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@sonney2khushell, around?05:29
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@wikingsonne|osx: this: ?08:35
sonne|osxwiking: yes08:35
sonne|osxwiking: do we want abstracts?08:35
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@wikingsonne|osx: i think we need to change this08:36
@wikinginto a grid08:36
sonne|osxwiking: do whatever css magic you want08:37
@wikinghah huuge matrix08:38
@wikingsonne|osx: on the end lets export this into a csv08:39
@wikingand load that into a html with jquery08:39
sonne|osxwiking: I have a python script for that already08:39
sonne|osxwiking: problem is this needs to be updated08:39
sonne|osxshogun and other toolboxes can do much more by now08:39
@wikingheheh yeah08:40
sonne|osxwiking: this is what we did in end of 2009
sonne|osxback then we had this on our homepage - maybe you remember?08:40
sonne|osxwiking: my plan would be to do manual syncs only08:41
sonne|osxwiking: as in save the .csv from time to time08:41
sonne|osxwiking: and then export this into two static templates08:42
sonne|osxthat we then display08:42
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sonne|workhey lisitsyn any news in the ????? world?09:34
lisitsynsonne|work: hah09:39
lisitsynsonne|work: I'll try to find some time to update the table09:39
@wikingsonne|work: check it out now09:42
sonne|workwiking: rather make it 3 cols only09:43
sonne|workwiking: question is if we want abstracts again or keep the figures...09:44
sonne|workwiking: hmmhh and clicking on the figures doesn't work?09:44
sonne|workwhen I click I am back at cloud.* ?09:45
@wikingsonne|work: lick this?09:45
sonne|workwiking: less space between the boxes :)09:45
@wikingsonne|work: as i think you are not logged in..09:45
@wikingsonne|work: ok check out the bootstrap css and tell me the code:
sonne|workwiking: yes I am not but IIRC I could click on a notebook and then it logged me in09:46
@wikingwell it's not going to self-login09:46
@wikingyou have to push on the button09:46
@wikingother than that it worksforme09:47
@wikingi've clicked on the image it put me back to the login page (same page basically) then i've pushed github09:47
@wikingand then i've just got the notebook09:47
@wikingbtw of course this is confusing09:47
@wikingbut you wrote this09:47
sonne|workwiking: yeah that is confusing to peple09:47
@wikingsonne|work: it's your work09:48
sonne|workwell maybe a separate login page09:48
@wikingsonne|work: again... you commmited this into the repo09:48
sonne|workwiking: .col-md-1 ?09:48
@wikingthat's for medium devices09:48
@wikingi.e only for desktop09:48
@wikinghere's an updated09:50
sonne|workwiking: well basically just the 3 pictures concatenated horizontally but only 3 in a row09:50
sonne|workno spaces09:50
@wikingit's going to be like this09:51
@wiking4 cols and done09:51
sonne|worklooks still weird09:53
@wikinghere's md209:55
@wikingbut that'll need work09:55
@wiking(i.e. try to resize the browser that you are currently watching the site)09:55
@wikingok it's updated10:00
@wikingi mean the git repo10:01
sonne|workwiking: yeah like this but only 3 columns!10:01
@wikingwhat do u mean by 3 columns?10:01
sonne|work3 images per row10:01
@wikingah yeah10:01
@wikingthe js needs update then10:01
@wikingif(i % 3 == 0) <add new row>10:02
@wikinghow do you get reference in js for the last "row"10:02
sonne|worksorry what?10:02
@wikingwell since there's going to be more than one <div class="row">10:03
@wikinghow can i get a reference to the last row10:03
@wikingas $(".row").append()10:03
sonne|workhmmh can you give it an id too?10:03
sonne|workor a rel?10:04
sonne|workthen you could distinguish it by that10:04
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sonne|workwiking: now cloud is offline...
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@wikingsonne|work: yes as i'm trying to fix it... the row things10:34
@wikingsonne|work: <div id="row-2">10:35
@wikinghow do you refere this in jquery10:35
@wikingyeah i thought so10:35
@wikingbut it doesnt work10:36
@wiking                               var currRow="#row-"+currRowID;10:36
@wikingthis is ok?10:36
@wikingand as u can see it does not work10:37
sonne|workwiking: maybe the div is not yet closed?10:39
@wikingsonne|work: i've just fixed that10:39
@wikingsonne|work: <div id="row-0" class="row"></div>10:39
@wikingbut they are empty10:39
sonne|workwiking: no idea right now I can debug this on the train ride back10:41
@wikingok done10:41
@wikingthere's a .last() for the selector in jquery10:41
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@wikingthere done10:42
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@wikingsonne|work: i'm just adding libarchive support for shogun10:57
sonne|workwiking: cool do it :)10:57
@wikingsonne|work: i thought that the whole thing should be wrapped directly into CFile10:58
@wikingas then we can both process LibSVM and CSV archived10:58
@wikingalthough there's gonna be a problem10:58
sonne|workwiking: cloud looks nice now - the only confusing thing is we should have some separte login page10:58
@wikingwhen somebody is going to feed a tar.gz with a lot of files in it ;P10:58
@wikingsonne|work: afaik some kind of an iframe solution woudl be good10:58
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@wikingsonne|work: i'm about to update our docker image for 0.6.6 release.. that makes it possible to actually map the ipython notebook server on the lo NIC. this way we will just tunnel on the website between localhost:PORT and the web10:59
sonne|workwiking: sounds good too11:00
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sonne|workwiking: did you actually do a backup of fatbot yet?11:01
sonne|workwiking: the alternative is I buy some 4TB drive for 200EUR from shogun money and we would have daily backups with bacula11:03
@wikingsonne|work: yeah i'm setting up the script11:04
@wikingsonne|work: should waste money on the backup11:04
@wikingas i said before i have 2T free11:04
sonne|workyeah then do it :)11:04
sonne|workwiking: I guess an rsync every week is good enough for this11:04
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@wikingsonne|work: i guess an iframe for login would be sufficient11:20
sonne|workwiking: I don't see what you have in mind - anything that goes to an extra page or so would do even a LOGIN tab at the top with some text and the 2 buttons underneath11:21
@wikingsonne|work: click on gallery -> iframe tab with [github] [gooble] buttons11:22
sonne|workyeah but why an iframe? I mean you could just have this in a div?11:23
sonne|workapart from that yes11:23
@wikinglike this?11:26
@wiking(login tab does not work yet)11:27
@wikingok tab is done11:38
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@wikingsonne|work: there's some changes11:52
@wikingnow we only need a tab switching when clicking on gallery ... ;)11:52
sonne|workwiking: and there is some space left and right of the text11:53
sonne|workso when you resize it looks weird11:53
@wikingjumbotron css11:56
@wikingi wanted to add this to the about page as well12:00
@wikingbut it looks really weird with the white backgrounded images12:00
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@wikingsonne|work: done12:15
@wikingit's not the best coding but it works12:15
@wikingmmm scikit-learn is not included >13:22
@wikingoh there is13:24
@wikinglisitsyn: ping13:42
lisitsynwiking: damn you rock13:42
lisitsynwiking: pong13:42
@wikinglisitsyn: lasso classifiction13:42
@wikingdo we have that?13:42
@wikingi know we have lasso13:42
@wikingbut i thought that's for some feature hax0ring13:43
@wikingbtw we do have now bgfs binding or?13:43
lisitsynwiking: we have bfgs inside13:44
@wikingok then we have13:44
lisitsynwiking: we have least angle regression that is lasso regression13:44
lisitsynwiking: we also have L1 regularized shit I'd call lasso13:44
@wikingregression but not classification right?13:44
lisitsynso put a plus here13:44
@wikingi have no clue what's a lasso classifier?13:44
lisitsynit is not that obvious but we have algorithm to solve that problem13:44
@wikingi guess it's somethat that is based on lasso regression.?13:44
lisitsynwiking: L1 regularized SVM13:44
@wikingah i see13:45
@wikingwe have13:45
lisitsynwiking: well L1 regularized ERM whatever13:45
lisitsynno matter what loss13:45
@wikingRelevance Vector Machine?13:45
lisitsynwiking: no relevance vector machine13:45
@wikingmmm we should add the various SOSVM solvers somewhere13:46
lisitsynwiking: I don't recall if it is some weighted svm or what13:46
@wikingi guess in a separete group13:46
@wikingsonne|work: what did 'Visualization' stand for in 'General Features'13:46
@wikingStructural Output Learning13:51
@wikingshould be a new section right?13:51
@wikingadded ;P13:51
@wikingiglesiasg: ping13:54
@iglesiasgwiking, tell me13:55
@wikingiglesiasg: what should be in the feature matrix for Structural Output Learning13:55
@iglesiasgwiking, label sequence learning13:56
@iglesiasgbundle solvers13:56
@iglesiasgthese bundle methods for risk minimization I mean13:56
@wikingiglesiasg: bmrm and the others?13:57
@wikingiglesiasg: factor graph?13:57
@iglesiasgabout factor graph13:57
@wikingwhat should we write there?13:57
@iglesiasgI am checking exactly what inference method Hushell put13:57
@wikingi mean we have SOSGD13:57
@wikingwhich is cool13:57
@iglesiasgMAP inference13:57
@iglesiasgyeah sure, SGD13:58
@iglesiasgso to put it with some order13:58
@iglesiasgmodels: label sequence learning and factor graph via MAP inference13:58
@iglesiasgsolvers: bundle methods and SGD or pegasos they call it too13:59
@iglesiasgand your latent stuff of course13:59
@wikingLabel Sequence Learning14:00
@wikingFactor Graph Learning14:00
@wikingLatent SO-SVM14:00
@wikingi have these until now14:00
@wikingfor Structural Output Learning14:01
@wikingoh man ICA is not even part of this14:02
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@iglesiasgsonney2k, sonne|work ping17:17
@iglesiasgI am stuck with the readme thing for the website17:18
@iglesiasggtg now anyway, will try to catch you later this evening and ask!17:19
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Fernando Iglesias :master * 195fb28 / .gitignore:
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Add pyc files to gitignore17:24
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Fernando Iglesias :master * 110b39b / .gitignore:
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Merge pull request #37 from iglesias/master17:24
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Add pyc files to gitignore17:24
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Jagged any thoughts on where to start looking to figure this one out?17:43
@wikingJagged: more context plz17:46
Jaggedok im at lunch right now18:10
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Jaggedok, so the idea I had was some other program I have would determine some binary svm classifier, and record the trained svm and kernel to some files, whereupon some other utility could pull from them to evaluate them against another data set19:07
Jaggedi wasn't familiar enough with what functions are implemented at which hierachical level, so my initial attempt at just reading kernel parameters from a file into a generic CKernel didn't work, so now I'm just assuming I know a priori the kernel type which originated its file... I was hoping that by saving the kernel to a file I wouldn't need to find some other means of storing and retrieving kernel parameters (like width)19:10
Jaggedthat's my evaluation routine that my secondary programs use.19:10
Jaggedthe SVM is trained with 3 features, 1200 vectors.  I have no problem evaluating data vectors with length 4022 and 201119:12
Jaggedbut when I have the 804 vector data set, there appears to be indexing problems19:12
JaggedI'll admit that my understanding of the inner workings is minimal (I only took an introductory AI class at university), and sometimes that is the cause of errors like this (I encounter that problem helping people with GNURadio... as not many people understand the underlying DSP theories when they use it)19:13
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@wikinglibarchive is really funny20:30
@wikingeof is just doesn't exist :)20:33
@wikingit's like open+read+write et.al20:33
Jagged there's a little more output20:46
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sonne|osxwiking: heh eof is righly overrated20:58
sonne|osxwiking: btw we should be a bit cautious now - when we continue with adding features a bugfix release is not really possible20:59
@wikingsonne|osx: i'm adding a feature branch21:01
sonne|osxwiking: in shogun feature matrix we should add tapkee's stuff21:02
sonne|osxlisitsyn: ^21:02
sonne|osxlisitsyn1: ^21:02
sonne|osxcan you do that21:03
@wikingsonne|osx: i guess so.. but that's a long list21:04
@wikingi've started to fill out update stuff couple of minutes ago21:04
sonne|osxwiking: yeah sure but ica is missing too so...21:05
sonne|osxwiking: we should rather list the features we have21:05
lisitsyn1sonne|osx: I'd stop at 'dimension reduction'21:08
sonne|osxlisitsyn1: no21:08
lisitsyn1do you really want to see21:08
sonne|osxadd the most important algorithms21:08
sonne|osxlike pca21:09
sonne|osxall the cool ones at least21:09
lisitsyn1but these are really simple algorithms21:09
sonne|osxlisitsyn1: just do it21:09
lisitsyn1oh okay21:09
lisitsyn1for a reason21:10
lisitsyn1I can't edit it21:10
lisitsyn1sonne|osx: is it shared write rights with me?21:10
sonne|osxlisitsyn1: yes21:11
lisitsyn1sonne|osx: shows 'read only'21:11
lisitsyn1view only21:11
sonne|osxlisitsyn1: then you opened the wrong link / are not logged in21:12
@wikinglisitsyn1: anonymous user u r21:12
lisitsyn1wiking: sonne|osx yeah sorry guys wrong account21:13
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lisitsyn1anyone knows a way to use multiple accounts without pain?21:15
lisitsyn1sonne|osx: one point for us - we are the only one having barnes-hut t-sne ;)21:17
lisitsyn1STATE OF THE ART21:19
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * 184bd2e / / (5 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: add conversion script for feature matrix csv to html21:31
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lisitsyn1sonney2k: done21:40
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@iglesiasgsonney2k, ping?23:13
@iglesiasglisitsyn, hey!23:13
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