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@HeikoSlisitsyn: hi!00:58
lisitsynHeikoS: hey00:58
@HeikoSI sent you a list of slots00:58
lisitsynjust seen it00:58
@HeikoSwe have to make sure that all mentors pressed the "i want to mentor buttoin"00:58
lisitsynlet me check00:58
@HeikoSlisitsyn: and then we have to press accept button00:58
lisitsynI'm struggling with google accounts00:59
lisitsynwhat a pain to have two of these00:59
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grecocdhow do i get the values from a sgmatrix<index_t> and copy them into a sgmatrix<float64_t> . i have a sgmatrix<index_t> that I need to its values as a parameter to a method that takes sgmatrix<float64_t> as an argument05:27
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@besser82sonney2k: sry, had been in bed just a few minutes before your reply...10:07
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@besser82wiking: ping?  You're free for some minute?13:02
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@wikingbesser82: ?14:31
@besser82wiking, let's get that over in my query...  ;)14:32
kislayHi all. I couldn't run GradientModelSelection class in python interface. It keeps on returning "NameError: name 'GradientModelSelection' is not defined".14:49
kislayhowever it's sister class GridSearchModelSelection is operational. What could possibly be the problem?14:49
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kprahwiking: Hey! You there? Designed a basic framework. Wanted to discuss with you.16:52
kprahbesser82, sonney2k: Hey guys, are you free?16:53
@besser82kprah, wassup? :D16:53
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kprah_besser82: I have working under the LP/QP framework.16:55
kprah_I have design a basic framework for it. Can you review it?16:55
@besser82kprah_: Do you have some link or PR for me to look at, plz?16:55
kprah_yup. 1 sec16:56
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kprah_besser82: sorry for the delay, just a few seconds more.16:58
kprah_besser82: here it is https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwoqDW19G-X7a3otUUZBcVd0ZjQ/edit?usp=sharing16:59
kprah_besser82: this is for issue 1969. I am trying to unify all the bundle solvers for the moment17:01
@besser82kprah_, lemme look at this a bit deeper...  Will give you comments on that later on...17:05
kprah_ok. Will this take some time?17:05
@besser82kprah_, yes, that will need a bit of time  ;)17:06
kprah_Can you post your comments on my thread on the mailing list? This is the name of the thread "Regarding Optimization Framework Design"17:08
kprah_besser82: And sorry for my rudeness. I am Aditya. Nice talking to you.17:09
@besser82kprah_, hey, that's no problem  ;)  Nice talking to you, too  :D17:09
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kprah_besser82: the earlier one was a little misaligned. Please consider this new file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwoqDW19G-X7VTE5dDlFalh4T3c/edit?usp=sharing17:19
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@besser82wiking, sonney2k: ^^^17:27
@besser82lisitsyn, ^^^17:27
lisitsynno idea :D17:28
@besser82lisitsyn, :D17:28
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