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@sonney2kdoes anyone know here a stress testing web thing?00:12
@sonney2kto simulate load?00:12
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shogun-buildbotbuild #662 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed notebooks]  Build details are at
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siddharth950besser82, which installation method should I follow?08:34
siddharth950besser82, one is mentioned on the shogun installation page and the other one on the Github docs08:35
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siddharth950sonney2k, is it necessary to build from source if I want to contribute?09:10
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siddharth950besser82, where is init_shogun() defined?10:23
besser82siddharth950: src/shogun/base/init.{cpp,h}10:25
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besser82sonney2k, wiking, iglesiasg: mornin'  :D12:28
@sonney2kbesser82, heh evening!12:30
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@iglesiasgbesser82, hello :)13:14
@sonney2kbesser82, if I understand your plugin concept correctly13:15
@sonney2k(FYI to the others - that one )13:15
@sonney2kone would e.g. define CKernel as interface13:15
@sonney2kand then e.g. CGaussianKernel would be a .dll / .so?!13:15
@sonney2kWhat I don't get though is how cross connections are done13:16
@sonney2klike CKernel needs CFeatures13:16
@wikingi reckon that we could learn a lot from gstreamer arch13:17
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besser82sonney2k: every plugin can communicate with another one through the "interface-lib"13:26
besser82sonney2k: I could imagine using plugins that way:13:26
besser82having an interface-lib, which provides all (common-)stuff needing to deal with the "functional"-plugins13:27
besser82that would be the ui-exposing interface, too.  like user writes his code using that interface, only13:28
besser82the interface-lib looksup all avail plugins on init()13:28
besser82and registers them to the plugin-manager13:29
besser82which provides func-ptrs to the corrensponding plg's functions / methods13:29
besser82all plugins need to interface that interface-lib in any way13:30
besser82if one plugin needs to interact with another one this is made through the interface-lib as well...13:31
besser82the if-lib then checks whether the req. plg is already loaded and if neccessary loads && inits it13:31
besser82sonney2k, wiking:  ^^^13:31
besser82so there is just one main interface, which doesn't have any "exotic" deps and provides the generic-stuff need for the user to interact13:33
besser82that would solve the d-ptr stuff and some other things as well....13:33
besser82iglesiasg, HeikoS:  ^^^13:34
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besser82will be back in ~5 mins  ---> router reboot13:35
@iglesiasgbesser82, how do the if-lib and plugins communicate?13:37
@iglesiasgbesser82, is everything solved at compile time, I mean all of these are libraries with headers to include and so on13:37
@iglesiasgbesser82, or IPC?13:37
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@wikingiglesiasg: no ipc...13:44
@wikingiglesiasg: dynamic lib (.so13:44
@iglesiasgI guess it was an stupid/insane question :D13:45
@wikingnono i'm just saying13:45
@iglesiasgall right gtg, catch you later13:53
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besser82sonney2k: btw. communication between the plugins could be done with Protobufs as well  ;)16:17
@wikingbesser82: nooooo16:20
besser82wiking: ???16:20
@wikingbesser82: i hope that was just a joke about the protobuf's current state in shogun :)))016:20
besser82wiking: I just said "could be done", not is the *BEST* solution  ;)16:21
@wikingbesser82: ok i've sent my 2 cents16:25
@wikingbesser82: but basically i would really suggest to check on gstreamer on this manner16:25
@wikingthey did an awesome job for creating a plugin based media framework16:25
@wikingand they only had ansi c for doing it ;)16:27
besser82wiking: yes, i did have a look on gstreamer and the work is nice, but...16:27
@wikingwhat's the but? :)16:28
besser82wiking: since we are using C++11 things can be done a lot easier than just using ansi-c  ;)16:28
@wikingbesser82: yeah sure i'm just saying that doing something similar or based on that16:28
@wikingwould be highly adviseable16:28
@wikingas they are really working on this for 5+ years16:28
@wikingbesser82: i know one of the core developers personally so i can even get him to tell us a bit about the pitfalls one might encounter16:29
besser82wiking: that would be a nice idea  :D16:30
besser82wiking: and one other thing about gstreamer is: It looks a bit overcomplicated to me, but that might be because of using pure ansi-c  ;)16:30
@wikingbesser82: but i would really go with doing this in memory16:30
@wikingand not some library to do the communication among the different plugins16:31
@wikingbesser82: well yeah ansi c makes everything a little bit more complicated... or let's say harder to read16:31
besser82wiking: you're talking about the interface-lib?!?16:32
besser82wiking: like in my proposal?16:32
@wikingbesser82: but then again as u can see now the different plugins can be glued together automagically16:32
besser82wiking: by "interface-lib" i refer to some lib, which is:16:33
besser82the lib the user links against16:33
besser82the lib providing the public interfaces16:34
besser82the lib which has common data-structures used by all plugins16:34
besser82wiking:  so I think, I basically meant the same, what those gstreamer-folks already did  ;)  But in the C++11-way16:35
@wikingwell i wouldnt push c++11 that much16:35
@wikingas it'll take another 2 years to have compilers supporting that on many other systems...16:36
@wikingcertenly we can do some ifdefs as it is now16:36
besser82wiking:  all major compilers actually support c++11 quite well now  ;)  Clang, GCC, MSVC16:37
besser82wiking:  shall we really care about exotics like HP-Ux?!?16:37
@wikingbesser82: yeah the latest stable of those compilers...16:39
@wikingbut not everybody has that on their system :P16:39
besser82wiking: afaik all we need of c++11 in the "interface"-lib, should work from gcc 4.3+  or MSVC200916:40
besser82wiking: no sure about clang....16:40
besser82wiking: but you can tell ;)16:40
besser82wiking: so supporting the basic "c++0x"-features should be enough16:42
besser82wiking: or shall we really care about people using up-to-date stuff like Internet Explorer for Mac?  :-P16:43
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@sonney2kbesser82, I still don't have a clear picture17:48
@sonney2kbesser82, I guess I will only get one if we try this with some minimal code example17:48
@sonney2kbut first things first17:48
@sonney2kwe need to get cmake in shape and 3.1 out17:48
besser82sonney2k: ack  :D17:56
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