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kislayhey HeikoS .02:46
shogun-buildbotbuild #2 of nightly_fedora is complete: Failure [failed git]  Build details are at  blamelist: iglesias <>, Fernando Iglesias <>03:00
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kislayhey PirosB309:09
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kislayheya lisitsyn :)09:50
lisitsynkislay: hey09:51
kislaylisitsyn, I just wanted to know, what are the essentials of an integration test.09:52
lisitsynkislay: well they just run something and check if the results are staying the same09:54
lisitsynkislay: if something is changed it is probably a bug09:55
kislaylisitsyn, so If I run a basic kind of hello world program which uses the new library... will it be a perfect integration test!09:56
lisitsynwell if you check whether results are identical or not - yes09:56
kislaywhats left to check in a hello world program. I have written a basic opencv to shogun matrix conversion test. But what to check?09:58
lisitsynkislay: this sounds like a unit-test10:01
lisitsynyou could convert matrix and check whether they are identical10:01
kislaylisitsyn, if it doesn't matches then what should I produce as the output. Can you give me some already used example from the repo. It will help a lot.10:03
lisitsynkislay: check tests/unit10:04
lisitsynthere are a bunch of unit-tests there10:04
kislaylisitsyn, thanks. I will see it then.10:05
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@besser82lisitsyn, ping?12:22
@besser82lisitsyn, about the c4.5 impl.12:22
@besser82lisitsyn, ain't that another license-encumbered algo?12:22
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lisitsynbesser82: hey12:40
lisitsynbesser82: c4.5 is under license yeah but it is from scratch I guess?12:40
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amycdhruv13j: hi, I am back, did you get chance to look at the problem I had posted yesterday?13:58
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kislayhey pickle27f16:53
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kislaypickle27f, I have made a basic matrix conversion as per your gist17:12
kislaypickle27f, but I have a feeling that I am missing the point17:12
pickle27fthat looks pretty good but for our first test we don't need to worry about the conversion17:12
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pickle27fwe'll be building up a proper shogun class to do the conversion and then test that17:12
pickle27fbut yes all your test does at the moment is ensure we do the conversion without crashing17:13
pickle27fit doesn't actually test that we did it properly17:13
kislaypickle27f, should I send a PR with this?17:14
pickle27fyeah lets get a PR up then I can make some inline comments17:14
kislaypickle27f, great17:15
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kislaypickle27f, done!!17:32
pickle27fcan you tag me in it so it sends me an email17:32
pickle27fI am @pickle27 on github17:32
kislaypickle27f, sure17:33
pickle27fI'll make some comments on this in a bit17:35
pickle27fin the mean time you can start working on the factory class if you want!17:35
kislaypickle27f, any starting point that may help!17:37
pickle27fhave you read up on factories? or builder objects17:40
pickle27fit'll be a simple class that's only purpose is to take arguments and return objects17:40
pickle27fso it will take opencv objects and return shogun objects17:41
pickle27fand vice versa17:41
pickle27fand remember my gist!17:41
kislaypickle27f, yup. Thats good for me to go :)17:42
kislaypickle27f, thanks17:42
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kislayhey hi Saurabh7 :)17:43
Saurabh7hi kislay!17:48
Saurabh7want't around17:48
kislaySaurabh7, Oh, np.17:48
kislaySaurabh7, just never talked to you so wanted to say Hi.17:49
kislaySaurabh7, you too from India right?17:49
Saurabh7oh yeah17:49
Saurabh7i missed the meetup unfortunately17:49
Saurabh7yup indian17:49
kislaySaurabh7, where?17:50
kislaySaurabh7, i mean where in India?17:50
Saurabh7Goa, BITS pilani17:50
kislaySaurabh7, wooh! awesome!17:50
kislaySaurabh7, I heard you people have awesome life.17:51
Saurabh7hehe yus17:51
Saurabh7that publicty17:51
kislaySaurabh7, I am from Varanasi. The city is shitting with politicians.17:52
Saurabh7oh great ... IIT right?17:53
Saurabh7exams done?17:53
kislayyup :)17:53
kislayyours still going?17:53
Saurabh7I am being bombarded here17:53
kislayhaha. I had my share. Now you have yours!17:54
Saurabh7yup , end at 14th atlast17:54
kislaySaurabh7, best of luck then!17:55
Saurabh7kislay, thanks man, gtg now... see you soon17:56
kislaySaurabh7, bye17:56
amychi, I had asked question on building shogun java modular on cygwin yesterday, as it is too hard, I have compiled on linux today (shogun.jar), however, using it can't find a lot of classes, such as isoMap, I can see class RealFeatures, DoubleMatrix, though. could anyone help me point me if something is missing? thanks!18:27
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lisitsynkhalednasr: hey20:03
khalednasrlisitsyn, hey20:04
lisitsynkhalednasr: ok lets wait for theo :D20:04
khalednasrlisitsyn, yeah :)20:04
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lisitsynkhalednasr: sorry my gtalk was broken :D20:15
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naywhayareI know John Langford's cover tree code is in use here, and I think I've mentioned once or twice that it has a bug; so I figured I would also mention that he fixed it today, so you guys probably ought to pull in the new version where you use it:20:48
naywhayareif this isn't actually of interest to anyone, sorry for the spam :)20:48
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lisitsynnaywhayare: wow!21:18
lisitsynnaywhayare: finally!21:19
lisitsynnaywhayare: he's the only guy being able to fix that so this is really important :D21:22
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naywhayarelisitsyn: yeah, I thought he had completely forgotten but I got an email out of the blue and he said he fixed it21:44
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amychi, could someone help me here: I have a java modular, and following the examples of java modular interface. I can't make converter example: Isomap class resolved, even though almost all other classes in the examples can be resolved. I noticed that some class need to "import static ..." to get to the actual class.But can't find it in isoMap example.21:52
amycI see CIsoMap in C class, could some point me how to import java's Isomap class?21:54
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@iglesiasgGood evening gentleman22:21
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lisitsyniglesiasg: hey22:40
@iglesiasglisitsyn, man, they accepted my paper!22:41
lisitsyniglesiasg: what paper? :D22:41
@iglesiasglisitsyn, I've got some comments to address22:41
@iglesiasglisitsyn, IIRC, I actually sent it to you :P22:41
lisitsynhmmm really?22:41
lisitsynwait wait I can remember you said something about paper22:41
lisitsyniglesiasg: can't find it in my mail22:42
lisitsynthough can find some mention of it22:42
@iglesiasglisitsyn, let me check22:43
@iglesiasglisitsyn, I was wrong probably22:45
@iglesiasglisitsyn, I cannot find that I sent it to you in fact, sorry22:45
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