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lambdaywiking: man spark is a beast! checking out local things... will test with a cluster..09:35
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@wikinglambday: hehe managed?09:55
@wikinglambday: yeah i've checked into it as well09:55
@wikinglambday: the thing is that sparkR just came out09:55
@wikingthey did a very nice interfacing of java (spark) <-> R09:56
@wikingso we could learn from that09:56
lambdaywiking: yeah I was just checking yesterday's logs...09:56
lambdaywiking: yeah.. trying to set up standalone mode :D09:57
@wikinghave u managed local?09:57
@wikingwith the cores?09:57
lambdaywiking: you mean setting the same machine as master and worker - just did10:06
lambday IdAddressStateCoresMemory worker-20140131142800-lambday-51008lambday:51008ALIVE4 (0 Used) 2.6 GB (0.0 B Used)10:07
lambdaywiking: so now I should be able to use that MASTER=IP:PORT pyspark thing, right?10:07
lambdaychecking the docs...10:09
lambdaywiking: ran a python example... with this setting.. worked :D10:17
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@wikinglambday: yeah spark is quite cool11:58
@wikinglambday: i think we shoudl try with the jni hack11:59
@wikingthat could work11:59
@wikingsonney2k: ping?12:01
@wikinglisitsyn: here?12:01
lisitsynwiking: 50%12:01
@wikinglisitsyn: do we have a email that is being forwarded to more than one person? :)12:02
lambdaywiking: I gotta understand this rdd things..12:02
@wikinglike all the core members or somehting?12:02
@wikinglambday: it's not so complicated12:02
@wikinglisitsyn: as 48 hours has gone w/o objections12:02
@wikingso i'll do now a massive send email to all the contributors12:02
lisitsynwiking: shogun-team@12:02
@wikinglisitsyn: do u have access to it's admin site?12:03
@wikingjust to be able to see who's answering12:04
@wikingwhat emails are actually not working etc.12:04
@wikingok email sent12:07
lisitsynwiking: afaik no12:10
lisitsynwiking: is that actually ok to declare this 48h thing?13:52
lisitsynsounds like a kidnapper13:52
lisitsynwho wants money13:52
@wikinglisitsyn: well we kept it postponing for a while and everybody said already what they wanted14:32
@wikingand actually nobody ever mentioned that there's a problem with it14:32
@wikingi.e. nobody was ever against for the change14:32
lisitsynwiking: yeah sure I just don't know how this works14:32
@wikingat least not the core developers14:33
@wikingof course now we'll find out14:33
@wikingwhat the other contributors are saying14:33
@wikingbecause that 9 of us had no objections14:33
@wikingthat doesn't mean that nobody has objections14:33
@wikingso now with this licensing change form we'll see if we would have at least the majority of the code transferred to another licensing14:34
@wikingso still actually this form is just another 'survey'14:34
@wikingand doesn't force us to do anything14:34
@wikingon the end we'll se if we at least have the permission to do this change14:35
@wikingthat doesn't necessary mean that we'll do it14:35
lisitsynokay I see14:39
@wikingand anyways as i suspect14:39
@wikingthis will take a while14:39
@wikingtill we get replies from the people14:39
@wikingso we might need to wait for like couple of months actually i think14:39
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lambday :-/19:15
lambdaylisitsyn: ^19:15
@wikinglisitsyn: stop drinking :)19:18
lambdaywiking: well, stop drinking vodka and start with rum... arrrrrr :D19:29
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new2shogunhello guys, I am new to shogun and have problems getting it to work on a macbook 11-1/OSX 10.9.1 with python_modular. Installing it with macports like described on leaves me with the following error message: "ImportError: No module named modshogun". Any help is greatly appreciated! I also tried to install from source, but without success.19:59
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new2shogunwhen compiling from source I get the following line "clang: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-I ~/shogun/src'" and before that "[ 86%] Swig source ~/shogun/src/shogun/lib/SGVector.h:57: Warning 503: Can't wrap 'operator long long*' unless renamed to a valid identifier."22:19
new2shogunthe argument unused appears just after "Building CXX object src/interfaces/python_modular/CMakeFiles/_python_modular.dir/modshogunPYTHON_wrap.cxx.o"22:23
lambdaynew2shogun: does it harm the building process?22:27
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new2shogunthe make ends with an error 222:32
new2shogunld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) make[2]: *** [src/interfaces/python_modular/] Error 1 make[1]: *** [src/interfaces/python_modular/CMakeFiles/_python_modular.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 222:32
lambday_new2shogun: I don't think that's the reason - that's a warning.. not an error22:33
lambday_new2shogun: however I don't have osx.. I am trying to build it on linux and check if I can reproduce it22:33
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lambdaynew2shogun: could you please paste your cmake output somewhere?22:35
new2shogunjust a moment...22:36
new2shogunits here:
new2shogunwhen I run cmake without the python modular option, the compilation works fine, AFAICT. ->
lambdaynew2shogun: sorry man! works fine for linux but I see some failed builds on the buildbots..22:52
lambdaywiking: sonney2k22:52
lambdaycmake seems to be fine.. where *does* it fail exactly?22:54
new2shogunwhich brand of linux? what requirement? I could try a virtual machine...22:54
lambdaynew2shogun: I am using fedora core19... you can as well try ubuntu...22:54
lambdaybuilding eats up a lot of memory... your virtual machine should have enough then :)22:55
new2shogunhere is the cmake-make terminal output with python modular option which fails me:
lambdaynew2shogun: checking..22:59
new2shogunshould work with 8GB assigned to it. no?22:59
lambdayshit! all errors are related to complex<double> :D23:02
lambdaynew2shogun: yeah :)23:02
new2shogunis there a cure for complex doubles?23:04
lambdaynew2shogun: I never ran into this problem... wonder whether you can try with g++ instead of clang23:05
lambdayit must has to do something with standard library :-/23:06
new2shoguni can try g++23:07
new2shogunshould I also change the c-compiler at the same try23:09
new2shogunshould I also change the c-compiler at the same try?23:09
lambdaynew2shogun: before that, could you please tell where your is located at?23:10
lambdaynew2shogun: (I am also shooting in the dark here, as you might have already guessed! :P)23:10
new2shoguni have the following files in /usr/lib: libstdc++.6.0.9.dylib  libstdc++.6.dylib      libstdc++.dylib23:12
new2shogunas well as /opt/local/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib23:13
lambdayso there is no /usr/lib64 sort of thing23:13
lambdaynew2shogun: I mean, that's where your libc.dylib is too, right? in /usr/lib23:14
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lambdayiglesiasg: hey23:16
@iglesiasglambday, sup23:16
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lambday_iglesiasg: our friend here had bumped into a problem while building python modular on osx23:17
@iglesiasglambday_, who?23:17
lambday_iglesiasg: linking problem related to std::complex23:17
new2shogunhi, thats me23:17
lambday_iglesiasg: new2shogun :)23:17
@iglesiasgaham ok23:17
@iglesiasgI am not the best reference in os x though since I don't use it23:18
lambday_same here :(23:18
@iglesiasgnew2shogun,  where exactly is std::complex used that you are getting the error?23:18
@iglesiasglambday_, did you try with wiking ?23:18
lambday_iglesiasg: I pinged him but I guess he's away23:19
lambday_iglesiasg: well, this is the error msg he's getting -
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lambday_seems something related to libstdc++ to me :-/23:20
-!- lambday_ is now known as lambday23:20
lambdayiglesiasg: by the way, how's things with you?23:21
lambdayyou're mentoring this year?23:21
new2shoguniglesias: i do not know where std::complex is used ... how can i find out?23:22
lambdaynew2shogun: its in the core code (SGVector and many other places)...23:22
@iglesiasglambday, everything good. I started my PhD this month23:23
@iglesiasglambday, yep, I will mentor this year a project23:23
lambdayiglesiasg: great! :)23:23
@iglesiasgnew2shogun, with the error message, but lambday just sent it to me so I will have a look now23:24
@iglesiasglambday, are you applying as a student this year?23:24
lambdayiglesiasg: I am thinking of..23:24
new2shoguniglesiasg: thanks!23:25
@iglesiasgnew2shogun, not real clue why this may happen23:25
@iglesiasgnew2shogun, so you want to use the python modular interface, right?23:25
new2shogunyes, that is exactly what i want.23:26
lambdayiirc, few days back there was a post regarding this sort of error on osx23:28
lambdayI am not sure23:28
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new2shogunat least someone got it working on osx:
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