 decidated, rest shared amoung other f-i stuff21:02
wikingthis is cool21:02
wikinghdd is not that much of a big priority21:02
wiking10+ gigs is cool21:02
wikingbasicaly as i said in the beginning anything is good21:03
wikingjust to be able to grow w/o too much of a hassle would be great21:03
wikingbesser82: what would be the arch of this thing?21:04
wikingsome kind of a virtual OS?21:04
wikingi mean basically how could we extend the system easily if we see that we are running out of resource, e.g. ram or cpu?21:04
wikingsonney2k: 2 things when u r back: 1) plz give me write access to the shogun-web repository 2) if i could get access to update the webserver on 7nn it would be great!21:06
wikingbesser82: fc, rhel doesn't matter...21:06
wikingwhichever is the easier21:06
besser82wiking: can get both with ease  ;)21:09
besser82wiking: I'd tend to FC19  (much more up2date)21:09
wikingbesser82: ok then... let me know how and when we can proceed with this21:09
besser82wiking: sure, should be a matter of some hours  ;)21:10
wikingbesser82: could u tell me how the arch would look like?21:10
wikingthis would be an FC19 in a chroor?21:10
wikingor what exactly? :)21:10
besser82wiking: own VM with ~8GM ram, 1decidated core and lots of shared ones, 50 GB persistent HDD ;)21:11
wikingok that sounds great21:11
wikingbesser82: i'm only concerned about the system's security21:12
besser82wiking: scalable on need  ;)21:12
besser82wiking: why?21:12
wikingas really giving an ipython shell to anybody21:12
wikingis a big whole21:12
besser82wiking: It's on redhat's systems21:12
wikingsecurity wise21:13
wikinghence on our machine21:13
wikingi thought to have the VM's root mounted r/o21:13
wikingand only a small tempfs would be writable21:13
wikingbut then again i'm open to any ideas21:14
wikingjust that having an ipython shell is almost like giving somebody a shell access to a system21:14
besser82wiking: nope, not on this one  ;)21:14
besser82wiking: It pretty locked down by SElinux ;)21:14
besser82wiking: With MLS-rules21:15
wikingok i'm happy if i dont have to worry about any of these things :)21:15
besser82wiking: bt???21:16
besser82wiking: big thanks?21:16
wikingalmost but yes21:17
wikingas well21:17
wikingbesser82: (i'm debugging an error in gdb in another session :P)21:17
besser82wiking: I see. kk  :)21:18
besser82wiking: do we need any ports aside of http(s) / ssh ?21:22
besser82wiking: kk21:23
wikingbesser82: can we get a proper signed ssl cert ? :)21:23
wikingbesser82: if not then just http21:23
-!- new_lido [~walid@] has joined #shogun21:23
besser82wiking: we can use our own ;)21:24
besser82wiking: like sth from startcom21:24
besser82wiking: do we need transient storage?21:26
wikingtransient storage?21:27
besser82wiking: transistent storage  :P21:27
wikingwhat's that?21:28
besser82wiking: like tmpfs21:29
wikingnot necessary21:29
besser82wiking: but larger and on disk ;)21:29
besser82wiking: will be discard on rebott21:29
besser82wiking: kk21:29
besser82  2 cores fixed, 6 (or more) additional shared / dynamic cores21:31
besser82  8 GB of RAM fixed, 16 GB dynamic (as needed, shared amoung other vms)21:31
besser82  25 GB HDD persistent (with option to grow)21:31
besser82  1 static IPv421:31
besser82  1 static IPv621:31
besser82So please, consider this an add-on, courtesy service that does not come with any particular SLA. Fedora Infrastructure will try and keep this service up, available, and secure but we reserve the right to suspend the service or discontinue it altogether at any time. Projects should not depend on this service for any release critical functions.21:31
wikingheheh coool!!!21:31
wikingmaaan what's with HMM21:32
besser82wiking: HMM ???21:32
wikingbesser82: i'm thinking out loud21:32
besser82wiking: kk21:32
wikingwe have a float** but we only allocate float[i]21:32
wikingbut not the float* array21:32
besser82wiking: XD21:32
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * 9d79da2 / src/shogun/distributions/HMM.cpp:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fix deallocation of arrayN1 and arrayN2 in HMM when USE_HMMPARALLEL_STRUCTURES is enabled21:39
shogun-notifier-shogun: issue #162521:39
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wikingshogun-buildbot: force build --branch=develop 'nightly_all'21:39
shogun-buildbotbuild #472 forced21:39
shogun-buildbotI'll give a shout when the build finishes21:39
besser82SHOGUN / iPython-appliance on Fedora-Infrastructure:21:39
besser82  * 2 cores fixed, 6 (or more) additional shared / dynamic cores21:39
besser82  * 8 GB of RAM fixed, 16 GB dynamic (as needed, shared amoung other vms)21:39
besser82  * 25 GB HDD persistent (with option to grow)21:39
besser82  * 1 static IPv421:39
besser82  * 1 static IPv6 (or /64, but not neccessarily)21:39
besser82== DISCLAIMER ==21:39
besser82So please, consider this an add-on, courtesy service that does not come with any particular SLA. Fedora Infrastructure will try and keep this service up, available, and secure but we reserve the right to suspend the service or discontinue it altogether at any time. Projects should not depend on this service for any release critical functions.21:39
besser82HeikoS, iglesiasg, sonney2k:  ^^^^21:40
wikingbesser82: cool. when can we ssh? :D21:40
besser82wiking: currently w8ing for nirik to finish setup  ;)21:40
besser82wiking: nirik == f-i mastermind  ;)21:41
wikingheheh great21:41
besser82wiking: you'll need FAS-account to ssh21:41
wikingbesser82: shall i send u my pub key?21:41
besser82wiking: setup an account21:42
besser82wiking: upload your ssh21:42
besser82wiking: I'll add you to ssh-acces group when setup is finsihed  ;)21:42
wikingoh ok creating acc21:43
besser82wiking: just need your FAS-name, for this  ;)21:43
shogun-buildbotbuild #472 of nightly_all is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
besser82wiking: your account-name is "mfuck" ?!?21:46
shogun-buildbotbuild #2307 of deb1 - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>21:47
wikingbesser82: done21:48
besser82wiking: kk21:48
besser82wiking: lemme check21:48
wikingbesser82: wiking is my username there21:48
besser82wiking: you need to sign CLA21:48
wikingssh_key: Error - Not a valid RSA SSH key: ssh-dss21:48
wikingwhy only rsa?21:49
besser82wiking: because of speed  ;)21:49
besser82wiking: rsa is secure enough  ;)21:49
besser82wiking: CLA is nothing evil21:49
wiking A valid country and telephone number are required to complete the FPCA. Please fill them out below.21:50
wikingreally i need to give this as well? :)21:50
besser82wiking: no need to worry21:50
besser82wiking: noone will spam you21:50
besser82wiking: I gave mine, too a few years ago ;)21:50
besser82wiking: you can remove them after signing the CLA21:51
wikingi'm generating an rsa key then now21:51
besser82wiking:  cool  ;)21:52
besser82wiking: will add you to needed groups in short21:52
wikingok done21:53
besser82wiking: +1  ;)21:54
besser82sonney2k: wb  :)21:54
wikingsonney2k: readlogs :)21:54
besser82sonney2k: you need ssh access to cloud-appliance, too?21:54
@sonney2kshogun-buildbot, force build --branch=develop nightly_default21:56
shogun-buildbotbuild forced [ETA 27m30s]21:56
shogun-buildbotI'll give a shout when the build finishes21:56
wikingsonney2k: thnx for the add21:59
@sonney2kwiking, you can sudo -u shogun now22:00
wikingsonney2k: great thnx22:00
wikingsonney2k: what's the way to update the the web repo on the website?22:01
@sonney2kwiking, btw lisitsyn already had access to shogun-web ...22:01
iglesiasgwow we can push the web now!22:01
@sonney2kwiking, there is a make release thing22:01
besser82sonney2k: if you need to have ssh access to the (currently in creation) cloud-appliance, too, you'll need to get a FAS-account22:02
@sonney2kbesser82, FAS account?22:04
besser82sonney2k: Fedora Account System22:04
besser82sonney2k: to store your ssh key and such22:04
besser82sonney2k: access to stuff it group-based22:05
shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * 9fef02d / tests/unit/mathematics/linalg/
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fix previously introduced double free in ProbingSampler_unittest.cc22:05
besser82sonney2k: after creation, I can give you the needed perms22:06
iglesiasgcan comeone please remind me what was the version of ipython and/or ipython notebook we are using?22:06
wikingsonney2k: make release?22:06
wikingiglesiasg: 1.0+22:06
wikingsonney2k: for the website?22:06
* lisitsyn in da house22:06
lisitsynwhat's up?22:06
besser82lisitsyn:  :D22:07
besser82lisitsyn:  remembers me of some old VW advert  ;)22:07
lisitsynahh so you are obtaininng more computation power to BUILD22:08
@sonney2klisitsyn, no for the notebooks22:08
lisitsynah notebooks22:08
@sonney2kwiking, yes? whats the problem?22:09
wikingsonney2k: make release?22:09
wikingand that's it?22:09
lisitsynoh my head aches like hell22:09
@sonney2kwiking, ???22:09
lisitsynwhat can I help us with?22:09
@sonney2kwiking, that is how we used to do a shogun release btw22:09
wikingsonney2k: rsync: mkdir "/home/shogun/django/shogun-2013-06-27-08-21/releases/shogun-2013-09-30-22-09" failed: No such file or directory (2)22:09
wikingrsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(605) [Receiver=3.0.9]22:09
wikingrsync: connection unexpectedly closed (9 bytes received so far) [sender]22:09
wikingrsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(605) [sender=3.0.9]22:09
wikingsonney2k: /home/shogun/django/shogun22:10
wikingi did 'make release'22:10
@sonney2kwiking, well I usually do it22:10
@sonney2kI guess there is some variable undefined22:10
iglesiasgwiking: nice, ipython 1.0+ did it, thanks!22:11
@sonney2kwiking, shall I do it?22:12
wikingsonney2k: yes sure22:12
wikingi just wonder why it does not work for me22:13
@sonney2kwiking, can you do ssh ?22:13
@sonney2kif not add your ssh key...22:13
wikingidd it22:14
wiking*did it22:14
wikingcd django/shogun && make release22:14
wikingsame error22:14
-!- new_lido [~walid@] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]22:16
-!- lisitsyn [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]22:18
shogun-buildbotbuild #558 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
@sonney2kwiking, btw NEWS is currently downloads ...22:23
wikinghave u updated the src?22:23
shogun-buildbotbuild #2308 of deb1 - libshogun is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
@sonney2kwiking, sure22:24
@sonney2kwiking, make release22:24
@sonney2kor what?22:24
wikingwhere did u do it?22:24
wikingwhat user?22:24
@sonney2kwiking, in shogun-web22:25
@sonney2kmake release22:25
wikingwhere's that?22:25
wikingcould u plz copy-paste the pwd22:25
@sonney2k$ ls22:25  features  Makefile  news  pages  README  releases  shogun  shogun.sqlite  shogun.sqlite_old  static  templates22:25
wikingnot ls22:26
wikingbut pwd22:26
wikingit works now22:26
wikingbut this needs to be fixed22:26
wikingwe need a simple
@sonney2kwiking, look at this
wikingsame for news22:27
wiking March 17, 2013 - Soeren Sonnenburg ->22:27
wiking2.1.0 release22:27
@sonney2kdownload & news should be merged22:27
wikingnews could be anything22:28
wikingso let's just leave it as it is22:28
wikingsonney2k: so what's the dir where u wrote make clean22:28
@sonney2kwiking, look at it22:28
@sonney2kit is *downloads*22:28
@sonney2kthe other downloads page could go22:29
@sonney2kI mean it doesn't even list data etc22:29
wikingok i need to be able to update this site22:29
-!- new_lido [~walid@] has joined #shogun22:30
wikingso plz enlighten me how what dir u wrote make release22:30
@sonney2kwiking, man I told you22:30
wikingi did it here22:30
wikingthis doesn't work22:30
@sonney2kwiking, on you local machine!22:30
wikingu haven't written this anywhere :P22:30
@sonney2kI had no idea you would mess around on 7nn22:31
@sonney2kwiking, since this is load balanced by pound etc you might have to do sudo /etc/init.d/ at times too22:39
besser82sonne2k: you need to sign the cla, before i can add you to the needed groups...22:39
besser82sonney2k: you need to sign the cla, before i can add you to the needed groups...22:39
besser82sonney2k: nothing evil, just some usual stuff22:40
besser82sonney2k: comparable to the debian code of conduct or how it is called ;)22:40
wikingbesser82: ready? :)22:42
besser82wiking: not yet :(22:42
besser82wiking: nirik is on it...22:42
* sonney2k tired22:44
besser82sonney2k: have a good night :)22:45
-!- travis-ci [] has joined #shogun22:57
travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Viktor Gal's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
-!- travis-ci [] has left #shogun []22:57
besser82wiking, sonney2k, HeikoS, iglesiasg:  I'll go to bed now.  I let you know, when the appliance is setup && ready :)23:02
@sonney2kbesser82, thanks!23:02
besser82sonney2k: for what?23:02
@sonney2kbesser82, for giving us hw23:03
besser82sonney2k: Das ist doch selbstverst?ndlich, wenn man die m?glichkeit hat ;)23:04
besser82sonney2k: Wenn ihr mehr braucht, lasst es mich wissen ;)23:05
besser82sonney2k: In disem Sinne: Gute Nacht  :D23:05
besser82wiking, sonney2k, HeikoS, iglesiasg:  c u tomorrow, folks :D  Good night!23:06
-!- besser82 [~besser82@fedora/besser82] has quit [Quit: freedom, friends, features, first --->]23:06
shogun-buildbotbuild #50 of clang34 - undefined behaviour analysis is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>23:11
shogun-notifier-shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg :develop * 4c9fcfb / doc/ipython-notebooks/classification/svm_binary_classification.ipynb:
shogun-notifier-shogun: write some intro about binary classification / svms23:22
shogun-buildbotbuild #52 of clang34 - thread analysis is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>23:25
-!- van51 [] has joined #shogun23:33
@sonney2khey van51!23:39
van51sonney2k: hello!23:39
@sonney2kdid you manage to get the experiment to run now memory wise?23:39
van51sonney2k: I can run it with the kernel up to 40k examples I think23:39
van51sonney2k: but I evaluate on 100k by doing it on batches23:40
@sonney2kvan51, heh nice workaround23:41
van51sonney2k: btw the experiments on the notebook where prior to the quadratic features addition23:41
van51sonney2k: now it's a bit slower so I changed some stuff to regain some speed23:41
@sonney2kvan51, well you dont' need to do that with quadratic right?23:42
van51sonney2k: no I don't use quadratic features. But in order to unify the code w/ and w/o quadratic a function that generates the token combinations is called always23:43
van51sonney2k: and in the non-quadratic case it returns the unigrams23:44
@sonney2kvan51, ahh ok - indeed that should be sped up. I mean using quadratic features will be the rare case23:44
van51sonney2k: yeah now I have it almost up to the same speed that it had23:45
van51sonney2k: I will have a PR by morning23:46
van51sonney2k: with speed comparisons23:46
@sonney2kvan51, nice!23:46
--- Log closed Tue Oct 01 00:00:22 2013