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sonne|workwhere is besser82?10:35
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sonne|worklambday: argh now that I see you I forgot to send you the files11:08
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lambday_sonne|work: sorry got disconnected11:09
lambday_sonne|work: don't worry I just started11:10
lambday_sonne|work: a demo like the binary classification problem would also be awesome!11:10
lambday_sonne|work: btw shall I steal texts sometimes from your thesis? :P11:11
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sonne|worklambday: yes sure just add my name then too11:40
lambdaysonne|work: absolutely :)11:40
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ShubhamtomarHi !17:10
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bumblebee_wanted some info abt the opencv integration19:34
bumblebee_is that page showing any data? it was given as a link in the ideas page?19:40
@wikingbumblebee_: imo that's a bad link19:49
@wikingbumblebee_: it should be simply opencv.org19:50
@wikingas a reference on opencv19:50
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