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@iglesiasgsonne|work1, did you see the shogun-web PR?10:15
sonne|work1iglesiasg: no10:24
@iglesiasgall right10:24
@iglesiasgjust in case you didn't get a notification :)10:25
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besser82sonne|work: any objections for me to request an own decidated namespace on SuSE's OBS?14:56
besser82sonne|work: for SHOGUN?14:56
besser82sonne|work: Since I'm 85% finished on new CMake-stuff and have integrated src-package-generations for .deb and .srpm, we can use that for ci-builds / snapshot-packages for all recent published distros  ;)14:57
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sonne|workbesser82: OBS?14:58
besser82sonne|work: Open Build System14:58
sonne|workbesser82: why not :)14:58
besser82sonne|work: GREAT!14:59
besser82sonne|work: So we can offer own repos with snapshot-builds of shogun for CentOS/RHEL, (Open)SUSE, Debian, Fedora, Arch, *buntu, etc  ;)15:00
sonne|workbesser82: sounds awesome15:02
besser82sonne|work: I'm glad you like my idea  :D15:03
besser82sonne|work: requested  ;)  science:SHOGUN-namespace will be avail within tomorrow on OBS  ;)15:26
besser82sonne|work, wiking, lisitsyn: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/science:shogun  :D15:44
besser82sonne|work, wiking, lisitsyn: you just need to signup with OBS so I can add your users to the project  ;)15:44
@wikingbesser82: great! can u disable the report bug option? :)15:48
besser82wiking: let me see....15:48
@wikingas it would be really confusing to have two different places to report and maintain bug reports15:49
lisitsynbesser82: ohkay15:50
lisitsynbesser82: didn't know you are somehow related to suse too :D15:50
besser82lisitsyn:  libyui && YaST  ;)15:50
besser82lisitsyn:  full push access to both github projects  ;)15:51
besser82wiking, lisitsyn: are you signedup with OBS?15:53
lisitsynbesser82: just did15:54
lisitsynbesser82: login lisitsyn15:54
@wikingbesser82: noup15:59
besser82lisitsyn: did you click the link in confirmation-mail?15:59
lisitsynbesser82: yeah I think so16:00
besser82lisitsyn: OBS tells me: "Couldn't find User with login = lisitsyn "...  Might take some time to populate into the db.....16:01
@wikingbesser82: uid: vigsterkr16:01
besser82wiking: like github?  ;)16:01
@wikingbut i think i have some problems as well with the email validation16:02
@wikingok validated now16:02
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@wikingthe login doesn't realy work :S16:04
lisitsynel stupido de websitos16:05
lisitsynno iglesiasg to laugh at my pseudospanish haha16:05
lisitsynwiking: this website is pure 100% enterprise16:06
lisitsynproduct oriented business modelling requesting global support solutions accountance service16:06
lisitsynadministration terms of service locations customers profiles16:07
besser82lisitsyn, wiking: can you sucessfully login to obs?16:07
lisitsynbesser82: I think I have business logged in to the global accountance solution service based on client-oriented software16:07
lisitsynokay actually yes I am logged in16:08
besser82lisitsyn: haha  :D16:08
besser82lisitsyn: still can't find your user;  let's w8 a bit16:08
lisitsynbesser82: oh it is so enterprise you'd have to wait :D16:10
lisitsynthis website is like oracle website16:11
besser82lisitsyn: In fact, yes  :-P16:11
besser82lisitsyn: looked over redhat website?16:11
lisitsynforms passwords required fields16:11
lisitsynno, is it more enterprise?16:11
besser82lisitsyn: Definetively, YES!16:11
lisitsynso one can cry blood seeing it?16:12
besser82lisitsyn: Have yourself a try  ;)16:12
lisitsynNote: Our personalized web services require that your browser be enabled for JavaScript and cookies.16:12
lisitsynhaha oohhaha16:12
lisitsynI haven't seen word cookies for a while16:12
* besser82 has just eaten some :-P16:13
@wikingheheh i'm registered but cannot login16:13
@wikingnovell solution16:13
lisitsynbesser82: design wise it is quite ugly ;)16:13
lisitsynbesser82: though redhat logo is cool I really like it16:14
lisitsynbut again, no idea what made them to put a dot in the end of the <b>red</b>hat16:15
lisitsynwhy redhat.? :D16:15
besser82lisitsyn: If you are logged in you get spammed by enterprise stuff  ---->  buy this, get that, more trainings avail, get involved, start now, .....16:15
lisitsynbesser82: ahhh yeah16:15
lisitsyntake participance in our webinar on shit based oriented solutions16:16
besser82lisitsyn: *ROFL*16:16
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@wikingbesser82: this shiatz is not working16:23
besser82wiking: did you get an confirm mail?16:23
@wikingyeah it's already done16:23
@wikingbut seems the site is not the stablest thing ever16:23
lisitsynwiking: no it is rock stable16:30
lisitsynit just doesn't work it is different thing16:30
@wikinglol man16:52
@wikingthis is not working16:52
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besser82wiking: By refactoring CMake && other stuff I actually have speed gains of ~600% with ccache  :-P20:04
besser82wiking: without ccache and "serial" make there is a gain of ~80%20:04
besser82wiking: compared to 8 parallel jobs with the current HEAD20:05
besser82wiking: tomorrow I'm going to get that @$#!?& swig-stuff running && speed-up  ;)20:06
@wikingawesome u r20:08
besser82wiking: from yoda learn should you  ;)20:12
@wikingbesser82: i'm happy to check on the diff20:13
@wikingeven if it's not yet 100%20:13
besser82wiking: need to check against bsd, cygwin and some other distro (like debian, *buntu), if works, I'll push  :D20:15
besser82wiking: btw. diff is damn big20:16
@wikingbesser82: pastebin it20:16
@wikingor gz and send it to wiking@maeth.com20:16
besser82wiking: kk, will do20:17
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besser82wiking: xz is ok for you, too?20:19
besser82wiking: with gz it is still > 1Mbyte20:20
@wikingany arch format is good20:21
besser82wiking: there is goes  :D20:22
* sonne|osx just finished ballon dog production(tm) 20:23
sonne|osxFYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJJQ42fvpaY20:23
@wikingwhat's with the changes in .h20:27
@wikingbesser82: ^20:27
@wikingdiff --git a/third_party/tapkee/utils/time.hpp b/third_party/tapkee/utils/time.hpp20:29
besser82wiking: there shouldn't be much changes in headers....20:31
@wikingbesser82: there's like complete rewrites according to diff :)20:32
@wikingof several header files20:32
@wikingmost of the diff is about that actually20:32
@wikingno worries i guess we'll see it in the PR20:32
besser82wiking: that's actually moving header to a seperate location20:32
besser82wiking: git mv src/shogun/*/*.h include/shogun20:33
besser82wiking: git is smart about that; diff is not20:33
@wikingbesser82: so u totally moved out .h from src?20:34
besser82wiking: yes20:34
besser82wiking: all, but lib/external20:34
@wikingi'm not sure people will be thrilled about that20:34
besser82wiking: I actually discussed that with you, sonney2k, HeikoS and iglesiasg somewhen in Oct20:35
besser82wiking: and all said `You can doooooooooooooo it`20:35
@wikingmmm iwasntthere20:36
besser82wiking: and keeping the headers seperated from sources is one thing to gain speed boost during compiling20:36
besser82wiking: like many more stuff, e.g. not globbing a kazillion cpp-sources to one target  ;)20:37
besser82wiking: having a single target on each subdir gains another significant boost20:37
sonne|osxbesser82: but in the end you link stuff together or?20:38
besser82wiking: in the end all objects get into one "big" libshogun.{a,so}20:38
@wikingbesser82: yeah i get that20:38
@wikingbesser82: but why's that different?20:38
@wikingbesser82: but none the less, we were anyhow planning some sorts of slicing up the big libshogun20:39
@wikingso this is a good first step20:39
besser82wiking: that's some of those magic "cmake-internals" you only get from those $$$ cmake-trainings20:39
besser82wiking: offered by kitware20:39
@wikingi just dont get it why is it different if i say that i want from ALL cpps 1 libshogun, instead of small little ones20:39
@wikingah so it's some cmake magic20:40
@wikingor like 'feature' of cmake20:40
besser82wiking: something like that: cmake has some internal bookkeeping of which stuff already got compiled20:40
besser82wiking: and that slows things a lot with too much files20:41
@wikingbesser82: and why there's a speedup from headers move out to some other place?20:41
besser82wiking: that's some of those gcc-magic-internals20:41
@wikingbesser82: or that's again some cmake feature?20:41
@wikingbesser82: why does it matter for gcc where it reads the .h from?20:42
besser82wiking: because gcc does some checks for overlapping, when reading the .h from the same dir the .c is in20:42
besser82wiking: yes, gcc is really pedantic about such20:42
besser82wiking: there was a guy doing a benchmark on this....20:43
besser82wiking: compiling some .c with gcc and including a thousand headers from the same dir20:44
@wikingbesser82: is this some gcc stuff or true for clang as well?20:44
besser82wiking: clang isn't affected20:44
@wikingbesser82: then now we know why gcc was always so slower20:44
besser82wiking: that's a gcc idiom20:44
besser82wiking: yes20:45
@wikingas that was true on travis20:45
@wikingregardless of cmake or ./configure way20:45
@wikinggcc compilation was significantly slower20:45
besser82wiking: the guy who did the benchmarks had some diff of ~400%20:45
@wikingwell good that i dont use gcc :P20:46
besser82wiking: use it's better that other compilers  ;)20:46
@wikingbesser82: some tools are only available in 4.920:46
besser82wiking: just because 85% of upstream developers are on redhat's payroll  ;)20:46
besser82wiking: which tools?20:47
@wikingbesser82: undef behaviour20:47
@wikingi've read it somewhere that it'll be in 4.920:47
@wikingbut not before20:47
@wikingthat only works 4.9+20:47
besser82wiking: Am I glad I'm using Fedora(tm)  ;-P20:49
besser82wiking: F20 has 4.9.1 on board20:50
besser82wiking: typo: it's 4.9.0 in RC20:52
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