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sonne|osxshogun-buildbot: force build --branch=develop 'debian wheezy - memcheck'08:36
shogun-buildbotbuild forced [ETA 1h03m20s]08:36
shogun-buildbotI'll give a shout when the build finishes08:36
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shogun-buildbotHey! build debian wheezy - memcheck #165 is complete: Success [build successful]09:34
shogun-buildbotBuild details are at
@wikingsonney2k: couldn't get memcheck buildbot to return -1 in case of failure ... that's why it's green09:39
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sonne|workwiking: but we could just grep the result file (no idea where it is) but then we would have it red09:53
sonne|workwiking: I mean these are really critical and no one noticed due to it being green09:54
sonne|workwiking: the other static anlysis things are just hints - not really that helpful09:54
@wikingsonne|work: mmm yeah and a nice xslt would be good as well to be human parsable :P10:16
@wikingsonne|work: btw my mails r going through to shogun-team?10:17
lisitsyn1xslt for the win!10:20
lisitsyn1wiking: I read your mails10:21
sonne|workwiking: do you care to do anything about it?10:25
@wikinglisitsyn1: \o/10:59
@wikingsonne|work: well all of them are on my todo list10:59
@wikingsonne|work: but it's my last 30 days before submission so i cannot really promise too much...:S10:59
sonne|workoh man...11:59
sonne|workwiking: good luck...11:59
lisitsynwiking: what submission?12:57
@wikinglisitsyn: what do u think? :)13:24
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lisitsynwiking: I have no time to think :D :D14:07
@wikinglisitsyn: good for ya :).. btw it's my phd submission deadline14:09
lisitsynwiking: how complete it is?14:09
lisitsyndon't say 0 :D14:09
@wikingi have a 120 pages draft14:09
@wikingso it's not hopeless14:09
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sonne|osxwiking: grmp no idea how that memcheck stuff works ...16:09
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Saurabh7hi, what do i have to do to set MSG_GCDEBUG??17:56
Saurabh7doiing set_lloglevel is giving errors like  uninitialised value vfprintf??17:57
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gsomixgood evening18:09
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gsomixsonne|work: laptop is ok, keyboard - broken. thanks to lenovo's engineers19:19
gsomixsonney2k: ^19:20
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@sonney2kSaurabh7, what? would do21:05
@wiking15m for docker.?!21:12
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