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@sonney2klisitsyn1, I mean we can even write a whole book kind of thing with these notebooks and nicely render that on the website00:00
lisitsyn1sonney2k: yes sure00:00
@sonney2klike with code and examples and everything00:00
@sonney2kand it is tested00:00
@sonney2kit is like heaven00:00
@sonney2ktoo bad we fucked up the cloud thing00:01
@sonney2k30 users for a DDoS is not really DD00:01
lisitsyn1hacker's dream00:02
@sonney2kanyway now with timeouts stuff should be better00:02
lisitsyn1you don't need to waste money on a botnet if you can ddos with 30 nodes :D00:02
@sonney2klisitsyn1, even one node with 30 accounts00:02
@sonney2klisitsyn1, at least 15 people did login via github :)00:03
@sonney2kbut it was a waste to ping 100k people for the cloud thing :)00:03
lisitsyn1sonney2k: just updated wiki00:09
@sonney2klisitsyn1, is article is soo damn outdated00:11
lisitsyn1sonney2k: yes needs to be rewritten as a part of possible SEO effort :D00:11
@sonney2klisitsyn1, *lol*00:11
@sonney2kwe just leave it to rot00:11
@sonney2kwiking, I lost the key for this google cloud thing :/00:12
@sonney2kwiking, asking again on the mailinglist - maybe somebody posts it00:12
lisitsyn1sonney2k: my new idea00:13
lisitsyn1everybody should talk about shogun00:13
lisitsyn1well one way is to become a terrorist group and do some explosions00:13
lisitsyn1but I prefer something more civil00:13
besser82lisitsyn1: Gute Nacht  :D00:15
@sonney2klisitsyn1, good idea to cure you from madness too!00:15
@sonney2klisitsyn1, schnarche gut!00:15
besser82sonney2k: with scrubbed sources one unittest fails  :(00:16
besser82sonney2k: 324 - unit-IsomapTest (Failed) --->
@sonney2kbesser82, isomap should be totally unrelated00:17
besser82sonney2k: but it's easily reproducible00:18
besser82sonney2k: on unmodded tarball it passes00:18
besser82sonney2k: everytime00:18
besser82sonney2k: but it actually fails everytime on scrubbed sources00:18
besser82sonney2k: time for me to push that SVMbright to a ready to use state00:19
besser82sonney2k: within this week00:19
besser82sonney2k: Gute Nacht  :)00:32
* sonney2k Zzzz00:36
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@wikingsonney2k: what key/08:12
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sonne|osxwiking: I applied for google cloud08:33
sonne|osxwiking: I guess next week or so we should have sth.08:34
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@wikingaaah ok09:26
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@wikingkicking out09:42
@lisitsynwiking: I keep forgetting to turn down irc09:43
@wikingsonney2k: ok problem solved09:45
@wikingsonney2k: notebookserver/[NOTEBOOKNAME] does the notebook opening09:45
@wikingthis needs only now a little bit a js hacking09:47
@wikingmmm maaaybe we should change something on this site09:49
@wikingas i see that people keep logging in09:49
@wikingbut they dont really do anything09:50
@wikingshould we open instead of the about tab09:50
@wikingthe ipython notebook tab by default09:50
@wikingimho yes09:50
besser82Morning Folks! :D10:01
besser82sonne|work: Is there any news on funding SHOGUN-support e.V. ????10:02
sonne|workbesser82: HeikoS' duty - looks like we need to kick him hard :D10:12
sonne|workwiking: yes!10:12
besser82sonne|work: Let's dooooo it!  :-P  I want to donate some $$$  :D10:13
sonne|workwiking: actually I am tempted to say we do it the shogun web way: show thumbnails10:13
besser82sonne|work: Which would actually be EUREUREUR  ;-P10:13
sonne|workwiking: and then clicking on one opens the corresponding notebook10:13
sonne|workbesser82: we are not picky :D10:13
@wikingsonne|work: done10:16
sonne|workargh my mouse stopped working10:17
@wikingsonne|work: the only thing is that this does not handle the case10:17
@wikingsonne|work: not yet logged in10:17
* sonne|work loggs off10:17
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@wikingoh this will be fucking interesting... ;)10:20
@wikingas it's a 2 way auth10:20
@wikingso i dont know how to save the stupid next url10:21
@wikingok it should work now10:30
@wikingmaaybe we should put it in an iframe... but now at least it works10:30
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@iglesiasggood morning!10:31
@wikingiglesiasg: test it10:31
@wikingbut imho somehow we should solve it that the notebook server is actually via a proxy pass10:32
@wikingand not publicly available...10:32
@wikingi mean directly ;P10:32
@wikingiglesiasg: redirection works nicely? it opened u the notebook?10:33
@iglesiasgwiking, aaah yeah sure10:33
@iglesiasgwiking, I was running the whole notebook :D10:34
@iglesiasgI thought there was a problem or something10:34
@wikinghehe yeah let see10:34
@wikingi just wanted to see if u get the notebook opened10:34
@iglesiasgwiking, the redirection worked good yes, pasted that linked, logged in and then directly to the notebook10:34
@wikingi've change the default page after login10:34
@iglesiasgthe notebook runs perfectly too btw haha10:34
@wikingto the notebook tab10:34
@wikingnote the about10:34
@wiking*not the about10:34
@wikingas from the stats i see10:34
@wikingthat people log in10:35
@wikingand then that's ti10:35
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@wikingthey dont do anything10:35
@iglesiasgface palm...10:35
@wikingso maybe if they see the list of the notebooks10:35
@wikingthey get it better :P10:35
@iglesiasgbut it might be also that it is just us when we have logged in?10:35
@wikingsonne|work: done. iglesiasg tested it and worked for him as well10:35
@wikingiglesiasg: what do u mean?10:35
@iglesiasgI mean, I have logged in a couple of times and just logged out directly to test everything was fine there10:35
@wikingi haven't seen python running10:36
@wikingat all :D10:36
@wikingipython server starts10:36
@wikingand they idle there :)10:36
@wikingand then after 60 mins the session is closed :P10:36
@wikingsonne|work: so basically u can add a link on webpage for 'open in shogun cloud' for the notebooks ;p10:37
@iglesiasgwiking, anyone so far who have done anything?10:37
sonne|workwiking: I did already but not with the proper url10:37
sonne|workwiking: because I thought you don't get this to work :P10:37
sonne|workwiking: just try how it is now10:38
sonne|workall the rest is trivial to add10:38
@wikingah i see :P10:38
@wikingyeah just need to ad the right link for that Try in cloud10:38
sonne|workwiking: will do it today10:39
sonne|workwiking: and login works now too?10:39
sonne|workwiking: I mean people have to login first10:39
@wikingsonne|work: yeah if they are not logged in they'll be redirected to login and after successful login they'll be redirected to the notebook10:50
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sonne|workwiking: excellent!11:57
besser82HeikoS: Any news about founding SHOGUN-support e.V.?  I want to donate the EUREUREUR  :-P12:29
@iglesiasgwiking, remember to send me your workshop slides if that is not a problem ;)13:22
@lisitsynbesser82: want to donate? :D13:24
besser82lisitsyn: yes  :D  But to make it tax-reducting I need to donate to some e.V., Foudation or similar  ;)13:25
besser82lisitsyn: So I was asking HeikoS how this stage is grown....13:25
@wikingiglesiasg: ohshityeahsorry will asap13:31
@iglesiasgwiking, :D thanks!13:31
@wikingyeah let's make that e.V. or register it elsewhere if it's too complicated13:31
@wikingi mean it does not really matter which country the fundation really resides...13:32
@lisitsynbesser82: give it to me I'll take care :D13:33
besser82wiking: founding some e.V. actually is really easy, just time consuming...13:34
sonne|workwiking: it is more that you have to write some 'hey we are a non profit and that are our goals'13:35
sonne|workwiking: the rest is only me taking this thing to some notar/agency here13:35
besser82wiking: you will just need ~5 founding members and some time for doing the paper-business...13:35
@wikingsonne|work: i can make in 1 day here a nonprofit organisation for shogun (just asked about it last week)13:35
@wikinghere i need 3 members13:36
besser82wiking: actually the notar should be able to provide the "Satzung" for non-profit13:36
sonne|workbesser82: we did already - and everyone did sign the draft13:36
sonne|workbesser82: but HeikoS polished things a bit13:36
besser82sonne|work: I see, OK...  but where is it struggling by?13:37
sonne|workbesser82: well a day has 24hrs and we have real lives13:45
sonne|workbesser82: in this case HeikoS is just studying too hard ;)13:45
besser82sonne|work: Real lives?!? Which server is that?  Never heared of it.  :-P13:47
besser82sonne|work: Let's keep it serious: So HeikoS just needs some more time for polishing, right?13:48
sonne|workbesser82: I think he did it even already13:48
sonne|workbesser82: just some mail to the ML or so is necessary13:48
besser82sonne|work: So the real problem is meeting && signing???13:48
sonne|workbesser82: well we did already meet and sign13:56
sonne|workbesser82: updates are really minor13:56
@iglesiasgbesser82, we need to carry out a poll or something similar to select a couple of representatives methinks14:19
besser82iglesiasg: Representatives for the e.V. / foundation?14:23
@iglesiasgbesser82, yes, I think so14:23
besser82iglesiasg: That a real good idea  ;)14:23
@iglesiasgsomeone with some responsibilities IIRC14:23
besser82iglesiasg: But how would we setup the nomination / voting?14:26
besser82iglesiasg: Everybody nominates himself?  Who is eligitable to vote?14:26
besser82iglesiasg: What is the min. quorum to be elected?14:27
@iglesiasgbesser82, I am going to set up something similar to doodle but used for voting, we did a test with it14:27
@iglesiasgbesser82, once HeikoS sends me names and mail addresses we collected in Berlin last June14:27
besser82iglesiasg: Another good catch  ;)14:28
@iglesiasgbesser82, about the quorum, no idea really. And people eligible to vote I guess everyone who signed this Satzung14:29
@iglesiasgbesser82, but I think people who have joined later should be able to participate if they want14:29
besser82iglesiasg: I'd propose a quorum with minimal majority wouldbe reasonable. --> voters/2 + 114:31
besser82iglesiasg: Actual members of the e.V. should be able to "steer", I'd agree with you14:31
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@HeikoSbesser82, sonney2k foundation stuff is next on my list16:14
@HeikoSwill happen this week16:14
@HeikoSafter release was finally done :)16:14
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dsockwellwhat's this? i take my eyes off you fellas for one day and you start incorporating16:20
sonne|workdsockwell: what?16:21
dsockwellre: this foundation talk. i think i'm funny.16:28
sonne|workdsockwell: ahh we did this already this summer - july!!16:29
dsockwelloh, congrats16:29
sonne|workbut we need to finish things up that :)16:30
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@lisitsynHeikoS: iglesiasg: sonney2k: wiking: fantastic five altogether :D18:42
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * b2f1c5d / templates/home.html:
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: add 5th circle20:11
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * 582bc53 / templates/common/toy_data_generator_form.html:
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * b899c2a / static/js/overlay.js,templates/overlay.html:
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: cloud directly opens the notebook22:40
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sonne|osxwiking: I cannot put the site live from here but it works with what I pushed22:42
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sonne|osxwiking: got confirmation about google cloud...22:49
sonne|osxcreating it now22:49
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@wikingsonne|work: cool22:54
@iglesiasgGoogle cloud??22:56
@iglesiasgWhat are we going to use it for?22:56
@wikingu have one guess ;P22:57
@iglesiasgrun Shogun cloud over Google cloud platform I guess :)22:58
@iglesiasgwiking, but is still for the ipython environment, right?22:58
@wikingu one a free shogun session :P22:58
@iglesiasgIt is just so that we don't have to worry about the infrastructure22:58
@wikingwe'll see how we'll maange :P22:59
@iglesiasghehe I am reading about Google cloud right now22:59
@iglesiasgwiking, so the idea is that we won't use fatbot any more to provide the Shogun session23:00
@wikingi would say load balance23:02
@wikingso still keep the fatbo23:03
@wikingbut use fatbot's nginx to do some kind of a load balancing between + fatbot23:03
@iglesiasgneat, I like the idea23:04
@iglesiasgwiking, do we have access to some sort of Google analytics to see how the impact is going?23:05
@iglesiasgI'd love to check it!23:05
@wikinguse shogun-team@23:06
@wikingit tracks a bit the cloud23:06
@wikingnot all as i didn't integrate the tracking script into the notebooks :P23:06
@iglesiasgaverage visit duration 1 min 05?23:12
@iglesiasgWhat's up with the people?! hehe23:12
@wikingiglesiasg: yeah23:15
@wikingas said23:15
@wikinglogin and then leave23:15
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@sonney2kwiking, iglesiasg please try if it works!23:31
@sonney2kI just deployed23:32
@wikingand where?23:33
@sonney2kwiking, and click on the thumbs23:35
@sonney2kand shift reload I guess23:35
@sonney2kwell notebook thumbs23:35
@sonney2kwhen you click the cloud thing it should open it directly23:35
@sonney2kwiking, shift reload :P23:36
@wikingi was checking :P23:36
@sonney2kwiking, yeah well...23:36
@sonney2kcode is not really beautiful but anyway23:37
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@sonney2kiglesiasg, reason is simple no spare time ...23:37
-!- sonne|osx [] has joined #shogun23:38
@sonney2kwiking, I guess the cloud thing is rather business than personal...23:40
-!- HeikoS [] has joined #shogun23:43
HeikoSsonney2k: around?23:45
@sonney2kHeikoS, sure23:45
@sonney2kHeikoS, I don't sleep so what else shall I do23:45
HeikoSsonney2k: what is the reposiutory where the foundation stuff is again?23:45
@sonney2k(except for having nuts)23:45
HeikoShaha :)23:45
HeikoSeating nuts? :)23:45
HeikoSyeah I reckoned that23:46
HeikoSI was just doing some yoga ;)23:46
@sonney2kHeikoS, the tiger23:46
HeikoSsonney2k: shogun publicity, where is it?23:46
HeikoSsonney2k: btw just ordered the new thinkpad23:46
@sonney2kHeikoS, hehe23:47
HeikoSsonney2k: its weird, memory does not increase that much anymore23:48
HeikoShad 8gb23:48
HeikoSnew one has 12gb max option from vendor23:48
@sonney2kyeah stupid23:48
HeikoSbut looking forward to the 8threads23:48
HeikoSand the battery life ;)23:48
@sonney2kmy macbook air has just 4gb23:48
HeikoSI wonder why that is, I want 64GB23:49
@iglesiasgsonney2k, the thumbs work nice here to open the cloud directly23:50
@sonney2kiglesiasg, heh :)23:50
@iglesiasgso nice!23:50
HeikoSI like the "try cloud"23:50
@iglesiasgthere is something with the demos though, I am not sure if it is expected behaviour23:51
@iglesiasgso if you open one and press esc it closes it, good23:52
@iglesiasgbut if you do some stuff, say generate some data and train the model23:52
@iglesiasgand press esc then, the demo does not close23:52
@sonney2kiglesiasg, hmmhh indeed - no idea how to fix that23:53
@iglesiasgthere is something similar for the notebooks too23:53
@sonney2kand no idea why this is happening in the first place23:53
@iglesiasgif you click somewhere just for fun, then esc does not do its job23:53
@iglesiasgif you just scroll though, then it is fine23:53
@iglesiasgit seems to happen once  the demo or the notebook get the "focus"23:54
@iglesiasgno idea either, it seems to be sth subtle...23:55
@sonney2kiglesiasg, would make sense - no idea how to register that23:55
@sonney2kwiking, alright cloud is ordered now we have to wait for our 2k$ startup thing23:57
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