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bbbesser82 it is hard to maintin that pov if you are married hence i was just curios00:00
besser82bb:  It actually both is possible, just depends on your Bank account's value   ;)00:01
besser82bb: getting divorced had other reasons than that00:03
bbbesser82 yeah sure.. okay personal00:04
besser82bb:  me and my ex-wife in fact were too similar from some psychological pov00:06
besser82bb:  which could cause small things giving a big impact00:07
besser82bb:  which wasn't good for either both of us00:07
besser82bb:  so everybody doing his was (tm)  and still being friends was the better solution00:07
bbbesser82 i see... i hope you find some body which has good bank account value and then you can keep working to make world a beter place..00:08
besser82bb:  :D00:22
besser82bb:  Don't need to find someone with good bank acount value  ;)  Already have that  :-P00:23
besser82bb:  myself  ;)00:23
bbbesser82 that is good...00:23
besser82bb:  but just finding somebody matching would be good  ;)00:23
bbbesser82 how did oyu make that.. some invention..00:24
besser82bb:  no,  insurance companies pay good $$$ for data-science  and since I only provide Solution-as-a-Service...00:24
besser82bb:  and don't sell my data and `magic` all runs fine  ;)00:25
bbbesser82 good.. are you a one man army.. or have other freelancers00:26
besser82bb: most stuff I do myself00:27
besser82bb: sometimes I hire another freelancer from infra-admin stuff, but tht's all00:27
besser82bb: from  ---> for00:28
besser82bb: so, time for me to go to bed  ;)00:31
besser82bb: UTC +010000:31
bbbesser82 good night...00:32
besser82bb: have a nice day (or what is left)  :D00:32
besser82bb: cu00:32
bbbesser82 cu00:32
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besser82bb:  hey ya!19:43
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besser82sonne|osx:  Hey ya!  :D19:54
sonne|osxbesser82: hey19:55
* sonne|osx yawns19:55
besser82sonne|osx:  There is news from da @heise-folks  ;)19:55
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