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shogun-buildbotbuild #313 of debian wheezy - memcheck is complete: Failure [failed memory check]  Build details are at  blamelist: Bj?rn Esser <>, Thoralf Klein <>00:29
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lambdaybesser82: coolmccool ?? :P00:48
@besser82lambday, yes  :D00:49
lambdaybesser82: haha :D00:49
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lambdayyou could use CallMeCool :D00:49
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lambdayCoolMcCool: how you doin' man?00:50
@CoolMcCoollambday, all nice over here :D00:50
lambdayCoolMcCool: I can use your comments and suggestions on something00:50
lambdayCoolMcCool: do you have a min?00:50
@CoolMcCoolsure  :D00:50
lambdayalright - just a min00:51
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lambdayCoolMcCool: I have added some cmake stuffs in this PR
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lambdayCallMeCool: hahaa :D00:52
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lambdaylol I am confused!00:52
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lambdaybesser82: well, what I needed was to add support for viennacl mainly, and define a HAVE_LINALG_LIB whenever there is viennacl OR eigen3 available00:53
@besser82lambday, in cmake?00:53
lambdaybesser82: could you please check the cmake code and let me know if its done properly?00:53
lambdaybesser82: sorry, a cmake novice totally :(00:53
@besser82lambday, sure!  Can I do this during tomorrow?00:54
lambdaybesser82: yes00:54
lambdaybesser82: absolutely - whenever you have some free mins :)00:54
@besser82lambday, I'll have a look during ~ 10 - 11 UTC00:54
@besser82lambday, If there's sth. problematic, i'll comment on github00:55
lambdaybesser82: please let me know about any suggestions you have as commments in the PR00:55
lambdaybesser82: yeah :D00:55
@besser82lambday, which pr?00:55
lambdaythis one00:55
@besser82lambday, allrighty  :D  thx ^^00:55
lambdaybesser82: ^00:55
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lambdaybesser82: btw, had totally spicy indian food tonight - don't know whether I can sleep - its too hot :/00:56
@besser82lambday, hehe  ;)  I'd try some milk and bread  =)00:56
@besser82lambday, might come in handy00:56
lambdaybesser82: better!! its like 100 degrees here!00:56
@besser82lambday, that sounds pretty hot00:57
lambdayplus the alcohol!00:57
@besser82lambday, not a real good combo  :(00:57
@besser82lambday, spicy food + alc + hot temp00:57
lambdaybesser82: nope :( regretting already :(00:57
lambdayliving in a seaside city still its so hot! just umimaginable00:58
@besser82lambday, then go sleeping on the beach @ shallow water  ;)00:59
@besser82lambday, might be cool enough  :D00:59
lambdayhaha the beach is like 15 miles from here :D00:59
lambdaybesser82: don't have :(00:59
@besser82that's bad...01:00
lambdaybest way is to take a shower and just sleep on the terrace!01:00
@besser82that might help as well01:01
lambdayphew! ya gonna try that only! :(01:01
@besser82If it's too hot, I usually sleep in the basement  ;)01:02
@besser82chilling ~ 12? around the year01:02
lambdaybesser82: classic! you remind me of harry potter :( I live in a hostel - don't have a basement :'(01:03
@besser82lambday, mhhh... I c01:03
lambday~12 degrees is the dream!01:03
lambdaywe have this temp in winters01:04
@besser82lambday, no winters are more chilled over here  :(01:04
@besser82lambday, like <= -5? outside01:04
@besser82lambday, a few years ago we had ~ -20?01:05
lambdaybesser82: lol! I have never lived under - temp01:05
@besser82lambday, yes india is a little warmer than germany  :D01:05
lambdaybut I love winters more! lived in 0 degrees though but never -01:05
@besser82lambday, you don't wanna try that01:05
lambdaya "little" is an understatement :D01:05
@besser82lambday, on those temps you would get an instant cold, if you are not used to that01:06
lambdaythere are parts in india that are always below 0 but I don't live there!01:06
@besser82lambday, k2?  himalaya?  :-P01:06
@besser82lambday, ain't the yeti from there?01:06
lambdaybesser82: yeah mostly the northern parts - kashmir, himachal (places near to himalayas)01:07
lambdaylol yeti :D01:07
@besser82lambday, yes I believe in yetis existing01:08
lambdayI went to a place called "manali" in the himachal in june and the temp was so low that my ass froze in the morning even when it was burning in rest of india01:08
lambdaybesser82: you're kiddin :D01:08
@besser82lambday, no, have you ever seen Reinhold Messner?01:08
lambdaybesser82: is that a movie?01:09
lambdaybesser82: in either case, no01:09
@besser82lambday, no a climber  ;)01:09
lambdayno I didn't! don't say that he claimed to have seen yetis01:09
@besser82lambday, no, but he looks very close:
lambdaybesser82: lol :D yeah close enough!01:10
@besser82lambday, *ROFL*01:10
@besser82lambday, so they MUST exist  :-P01:10
lambdaybesser82: in the age of photoshop, they definitely do ;)01:11
lambdaythis pic could seriously be turned into one - just a little patch of white and voila!01:11
lambdayyou're taurus? :P01:12
@besser82lambday, which taurus?01:20
lambdaybesser82: the astrological one01:21
@besser82lambday, nope,  cancer01:21
lambdayhaha :D01:21
@besser82lambday, Nick comes from an old game called `Interstate '76`01:21
lambdayI gathered that from MrTaurus01:21
lambdaybesser82: oh no idea about that01:22
@besser82lambday, was back in 1997  ;)01:22
@besser82lambday, I think you are a bit to young for that  ;)01:22
lambdaybesser82: I was in 5th grade trying to figure out the arithmetic problems that my teacher gave me01:22
@besser82lambday, hehe01:23
lambdaybesser82: didn't have a computer till it was 2005 :d01:23
@besser82lambday, me was 15 back then  ;)01:23
lambdayI was 10 :D01:23
@besser82lambday, so you are older than lisitsyn  ;)01:24
lambdaybesser82: lol we had a long discussion on this on our gsoc startup meeting :D01:24
lambdaylisitsyn is no longer the youngest boy in the camp01:24
@besser82lambday, who is it?01:25
lambdaybesser82: kislay - I guess he's '94 born01:25
lambdayso just 3 years old when you played this game!01:25
@besser82lambday, ahhh...01:25
@besser82lambday, :D01:25
lambdaylol :D01:25
lambdayI felt so old!01:26
lambdayyou make me feel better about myself :D01:26
lambdaynot better, younger :P01:26
@besser82lambday, another good thing I did today  :D01:26
lambdaybesser82: what is it?01:26
@besser82lambday, making you feel better ^^01:26
lambdaybesser82: yeah just got that! god bless you :D01:26
lambdaywell, watching oprah on letterman is not the perfect way to end a day but I can't take it anymore :D01:28
lambdaybesser82: going to sleep!... please share your comments on that PR when you have some free time :)01:28
lambdaylooking forward to that :)01:28
@besser82lambday, sure will do so  :D01:28
@besser82lambday, good night!  :D01:28
lambdaybesser82: good night man!01:28
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qwerty_Hey, can anyone help me out on the installation04:54
qwerty_whenever I make a build directory, cd into it and execute cmake, all the cmake files are a level up04:54
qwerty_so executing make in the build directory makes no sense?04:55
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qwerty_Err, anyoe?04:59
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qwerty_anybodu from the shogu devs or whose used it before?05:12
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abinash_pandaHi thoralf !10:23
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thoralfhey abinash_panda10:40
@besser82thoralf, morning!  :D10:42
@besser82thoralf, after getting the enlightning about how $NLP-Stuff works...10:43
thoralfbesser82: I won't call it NLP ;P10:43
@besser82thoralf, C'mon  :-P10:43
@besser82thoralf, converting text-data to sth. useful, then  ;)10:44
@besser82thoralf, ROFL10:44
@besser82thoralf, I think we can get sth. real tight and burning with LLDA  ;)10:45
@besser82thoralf, Just using that SVM-approach to get some initial labels on the topics to do some further modelling with labeled LDA  :D10:45
@besser82thoralf, so with lLDA we can have a reinforcable && predictive model on that ;)10:47
@besser82thoralf, so we retrain the model with user-input and don't end-up with mixed up lda-topics  :D10:48
* besser82 fresh , Ghetto chef :-P10:49
thoralfThat's the goal. ;)10:51
thoralfBut don't need llda.  Simply wrapping LDA output into $machine.10:52
thoralfLet's don't spam the channel.10:52
abinash_pandathoralf: Hey!10:53
abinash_pandathoralf: I was going through your reply. I am sorry, I am unable to get it. If you could help in that10:54
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lingis anyone there?23:19
lingi tried to install Shogun with matlab interface on my computer (Ubuntu 12.04)23:19
lingWhen I tried to run an example on matlab23:19
lingI got fetal errors23:20
linghere is the error information23:20
ling Segmentation violation detected at Thu May 22 14:16:11 2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------  Configuration:   Crash Decoding  : Disabled   Current Visual  : 0x21 (class 4, depth 24)   Default Encoding: UTF-8   GNU C Library   : 2.15 stable   MATLAB Root     : /usr/local/MATLAB/R2011b   MATLAB Version  : (R2011b)   Operating System: Linux 3.2.0-37-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 24 1523:20
lingThis error was detected while a MEX-file was running. If the MEX-file is not an official MathWorks function, please examine its source code for errors. Please consult the External Interfaces Guide for information on debugging MEX-files.23:21
lingcan anyone help me?23:21
lingalso, under the folder example/documented23:22
lingthere is no exampls at all23:22
ling15 May 22 13:02 data -> ../../data/toy/23:23
linglrwxrwxrwx 1 lingjie lingjie 17 May 22 13:02 matlab_static -> matlab_and_octave23:23
lingunder the src/interfaces/matlab_static folds23:25
lingonly those three files23:25
lingCMakeLists.txt  MatlabInterface.cpp  MatlabInterface.h23:25
lingno example files at all23:25
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