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lisitsynwe pluginize concrete machine00:00
lambdaybase classes always need to be compiled as you said00:00
lisitsynno other way around that I guess00:00
lisitsynlambday: https://github.com/lisitsyn/aer/blob/master/test_lib_src/library.cpp#L2600:01
lambdaylisitsyn: could you please give me the link of your poc implementation00:01
lisitsynthat's how we export library00:01
lambdayoh :D00:01
lisitsynlambday: we begin manifest declaring the name of the library00:02
lisitsynnext we export class mentioning its base class00:02
lisitsynand name00:02
lisitsynonce we are done we are closing the manifest00:02
lisitsynI did some crazy stuff inside - should be simpler00:02
lisitsynbut this works00:03
lambdayalright let me check00:03
lambdaybut doing this in shogun is gonna be crazy huge!00:04
lisitsynlambday: nobody promised it being easy :D00:04
lisitsynlambday: but why *huge*?00:05
lisitsynwell I can agree00:05
lisitsynbut essentially that would be about putting manifests00:06
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lambday_lisitsyn: sorry man got dc00:07
lisitsyn(02:04:19) lisitsyn: lambday: nobody promised it being easy :D00:07
lisitsyn(02:05:47) lisitsyn: lambday: but why *huge*?00:07
lisitsyn(02:06:00) lisitsyn: well I can agree00:07
lisitsyn(02:06:08) lisitsyn: but essentially that would be about putting manifests00:07
lisitsynlambday_: ^00:07
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lambday_lisitsyn: what does this Object class do?00:17
lisitsynlambday_: that's a base class to store paraemters00:19
lisitsynlambday_: it can store various parameters basically00:20
lambday_lisitsyn: this looks cool (and pretty complex :D)00:22
lisitsynlambday_: I am afraid it is a long way yet00:25
lisitsynlambday_: I need to convince people it is not slow and it is reliable00:25
lisitsynnot this implementation but that concept00:25
lambday_hehe :D00:26
lambday_you could write up on this on your blog...00:26
lambday_explaining the idea00:26
lisitsynlambday_: yeah or github00:26
lisitsynblog would be better I guess00:27
lambday_yeah on github you have to create issues00:27
lambday_blog is better00:27
thoralfwiking: We could also fix the macro SG_ERROR to include a "exit(1);" after the message, so the coverity detects that it's terminating the program. ;)00:27
thoralfWorking around the limitations. :)00:27
lambday_lisitsyn: next massive task would be to splitting shogun into these libraries00:28
lisitsynlambday_: that would be pretty funny thing to do00:28
lambday_things are pretty intertwined00:29
lambday_lisitsyn: but it would have been really cool if we didn't have to include base classes in the core module00:29
lisitsynlambday_: why?00:30
lambday_although don't know if that's possible00:30
lisitsynno I am pretty sure it is not00:30
lisitsynwe need to keep something00:30
lisitsynotherwise interfaces would be ruined00:30
thoralfwiking: Of better __coverity_panic__00:32
lisitsynlambday_: ok thanks for your suggestion00:35
lisitsynI started big post on that00:35
lambday_lisitsyn: yes please write the post :)00:35
lambday_lisitsyn: btw can't help but asking - why 'aer' :P00:37
lisitsynlambday_: latin air :D00:37
lambday_seriously? :D00:37
lisitsynlambday_: yes00:38
lisitsynlambday_: I love latin00:38
lisitsynand well I like to give names to things00:39
lambday_lol :D00:39
lisitsynthis gives them soul I guess :D00:39
lisitsynlambday_: I bet in your culture there should be something about soul of things00:39
lambday_umm what are the compile time overloads? I mean this is all highly templated00:39
lambday_lisitsyn: honestly I wouldn't know :D00:39
lisitsynlambday_: it is compiled once00:39
lisitsynthere is no real overload00:40
lisitsynwell it is as overloaded as overloaded the set of base classes are00:40
lisitsynif we choose 100 classes as base00:40
lisitsynwell I am sorry but that's 100+100 methods00:40
lisitsyn100 getters and 100 setters00:41
lisitsynbut once generated they are here and you don't care anymore00:41
lisitsynit is templated but they should be exported00:41
lisitsynlambday_: I guess I need to explain it pretty detailed :D00:45
lambday_lisitsyn: yes please00:46
lisitsynlambday_: I feel people don't get what I am saying00:46
lambday_I heard that it's a problem with with geniuses ;)00:46
lambday_have you watched BBC Sherlock? :P00:46
lisitsynif I was that type it would explain00:46
lisitsynhmm actually yes a few episodes00:47
lisitsynnot the last season though00:47
lisitsynI am now a big fan of 'person of interest'00:47
lambday_not up to the mark but can't wait for 4th season00:47
lambday_yeah heard that one is pretty hit00:47
lisitsynI want to build such thing they have in series00:48
lisitsynlike 'machine' :D00:48
lambday_hehe :D00:48
lisitsynlambday_: they have some machine that does crazy surveillance00:49
lisitsynand the only thing I think about all the time00:49
lisitsynhow to make it that scalable00:49
lambday_lol :D00:49
lambday_have to watch it them ;)00:49
lisitsynlambday_: I guess every programmer would think00:49
lambday_the only programming related thing I saw was the movie antitrust..00:50
lisitsynnormal people would say it is about private life00:50
lisitsynbut no! I am pretty sure it is scalability :D00:50
lambday_lol :D00:50
lisitsynwho cares about privacy when it is not clear how to analyze these TBs of data00:51
lambday_and they always skip that part! they will show you gazillions of HD stacks and fancy UI00:51
lisitsynlambday_: what about hackers? :D00:51
lambday_yeah that one too.. but pretty old..00:51
lisitsynthe hackers00:52
lambday_you meant that sandra bullock starred one00:52
lisitsynlambday_: hmm I think it was00:52
lambday_jolie was it!00:52
lisitsynI barely could remember her name00:52
lisitsynthat's crazy00:52
lambday_you forgot jolie's name!! :D00:52
lisitsynthey have been flying across some virtual city00:53
lisitsynmakes no sense at all00:53
lisitsynprobably director decided some letters would be boring00:53
lisitsynlambday_: it is much better in the 'person of interest'00:53
lambday_antitrust is better from that perspetive :P00:53
lisitsynIIRC they had a phrase like that00:54
lambday_yeah my friends are watching.. gotta watch :D00:54
lisitsyn'to make it multithreaded use atomic variable'00:54
lisitsynlambday_: I like when they don't insult people with non-sense00:55
lisitsynlike 'I build mega-firewall to find his TCP address'00:55
lambday_hahahaha :D00:55
lisitsynthis should be outlawed00:55
lambday_sounds like DC comic's physics :D00:56
lisitsynlambday_: I am offended by 'the big bang theory'00:56
lambday_lisitsyn: I am not.. I don't notice anything else except penny :D00:56
lisitsynI have more or less clear vision that such guys don't look like that00:57
lisitsynand don't act like that00:57
lisitsynI may be wrong but it looks stupid for me00:57
lambday_lol I am offended by Raj's accent :D00:57
lambday_he bloody dates a supermodel in real life!00:58
lambday_not dates.. I guess married!00:58
lambday_we deviated a lot from plugins, didn't we :-/00:59
lisitsynlambday_: who cares?00:59
thoralflambday_: No.00:59
lambday_haha :D00:59
lisitsynI like speaking about normal things00:59
thoralflambday_: https://xkcd.com/214/00:59
* lambday_ raises his glass00:59
lisitsynthoralf: yes that's how it works01:00
lambday_thoralf: wtf did I just see :D01:00
lisitsynthoralf: and well01:00
lisitsynyou know any discussion leads to01:00
lisitsyn...? who? :D01:00
lambday_sasha grey? :-/01:01
lambday_I'm out!01:01
lisitsynI googled for the name of the law, it is godwin's law01:01
lisitsynhitler time haha01:01
thoralfGodwin's law says you're losing anyway.01:02
lambday_fuck! :D01:02
lisitsynsorry it is a law01:02
lambday_I wonder how did he prove this :-/01:02
lambday_super NLP stuffs on social media?01:02
thoralflambday_: He invented use net01:03
thoralflambday_: By experiment.01:03
lisitsynlambday_: well it is just like01:03
lisitsynyou talk a lot and notice01:03
thoralflambday_: Every Hitler comparison ended up like this.01:03
lisitsyneverything ends with hitler01:03
lisitsynwell lets just talk more01:03
lisitsynand we end with hitler01:03
thoralfWhile falling afoul of Godwin's law tends to cause the individual making the comparison to lose his argument or credibility, Godwin's law itself can be abused as a distraction, diversion or even as censorship,  [...]01:04
lambday_speaking of hitler, did you watch his reaction to Dexter's finale :D :D01:04
thoralf(quote wikipedia)01:04
thoralflisitsyn: Distraction.01:04
thoralflisitsyn: YOU lost credibility, but WE lost focus.01:05
lisitsynthoralf: haha01:05
lisitsynthoralf: hitler!01:05
lisitsynokay anytime from now01:05
lisitsynif I am tired receiving some messages from github issue01:05
lambday_didn't we reach there already?01:05
lisitsynI just break in01:05
lisitsynsay hitler01:06
lisitsynand that's it01:06
lambday_that does it, no :D01:06
thoralflisitsyn: Is this something like unsubscribe? ;)01:06
lisitsynor something more complex01:06
lisitsyn'how dare are you to commit such fascist changes, are you a hitler or what?'01:06
lisitsynthis would funny up the whole process01:07
thoralflisitsyn: No, it won't.01:07
thoralfHas been tried in usenet several times, but never worked out.01:07
thoralfThat's when Godwin came and wrote his law. :D01:07
lisitsynthoralf: ok actually godwin's law is being used heavily now01:08
lisitsynby russian tv01:08
lisitsynthoralf: if you don't know the reason why we've taken crimea01:08
lisitsynwell guess the name01:08
lisitsynI am serious now01:08
lambday_you weren't before :D01:09
lisitsynno :D01:09
lisitsynI guess it works in other states01:09
lisitsynbut it is heavily used now01:09
lisitsynand it works01:10
lisitsynlambday_: something completely different01:10
lambday_lisitsyn: no idea! :D01:10
lisitsynlambday_: is there anything like 'law of fish'01:11
lisitsynin indian culture?01:11
lambday_lisitsyn: they swim.. we eat them... that's the law!01:11
lisitsynok let me url you01:11
lambday_lisitsyn: its an album :'(01:12
lisitsynlambday_: find matsya nyaya01:12
lambday_lisitsyn: ohhhh fuck I knew about that01:12
lisitsynmatsya nyaya ("fish justice" i.e. a situation where the big fish eat the small fish)01:12
lambday_read that in history books :D01:12
lambday_matsya nyaya01:13
lisitsynlambday_: some sources refer that as some analogy01:13
lisitsynto law of the jungle01:13
thoralfHakuna matatah?01:13
lisitsynlike the most powerful creature f-cks them all01:13
lisitsynthoralf: sure01:13
lisitsynlambday_: so I am curious what's this thing :D01:14
thoralflisitsyn: Are you drunk?01:14
lisitsynthoralf: I wish I was!01:14
lambday_me too :(01:14
lisitsynwhy do you ask?01:14
lisitsynif you have something lets drink it together01:14
lambday_count me in..01:15
lisitsynthoralf: I always act like drunk! live with that :D01:15
lambday_lisitsyn: but I don't know why on earth they named it that way :D01:15
lambday_but I love this sanskrit words :D01:15
lisitsynlambday_: well I was close! your probability was better01:16
lambday_fyi latin and sanskrit are actually sister languages - considering your fascination towards latin :D01:16
lisitsynlambday_: I have no idea how sanskrit relates to whatever01:16
lisitsynlambday_: oh well latin is cool yeah01:16
lambday_I've heard that many words in latin are exactly similar to words in sanskrit01:16
thoralflisitsyn: Because you talked like drunk. ;)01:17
lambday_like.. tell me the word for father in latin01:17
lisitsynhmm I can't remember that01:17
lisitsynahh probably pater01:17
lambday_in sanskrit its pitr01:17
lisitsynlambday_: it is often easy to understand latin words01:17
lisitsynthey have some logic beneath01:17
lambday_yeah man!01:18
lisitsynthoralf: always like that01:18
lambday_I am talking from sanskrit's pt of view :D01:18
lambday_no wonder they are extinct :D01:18
lisitsynlambday_: correct me if I am wrong thoralf but it is fater in DE01:18
lisitsynlambday_: yeah I think so01:19
lisitsynmother is mutter in deutsch01:19
lisitsynyou could knew that from rammstein01:19
lisitsynas any other german word01:19
lisitsynespecially 1,2,3,..01:20
lambday_hehe :D01:20
lisitsynahh and everybody know how to speak 'left' in german due to that 'links' song01:20
lisitsynbut not 'right' which is 'rechts' and not mentioned by rammstein :D01:21
lambday_I've only heard a few ... mein herz brennt and that song with a snake01:21
lambday_lisitsyn: man its 5.. I'm off to bed :D01:27
lisitsynlambday_: see ya01:27
lambday_lisitsyn: 3 at your place01:27
lambday_lisitsyn: ciao... gn :)01:27
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lisitsynthoralf: what do you think about sun tzu?01:39
thoralfSounds like civilisation?01:40
lisitsynthoralf: author of 'the art of war'01:40
thoralfSome of the gread achievements in freeciv.01:40
lisitsynpshh :D01:41
lisitsynwe don't need to transduct it to the freeciv01:41
lisitsynthoralf: music!01:42
lisitsynwhat music do you like?01:42
thoralfSmalltalkException raised.01:43
lisitsynthen we know you are written in smalltalk01:43
thoralfToo late.01:43
lisitsynso you left me alone with nobody to talk with01:43
lisitsynI will remember that!01:44
thoralfYeah, sorry.01:46
thoralfGood night.01:46
lisitsynthoralf: g-nite01:47
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lambdayHeikoS1: hi!16:23
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shogun-notifier-shogun: tklein23 :develop * 0ade927 / doc/md/CodingStyle.md: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/commit/0ade92705c7d67a356b99bea68e2e864c51330f419:22
shogun-notifier-shogun: Add `--break-blocks` to add newlines after blocks19:22
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Thoralf Klein :develop * feca620 / tests/unit/lib/SGSparseVector_unittest.cc: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/commit/feca620630e1b2c765fed83d83b1bdf0e3db51a119:41
shogun-notifier-shogun: Another unit test that covers another problem if features are not sorted.19:41
shogun-notifier-shogun: tklein23 :develop * 7fc8c23 / tests/unit/lib/SGSparseVector_unittest.cc: https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/commit/7fc8c23b834022931a826d352ec7f72aae77145719:41
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2139 from tklein23/another_sgsparsevector_unittest19:41
shogun-notifier-shogun: Another unit test that covers another problem if features are not sorted19:41
@besser82thoralf, ho!20:13
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's tklein23's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun: http://travis-ci.org/shogun-toolbox/shogun/builds/2305557020:28
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thoralftravis-ci: Which massacre, man?20:37
thoralfI did everything right!20:37
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@besser82thoralf, travis possibly reports sth. fully unrelated.  Maybe he's drunk.  :-P20:42
thoralfbesser82: It's always drunk.20:42
thoralfWho cares about R?20:42
@besser82thoralf, noone ;)20:42
thoralfWell, lets throw it out.20:43
thoralfGimme 3 minutes.20:43
@besser82thoralf, ask sonney2k about that  ;)20:43
@besser82thoralf, you need that long?  ;)20:43
thoralfWell, took so long because I decided not to fix it. :D20:59
thoralfcoverity is great.21:01
thoralfTravis will hate me and/or send me a bill for wasted cpu-days: https://travis-ci.org/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull_requests21:02
shogun-buildbotbuild #247 of debian wheezy - memcheck is complete: Failure [failed memory check]  Build details are at http://buildbot.shogun-toolbox.org/builders/debian%20wheezy%20-%20memcheck/builds/247  blamelist: tklein23 <tklein23@users.noreply.github.com>21:27
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's tklein23's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun: http://travis-ci.org/shogun-toolbox/shogun/builds/2305697622:38
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@wikingthoralf: working with coverity?22:52
thoralfJo. :)22:54
thoralfI'm abusing Travis for running the tests... sorry.22:59
thoralfI just tried to fix some of the issues and will check Travis output later. ;)22:59
thoralfBut I *think* non of them *should* break.22:59
thoralfOnly fixed the ones that I (hopefully ;)) understood.23:00
@wikingheheh dont be sorry .... it's not me who travis can personally track down ;)23:01
@wikingremember they are in berlin :P23:01
thoralfDamn.  Now it's in the logs.23:06
shogun-buildbotbuild #248 of debian wheezy - memcheck is complete: Failure [failed memory check]  Build details are at http://buildbot.shogun-toolbox.org/builders/debian%20wheezy%20-%20memcheck/builds/248  blamelist: tklein23 <tklein23@users.noreply.github.com>, Thoralf Klein <thoralf@fischlustig.de>23:12
lisitsynbah duplicates :D23:12
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