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shogun-buildbotbuild #609 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test notebooks]  Build details are at
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * 9ac6b33 / shogun/,util/
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: add json callbacks /notebook/list and /notebook/thumbnail/<num>/ to fetch notebook list and get images08:08
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lambdaysonne|work: hi08:48
lambdaysonne|work: lisitsyn: how are you guys?08:55
lambdayHeiko told me few days back regarding a possible notebook for mutitask learning...08:56
lambdayhave been really occupied with thesis submission and job placement exams I couldn't do much08:56
lambdaywill work on it whenever I am free :)08:58
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@wikinglisitsyn: yo which email: or for gdocs?09:59
@wikingu got it on both10:08
lisitsyn1wiking: hah yeah latter is an old one but still used10:20
sonne|worklambday thanks!10:20
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * 01153d2 / CMakeLists.txt:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Append USE_SWIG_DIRECTORS if it's set12:41
shogun-notifier-shogun: bug reported by Taylan Ozgur Toygarlar12:41
shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * b1f3027 / src/interfaces/r_static/CMakeLists.txt:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Add install target to RStatic interface in CMakeLists.txt12:41
@wikingwe'll need a quickfix release )12:57
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Viktor Gal's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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shogun-buildbotbuild #2014 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test libshogun test python modular]  Build details are at  blamelist: Viktor Gal <>13:52
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@wikingbesser82: ping15:54
besser82wiking: pong!15:54
@wikingbesser82: secure nfs = nfs via ssh tunnel or vpn?15:54
besser82wiking: I'd suggest ssh  ---> less cpu, higher throughput15:55
@wikingyou mean nfs via ssh tunnel?15:55
besser82wiking: right15:55
@wikingmmm okie15:55
besser82wiking: ssh tunnel or port-fwd through tunnel  ;)15:55
@wikingwill do that15:57
@wikingaufs + nfs seems to be another hack:
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@wikingsonne|work: sup with that
@wikingok cool i guess it's just better to run our own docker-registry16:51
@wikingthis way we can just push all the containers into the registry and the pull it on the given machine16:51
@wikingbesser82: i did this on shogun-ca: yum makecache && yum -y distro-sync16:57
@wikingit just upgraded kernel pacakge16:57
@wikingdo u think it's safe to do a reboot? :)16:57
@wikingok reboot went smoothly16:59
besser82wiking: all updates on released FXX version shouldn't cause any trouble  ;)17:04
@wikingi'm just putting together docker on that machine17:08
@wikingalthough we dont really have a resource problem atm17:08
@wikingnot much activity17:08
@wikingbut it'd be great to do some sort of load balancing between the two machines17:09
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@wikingsonne|osx: sup with that
sonne|osxwiking: waiting for $$$17:35
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@HeikoSsonney2k, wiking around?18:46
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@wikingHeikoS: ping18:55
@HeikoSwiking: hi18:59
@HeikoSwiking: so I suggested a hangout with gunnar and others to briefly talk about this grant stuff19:00
@HeikoSwhich might happen soonish19:00
@HeikoSwiking: do you want to join? if it does?19:00
@wikingHeikoS: forgot to add gunnar to the docs i've created19:04
@HeikoSwiking: they have not replied19:04
@HeikoSwiking: when could you do tomorrow?19:04
@wikingHeikoS: i'm just hacking together the multi node based docker powered ipython service ;)19:08
@wikingit's gonna be great :>19:08
@wikingthen we can even remove the timelimit19:08
@HeikoSwiking: yeah!19:08
@HeikoSthats great news19:09
@wikingbut then again19:09
@wikingi dont want to be pessimistic19:09
@wikingbut people dont really use it19:09
@HeikoSwiking: could you at some point send around usage stats?19:09
@wikingthe cloud service :)19:09
@HeikoSwiking: we need to advertise it more, this takes time19:09
@wikingHeikoS: login with account19:09
@HeikoSwiking: whats the password?19:10
@wikingHeikoS: Avg. Visit Duration19:11
lisitsynheh they don''''t carrrrre19:11
@wikingHeikoS: check emails in the mailing list19:11
@wikingHeikoS: soren sent it a while ao19:11
@HeikoSwiking: ok thanks19:12
@wikingdemo is a bit better19:12
@wikingAvg. Visit Duration19:12
@HeikoSwiking: btw we got featured in the anual report of the Gatsby Unit here19:12
@HeikoSalso, we will be featured on the CSML website19:12
lisitsynHeikoS: why?19:12
@wikingHeikoS: but this docker shit would be reaallly the thing for you19:13
@wikingHeikoS: easily deployable shogun nodes on any linux machine ;)19:13
@wikingno need for hacking with various distribs etc19:13
@HeikoSwiking: ah very nice! do I need any rights? or just docker installed?19:13
@HeikoSlisitsyn: I pushed that19:13
@wikingHeikoS: well yeah... docker needs to run by root itself :<19:14
lisitsynHeikoS: I see19:14
@wikingHeikoS: but if u get that ran by the systadmin19:14
@wiking*sysadmin the rest u can do19:14
@HeikoSwiking: is that a security issue for him?19:14
@wikingif he adds u to the docker group19:14
@wikingHeikoS: no not really19:14
@HeikoSlike can I do stuff with docker that is not allowed19:14
@HeikoSwiking: cool good to know19:14
@HeikoSI will give that a go once my exams are over19:14
@wikingcorrecting or writing? :)19:14
@HeikoSwiking: writing19:15
@wikingwhich end of the exams r u19:15
@wikinghehehe ok19:15
@HeikoSon end of dec and one early jan19:15
@wikingtrust me correction is worst19:15
@HeikoSwiking: I know, had that ;)19:15
@HeikoSI enjoy this19:15
@HeikoSbut its a lot of work19:15
@HeikoSthats why I am not around anymore19:15
@wikingas u can see19:16
@wiking#shogun died since gsoc ended19:16
@HeikoSwiking: yeah, but thats normal I guess ;)19:16
@HeikoSwiking: will get active again19:16
@HeikoSwiking: I really want to push this foundation $$$ stuff to get a better baseline activity19:16
@HeikoSand if we are involved in some grants, that would also help19:17
@HeikoSso lets try to do this gunnar stuff19:17
@HeikoSI dont have any time, but will try to recycle the NIPS abstract for a letter19:17
@HeikoSwiking: thats in publicity btw if you want to have alook19:17
@wikingthat's why i started the docs19:17
@wikinghoping that i can get some shit in it during the weekend19:17
@HeikoSwiking: cool, would be good to talk to them at some point19:18
@HeikoSdeadline is in a week19:18
@HeikoS(or so)19:18
@wikingyeah i'll add at least gunnar to the docs19:18
@wikingso he can comment and add other ppl19:19
lisitsynI'll try to help out there19:20
@wikingmaaan names that apache comes up with... the latest like is fuseki19:21
@wikingwtf is that string :)19:21
@wikingHeikoS: heheheh it's some go stuff, u play go no?19:21
@HeikoShaha ;)19:22
@HeikoSwiking: I will go home now. If the guys want to do a hangout soon, pls go ahead. I will try to keep an eye on my mails and then join, but have to deal with some things at home so might not be there ....19:23
@HeikoSwiking: btw I dont play go ;)19:24
@HeikoSbut some ppl at UCL are world champions in computer go ;)19:24
@HeikoSusing some cool RL stuff19:24
@wikingahahah lol19:24
@wikingHeikoS: ok i'll respond if they get around19:24
@HeikoScool, thanks, see you later!19:25
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * 8aaa547 / / (5 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: use binary rendered images / links on homepage to reduce its size20:48
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@iglesiasggood evening23:01
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