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shogun-notifier-shogun: Fernando Iglesias :develop * ae23d41 / doc/ipython-notebooks/statistics/mmd_two_sample_testing.ipynb: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/commit/ae23d415f4286b8abc9b9cf161f35539003500d800:30
shogun-notifier-shogun: Shorter abstract in hypothesis testing notebook00:30
shogun-notifier-shogun: so that it fits better into the website00:30
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fernando Iglesias :develop * efc1c8c / doc/ipython-notebooks/statistics/mmd_two_sample_testing.ipynb: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/commit/efc1c8c351160ff7975937f454c36044db433f1c00:30
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #1749 from iglesias/develop00:30
shogun-notifier-shogun: Shorter abstract in hypothesis testing notebook00:30
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sonne|osxbesser82: whats up?08:20
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taylanHi All,14:07
taylanDoes any body know the role of directors?14:07
taylanCan't we extend regular classes, ie. ContingencyTableEvaluation instrad of DirectorContingencyTableEvaluation14:08
taylanA second question, I want to use an external evaluation, depending on the input dataset. Does set_indices function do what I want? i.e if I pass some cost annotation to the dataset, can I use the indices set by set_indices to access those global annotations?14:11
@iglesiasghey taylan14:25
@iglesiasgtaylan, regarding the director classes, the use case is more complex than that. They are useful to extend functionality of the libshogun interface using a modular interface14:26
@iglesiasgtaylan, so that, for example, code that you have implemented in a modular interface like Python can be called from anywhere in the libshogun interface14:27
taylanah, ok..so I don't need the directors for extending the class in python..14:28
taylanThank you for the answer..you got any clues for me for the second question?14:29
taylan Sorry, the question should be like this: If I pass some cost annotation to the evaluation class, can I use the indices set by set_indices to access those global annotations?14:30
@iglesiasgMm, I am sorry but I don't think I get the point14:31
taylanok, so instead of evaluating my classifier performance with the existing evaluators, I want to extend the Evaluation class, passing some costs for each label. This means, some samples are more costly to wrongly classify, and some are less..14:34
@iglesiasgall right14:34
@iglesiasgso I have never done this myself using Shogun directly but I would bet there must be something for sure to do this14:35
@iglesiasgsince it is something quite common14:35
taylanso I was wondering whether the set_indices method was passing me the real indices of the labels. This is most probably the case, I just wanted to make sure..14:36
taylanok, I will anyway give it a try and write back here.14:36
@iglesiasgsure, try it better14:37
@iglesiasgin case you don't get an answer about it right, I suggest you to send a mail to the mailing list14:37
@iglesiasgHeiko should be able to explain this without a trouble, he implemented this part I think14:37
taylanok, thanks a lot!14:48
@iglesiasgtaylan, no problem, you are welcome!14:51
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sonne|workwiking: another question15:30
sonne|workwiking: I want to display the images from the slide thing on the cloud website15:30
sonne|workwiking: problem is that we need the notebook directory somewhere15:31
sonne|workon the cloud server15:31
sonne|workI mean the pre-rendered ones15:31
sonne|workso I can automagically extract the images15:31
@wikingsonne|work: images?15:32
sonne|workwiking: the thumbnails we have in the slide thing at the bottom15:32
@wikingsonne|work: so you want to actually add the prerendered images?15:32
sonne|workwiking: so you can just click on them15:33
@wikingclick on them where?15:33
sonne|workand that would open the notebook15:33
sonne|workwiking: cloud.*15:33
@wikingah before login?15:33
@wikingat the login page?15:33
sonne|workinstead of this login window you would see as main page the notebook15:33
sonne|workbasically just the images in a grid15:33
@wikingand then a login on the button?15:34
@wikingok well modify the template15:34
@wikingindex.html is the template for the login page15:34
sonne|workI know15:34
sonne|workI started doing this already15:34
@wikingso just modify it and that's all15:34
sonne|workit is not all15:35
@wikingwhy not?15:35
sonne|workI need the prerendered notebooks15:35
@wikingit's on the shogun website15:35
sonne|workthat doesn't help15:35
@wikingwhy not?15:35
sonne|workwe need them locally on the machine running cloud.*15:35
sonne|workbecause I parse the notebooks and extract the images from them15:36
@wikingi mean you can add an <img src="whatever" />15:36
sonne|workno static image15:36
@wikingwhy would it be a non-static15:36
sonne|workwiking: well it is like this on www.* etc too15:37
sonne|workI need the notebooks15:37
sonne|workthat is all15:37
@wikingfetch the notebook and parse it with jquery15:38
@wikingthe preprendered ipynb + html is available15:38
@wikingon www.15:38
@wikingjust fetch it with jquery15:38
sonne|workyou want some dependency on www.* on cloud.* ?15:38
sonne|workis that clever?15:38
@wikingwhat's the problem?15:38
sonne|workwiking: the dependency that is all15:49
sonne|workwiking: you need www.* to work - if it is down you don't have cloud.* working15:50
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thoralfWhen using the python_modular interface, is there anything I need to consider to avoid memory leaks?16:26
thoralfIt seems like me programm is heavily leaking memory (using liblinear in a loop)16:26
sonne|workthoralf: errm it shouldn't what are youdoing?16:30
sonne|workin any case w/ python16:30
sonne|workdel object16:30
sonne|workas often as possible...16:30
sonne|workwell early16:30
thoralfsonne|work: I'm loading a big data file (csc matrix) and creating sparse features + labels.  Running a loop hundreds of times on the same data - and already "del predicted_labels" and "del svm" after every run.16:32
thoralfresource.struct_rusage().ru_maxrss grows by 400-500 MB in every iteration.16:32
sonne|workthoralf: well only chance is to do some valgrind thing on a small data set to check if there is no leak16:33
thoralfsonne|work: Okay, I thought I possibly did something stupid and could avoid valgrind...16:34
thoralfThanks ;)16:34
sonne|workthoralf: I am not aware of a leak in liblinear / sparse etc16:35
sonne|workso no idea16:35
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@wikingthoralf: u in tuberlin?19:08
thoralfwiking: No, Zuse-Institute-Berlin19:08
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thoralfsonne|work: Maybe you can tell me whats wrong: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/issues/175019:26
thoralfHey sonne|osx19:27
thoralfsonne|osx: I can reproduce the leak in a minimal example.19:28
@wikingthoralf: oh man i thought that that leak was fixed already19:34
thoralfwiking: So it's already known?  Do you maybe know a hotfix for this?19:37
@wikingthoralf: i've fixed this19:38
@wikingbut now i've realised19:38
@wikingthat actually it wasn't this19:38
@wikingit was in multimachine19:38
@wikingmaybe the same thing happened ther19:38
@wikingoh man this looks weird19:40
@wikingthoralf: i guess u haven't tried with c++19:40
thoralfwiking: I'm about to...19:41
thoralfwiking: Hmm.  I don't need to.  I've been using LibLinear all the time, I'm memchecking all my programs, so either new or it should be working in c++19:44
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thoralfwiking: All heap blocks were freed -- no leaks are possible20:18
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