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@iglesiasg100% voted, cool00:15
@iglesiasghowever I think there are bad news00:15
@iglesiasgsince we have to wait until the voting period expires00:15
@iglesiasgwhich is one week... :O00:15
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shogun-buildbotbuild #608 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test notebooks]  Build details are at
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sonne|osxman that is stupid08:17
sonne|osx100% voted but no results08:17
sonne|osxI guess 100% of votes is a pathological case but still...08:18
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@iglesiasgyeah, I agree.. it is super stupid09:27
@iglesiasgmy bad that I didn't test that properly before setting it to one week09:27
sonne|workiglesiasg: well I guess in real live you never have 100%09:37
sonne|workI mean w/i 24 hrs09:37
@iglesiasgyeah indeed09:38
@iglesiasgthis only happens around CS geeks like us :D09:38
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lisitsyn1iglesiasg: sonne|work: hah that's funny, that's geeks who should elect government10:42
lisitsyn1most of us are online all the time10:43
lisitsyn1I react to email in 5 mins usually :D10:43
lisitsyn1iglesiasg: what's up with your thesis?10:47
@iglesiasglisitsyn1, writing writing10:52
@iglesiasglisitsyn1, soon to be finished I think10:52
@iglesiasglisitsyn1, well, actually today I am working more on preparing plots to show the results correctly than writing writing10:53
lisitsyn1iglesiasg: I see10:53
* wiking likes more and more flask and alike stuff11:26
@wikingpython is getting great in web containers11:26
thoralfEhrm.  Everyone voted, but no results?12:00
thoralfThat's crazy.12:00
thoralfiglesiasg: Did you file a bug report? ;)12:00
@iglesiasgthoralf, actually no12:01
@iglesiasgbut I guess I should tell them something12:01
thoralfiglesiasg: I would do, but I didn't start the poll. ;)12:01
@iglesiasgthoralf, yeah sure. I will take care of it today :)12:02
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@iglesiasgthoralf, suggestion sent to adoodle16:51
thoralfLet me know if the answer is different from "its a feature" and "rtfm" ;)16:52
@iglesiasgwill do17:04
@iglesiasggtg now, later!17:04
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HeikoSsonney2k: around?20:06
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parijathi, i wanted to add a unit test for kmeans,  so I added a new .cc file in tests/unit/ . Thats it. Is there anything else that needs to be done?21:07
@iglesiasgparijat, I just read the unit test you pasted on gist21:10
@iglesiasgparijat, use pointers for the CDenseFeatures and the CEuclideanDistance objects better21:10
@iglesiasgto avoid issues when reference counting is used internally e.g. when the features are passed to the distance in the constructor21:11
@iglesiasgparijat, also, I think you forgot to free memory21:11
@iglesiasgparijat, and what about the ifdef HAVE_PTHREAD, etc?21:12
@iglesiasgis that necessary or used somewhere?21:12
@iglesiasgotherwise it looks good :)21:13
@iglesiasgit is good that you could make the unit test21:13
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parijatsorry I lost connection21:17
parijatok I will make the changes.21:23
@iglesiasgsounds good!21:24
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parijat@iglesiasg: hi, based on our last discussion I have made some changes and updated the gist. Please have a look at it again. I removed pthreads. its not used anywhere I checked. I have also cleaned up memory at the end using SG_UNREF22:25
@iglesiasgparijat, cool!22:26
@iglesiasgparijat, let me have a look22:26
@iglesiasgparijat, but let's use for the upcoming times a pull request like you did last week ;)22:26
@iglesiasgparijat, so when you do get of Shogun objects, like get_lhs22:28
@iglesiasgyou are likely to need to free it afterwards22:28
@iglesiasgsince a get increments the reference count of the object22:28
parijatok sure. actually I wasnt sure if the unit test was at all correct. so i thought I should show someone first22:28
@iglesiasgyou can always check in the code of the getter of course22:28
@iglesiasgso this would apply for distance->get_lhs()22:29
parijatok. I will have to free it inside the loop only right?22:30
@iglesiasgparijat, anyway, do you know valgrind?22:31
@iglesiasgparijat, it is a very good tool to detect memory leaks (when you forget to free stuff)22:31
@iglesiasgsince getting leaks may get subtle quickly with the code22:32
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parijatnope :( but if can try to learn22:32
parijatok there are lots of tutorial in the internet. let me see if i can learn it! :)22:34
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sonne|osxwee need some video like this :)23:36
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