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thoralfvvu|Log: Hey!  How is you python_modular going?  Did you solve the LD_LIBRARY_PROBLEM?00:25
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kislaythoralf, hi :)11:21
thoralfkislay: Good morning!11:21
thoralfDifferent time zone I guess. ;)11:21
kislaythoralf, good afternoon from here :D11:21
thoralfYeah. :D11:22
kislaythoralf, you belong from Europe, aren't you?11:23
thoralfYes, Germany.11:24
thoralf(summer time since last sunday, rest of the year UTC+1)11:24
kislaythoralf, never knew that even time zones are this complicated :)11:25
thoralfkislay: How is your project going?11:26
kislaythoralf, I am working on few issues.11:28
thoralfAny problems there?11:28
kislaythoralf, I have done quite a bit of documentation part, for eg: a ipython notebook and django demo stuff. But I want to dive in some C++ code. Any pointers please?11:29
kislaythoralf, how should I start?11:29
thoralfkislay: I guess it's best to look into one of the examples (libshogun/undocumented directory)... there are many, so you can choose which part of shogun you want to understand.11:30
thoralfFirst you should understand SG_REF/SG_UNREF, because we have this magic thing which cleans references automatically.11:32
thoralfTurn on debugging and watch out for "SGRefObject created/destroyed" messages.11:32
kislaythoralf, in the examples you mean..11:33
thoralfWhile executing one of the examples, yes.11:33
thoralfSo you see when objects are destroyed and created.  This is a bit tricky -- it will save you some pain understanding it first. ;)11:34
kislaythoralf, got it.11:34
kislaythoralf, Do you think a taking up a issue will speed up things?11:34
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thoralfWhat also helps is to setup an own project directory, where you can create your own test-c++ programs.  Though changing the examples in shogun would also be possible, it will require you to always recompile more stuff.11:37
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thoralfThis is annoying because waiting 2 minutes after fixing a simple issue is not acceptable. ;)11:37
thoralfkislay: Let me check if there are issues related to this.11:38
kislaythoralf, yup . Thanks for the info. It will be a good headstart :)11:38
thoralfkislay: <-- An issue I created.  It's more about documentation, but also involves what I said: Setting up a separate project outside shogun sources.11:41
kislaythoralf, yeahh :)11:42
thoralfkislay: Who are you on github?11:45
kislaythoralf, kislay is kislayabhi on github :D11:46
kislaythoralf, okay. I went through the details you provided there on the issue tracker.11:48
thoralfkislay: I see two open pull requests.  What's missing to close them?11:48
kislaythoralf, Is one related to some PCA notebook. I think it got polluted.11:49
thoralfOkay, can you close the polluted one?  So we have only have active PRs on the TODO list.11:51
kislaythoralf, sorry. I did it just now.11:52
thoralfNo worries. :)11:52
kislaythoralf, which other one are you seeing?11:52
thoralfJust some housekeeping. ;)11:53
thoralf <-- click "period: 1 month" next to on "contribution activity", then you should see your recent PRs.11:53
kislaythoralf, any specific example that you want me to work on related issue.11:54
thoralfTalking abbout #2054?11:54
kislaythoralf, yup.11:55
thoralfThe binary example is totally fine.11:57
thoralfIf it's too easy, we can pimp it afterwards. ;)11:57
thoralfOr do you have other examples in mind?  What's your interest?11:58
kislaythoralf, hehe, PCA for sure!!11:58
thoralfYou can even do something with GPs or PCA.11:58
kislaythoralf, First I need to get a hang of the issue!11:59
thoralfThe thing is, that this one should explain how to solve one more-less common problem with shogun.  It wouldn't make sense to have many hundred lines of code, because this should end up in an example.11:59
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thoralfsorry,  not example.  tutorial12:00
kislaythoralf, yup. correct me if my understanding is wrong: You want a tutorial for new users to deal with different ways a shogun method/class can be used.12:02
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thoralfkislay: Yes.  Imagine a new user asks: "I have a C++ program and I want to use shogun to train a whatever-classifier on own data?"12:05
thoralfOr PCA or or or ;)12:05
kislaythoralf, then that user is in trouble!!12:06
kislaythoralf, I must help them.12:06
thoralfIn which case ;)12:06
kislaykislay, hmm.. I am getting the gist of your point!12:08
thoralfkislay: Talking to yourself? ;)12:08
kislaythoralf, haha :D12:08
kislaythoralf, As a new user, I need to ask myself a lot. This helps a great deal to produce lucid code!!12:09
thoralfJust something "how would a shogun developer do this", so you have something clean to start from.12:10
thoralfAnd then dive into the details *after* having compiled something.12:11
thoralfNot debugging weeks until you get something compiled. :)12:11
thoralfkislay: My suggestion for the tutorial would be github MD files.  Then we can convert them to html and include it on the website quite easy.12:12
kislaythoralf, got it. Er.. which compilation you are talking about?12:15
thoralfWell, assume that the user already compiled shogun and installed it somewhere.12:15
thoralfLet's say the headers are in /home/user/shogun/includes while the library is in /home/user/shogun/lib/
kislaythoralf: so, the user needs to use them12:23
thoralfI don't understand?12:23
kislaythoralf, sorry again. What you meant by this "And then dive into the details *after* having compiled something."12:25
thoralfI meant, it's easier for the user to dive into the details if he has something running.12:26
kislaykislay, okay okay.12:26
kislaythoralf, okay12:26
kislaygot ir12:26
kislaythoralf, Now I have a clear picture. :)12:28
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thoralfkislay: Cool.12:29
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