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shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix-java_modular * 082d134 / src/interfaces/java_modular/CMakeLists.txt:
shogun-notifier-shogun: rename shogun_jar.jar to shogun.jar if neccessary00:07
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Bj?rn Esser's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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pickle27what was the great step to reduce the footprint of the objects?02:40
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sonne|workmoin besser82!08:54
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gsomixgood morning09:08
sonne|workgsomix: moin moin09:08
besser82sonne|work:  moin!!10:07
besser82sonne|work: yesterday we stumbled into some weird, possibly swig-releated, thing with java_modular...10:08
sonne|workbesser82: could you please send a PR for that glob thing?10:08
sonne|workbesser82: looked more like you already had a shogun install10:08
sonne|workand some conflict due to that..10:08
besser82sonne|work:  hehe, yes, didn't mind that :-P10:08
besser82sonne|work:  shogun-devel  :-P10:09
sonne|workbesser82: what?10:11
besser82sonne|work:  I woud need to `yum erase shogun-devel`  ;)10:11
besser82sonne|work:  lemme try again  ;)10:12
sonne|workbesser82: glob PR please :)10:12
besser82sonne|work:  lemme double check, make some improve && PR is comming  ;)10:12
sonne|workbesser82: and?10:29
besser82sonne|work:  doesn't work still  :(10:29
besser82sonne|work:  but I think I found a fix  ;)10:29
sonne|workdoesn't work as in ?10:30
sonne|workmore verbose10:30
sonne|workthe glob should fix it10:30
besser82sonne|work:  as in the manifest if empty then  :(10:30
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adrinHey, good morning :) I came and noticed I've had messages, but my scroll history was too short here, so I've lost it. It should've been about my compile error, did anybody had a look at them?10:40
sonne|workadrin: look at the channel logs from yesterday10:40
sonne|workbesser82: haha10:41
besser82sonne|work:  which `haha`?10:41
sonne|workbesser82: manifest == empty10:41
besser82sonne|work:  :-P10:42
adrinsonney2k, I know I have an older shogun somewhere else, but it's a server that I can't touch it's packages, so I'm compiling everything for myself.10:43
sonne|workadrin: we don't have a fix for that :(10:49
sonne|workbesser82: or do you?10:49
adrinbesser82 was going to work on it over the xmas holidays? :D :P10:49
sonne|workadrin: not sure if he fixed that...10:50
besser82adrin:  but unfortunately i'm not finished with that :(10:50
besser82sonne|work:  not yet  :(10:50
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adrinah ok, as long as you're working in it, I can still have hope :P10:50
sonne|workadrin: can't you compile on a system that doesn't have an old shogun pre-installed10:51
adrinsonne|work, I can, I mean, I can at least try, but there's no point in doing so for me. All the systems that have enough RAM to load my data, are the servers which all already have the old version installed.10:52
sonne|workadrin: then copy the install over once compiled :)10:53
adrinsonne|work, then I need to update all the paths to shared objects in library binaries and executables once I move them to the new server. It doesn't seem to be a very feasible solution since I even have my custom gcc compiled in my home folder on the server :(10:55
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Saurabh7am i right to think that densefeature creates a new subset stack here:
sonne|workSaurabh7: yes11:10
sonne|workadrin: yeah!11:10
Saurabh7sonney2k, but when i use a different copy to add subset, the last subset seems to be the one i added to another11:11
Saurabh7*copy of densefeature11:12
sonne|workSaurabh7: yes...
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besser82sonne|work:  got java_modular working!!!!  :D12:00
sonne|workbesser82: how?12:00
besser82sonne|work:  PR is incomming in any minute  ;)12:01
besser82sonne|work:  solution is quite simple  :)12:01
besser82sonne|work:  yes, glob, but not add_jar()12:01
sonne|workwell show me12:01
besser82sonne|work:  just minute...12:01
Saurabh7sonne|work, but isnt it inconsistent with what i am observing?I create two separate copies,but when I add subsets to those two in sucession ,the second one has last added subset of the first one....shouldnt they have separate stacks?12:03
sonne|workSaurabh7: give us some minimal example - best a test so we can fix it!12:04
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix-java_modular * 1453bd5 / examples/undocumented/java_modular/foo_uncompressed.str:
shogun-notifier-shogun: clean sparse file from testsuite12:06
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix-java_modular * 5cfeb89 / examples/CMakeLists.txt:
shogun-notifier-shogun: fix inclusion of subdirs12:06
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix-java_modular * e699ddb / / (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: fix build of java_modular with OpenJDK12:06
@wikingbesser82: it's enough to have PR or (excluding or) feature branch12:10
@wikingas travis will run on either of them12:10
besser82wiking:  i know, but sonne|work wanted PR asap  ;)12:11
besser82wiking:  for Travis PR XOR branch is enough, i know  ;)12:12
sonne|workbesser82: so you do it manually now right?12:12
besser82sonne|work:  yes, but that is basically the same add_jar() does  ;)12:13
besser82sonne|work:  just less complicated...12:13
besser82sonne|work:  add_jar() && SWIG don't play well with oneanother on a few platforms12:13
@wikingbesser82: but that's just weird :)12:17
besser82wiking:  what is weird?!?12:20
besser82wiking:  on some platforms javac/jar cannot handle glob in manifest-file...12:20
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Bj?rn Esser's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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besser82sonne|work, wiking, lisitsyn: Objections on merging ?13:09
besser82sonney2k:  ^^^13:10
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :develop * 1453bd5 / examples/undocumented/java_modular/foo_uncompressed.str:
shogun-notifier-shogun: clean sparse file from testsuite13:35
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :develop * 5cfeb89 / examples/CMakeLists.txt:
shogun-notifier-shogun: fix inclusion of subdirs13:36
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :develop * e699ddb / / (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: fix build of java_modular with OpenJDK13:36
shogun-notifier-shogun: Viktor Gal :develop * cbf1553 / / (4 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #1809 from shogun-toolbox/feature/fix-java_modular13:36
shogun-notifier-shogun: fix build of java_modular with OpenJDK13:36
@wikingbesser82: it's just weird because i thought that this would be handled by cmake's add_jar13:36
@wikingthat's why13:37
besser82wiking:  unfortunately not  :(  add_jar() just makes like `echo $passed_sources > manifest`...13:37
@wikingbesser82: imo that should be fired as a bug then for cmake13:38
besser82wiking:  the problem with that is:  the sources manifest is created, BEFORE swig creates those *.java and that's why the glob won't be handled properly13:39
besser82wiking:  it's a known issue of UseJava.cmake13:40
@wikingbesser82: then it's a bug :)13:44
@wikingshould b fixed in cmake13:44
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besser82wiking:  yes, it's a known bug, but noone see a reason to fix it13:45
besser82wiking:  because fixing is actually much harder, that using that proposed workaround13:45
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sonne|workbesser82: anyway not a bug related to openjdk13:50
besser82sonne|work: right  ;)13:50
besser82sonne|work: shall i merge?!?13:50
sonne|workbesser82: didn't wiking already?13:51
sonne|workhe did...13:51
besser82sonne|work:  didn't see  :(13:51
sonne|workbesser82: btw what is the CMAKE_CURRENT_SRCDIR?13:53
besser82sonne|work:  That is the correct var evaluating to the dir which contains the currently processing CMakeLists13:53
sonne|workbesser82: then we have the same issue in the root CMakeLists.txt13:54
besser82sonne|work:  CMAKE_SRCDIR *always* refers to src-toplevel  ;)13:54
sonne|workthen I don't get the difference...13:54
besser82sonne|work:  so in toplevel-cmake-file both are fine  ;)13:54
sonne|workahh no all good13:55
sonne|workforget it13:55
besser82sonne|work:  kk13:55
sonne|workbesser82: btw any idea where to change the include order so that -I./ is first and fixes adrin's and our issues with the currently installed thing?13:56
sonne|workbesser82: btw :)
besser82sonne|work:  :D13:56
sonne|workbesser82: it took mips 6h 34m to build libshogun13:56
besser82sonne|work:  forget about overriding the systems include-dir  :-P13:57
sonne|worknot really and override it is just a missing -I. in the front13:57
sonne|workbut I have no idea where includes are set13:57
besser82sonne|work:  that problem with inference on installed shogun is *simply* a design-failure of whole build13:57
besser82sonne|work:  && include-logic13:57
besser82sonne|work:  you cannot override the fact -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include is *always* prefered13:58
sonne|workbesser82: well that -I would quickly fix it - so until we have sth proper (aka your cmake stuff) lets fix the issue13:58
sonne|workbesser82: no it is not preferred13:58
sonne|workinclude order matters13:59
besser82sonne|work:  nope13:59
besser82sonne|work:  system-include dirs are always prefered13:59
besser82sonne|work:  that are hardcoded in compiler13:59
besser82sonne|work:  one cannot change that, but recompiling the compiler13:59
besser82sonne|work:  include-order matters when it comes to "extra" include-dirs14:00
sonne|workbesser82: I don't think that is true14:00
besser82sonne|work:  believe me14:00
sonne|workI think -I foo is looked up first14:00
besser82sonne|work:  nope14:00
sonne|workok let me try it for real14:00
besser82sonne|work:  but i can hot-fix that include-shaitz anyways  ;)14:02
besser82sonne|work:  just need ~30 mins or so...14:02
sonne|workbesser82: it really is as I said14:02
sonne|workbesser82: try yourself14:02
sonne|work#include <bla.h>14:03
sonne|work#include <stdio.h>14:03
sonne|workint main(int argc, char** argv)14:03
sonne|work    printf("%d\n", bla);14:03
sonne|workthen put14:03
sonne|workconst int bla=1;14:03
sonne|workinto bla.h14:03
sonne|workand compile with gcc -I. foo.c14:04
sonne|workand put one in e.g. /usr/local/include/bla.h with14:04
sonne|workconst int bla=2;14:04
sonne|workbesser82: if you compile without -I. you have the issue14:04
sonne|workif you use -I. all good14:04
sonne|workso besser82 / wiking - we just need that...14:05
sonne|workshogun-buildbot: force build --branch=develop 'deb3 - modular_interfaces'14:06
shogun-buildbotbuild forced [ETA 46m34s]14:06
shogun-buildbotI'll give a shout when the build finishes14:06
besser82sonne|work:  shall I do quick&&dirty || clean_approach ?14:09
besser82sonne|work:  first takes a minute, latter ~ 30 mins14:09
besser82sonne|work: which compiler did you use?!?14:11
besser82wiking:  ^^^  clean or f*cked-up approach?14:12
besser82sonne|work:  currently doing the clean approach  :D14:24
besser82sonne|work:  just a moment...  will be finished in short14:25
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Viktor Gal's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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shogun-buildbotHey! build deb3 - modular_interfaces #2129 is complete: Success [build successful]14:33
shogun-buildbotBuild details are at
adrinbesser82, I guess at least according to the gcc documentation, sonne|work is right:
adrinit says: You can add to this list with the -Idir command line option. All the directories named by -I are searched, in left-to-right order, before the default directories. The only exception is when dir is already searched by default. In this case, the option is ignored and the search order for system directories remains unchanged.15:16
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besser82sonney2k, sonne|work, wiking: nearly finished with that include-scope;  doing final local testbuild, then push to featurebranch16:00
sonne|workbesser82: cool cool16:03
besser82sonne| and I did it the clean way  ;)16:03
sonne|workbesser82: show me :D16:07
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix_includes * c0f9dc2 / / (1592 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: removed `shogun/`-prefix from #include16:12
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix_includes * ab20c83 / doc/ (3 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: adapted for new include-scope16:12
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix_includes * b2b773b / / (12 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: adapt CMake-includes for new include-scope16:12
besser82sonne|work:  ^^^ there it goes  :D16:12
besser82sonne|work:  and Travis does it's work:
besser82sonne|work:  PR:
@wikingbesser82: why is this include form better?16:16
besser82wiking:  because this way one has a real distinction between build/src-tree and system's include-dir16:17
besser82wiking:  the old style was dependent on the strict and correct order of the -I16:17
sonne|workbesser82: what is ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR} ?16:18
besser82wiking:  the new one will need explicit -I to work;  no incidetial pick-up by system-flags  ;)16:18
besser82sonne|work:  like SRCDIR, but for the build-tree16:19
besser82sonne|work:  SRC=/MYDIR/16:19
besser82sonne|work:  BINARY=/MYDIR/build16:19
besser82sonne|work:  or whatever dir you build in  ;)16:19
besser82sonne|work:  got it?16:22
sonne|workyeah ok16:24
sonne|workbesser82: but why do we need to include the build/src/shogun ?16:24
sonne|workare we generating the source files in there or additional ones like config.h or?16:25
besser82sonne|work:  afaik some get generated to .h into there16:25
besser82sonne|work:  yes16:25
besser82sonne|work:  otherwise it won't hurt either  ;)16:25
sonne|workbesser82: heh ok - so the ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/shogun is what we needed right?16:28
besser82sonne|work:  yes, that's where basically all headers are in16:28
sonne|workbesser82: I am just not sure why you did add CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR that often but certainly won't hurt when done at the end16:29
besser82sonne|work:  basically all dir, where c++-action is going need that  ;)16:30
shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/fix_includes * 0bdc64b / src/interfaces/ruby_modular/CMakeLists.txt:
shogun-notifier-shogun: adapt ruby_modular for the new include-scope, too16:30
sonne|workI think we don't even have headers there...16:30
besser82sonne|work:  no, but we need da SHOGUN-headerzzz  ;)16:31
sonne|workyeah but that would be just  ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/shogun16:31
sonne|workactually no16:31
sonne|work ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src16:31
sonne|workno shogun in there16:31
sonne|worksince we always do <shogun/foo/bar>16:31
besser82sonne|work:  yes, and that got changed in that PR16:32
besser82sonne|work:  now, we start doing <feature/header.h>16:32
sonne|workwhy that?16:32
besser82sonne|work:  using <shogun/feature/header.h> is *evil*16:32
sonne|workbesser82: why?!16:32
besser82sonne|work:  that is guranteed to be mixed-up with a system installed shogun  ;)16:33
besser82sonne|work:  I relies on a fragile order of -I.16:33
sonne|workbesser82: nahh16:33
besser82sonne|work:  where the other scope does not16:33
besser82sonne|work:  that needs *explicit* -I/usr/include/shogun or other location  ;)16:34
sonne|workyeah but then you always have to change examples etc16:34
sonne|workand you need an explicit16:34
sonne|workyes exactly16:34
besser82sonne|work:  change examples?!?16:34
sonne|workI don't like that admittedly16:34
sonne|workwell they use <shogun/foo/bar.h>16:34
besser82sonne|work:  I going to setup an shogun.pc16:34
besser82sonne|work:  and that is wrong16:35
besser82sonne|work:  basically any lib needs an explicit -I16:36
besser82sonne|work:  like eigen3 -I/usr/include/Eigen/eigen316:36
besser82sonne|work:  blas, altlas, lapack, ....16:36
besser82sonne|work:  many, many others16:37
besser82sonne|work:  that's what pkg-config was invented for16:37
besser82g++ $(pkg-config myLib) -o myapp src.cpp16:37
sonne|workbesser82: I find that more troublesome - think about having two projects having a lib/config.h etc16:45
besser82sonne|work: that's a good reason not to be too general in naming headers  :-P16:46
sonne|workor having some prefix underneath - then rather /usr/include/shogun/shogun316:47
besser82sonne|work: a project should have a %dir/%{project}_config.h16:47
sonne|workbut *I* would leave things as is and just add the other include16:47
besser82sonne|work: ???16:48
sonne|workbesser82: well we cannot change everything in one step - and this here is very intrusive and will break everything out there16:48
besser82sonne|work: might be a point...16:49
sonne|workbesser82: yes I would just add ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src to includes16:49
besser82sonne|work:  *sigh*16:50
sonne|workI am not saying we can't do this for say 4.0 but I wouldn't now16:50
sonne|workno idea what the others think about that16:50
besser82sonne|work:  but actually on the other hand:16:51
besser82sonne|work:  if one uses a c++ compiler, he is *supposed* to know how to use it properly16:51
@wikingbesser82: pkg-onfig isn't standard16:51
besser82wiking:  yes, wincrap doesn't have that16:52
@wikingbesser82: i see no point in removing shogun in include16:52
sonne|workwell pkg-config support makes things more clean so on the long run it would be nice to have at least16:52
sonne|workwell besser82 has a point but it is intrusive16:52
@wikingmoreover that's a good thing when u write code that you dont do like16:52
besser82wiking:  and we are relying on having pkg-config in CMake16:52
@wiking#include <features/Whatever.h>16:53
@wikingwho's features and what?16:53
@wikingat least with <shogun/...> you know that where the whole things comes from16:53
sonne|workthat was the reason I added shogun/ in front...16:53
@wikingi dont have a problem with intrusive patches16:53
@wikingbut i see no real sense behind this change16:53
besser82wiking, sonne|work:  then we should stack that into a ssubdir16:54
sonne|workyeah like Eigen/eigen316:54
sonne|workso shogun/shogun3 :D16:54
besser82wiking, sonne|work:  like installing to ${perfix}/include/shogun/shogun.*16:54
besser82sonne|work: another intrusive  ;)16:54
sonne|worksure that is why for now not but later migth be nice if we want to show that we have a API compatible release...16:55
besser82sonne|work: that would require to change headers on every major16:55
besser82sonne|work: let's take it the other way16:55
besser82sonne|work: sogun%{version}/shogun  ;)16:55
besser82sonne|work, wiking: ^^^16:56
besser82sonne|work: shogun%{so-version}/shogun  would be nice too16:57
besser82sonne|work:  API-compatible release  :-P16:57
besser82sonne|work:  I'd suggest getting a usable so-version, first16:58
besser82sonne|work:  like
sonne|workwe have a useable so version currently16:59
sonne|workbut not API16:59
besser82sonne|work:  so-version just gets bumped, but doesn't tell me about back-compat ;)16:59
sonne|workohh jus we bump it when not back compat16:59
sonne|workand due to the monolithic approach we have to bump too often17:00
sonne|workthat is why we wanted d-ptrs...17:00
besser82sonne|work:  or plugins  ;)17:00
besser82sonne|work:  and just a slow moving / bugfix-release-style interf-lib17:00
besser82sonne|work: we need a lot more concept in development cycle / style17:01
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Bj?rn Esser's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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sonne|workhappy with that but besser82 step by step or we will make no progress at all17:03
besser82sonne|work:  If everyone would do a bit, we could do `pimp my shogun` within very low time17:06
besser82sonne|work:  We need to do some "hackfest"17:08
besser82sonne|work:  work out a plan and go go17:08
besser82sonne|work:  I have a kazillion ideas about what and how, but I cannot do planning with myself17:09
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sonne|b0rkenbesser82: sry had to depart17:18
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: remember I have kids and cannot all go havoc17:20
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: so for my side this (no longer) works17:20
besser82sonne|b0rken:  i know17:20
sonne|b0rkenI try to persistently contribute bit by bit17:20
sonne|b0rkenall I can do - the others might have time but it certainly has to be sth. everyone wants or it won't happen17:21
besser82sonne|b0rken:  the problem just is to get all folks toghether...17:22
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: so for now at least could you just add the include in front17:22
besser82sonne|b0rken:  will try, but cannot promise for this work in all cases...17:22
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: well we need somebody pushing it then it will happen. HeikoS might be when he has more time starting from february17:22
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: well adrin will tell us and the -I in front works. I have been using this all the time when shogun was not yet cmake17:23
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: I mean look - the cmake changes take you more time than you have expected - and it is always like that (at least from my personal experience)17:26
sonne|b0rkenmurphy's law or sth17:27
besser82sonne|b0rken:  :D17:27
besser82sonne|b0rken:  I'm on it17:27
besser82sonne|b0rken:  let's give it a try...17:28
besser82sonne|b0rken:  btw. what is b0rken?!?17:32
besser82sonne|b0rken:  CMake just takes a f*cking bunch of time, because when I do stuff, I usually to it *pristine*17:33
sonne|b0rkencannot use chat from this machine17:34
sonne|b0rkenbesser82: that is why17:34
sonne|b0rkenwebclient crap17:34
* sonne|b0rken off train17:39
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Bj?rn Esser's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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@sonney2kbesser82, pong20:26
-!- lisitsyn [~lisitsyn@] has joined #shogun20:41
@sonney2klisitsyn, seen you in action :)20:55
lisitsynsonney2k: what?20:55
@sonney2kclosing issues :D20:57
lisitsynsonney2k: I haven't closed any20:58
lisitsynin this year20:58
lisitsynsonney2k: so what is you are talking about??20:59
@sonney2klisitsyn, then ignore me and rather work on the notebook!21:00
lisitsynsonney2k: yeah sure sure that's on my list for today21:01
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gsomixgoog evening21:19
-!- iglesiasg [] has joined #shogun21:22
-!- mode/#shogun [+o iglesiasg] by ChanServ21:22
@sonney2kevening gsomix - enjoying yourself learning?21:25
@sonney2kiglesiasg, hey evening! Now you can try again - besser82 fixed things up21:25
@iglesiasgsonney2k, hello hello, saw the commit yeah!21:25
@iglesiasgsonney2k, since it seems he already tried with OpenJDK I was doing the same with Oracle Java21:25
gsomixsonney2k, yep. I have an exam tomorrow. computational math.21:26
-!- lisitsyn [~lisitsyn@] has joined #shogun21:27
@sonney2kgsomix, sounds easy ;)21:28
gsomixwut? =___=21:28
@iglesiasgit worked indeed now21:30
@iglesiasgeeeh what??21:46
@iglesiasgI recompiled with examples enabled and got an error in CSVM21:46
@iglesiasgcompile error21:46
gsomixsonney2k, ok. it's really easy. but I'm always a bit nervous before exams.21:52
@sonney2kiglesiasg, hard to believe...21:59
@sonney2kiglesiasg, you broke it!22:00
@iglesiasgsonney2k, well it is true I am not joking really22:00
@iglesiasgsonney2k, I just tried it again22:00
@iglesiasgsonney2k, when I generate with BUILD_EXAMPLES=ON compilation fails with many22:01 error: cannot find symbol22:01
@iglesiasg    super(modshogunJNI.CSVM_SWIGUpcast(cPtr), cMemoryOwn);22:01
@iglesiasg                      ^22:01
@iglesiasg  symbol:   method CSVM_SWIGUpcast(long)22:01
@iglesiasg  location: class modshogunJNI22:01
@iglesiasgmaybe I am hallucinating though...22:02
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@sonney2kiglesiasg, look it works on the buildbot22:18
@iglesiasgsonney2k, it did as well yesterday, or?22:19
@sonney2kiglesiasg, and on develop
gsomixgood night people22:24
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