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besser82sonne|osx: me  ;)00:00
sonne|osxoh my00:00
besser82sonne|osx: to keep track of what there's still to do  ;)00:00
besser82sonne|osx: That common pratice amoung fc-packagers  ;)00:00
lisitsynbesser82: ohh alright so big tits00:01
lisitsynbut quite tall and etc00:01
lisitsynin other words most of the weight in tits00:01
besser82lisitsyn: and SAME face00:01
lisitsynhaha I like your approach00:01
lisitsynmodel your wife00:01
besser82lisitsyn: +1  :D00:01
lisitsynlike in the sims game00:01
besser82lisitsyn: some improvement about you knowledge of girls' underwear...00:02
besser82lisitsyn: A-Cup is actually like a pea00:02
lisitsynbesser82: yeah I got it now00:02
besser82lisitsyn: B-Cup is like one handful00:03
besser82lisitsyn: C-Cup is like orange00:03
besser82lisitsyn: D-Cup ist like Mango00:03
lisitsynno come on C cup is not like that00:03
besser82lisitsyn: DD-Cup is like da honey-melon  ;)00:03
besser82lisitsyn: bigger?00:03
lisitsynI think a bit00:04
* sonne|osx wonders what is going on here some kind of x-mas horniness syndrome?00:04
lisitsyndepends what orange00:04
besser82lisitsyn: but just little00:04
besser82lisitsyn: those genetic-manipulated from spain  ;)00:04
besser82sonne|osx: possibly ;)00:04
lisitsynbesser82: but how do you know my gf has no DD? :D00:04
lisitsynwell she has not but how do you know before00:05
besser82sonne|osx: please register #shogun-social for such stuff ;)00:05
besser82lisitsyn: actually the face doesn't match  ;)00:05
lisitsynbut you said about that difference00:05
lisitsynthat's why we talk about boobs now00:05
besser82lisitsyn: need girl looking similar to Cote de Pablo, but with a heavy knockers  ;)00:06
lisitsynbesser82: oh well I got it00:06
besser82lisitsyn: That's what i basically said  ;)00:06
besser82lisitsyn: and my question was do you one?00:06
besser82lisitsyn: like that00:07
lisitsynbesser82: no no you started boobs discussion :D00:07
lisitsynbesser82: I don't know anyone who is looking like that00:07
lisitsynbut if I met I'll definitely let you know ;)00:07
besser82lisitsyn: I just wanted to bypass sonne|osx' penis enlargemt product ads stuff  :-P00:07
lisitsynbesser82: but do you realize DD-cup won't work with that body cote de pablo has?00:07
besser82lisitsyn: It does!00:08
lisitsyncome on it is a miracle if girl has flat belly and DD-cup :D00:08
lisitsynit ain't that easy ;)00:09
besser82lisitsyn: yes, but there are girls like that around  ;)00:09
besser82lisitsyn: I actually had a few like this  ;)00:09
lisitsynbesser82: if there were you won't ask if I know any right?00:10
besser82lisitsyn: They all don't have a face similar to Cote de Pablo00:10
lisitsynokay so you state you had girls that are like <60kg and have DD-cup?00:10
besser82lisitsyn: yes, but possibly ~65 kg00:10
sonne|osxbesser82: didn't you want to sleep?00:11
lisitsynhmm well I can believe you for sure but it is like a miracle still ;)00:11
lisitsynbesser82: your father is forcing you to sleep ;)00:11
besser82sonne|osx: In fact yes, but then several people started some chit-chat on me  ;)00:11
lisitsynsonne|osx: can we speak with besser82 a little more pleeeazee00:11
besser82sonne|osx: and then I started to chit-chat on lisitsyn  ;)00:12
besser82sonne|osx: after a while you came into play ;)00:12
lisitsynyou can take any toy if you allow us to talk about boobs a bit more!00:12
besser82lisitsyn:  ;)00:13
besser82lisitsyn: What a topic for this channel  ;)00:14
besser82lisitsyn: ...brb...00:14
lisitsynbesser82: apart from that I can find a zillion of girls who would like to become german citizens you know ;)00:14
lisitsynbesser82: I find it very funny you have exact requirements00:16
lisitsynbesser82: you should try to go to chile cause she doesn't look like anything but chile girl :D00:19
besser82lisitsyn: all girls in chile look like her?!?  Amazing!00:20
lisitsynbesser82: I didn't say that but she is looking quite latin right? ;)00:20
besser82lisitsyn: a bit00:21
sonne|osxis down for anyone?00:22
lisitsynsonne|osx: works here00:22
besser82sonne|osx: nope works here00:22
besser82sonne|osx: might be the same problem like I had a few days ago....00:23
lisitsynokay guys have fun I'm departing to bed00:23
besser82sonne|osx: related to some trouble in DE-CIX network connecting to OVH Strassbourg00:23
besser82lisitsyn: good night, sleep tight  ;)00:24
lisitsyngood night00:24
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sonne|workbesser82: I hope you had DD dreams :)11:48
besser82sonne|work: for sure!!!  :D11:48
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besser82sonne|work:  btw. I'm currently checking with them rpmfusion-guys, whether we can ship some svm^light built-in version of shogun from their repos  ;)12:12
besser82sonne|work:  they actually offer those repos for things with lic like "no-commercial-use" and such12:12
besser82sonne|work:  and are known to be _the_ addon-ressource for FC and RHEL / CentOS / SL12:13
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besser82bb_: Hey ya!  Did all work?13:56
wikingbb_: ping! you were looking for me for a while13:57
bb_besser82 i took a long time to install fedora it crashed in between and was not able to fix screen resolution13:57
bb_it did now13:57
wikingbb_: r u now under osx or shogun?13:58
bb_wiking yes i am at the13:58
wikingi mean fedora13:58
bb_wiking osx and have fedora on my virtual box13:58
bb_wiking would like to get shogun built on osx so that i dont have to use something which i am not comfortable with13:59
wikingbb_: i've written u last time to check for a line in CMakeFiles/Makefile.cmake13:59
wikingbb_: that is build/CMakeFiles/Makefile.cmake13:59
wikingdo u have a line:   "../cmake/spinlock-test-darwin.cpp"13:59
bb_wiking yes i checked that and it has that line13:59
wikingmmm oookeeey13:59
wikingthen it gets very interesting14:00
wikingbb_: can u plz pastebin src/shogun/lib/config.h after u ran cmake...14:00
bb_wiking okay doing that now14:01
bb_wiking here it is
wikingbb_: ok an now if u try to build u get the spinlock error?14:10
bb_wiking yes ... but i am recompiling now14:11
wikingbb_: okey so now we have a problem because all the macros in the config.h actually points to use spinlock. do you have maybe another version of shogun installed somewhere on your machine?14:12
wikingi mean use osx' native spinlock instead of pthread spinlock14:13
bb_i was trying to install shogun 314:13
bb_wiking but it did not make any progress14:14
wikingbb_: ok so there's no shogun stuff  under /usr/local/include/shogun* right?14:14
wikingor maybe /opt/local/include/shogun*14:14
bb_okay let me check14:14
wikingor maybe /usr/include/shogun14:14
wikingjust in case plz check14:14
wikingif there's nothing and with the current setup you still get that pthread_spinlock_t problem14:15
wikingthen in the root of shogun source do this: clang -I./src/ -E src/shogun/lib/Lock.cpp|tail14:18
wikingand copy-paste14:18
wikingbb_: yeas?14:18
bb_wiking /opt/local/include/shogun is present14:19
wikingbb_: hah14:19
wikingbb_: did u maybe installed it with14:19
wikingbb_: just out of curiousity could u please pastebin /opt/local/include/shogun/lib/config.h ?14:19
bb_wiking yes a couple of years ago i tried when i got this laptop14:20
wikingbb_: pastebin plz14:21
wikingbb_: and then the only thing you need to do is: 'sudo port deactivate shogun'14:25
wikingand then re-run cmake + make14:25
bb_wiking here is the config.h from opt/local
wikingmmmm ok do those things i've suggested14:26
wiking(deactivate the port and rerun cmake+make14:26
bb_wiking ok iam dojgn that now14:29
bb_wiking looks like it is working it is at 32% already14:36
bb_wiking thanks a lot14:36
wikingbb_: nw14:40
bb_wiking it gives me this error now
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wikingheh that's a fucking error ...14:53
wikingbb_: do u use protobuf?14:53
bb_wiking no14:54
bb_how do i remove it14:54
wikingbb_: sudo port uninstall protobuf-cpp14:55
bb_wiking i dont think it was installed through macports14:56
wikingbb_: port installed|grep protobuf14:56
wikingbb_: what's the output of that14:56
bb_wiking it does not return anything14:57
wikingman it's impossible with this fucking protobuf14:59
bb_wiking i see these libraries in /usr/local/lib15:00
bb_wiking can i just manually delete them15:01
wikingbb_: no it's really about shogun and how fuckedup the protobuf handling is currently15:01
wikingbb_: one option is to basically comment out one line in CMakeLists.txt15:02
bb_wiking okay so if i remove it and shogun does not detect protobuf then how does it matter...15:02
wikingline 793 should be FIND_PACKAGE(Protobuf)15:03
bb_let me check15:03
wikingjust put a # in the beginning of that line15:03
wikingso it should be15:03
wikingonce you've done that completely remove the build directory's content: rm -rf build/*15:04
wikingand then rerun cmake in build15:04
wikingand make15:04
bb_wiking i am doing that now15:05
wikingbb_: that should solve the problem with protobuf15:05
bb_wiking i commented out the line but it still searches for it and finds it and give the same error15:15
wikingbb_: i told u... u should remove the whole build directory and recreate + cmake it15:32
wikingotherwise it'll find it in the cache15:32
bb_wiking i did that multiple times.. it was still finding it i removed the protobuf library itself from /usr/local/lib15:33
wikingwhat u r saying is that u dont have protobuf under /usr/local/lib15:34
wikingand u commented out findpackage... and it still finds it?15:34
wikingquite hard to see that happening15:34
bb_wiking it does not after i deleted it from /usr/local/lib but now i get this error
bb_wiking python.swg error15:35
wikingwtf is that15:36
bb_wiking are you looking at the pastebin15:37
wikingu should have something similar15:37
wikingof course change the version of the swig..15:37
bb_wiking i do 2.0.9 what do you want me to do15:38
wikingdo have the std_vector.i at those locations or not?15:39
wikingif not you have a problem15:39
wikingif yes then i sincerely have no clue what's the problem15:39
wikingit works for me15:40
bb_wiking i have this /opt/local/share/swig/2.0.11/std/std_vector.i but i dont have /opt/local/share/swig/2.0.11/python/std_vector.i infact i dont even have directory python15:41
wikingbb_: maybe because you dont have swig-python port installed?15:43
wikingw/o that it's quite hard to create python swig interface...15:43
bb_may be15:43
wikingsudo port install swig-python15:44
bb_wiking but why are we using macports version is there not a native package that installs15:45
bb_wiking when i do sudo port install swig-python it fails15:51
bb_wiking i update the ports and was able to install the swig-python it finished compiling16:04
bb_wiking make install went fine too about to test few examples16:06
bb_wiking thanks..16:06
wikingbb_: ?!?!16:18
wikingbb_: we do not ship swig packages16:18
wikingbb_: if u wanna use swig generated modular interfaces u need to have swig installed16:18
wikingbb_: welcome16:18
bb_wiking when i run an example it gives me no module named modshogun16:19
wikingbb_: where and how do u run the example?16:20
bb_wiking in undocumented/python_modular/graphical/16:22
bb_wiking i do python svm.py16:22
bb_wiking do i have to make some symbolic link or something16:22
wikingbb_: no ... did u do make install?16:25
bb_wiking yes16:25
wikingbb_: and u have something like /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/shogun ?16:26
bb_wiking yes16:26
wikingif u do then the only problem is that the modshogun module is not in your python path16:26
wikingso basically16:26
wikingexport PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/16:27
wikingand then try to run the example the way u tried16:27
bb_wiking yes it worked .. how do i make documented examples out of the undocumented ones16:28
wikingbb_: why would u like to have that?16:29
wikingi mean that some leftover thing ... that has nothing to do with examples being able to work or not16:29
bb_wiking okay because so mcuh has changed from last when i used shogun16:30
bb_that i thought it was the best place to start16:30
wikingbb_: best place to start is to try the ipython notebooks16:32
wikingbut u can play with them online as well16:32
bb_wiking that is totally new to me..16:32
wikingbb_: have fun16:33
bb_wiking thanks16:34
bb_i will bug you if i run into any issues16:34
bb_wiking do you use any specific editor for python on mac16:35
wikingspecific for python no...16:36
wikingi use sublimetext16:37
wikingbut any is good16:37
wikingfor python i would suggest the ipython notebook framework as it does the whole autocompletion etc.16:37
wikingsudo port install py27-ipython +notebook +parallel +scientific16:38
wikingor if u use other version of python in macports use the right py* prefix16:38
bb_wiking okay i will give it a try16:40
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wikingno comments (yet)23:05
wikingheheh a comment23:09
wikinglisitsyn: 2 upvotes 3 downvotes23:10
wikinglisitsyn: upvote it :)23:11
lisitsynwiking: done23:13
wikinglisitsyn: heheh we are loosing23:14
wiking3 upvotes 4 downvotes23:14
lisitsynwiking: well useless thread to be honest23:15
lisitsynhe is like 'shogun'23:15
wikingheheh lol23:15
lisitsynand what?23:16
wiking"Weekly Theme: Not Deep Learning!"23:16
wikinghave u seen that? ;)23:16
lisitsynhah no23:16
lisitsynbut it is good to recall that there is anything else23:16
lisitsynwiking: tied23:17
wikingppl do have a lot of fucking time to waste23:20
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