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@iglesiasgwiking, ping13:35
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pickle27looks like I'm not the only one who hasn't had much time for shogun recently
lisitsynpickle27: hey there18:42
pickle27lisitsyn: hey!18:42
lisitsynpickle27: you are right ;)18:42
lisitsynpickle27: how is it going?18:42
pickle27quite good! whats new with you?18:42
lisitsynpickle27: nothing interesting to be honest :)18:43
lisitsynpickle27: trying to catch up with pre-new-year things18:43
lisitsynare you on holidays already?18:43
pickle27office doesn't technically close til the 25th but its getting pretty slack18:44
lisitsynI see18:44
pickle27this was friday
lisitsynpickle27: hah18:45
pickle27life is good but I18:46
pickle27I've been spending most my time on work related side projects and learning18:46
pickle27doesn't leave much time for shogun :(18:46
pickle27I still want to add my opencv integration stuff!18:47
lisitsynpickle27: yeah would be good to have that layer18:53
lisitsynthough I have absolutely no idea how to design it18:54
pickle27yeah, I have that gist but how we integrate still needs to be planned18:56
wikingiglesiasg pong19:00
sonney2k_pickle27, ho ho ho ;)20:52
sonney2k_lisitsyn, still have deadlines?20:52
lisitsynsonney2k_: a bit better20:52
lisitsynsonney2k_: I keep your notebooks request in mind ;)20:52
sonney2k_lisitsyn, yes yes please :)20:52
lisitsynsonney2k_: just recall holidays here are from jan 1st20:53
lisitsynno xmas :)20:53
lisitsynwell there is xmas but it is in january :D20:53
sonney2k_lisitsyn, very good20:58
sonney2k_lisitsyn, I consider doing a shogun 3.1 release over x-mas20:59
sonney2k_yeah I know we are long overdue20:59
sonney2k_we should have had bugfix releases way earlier...20:59
lisitsynsonney2k_: but 3.1? is that a good version for a bugfix release21:00
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sonney2k_lisitsyn, problem is that this is no longer a bugfix release21:12
sonney2k_but features too :/21:13
lisitsynsonney2k_: yeah21:13
lisitsynokay then it is ok21:13
sonney2k_doing a release is still too much work21:13
sonney2k_we really need to simplify that still21:13
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wikingiglesiasg: u were looking for me?22:23
@iglesiasgwiking, oh yes. I actually thought about mailing you but forgot22:23
@iglesiasgwiking, I tried to compile against Mosek but miserably failed22:23
@iglesiasgwiking, have you done that some time using cmake?22:23
wikingiglesiasg: oh, which?22:24
@iglesiasgwiking, mosek 722:24
wikingiglesiasg: yeah i did... you need to set some MOSEK macro22:24
wikingand that's all22:24
wikingcannot remember exactly which22:24
@iglesiasgwiking, I set this MOSEK_DIR22:24
wikingand since my system just crashed like 2 days ago22:24
wikingi dont have zsh history :P22:24
@iglesiasgwiking, cmake variable to the directory of my mosek installation22:24
wikingiglesiasg: yeah i think so22:24
wikingi've set that to be22:24
wikingshit i dont have mosek either22:25
@iglesiasgwiking, hmmm however, after configuration and generation the other two mosek variables are NOT_FOUND22:25
wikingiglesiasg: by cmake?22:25
@iglesiasgwiking, yep22:25
wikingiglesiasg: because then the MOSEK_DIR is not set to the right place22:25
wikingi mean not to the right level in the mosek dir hierarchy22:25
@iglesiasgwiking, I see. I tried with a couple of directories22:25
@iglesiasgwiking, let me tell you which ones22:25
@iglesiasgso I have my mosek root dir22:26
@iglesiasgI tried with that one and also22:26
wikinglemme check on github22:26
wikingas i have no clue really atm22:27
@iglesiasgwiking, aham! I should be possible to find this out from the FindMosek file?22:27
wiking if (MOSEK_DIR)22:28
wiking    find_path (22:28
wiking      MOSEK_INCLUDE_DIR22:28
wiking        NAMES mosek.h22:28
wiking        HINTS "${MOSEK_DIR}"22:28
wiking        PATH_SUFFIXES "${MOSEK_TOOLS_SUFFIX}/h"22:28
wiking        DOC "Include directory for MOSEK libraries."22:28
wiking        NO_DEFAULT_PATH22:28
wiking    )22:28
wikingso as u can seee22:28
wikingaccording to this22:29
@iglesiasgwiking, let me try22:29
wikingas MOSEK_TOOLS_SUFFIX will be tools/platform/<os><arch>22:30
wikingyeah try that22:30
wikingshould wok22:30
@iglesiasgwiking, awesome22:30
@iglesiasgyou did it :)22:30
@iglesiasgat least I can see that the other MOSEK* variables are set now22:30
wikingyeah not soooo surprising as it worked before :P22:30
wikingit should work really22:30
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg :develop * a5b3d93 / doc/ipython-notebooks/multiclass/ (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: add Chiyuan Zhang's multiclass notebooks22:35
shogun-notifier-shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg :develop * de95304 / examples/undocumented/csharp_modular/
shogun-notifier-shogun: use dmcs instead of gmcs to run c# examples22:35
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@iglesiasgwiking, btw, I had to include /home/iglesias/workspace/mosek/7/tools/platform/linux64x86/bin in LD_LIBRARY_PATH to success compilation23:14
@iglesiasgwiking, shouldn't this be handled automatically?23:14
wikingiglesiasg: noup23:14
wikingiglesiasg: it's with every library which is not in the default libary path23:15
wikingyou have to do this23:15
wikingand i believe /home/iglesias/workspace/mosek/7/tools/platform/linux64x86/bin  isn't among your library path ;P23:15
@iglesiasgwiking, aham I see23:15
@iglesiasghaha no23:15
wikingif u would install mosek under /usr/local/lib23:15
wikingthen you wouldn't have any issues like this23:15
wikingor like /usr/lib23:15
@iglesiasgwiking, the whole mosek dir should go under /usr/lobal/lib?23:15
wikingjust the libs23:15
@iglesiasgaaaah ok23:15
wikingi.e. /home/iglesias/workspace/mosek/7/tools/platform/linux64x86/bin23:15
wikingor just symlink23:16
@iglesiasgit makes sense23:16
wikinganyhow this shouldn't be handled by shogun23:16
wikingsonney2k_: can u send me this urgently if i ask u very nicely:
wikingsonney2k_: my machine is broken atm and it seems i need this...23:17
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Soeren Sonnenburg's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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