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thoralfLast man standing?00:04
pickle27lol its only dinner time on the side of the pond00:05
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lisitsynomg guys don't come to austria they have beardy girls :D00:24
thoralfpickle27: Sorry, in my restricted perception it's night now.  And I insist that it's night everywhere now.00:28
thoralflisitsyn: lol.  Show pictures. ;)00:29
lisitsynthoralf: see the winner of eurovision ;)00:29
thoralflisitsyn: Already one year over since last one...?00:29
thoralfDidn't know. ;)00:30
lisitsynthoralf: europe goes crazy :D00:30
thoralfI see.00:31
thoralfThat's german for "sausage".00:32
lisitsynthoralf: haha00:32
thoralfConchita Wurst sounds like some spicy sausage from somewhere around Brazil.00:33
thoralfBorn 1988?00:33
thoralfI'm getting old.00:33
lisitsynthoralf: russian candidates are born 1997 :D00:34
thoralf(S)he wasn't even born when I went to school.00:34
lisitsynthis is the case I am old00:34
lisitsynthoralf: I am puzzled by the meaning of his beard :D00:37
thoralflisitsyn: It's a drag.  I'd be puzzled about people who were not puzzled.  So you're okay. ;)00:38
lisitsynthoralf: no no00:38
lisitsynI mean it is okay to pretend to be a woman00:38
lisitsynbut beard :D00:38
thoralfWell, my interpretation: Being so proud to show that  you successfully pretended to be a woman... ;)00:39
thoralfSo proud to show everyone.00:39
lisitsynthoralf: haha that's really getting crazy00:40
thoralf(I made this up within last 60 seconds.  So it's a low-quality interpretation. ;))00:40
thoralfBut the interpretation at least needs to be a bit paradox to be plausible. :)00:40
lisitsynthoralf: yeah haha00:41
thoralfIt's like: You see two doors.  There are two guards.  One is lying every time, the other one says the truth.  Find the door with the right interpretation.00:42
pickle27lol I know that perception00:46
thoralfpickle27: Back from lunch, eh? ;)00:47
pickle27Im actually cooking steak!00:48
thoralfGreat man!00:49
* thoralf had bbq today.00:49
thoralfBut steak is cool.  Real steak?  2cm thick?00:49
pickle27yeah its probably 2.500:55
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thoralfIsn't it crazy to chat while cooking?00:57
thoralfNo offense... just curious. ;)00:57
thoralfI can understand chatting while in the bath tub... but while cooking? ;)00:58
pickle27lol I'm just waiting for it to be done now00:59
pickle27my computer is only a few meters from the kitchen I'll know if something explodes01:00
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shogun-notifier-shogun: iglesias :develop * 1209755 / src/shogun/structure/StochasticSOSVM.cpp,src/shogun/structure/StochasticSOSVM.h:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Move unnecessary include from header to source file.12:37
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fernando Iglesias :develop * 7b466f2 / src/shogun/structure/StochasticSOSVM.cpp,src/shogun/structure/StochasticSOSVM.h:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2219 from iglesias/develop12:37
shogun-notifier-shogun: Move unnecessary include from header to source file.12:37
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shogun-buildbotbuild #2277 of bsd1 - libshogun is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
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lambdayHeikoS: hi!13:12
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amycHi, I am installing shogun java modular and having some problem, I have the latest cygwin. Could some one help me?13:39
dhruv13jamyc: why not use linux?13:43
dhruv13jamyc: are you set on getting it to work on windows?13:43
amycOur company development box are windows, we use jave/tomcat. I need to develop on my dev box, but we deploy on production machine on linux, so eventually I'll also need to build linux modular.13:48
dhruv13jamyc: What problem are you facing on cygwin?13:59
amyccmake give me error on FindJNI: missing JAVA_AWT_LIBRARY,14:01
amycI edited FindJNI.cmake file to set the following parameters based on my java home directory: JAVA_AWT_LIBRARY      = the path to the jawt library #  JAVA_JVM_LIBRARY      = the path to the jvm library #  JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH     = the include path to jni.h #  JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH2    = the include path to jni_md.h #  JAVA_AWT_INCLUDE_PATH = the include path to jawt.h14:27
amycwhere the path to jawt library is the directory of jawt.lib, etc. It seems cmake finished configuration.14:29
amycNow I run "make" and got another error on io.File.cpp: 'strdup' was not declared in this scope.14:32
shogun-buildbotbuild #297 of debian wheezy - memcheck is complete: Failure [failed memory check]  Build details are at  blamelist: iglesias <>, Fernando Iglesias <>15:30
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amycdhruv13j: not sure if you are still there to help me, I managed to progress by editting CFile.cpp and several other files for adding std header. and got to the point with another error: Scanning dependencies of target java_modular_src make[2]: Circular src/interfaces/java_modular/swig_typemaps.i <- src/interfaces/java_modular/swig_typemaps.i dependency dropped. Error copying file (if different) from "/cygdrive/c/shogun-shogun_3.2.0/src17:29
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dhruv13jamyc: sorry, was away... have you read this:
dhruv13jamyc: libshogun itself is not compiling properly, and I don't think you should be editing source files... is your cpp environment sane? try getting it to compile plain shogun first (ie. don't add the JAVA_MODULAR=ON option while building)18:19
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dhruv13jamyc: first debug cmake, get it to generate the build files properly18:20
dhruv13jamyc: then, try and resolve issues with the c++ environment on your version of cygwin... which one by the way?18:23
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amycdhruv13j: thank you very much for replying. I just downloaded cygwin from their website 2 days ago. checking cygcheck --version shows it is 1.7.29, I am new on the whole thing, sorry maybe doing/saying some stupid things. I also downloaded shogun 3.2.0 two days ago. My system is windows 7 laptop, with java 7. The cygwin gcc version is 4.8.2. If I use the original downloaded code for make, I got the errors such as " error: 'strdup' was 19:10
amycdhruv13j: since I am a java developer, I don't know how to fix c++ environment in cygwin.19:14
dhruv13jamyc: I can try and help you with that... will take me a while though, since i am new to cygwin too19:20
dhruv13jamyc: I'll try building it on windows + cygwin and get back... you will find me here mostly :-)19:22
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kislayHi pickle27 :)20:24
kislaypickle27, I will incorporate the changes suggested by you in the doc then.20:25
pickle27sounds good!20:26
kislaypickle27, hehe... okay. Just give me 10 mins.20:26
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kislayhey pickle27 , do I have to add the OpenCV hello world test at shogun/test/integration21:41
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pickle27yeah I would put them at shogun/test/integration/opencv21:42
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