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shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * e4019ba / .gitmodules,data:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Used `$ git config -f .gitmodules master`: Making submodule08:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: `data` track branch `shogun-data/master` automatically.08:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg :develop * 626469f / .gitmodules:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #1790 from tklein23/develop08:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: Submodule `data` tracks branch `shogun-data/master`automatically.08:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * ba3664e / src/shogun/ (4 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: svm/OnlineLibLinear: Added learning of StreamingSparseFeatures:08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: * Added method "train_one" for sparse vectors (a lot code duplication!  sorry!)08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: * "train_example" now consumes CStreamingDenseFeatures and CStreamingSparseFeatures08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: * Added bounds checking in CStreamingSparseFeatures<T>::dense_dot08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun:   (allowing sparse dot-product with shorter weight vector)08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * f3aab4c / examples/undocumented/libshogun/classifier_onlineliblinear_sparse.cpp:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Added example for OnlineLibLinear with streaming sparse features.08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * d208091 / examples/undocumented/libshogun/ (5 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: * Renamed examples more consistently.08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: * Enabled new example in CMakeLists.txt08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * 9b4c490 / examples/undocumented/libshogun/streaming_onlineliblinear_sparse.cpp:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Minor spelling and formatting changes accoring to review.08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg :develop * a0ce117 / / (8 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #1785 from tklein23/example_classifier_onlineliblinear_sparse08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Added example for OnlineLibLinear with streaming sparse features.08:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * feb1962 / src/shogun/ (4 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: svm/OnlineLibLinear: Added learning of StreamingSparseFeatures:08:08
shogun-notifier-shogun: * Added method "train_one" for sparse vectors (a lot code duplication!  sorry!)08:08
shogun-notifier-shogun: * "train_example" now consumes CStreamingDenseFeatures and CStreamingSparseFeatures08:08
shogun-notifier-shogun: * Added bounds checking in CStreamingSparseFeatures<T>::dense_dot08:08
shogun-notifier-shogun:   (allowing sparse dot-product with shorter weight vector)08:08
shogun-notifier-shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg :develop * 70e774d / :
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #1783 from tklein23/online_learning_sparse_stream08:08
shogun-notifier-shogun: svm/OnlineLibLinear: Added learning of StreamingSparseFeatures08:08
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Soeren Sonnenburg's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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minaHi. I ve got linux mint 13 and I m looking for package shogun-octave-modular but it doesn't appear to install it. I m new to linux. Can someone pls help me?15:02
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minaMore specifically, I did apt-cache search shogun and it return all the other shogun interfaces packages but none of the octave packages.15:06
bb_besser82 still stuck at the hdf5 issue and not being able to install on ubuntu15:11
bb_besser82 this is the error
besser82bb_:  Could you please start compilation from a clean build-dir and use cmake -DCMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE=ON and paste me the full build-procedure, please?15:30
bb_besser82 sure doing this now15:31
besser82bb_: thanks a lot!  Having a verbose build makes tracing the problems much easier  ;)15:32
bb_besser82 beenish@beenishU:~/shogun-3.0.0/build$ sudo cmake -DCMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE=ON CMake Error: The source directory "/home/beenish/shogun-3.0.0/build" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt. Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.15:34
besser82bb_: you forgot to append some `..`  :-P15:35
bb_besser82 here is the output of cmake
besser82bb_: did you already start the compilation?!?15:40
bb_besser82 yes15:40
bb_besser82 do you want anything specific from me or abort15:40
besser82bb_: the output from the linker stage of libshogun would be the most important...15:40
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bb_besser82 here is the output
besser82bb_: looks like hdf5 doesn't get passed to the linker flags...15:55
besser82bb_: try this:15:55
besser82bb_: export LDFLAGS="/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/"15:56
besser82bb_: and do same i told you above afterwards, but DON'T use that sudo; it's needed for make install only  ;)15:56
bb_besser82 just in the build direcotre15:57
besser82bb_: yes just in build-tree  ;)15:57
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besser82HeikoS:  HEY!!!!!!15:57
@HeikoSbesser82: hi! :)15:57
besser82HeikoS: Wasup?!?  How are studies going?15:58
@HeikoSbesser82: just got back from NIPS15:58
@HeikoSnow trying to not fall asleep15:58
besser82HeikoS: some CafPow may help, for sure  ;)15:58
@HeikoSbesser82: I dont know wheather that confuses the body not even more15:59
@HeikoSbut yeah for sure will do that ;)15:59
@HeikoSjust sent another controversial mail to the list :)15:59
besser82HeikoS: Lemme see...  ;)16:00
besser82HeikoS: Nuthing there, yet :(16:00
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@HeikoSbesser82: should be16:01
@HeikoScced you16:01
besser82HeikoS: you actually started a religous discussion about  ;)16:11
besser82HeikoS: the main problem is some stuff we link against16:11
besser82HeikoS: you may NOT link BSD-code against GPL'ed code  ;)16:12
besser82HeikoS: That actually is a copyright-infringement  :(16:12
@HeikoSbesser82: yeah I know, just a discussion and a suggestion16:14
besser82HeikoS: the other problem is:  Many companies aviod GPL'ed code, because then they can't hide the fact they stole 99% to put together their brand-new shit-based oriented solution (tm)  :-P16:14
@HeikoSbesser82: so what software does shogun link against that is GPL?16:15
@HeikoSmaybe we can do a GPL and BSD version16:15
besser82HeikoS: lemme look16:15
@HeikoSwhere the GPL stuff is excluded via some preprocessing magic16:15
@HeikoSbesser82: you recently checked all libs right?16:15
@HeikoSI know I took some parts of ALGLIB which are GPL16:15
@HeikoSand some stuff of vojtech is GPL, but s?ren knows him16:16
@HeikoSetc etc16:16
besser82HeikoS: not yet, but there are some for sure...16:16
@HeikoSbesser82:  and main thing: I dont want to be religious but just pragmatic16:16
@HeikoSand this would definitely increase our impact, at least it does not decrease it16:16
besser82HeikoS: The question is do we (and mostly S?ren) want Shogun to be shipped in some $$$-shit without getting credit?!?16:17
besser82HeikoS: That's the main problem with BSD / MIT style licenses....16:17
@HeikoSbesser82: thats what I want to discuss16:17
@HeikoSs?ren told me last time: it is too late16:17
@HeikoSso lets see16:18
besser82HeikoS: kk  ;)16:18
@HeikoSthe full python environment is bsd btw16:18
@HeikoSscikit learn and all those16:18
bb_bessser82 it is still giving the same error16:18
@HeikoSand they still get support from $$$16:18
besser82bb_: linker stage output?!?16:19
besser82HeikoS: ColPack, e.g. is LGPL, not compat with BSD16:19
besser82HeikoS: glpk is GPLv3+, too16:21
bb_besser82 did not compile ith with verbose16:21
@HeikoSbesser82: what do you think about this modular approach of having a BSD core and some GPL extensions?16:21
@HeikoScolpack is only used for a single algorithm16:21
@HeikoSthings like eigen3 and lapack are fine16:22
besser82HeikoS: a bsd core with GPL'ed plugins / extension might be a solution...16:22
@HeikoSbesser82: then the challenge is to ask most of the authors16:23
besser82HeikoS: although LGPL would be somehow better thant BSD16:23
@HeikoSbesser82: I actually would prefer a "do what you like" license16:23
@HeikoSnot put any stones in the way16:24
@HeikoSI want people to use my stuff16:24
@HeikoSbut anyway, lets see what the others say16:24
besser82HeikoS: LGPL is a do what you like license, mainly....16:24
besser82HeikoS: It doesn't imply any inheritage of license like GPL would do...16:25
besser82bb_: please recompile with verbose and WITHOUT using sudo...16:26
bb_besser82 okay16:27
bb_besser82 verbose without sudo
besser82bb_: strange which version of ubuntu you are using?!?16:49
bb_besser82 Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS16:50
besser82bb_: lemme setup a vm and try to reproduce, please be patient...16:51
bb_besser82 sure16:51
bb_besser82 what do you think is the issue16:52
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besser82bb_: not sure,  my current suspect is the version of hdf5 being used....16:54
bb_besser82 okay16:54
besser82bb_: but as i said not completely sure...  need to do some deeper investigation on that...16:55
bb_besser82 will wait, who is the expert regarding installation of shogun on osx... that installation crashed at the very beginning16:57
besser82bb_: try sonney2k or wiking.  They do have a mac...16:58
besser82bb_: i'm actually the Linux hacker ;)  Mainly Fedora && RedHat16:58
bb_besser82 thats good. i am just a basic user of linux and mac16:59
bb_besser82 shouldn't ubuntu behave very much similar to fedora and redhat17:01
besser82bb_: in it's basics, yes  ;)17:01
besser82bb_: but not by the means of binary-compat and such  ;)17:02
besser82bb_: installing ubuntu is so damn slow  :(17:03
besser82bb: btw. why are you using ubuntu?!?  There is much better alternatives ;)17:04
besser82bb_: btw. why are you using ubuntu?!?  There is much better alternatives ;)17:08
bb_besser82 i am little use to it with my little experience plus when i used shogun couple of years ago that was the easiest platform to install on17:09
besser82bb_: i see17:09
besser82bb_: Try out Fedora  ;)17:09
bb_besser82 what are the alternatives17:09
besser82bb_: Much better from usability && user-expirience compared to ubuntu  ;)17:10
bb_besser82 i was fedora user before i switched to ubuntu17:10
besser82bb_: How long ago?!?17:10
besser82bb_: Within the last 1.5 years there has been much improvements to Fedora ;)17:10
bb_besser82 6-7 years17:10
besser82bb_: That says all  ;)  Fedora was something very hard to use back then  ;)17:11
besser82bb_: recent fedora performs out all other desktop-linux by means of simplicity and expirience  ;)17:12
bb_besser82 does shogun install well on fedora17:12
besser82bb_: I'm currently preparing an rpm for fedora  ;)  So you can install from packages  ;)17:12
besser82bb_: no need to self build  ;)17:12
besser82bb_: and yes it works quite out of the box  ;)17:13
besser82bb_: even if you build yourself17:13
besser82bb_: ... brb ... 10 minutes17:13
bb_besser82 okay which version of fedora are you using17:13
besser82bb_: I'm on Fedora 20 pre-release17:19
besser82bb_: Relase will be 17th Dec17:19
besser82bb_: but I can give you some download url;  just a minute...17:19
besser82bb_: Pretty stable, no real issues in there17:22
bb_lets see if i have the time i will try it again one day17:23
besser82bb_: +1  :D17:23
bb_besser82 are fedore and ubunut still competing i thought ubuntu had won that battle17:24
besser82bb_: not really  :(  It's far to commecial  ;)17:25
besser82bb_: And yes, Fedora folks are still working on being #1  :-P17:25
besser82bb_: like me  ;)  --->
bb_besser82 oh good now i get it i better stick with ubunut17:27
bb_besser82 lol17:27
besser82bb_: Just can trust me.  I'm totally unbiased  :-P17:28
besser82bb_: I don't want to say other distros are bad...17:30
besser82bb_: but Canonical actually doesn't make Ubuntu a good community and all...17:31
besser82bb_: In fact Cannonical isn't even interessted in community  :(17:32
bb_besser82 to you minute differences matter, when i was on fedore i had some network issues and had to restart it everytime from the command line and would freeze17:33
bb_@wiking can you please help with installation on osx here is the cmake
lisitsynbesser82: I bet you could sell some air if needed ;)17:36
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bb_@wiking this is the make output
lisitsynHeikoS: hey there17:40
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besser82lisitsyn: Sure  ;)  Need some breathe ?!?18:17
lisitsynbesser82: yeah sometimes I do ;)18:17
besser82lisitsyn: * LOL *18:18
besser82lisitsyn: To be honest: I'm a one-man-band-freelancer and need this skill to survive  ;)18:18
lisitsynbesser82: I wonder what do you do exactly18:18
lisitsynI mean what is that you are paid for :D18:19
besser82lisitsyn: Risk-analysis for individual Insurance-contracts...18:19
lisitsynfor example I sit in the office and pretend I code18:19
besser82lisitsyn: in cases like: JLo want an insurance for her bum-bum, I come into play  ;)18:19
lisitsynhmm interesting18:19
lisitsynso you estimate what is the risk JLo loses her ass18:20
besser82lisitsyn: yes, some like that18:20
lisitsynbut how do you manage to do that as a freelancer?18:20
lisitsynI was sure it is matter of big insurance companies18:20
HeikoS1lisitsyn: you should work for Shogun! :)18:21
lisitsynHeikoS1: no money no honey :D :D18:21
HeikoS1lisitsyn: then help on getting some :D18:21
besser82lisitsyn: yes, but they need someone who has the information and stuff...18:21
besser82lisitsyn: so, I'm selling this as-a-service18:21
besser82lisitsyn: I'm mining data, use it and sell the result, not the data  ;)18:22
lisitsynbesser82: uh I see, interesting18:22
lisitsynHeikoS1: how?18:22
lisitsynbesser82: is that just common cases or you handle some interesting stuff?18:23
lisitsynI mean don't they have anything for routine insurance18:23
besser82lisitsyn: only extra-ordinary stuff18:23
besser82lisitsyn: routine stuff they handle thier selves18:23
besser82lisitsyn: I'm just called for special things18:24
lisitsynbesser82: lala I just called to say I love you18:24
besser82lisitsyn: but they pay da godd $$$  :-P18:24
lisitsynbesser82: so you are kind of rich man? ;)18:24
besser82lisitsyn: Let's say so: I can afford to eat meat every day  ;)18:25
lisitsynbesser82: what can say better is that you have your own real estate18:25
lisitsynif you do oh la la I see :D18:25
besser82lisitsyn: I do  ;)18:25
HeikoS1lisitsyn: help gunnar to justify to give us money, make Shogun core BSD to be able to ask companies for collaborations/support, blablabla!18:26
besser82lisitsyn: find some girls, tell them they'll be models and pimp them  :-P18:26
lisitsynhahah that's the plan B18:26
besser82lisitsyn: * rofl *18:27
lisitsynHeikoS1: however besser82's suggestion looks a bit better18:27
lisitsynhow do you beat it?18:27
HeikoS1 lisitsyn, whatever you think helps ;)18:27
lisitsynHeikoS1: oh I know who is from amazon berlin :)18:27
HeikoS1lisitsyn:  I met about 10 people who work there last week18:28
HeikoS1even some of the institute I am currently at went there after phd18:28
HeikoS1the guy was called andreas m?ller18:28
HeikoS1scikit learn coder18:28
lisitsynyes I talked to him a few times18:28
HeikoS1nice guy18:28
lisitsynhe is like the main guy there18:28
HeikoS1we should talk to them more18:28
HeikoS1there is lots to learn from each other18:28
HeikoS1they have some really nice ideas that we could borrow and vice versa18:29
besser82bb_: there is really some trouble with your installation  :(18:29
lisitsynHeikoS1: I would be much better to avoid spending our lives to do the same thing somehow18:29
lisitsynno idea what's the way around that18:29
besser82bb_: I CANNOT reproduce your problem on a fresh install && updated ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS...18:29
HeikoS1lisitsyn:  I know, but diversity is also good18:30
HeikoS1no way to unify18:30
HeikoS1lisitsyn: we could talk to naywhayare to join us though ;)18:30
HeikoS1he is very close to what we are doing18:30
bb_besser82 this was fresh vm i installed a month18:30
lisitsynI think he believes our codebase is sick in bad meaning of that word :D18:30
HeikoS1lisitsyn: well he is correct18:30
besser82bb_: Just build successfull on freshly installed vm  ;)18:30
HeikoS1lisitsyn: still the re-write word is in my head, although I dont really believe in that18:30
HeikoS1lisitsyn: but if we could modularise things more, it is easier to replace things18:31
lisitsynHeikoS1: yeah I am damn crazy about that stuff too18:31
HeikoS1like parameter framework18:31
HeikoS1thats a nice start18:31
HeikoS1you could go ahead with that18:31
lisitsynI am having troubles with time :D18:32
HeikoS1would be happy to join and try to integrate that into shogun18:32
HeikoS1lisitsyn: I know that18:32
HeikoS1but will be better for me soon18:32
lisitsynnot really time though18:32
HeikoS1after jan18:32
lisitsynI am having troubles with like being overwhelmed18:32
lisitsynsometimes I do have time but I am emotionally dead18:32
bb_besser82 so does it install cleanly with out any issues18:33
HeikoS1lisitsyn: change job, come to europe ! :)18:33
HeikoS1lisitsyn: ah speaking of having no time, I got to do some reading18:33
lisitsynHeikoS1: I will consider some cases once I get my msc18:33
HeikoS1way behind stuff due to last week18:33
HeikoS1lisitsyn: yeah totally do :)18:33
lisitsynHeikoS1: in minimal case I change city18:33
HeikoS1lisitsyn: yeah!18:34
lisitsynin maximal change country :D18:34
HeikoS1lisitsyn: hehe :)18:34
HeikoS1lisitsyn: ok, gotta go, see you later!18:34
lisitsynsee ya18:34
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bb_besser82 that is strange did you have  to install all the libraries that shogun requires after you installed ubuntu18:38
lisitsynbesser82: I should consider some job that is not that usual as programmer :D18:38
lisitsynlike you haha18:38
lisitsynsoftware engineering is boring stuff18:38
besser82lisitsyn: +1  ;)18:40
lisitsynI wish I built aircrafts18:40
lisitsynor may be feed polar bears18:40
besser82lisitsyn: In fact, I do all together  ;)  Sw-devel, marketing, $$$-job  ;)18:40
besser82bb_: I actually installed all libs from ubuntu repos, but eigen318:41
besser82bb_: and appended `-DBUNDLE_EIGEN=ON` to cmake-cmd18:42
besser82bb_: because eigen3 from repos is way too old18:42
besser82lisitsyn:  try to find a gap in enterprise buisinesses and aim it  ;)18:43
besser82lisitsyn: that actually will gurantee you much $$$18:43
besser82lisitsyn: and don't forget to make sure no one will find your business secrets  ;)18:44
lisitsynbesser82: haha18:44
lisitsyngood advice18:44
besser82lisitsyn: you just need to find connection  to the right people...18:45
besser82lisitsyn: and everything will go instant :-P18:45
besser82lisitsyn: and learn some entprise marketing skills  :-P18:45
lisitsynhaha way too much already18:46
besser82lisitsyn: three little steps, actually, like with agent oso  :-P18:46
bb_besser82 okay do you all the libraries from cmake and just the 4 missing are mosek, arprec, colpack and cplex18:47
besser82bb_: yes, all libs, but the named ones18:47
bb_besser82 that is strange18:48
besser82bb_: and all runs smooth18:48
besser82bb_: at least on my vm, which may detect it's running on a Fedora host and therefore uses the-no-errors-possible mode  :-P18:49
besser82bb_: dumb joke, I know :(18:49
bb_besser82 haha i dont know what is the issue should i try new ubuntu as i need to do a fresh install anyways18:50
besser82bb_: either newer ubuntu or try Fedora in the vm  ;(18:50
besser82bb_: For fedora I can supply you with will-work-for-sure prebuild rpms18:51
bb_besser82 that is a lot of investment new fedora18:51
besser82bb_: reinstall is reinstall, isn't it?18:51
bb_besser82 all i want is shogun to work properly18:51
besser82bb_: Use Fedora and I have proven to work rpms  ;)18:52
besser82bb_: which version of fedora is no matter you can take F18+18:52
besser82bb_: with ubuntu i could try to get it working on 13.10 or such18:52
bb_besser82 what about osx if i can get shogun working on it i dont need vm at all18:53
besser82bb_: and give you pre-build binaries, hopefully18:53
besser82bb_: I really have no idea how to get that working on OSX...18:53
besser82bb_: The only ones who may help you with OSX are sonney2k or wiking18:53
besser82sonney2k: Are you there?!? ^^18:54
bb_besser82 how many sonne's are there18:54
besser82bb_: sonney2k, sonne|osx, sonne|work --> all the same  ;)18:55
besser82bb_: If can catch sonne on irc, you can write him a email: sonne@debian.org18:55
bb_besser82 okay wiking said he can install yesterday18:55
besser82bb_: read it... but I cannot confirm nor deny18:56
besser82bb_: I'm on Linux, only18:56
besser82bb_: Nor do I own any product with a bitten fruit18:56
bb_besser82 what should i read.....18:57
besser82bb_: not you  :)  I read it.  sry for confusion18:57
bb_besser82 what if we disable hdf5 while cmake as iglesias had suggested18:58
bb_besser82 will it compile then18:58
besser82bb_: then a f*cking bunch of fetaures will not be avail  :(18:59
besser82bb_: and I'm not sure whether hdf5 is needed for your use-case....18:59
bb_besser82 like what kind i am thinking whether i need them18:59
besser82bb_: I dunno exactly, actually i didn't write any code of shogun19:00
bb_besser82  as i told you earlier i would like it to work natively on mac if not for the time being i can go without those features19:00
bb_besser82 can you help in compiling wihout those features19:01
besser82bb_: one thing that sparks my mind....19:01
besser82bb_: which version of hdf5 you installed on ubuntu vm?19:01
bb_besser82 how to check for it19:03
besser82bb_: try `sudo apt-get install libhdf5-serial-dev`19:04
besser82bb_: that should install the version i used19:04
besser82bb_: I actually don't know how to search for installed pkgs on ubuntu...19:05
bb_besser82 sudo apt-get install libhdf5-serial-dev [sudo] password for beenish:  Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done libhdf5-serial-dev is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 18 not upgraded.19:06
bb_besser82 it is the same version and says the newest version19:06
besser82bb_: 18 pkgs not upgraded?!?19:06
besser82bb_: sudo yum upgrade19:06
besser82bb_: sudo apt-get upgrade19:06
bb_besser82 all it means is hdf5 library is the current version and you dont need to to anything19:07
besser82bb_: but there might be some other pkg which are never on my vm which get interfaced by shogun, possibly...19:08
besser82bb_: I want to purge all possible errors19:08
bb_besser82 i can remove and reinstall hdf5 library19:09
besser82bb_: might help and don't forget update the other pkgs19:09
bb_besser82 it is able to see the hdf5 library but not able to find the functions..19:11
bb_besser82 that is not typical19:11
besser82bb_: yes, but the reason is why?!?19:11
besser82bb_: do you use a custom $ENV or such, like LD_PATH or so?19:12
bb_besser82 where19:13
besser82bb_: in your shell environment19:13
bb_besser82 no may be you hdf5 which are openmpi capable like
bb_besser82 as the gcc compiler is openmpi capable19:16
besser82bb_: no, my vm has the serial-ver installed19:16
besser82bb_: the openmpi-version is sth very different from compilers openmp feature19:17
bb_besser82 is openmpi package installed in your vm19:17
besser82bb_: no19:17
besser82bb_: openmpi != openmp-from-gcc19:17
bb_it is on my vm19:17
besser82bb_: but that shouldn't give interferrence, otherwise that is a bug in ubuntu...19:18
bb_besser82 see this
bb_besser82 does you hdf5 installation give this kind or mesage19:24
besser82bb_: no, but i guess your install / vm is broken then  :(  Not a problem with shogun...19:27
besser82bb_: which doesn't mean i want to help  :D19:29
besser82bb_: s/to help$/no &/19:30
bb_besser82 what is that19:30
-!- zxtx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]19:37
besser82bb_: What? that s///19:39
besser82bb_: a regex19:40
lisitsynbesser82: speak people english or deutsch not regexpressions :D19:40
besser82bb_: it actually told you to insert a "not" before the "to help" in my previous sentence19:40
besser82lisitsyn: regex actually should be worldlanguage  ;)19:40
bb_besser82 with that command what are we trying to see19:41
lisitsynbesser82: how hello you are19:41
lisitsynbesser82: reorder words to obtain correct sentence please19:41
besser82lisitsyn: may I use that awk ?19:41
besser82bb_: the output of you paste?19:42
lisitsynbesser82: stimmt19:42
lisitsynno idea if that's correct19:42
lisitsynmy mind says that word fits there19:42
besser82lisitsyn: stimmt would be a positive answer for some statement, like "I agree" or "right"  ;)19:43
lisitsynbesser82: das stimmt?19:43
besser82lisitsyn: "Ja" would fit better here  ;)19:43
lisitsynhaha okay19:43
besser82lisitsyn: "das stimmt" would fall in cases of my first explaination  ;)19:44
besser82bb_: your paste tells me there is some trouble with the ownerships and / or permissions of the basic-folders of your system...19:45
besser82bb_: but unfortunately not which and why  :(19:46
bb_besser82 i am the owner of the this computer and all the folders inside it lol19:47
lisitsynI AM DA BOSS OBEY19:47
besser82bb_: actually I meant from the system's pov  :-P19:54
besser82lisitsyn: You might be superman (tm), but i got that kryptonite(tm)  ;-P19:54
besser82sonney2k: We can haz #shogun-social channel for such stuff, plz?!?19:55
besser82sonney2k: I mean that OT chit-chat...19:56
lisitsynbesser82: haha19:56
besser82lisitsyn: let get it back serious...19:57
besser82lisitsyn: You want to make some serious $$$?19:57
lisitsynbesser82: am I looking crazy to NOT want $$$? :D19:57
besser82lisitsyn: You always complain about stuff being too enterprise  :-P19:57
lisitsynbesser82: hah well yes enterprise software is like bad software you know19:58
besser82lisitsyn: +1  :)19:58
besser82lisitsyn: but RedHat  ;)  They do it the right way(tm)19:58
lisitsynhaha except their website19:59
besser82lisitsyn: everywhere is something to so good  :-P19:59
besser82lisitsyn: I have some thoughts about Forex...19:59
besser82lisitsyn: There is lots of Binary brokers around....19:59
lisitsynbesser82: I have some forex experience19:59
lisitsynas like 'player' haha20:00
besser82lisitsyn: +120:00
besser82lisitsyn: :-P20:00
lisitsynI'd say it is some game when you do that with emotions20:00
besser82lisitsyn: How about trying to predict forex movements?!?20:00
besser82lisitsyn: like USD/EUR will be 1.2345 in ~15 Minutes or such?20:00
besser82lisitsyn: and writing some GPL'ed app to do that prediction20:01
lisitsynbesser82: well it is not that easy20:01
besser82lisitsyn: c'mon SHOGUN::predict_forex_movement("USD/EUR", "15 Minutes")  :-P20:02
lisitsynbesser82: if that was that easy.. I'd get rich :D20:02
besser82lisitsyn: Me, too20:02
besser82lisitsyn: but unfortunately i'm just half-rich...20:02
lisitsynhaha I am rather poor then20:02
besser82lisitsyn: I wanted to be a millie with 3020:03
besser82lisitsyn: but then the EUR came and made all 1/220:03
lisitsynbesser82: I have 7 more years to make your dream come true (but for me) :D20:03
besser82lisitsyn: that sounds great!20:05
besser82lisitsyn: that sounds great!20:05
besser82lisitsyn: So how do we want to get it done?!?20:05
lisitsynbesser82: well become a gangster20:06
besser82lisitsyn: Youre connected?!?20:06
besser82lisitsyn: Or do we need to aquire the proper people first?20:07
besser82lisitsyn: Let's get it sane...20:07
besser82lisitsyn: Would like to work on such?20:08
besser82lisitsyn: an app to milk-off all binary-brokers...20:08
lisitsynbesser82: well20:08
lisitsynIDK ;)20:08
besser82lisitsyn: I do have good tick-data20:09
besser82lisitsyn: from ~2007 to present20:09
lisitsynit doesn't work20:09
lisitsynpatterns evolve20:09
lisitsynsignals worked before don't work now20:09
besser82lisitsyn: We have enough sources to train evolving patterns20:09
besser82lisitsyn: partially true...20:10
besser82lisitsyn: We just need 70% positive predicton20:10
lisitsynwell yes20:10
lisitsynbut that's already dead hard problem :)20:10
besser82lisitsyn: c'mon  we can doooooooooooooooo it!20:11
lisitsynno I don't mind to try just takes time20:11
besser82lisitsyn: So I'm alone with that, I suppose....20:11
lisitsynbesser82: not really, I don't mind ;) and wiking wanted to go finance20:12
lisitsynit sounds like easiest way haha20:12
besser82lisitsyn: which is the easiest way?!?20:13
lisitsynbesser82: get money from the field related to money20:13
besser82lisitsyn: as i am talking...20:13
besser82lisitsyn: we need an app to milk those bin brokers...20:13
besser82lisitsyn: the easiest way (tm)20:14
lisitsynbesser82: one should know the trick to milk them20:14
besser82lisitsyn: predict forex prices20:14
lisitsyneverybody does that right?20:14
besser82lisitsyn: sure  :D20:14
lisitsynhow do you beat them? ;)20:15
besser82lisitsyn: asking you to help with developing an app  ;)20:15
lisitsynbesser82: easy if you have idea ;)20:15
besser82lisitsyn: we just need to classify the tick ffrom past...20:15
-!- mina [25064e78@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]20:16
lisitsynsounds oversimplified20:16
lisitsynX -> Y20:16
besser82lisitsyn: look for matching in current ticks20:16
besser82lisitsyn: and classify those, find simlar patterns in past and look what happened there20:16
besser82lisitsyn: that needs to be done for all pair influencing oneanother and *BOOM*20:17
besser82lisitsyn: we shoud be rich20:17
lisitsynbesser82: that's like millions of people worked already right? ;)20:17
besser82lisitsyn: not exactly..20:17
besser82lisitsyn: they didn't mind the influence of other pairs and such20:18
lisitsynwell how many guys already tried to apply ML (you speak about multitask learning I guess)20:18
besser82lisitsyn: not so much i guess20:18
besser82lisitsyn: Which usual-guy(tm) has knowledge about that ;)20:19
besser82lisitsyn: we just need some network for training the evolving patterns and such...20:20
besser82lisitsyn: make classifaction of current evolvement and try to find some closest matches of past20:21
besser82lisitsyn: r u still there?20:21
lisitsynyeah sure20:21
besser82lisitsyn: i'm trying to sell you some idea  :-P20:21
lisitsynI have no money to buy it haha20:22
besser82lisitsyn: need no money20:22
lisitsynjust kidding ;)20:22
besser82lisitsyn: just need some guys helping with that20:22
besser82lisitsyn: with that thing we can rule the world  ;)20:22
lisitsynI am quite sceptic ;)20:23
besser82lisitsyn: money, fat-ass tv, girls20:23
besser82lisitsyn: You don't want that?20:23
besser82lisitsyn: buying Microsoft and retire Wincrap...20:23
lisitsynno that's not the thing - I just know it is dangerous to treat people in field X as idiots20:23
lisitsynbecause once you get into you realize you are getting there too20:24
besser82lisitsyn: c'mon! What would convince you?20:25
lisitsynbesser82: well no need to convince20:26
-!- zxtx [] has joined #shogun20:26
besser82lisitsyn: btw. I didn't get the meaning of your previous statement not fully20:26
lisitsynbesser82: if you are not into some field20:27
lisitsynyou tend to think it is easier20:27
lisitsynthan it is20:27
besser82lisitsyn: got it  ;)20:27
besser82lisitsyn: I come from the finance-business  ;)20:27
lisitsynbesser82: well lets have concrete discussions later then ;)20:28
besser82lisitsyn: Party time?20:28
-!- bb_ [d1d3a61f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]20:28
besser82lisitsyn: btw. when is later?  When the thing is done && works??  :-P20:28
-!- bb [d1d3a61f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun20:29
lisitsynbesser82: I can't work on this any time of this year I can say ;)20:29
besser82lisitsyn: So let defer to 2K14, then  ;)20:30
bbbesser82 can we install shogun without hdf520:31
bbbesser82 that would be the best for now20:31
besser82bb: lemme check...20:31
@wikingbb ping20:33
@wikingbb: what i really dont get is why you cannot compile as it really works for me20:34
@wikingbb: but then again i've realised20:34
@wikingbb: if u use 10.9 and try to use shogun 3.0.0 you'll have problems with libc++ being the default for llvm20:34
@wikingbb: so i suggest u to try to check out the develop branch of the shogun repository20:35
@wikingand that should really work for you20:35
@wikingbb: i use macports libraries with shogun w/o any particular problems20:35
@wikingbb: and i really compile every week at least twice shogun on my osx20:35
bb@wiking okay when you say developer version how do i get that20:36
@wikingbb: git clone
bb@wiking okay i am try that now20:38
bb@wiking this is the error i get
bb@wiking when i compile do you want to look at the output of cmake20:46
bb@wiking here is the output
@wikingWTF is with your system ?!20:50
@wikingwhy does it try to find pthread_spinlock_t?!20:50
bb@wiking can we do something to fix it20:52
@wiking-- Looking for C++ include unordered_map - not found20:52
@wikingthis is weird20:52
@wikingbb: what's the output for uname -a20:52
@wikingDarwin welitron.local 13.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: Thu Sep 19 22:22:27 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2422.1.72~6/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_6420:52
@wikingfor me20:52
bbDarwin Beenishs-MacBook-Pro.local 13.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: Thu Sep 19 22:22:27 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2422.1.72~6/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_6420:53
bb@wiking looks identical to me20:54
@wikingmmm there's majorly fucked up something20:55
@wikingbb: how did u install developer tools?20:56
bbx-code select install20:59
bb@wiking from the command line20:59
@wikingbb: mmmm i really do wonder as i really did almost the same20:59
@wikingand for me it works flawlessly21:00
bbxcode-select --install21:00
@wikingthis is my cmake output21:00
@wikingah ok wait21:01
@wikingit is different when i enable python modular interface21:01
bb@wiking ok are you able to compile with python modular enable21:02
@wikingbb: yeah i'm just doing it21:03
@wikingbb: it was actually me who fixed python modular compilation on 10.9 osx21:03
bb@wiking okay so you should be able to fix it my case21:04
bb@wiking did it compile on your computer21:26
@wikingbb: yeah w/o any problems21:58
bb@wiking so what do you think is the problem22:00
bb@wiking see this it says pthread_spinlock_t is not supported on osx22:04
bb@wiking and should be using
bb@wiking do you have special library which handles the pthread_spinlock_t issue22:16
bbbesser82 any luck with installing it without hdf522:50
besser82bb: not yet  :(22:51
bbbesser82 looks like i am stuck. i am not sure how wiking got it working on mac osx with pthread not captiple on it22:52
besser82bb: that's his secret possibly or he has some not yet publish patch or such...22:52
bbbesser82 need to be able to install shogun to work on the project..22:53
besser82bb: I know we are working on it, I suppose, at least me is trying to to my best...22:54
bbbesser82 thanks for the help....22:55
besser82bb: You're welcome  ;)22:55
-!- besser82 [~besser82@fedora/besser82] has quit [Quit: freedom, friends, features, first --->]23:34
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