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burb_hi everyone09:51
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Saurabh7hey kislay ,12:47
kislayhey Saurabh712:47
Saurabh7kislay,  any idea how big shogun-data is?12:48
Saurabh7its taking forever to update here :)12:48
kislay385 MB...12:48
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kislaylast time I downloaded it, it was this much12:48
Saurabh7kislay, thanks12:49
Saurabh7have sh*t connection here12:49
kislaySaurabh7, where are you?12:49
Saurabh7ah, middle of nowhere right now :)12:50
Saurabh7native place12:50
kislayhaha :D12:50
kislaywhere is it?12:50
Saurabh7west coast12:50
kislaymaharashtra right12:51
Saurabh7yeah, oh , i meant east :P12:51
kislayIs beach near?12:51
Saurabh7yes very near, 2 km12:52
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kislayhey iglesiasg13:40
@iglesiasgsup kislay13:41
kislayI am having a trouble. I have added OpenCV as a option in CmakeLists.txt.13:42
kislaynow all my unit tests are working fine when I add a -HAVE_OPENCV=on flG13:42
kislayat the time of building13:43
kislaybut my normal builds are failing.13:43
kislayiglesiasg,  So the point is...what to do to make those opencv unittests run only when the HAVE_OPENCV flag is enabled.13:44
@iglesiasgkislay, I guess you wrote already an ifdef13:45
kislaythats done...13:46
@iglesiasgkislay, so for reason what's not working properly is the cmake part13:46
@iglesiasgkislay, agree?13:47
kislayI am somewhere messing with the includes!13:47
@iglesiasgkislay, mm hold on -- the includes?13:48
@iglesiasgkislay, have you checked if the HAVE_OPENCV flag gets the right value?13:48
kislayyes. I checked it. It gets 1.13:48
@iglesiasgkislay, and when you don't use it, is it 0?13:49
kislayI didn't check this!!13:49
kislayok. I see. hey one more thing...whats use of this '#include <shogun/lib/config.h>'13:50
kislayit's always at the top of all the headers I see...and it sets the value of HAVE_EIGEN3 and dependencies to 113:50
@iglesiasgkislay, yep13:51
@iglesiasgkislay, optional libraries rather than dependencies, I think13:51
kislayBut, if eigen3 is not in the machine, then HAVE_EIGEN3 should never be set13:51
kislaybut if my theory is correct...13:52
kislaythen we are setting it everytime13:52
@iglesiasgkislay, that file should be refreshed after doing cmake13:52
@iglesiasgI think13:52
kislayNope. That file looks more hardcoded ...13:52
kislayI edited that file and added HAVE_OPENCV =113:53
kislaynow I do a #include <shogun/lib/config.h>13:53
@iglesiasgkislay, that file is in .gitignore13:53
kislaythe #ifdef HAVE_OPENCV13:53
@iglesiasgkislay, the fact that it is in .gitignore makes me believe even more that it should be generated with cmake13:53
@iglesiasgkislay, but let me try it out13:54
kislayyeah, It should be system generated... doing a #include<shogun/lib/config.h> and then a #ifdef HAVE_OPENCV with the config.h file editable is foolishness. We are not achieving anything...13:55
kislayiglesiasg, wow14:00
kislayiglesiasg, i checked it.14:00
@iglesiasgkislay, what is it?14:00
kislayit comments out those lines which have #define for optional lib not present!!!14:01
kislayiglesiasg, well...I don't know if I drew the right conclusion though..14:01
@iglesiasgkislay, yes. I just tried something with doxygen14:02
kislayiglesiasg, so?14:02
@iglesiasgkislay, if it is not installed, then /* #undef HAVE_DOXYGEN */ is written. Otherwise, #define HAVE_DOXYGEN 1 appears14:02
@iglesiasgkislay, this happens in the configure step of cmake (I do configure + generate in two steps using ccmake)14:03
@iglesiasgkislay, not sure if you are being ironic :-P14:03
kislayNever knew things like these are hidden in the vaults of shogun :)14:03
@iglesiasgkislay, so, I think that the question is14:03
@iglesiasgkislay, what do you need / how do you want to do with OpenCV?14:04
kislayI need to convert the mat data structure which shogun uses to ours densefeatures14:04
@iglesiasgkislay, if installed in the system then is used OR depending on a flag given14:04
@iglesiasgkislay, the second seems more flexible to me at first sight14:04
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kislaythe user need to have it14:05
kislay+ the user should make the flag ON14:05
@iglesiasgkislay, ok. Have you seen something that is done like that already in our CMakeLists?14:06
kislayyeah. I have seen it very thoroughly14:06
kislayI got it merged even14:07
@iglesiasgkislay, I didn't mean that...14:07
@iglesiasgkislay, I meant if you have seen any other library that is handled like that already by our CMakeLists14:07
kislayI followed EIGEN314:07
kislayvery much like that14:07
@iglesiasgkislay, then, as you may noted, EIGEN3 is not as you just said14:07
@iglesiasg<kislay> the user need to have it14:08
@iglesiasg<kislay> + the user should make the flag ON14:08
@iglesiasgEIGEN3 is not handled like that14:08
@iglesiasgIf I am not wrong14:08
kislayyes, you are correct14:08
kislaywe need to have it14:08
kislayno flags required14:08
kislayit automatically gets included..14:08
@iglesiasgso.. we go back to the question before14:09
@iglesiasghow do you want to do it14:09
kislaykevin wanted it be like we do with -DPythonModular=ON.14:10
kislaySo, I would have liked it when we go for the flag14:10
@iglesiasgkislay, all right. To make it makes more sense like that too14:10
@iglesiasgkislay, I agree. Then you can probably draw inspiration from the Eigen part, but that is not exactly what you will want to do14:11
kislayyes yes14:11
@iglesiasgkislay, I suggest you to check as well how we are doing it with CCACHE14:11
@iglesiasgkislay, I know that for that one we allow to do something like ENABLE_CCACHE=OFF14:11
kislayah! I see.14:12
kislayI get it14:12
@iglesiasgkislay, awesome ;-) Good luck with it!14:13
kislayActually I followed the PythonModular lib to get the flag on/off. It's same as ccache..but the difference is just that Python interface is default OFF and CCache is On14:14
kislayit all makes sense :)14:14
kislaythanks. I will see it then14:14
lisitsyniglesiasg: hey14:31
@iglesiasglisitsyn, hello hello14:32
lisitsyniglesiasg: how is it going? :)14:32
@iglesiasglisitsyn, good, can't complain. What about you?14:33
lisitsyniglesiasg: quite ok :)14:33
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@iglesiasglisitsyn, what are you up to this weekend?14:36
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lisitsyniglesiasg: polishing thesis :D14:36
@iglesiasgexciting :P14:46
lisitsyniglesiasg: for sure14:53
lisitsyniglesiasg: e.g. I made a mistake in thesis' title :D14:53
lisitsynforgot a word14:53
@iglesiasglisitsyn, haha let it be without it14:54
lisitsyniglesiasg: it was already settled in some document so need to fix :D14:55
@iglesiasglisitsyn, how would it translate to English?15:03
lisitsyniglesiasg: ehmm like 'research and development of inductive model transfer in pattern recognition'15:04
@iglesiasgall right!15:04
@iglesiasgit sounds fancy :)15:04
lisitsynchicken chicken chicken chicken15:04
lisitsyniglesiasg: I map data with LTSA and pray my domains are not apart anymore15:05
lisitsyndomain adaptation!15:05
lisitsynchicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken15:05
@iglesiasghaha pray15:08
lisitsyniglesiasg: yes that's map&pray approach15:08
lisitsyniglesiasg: similar to the 'construct deep neural network and pray' one15:09
lisitsynthough latter works :D15:09
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shogun-notifier-shogun: lambday :feature/linalg * 86dface / src/shogun/kernel/CustomKernel.cpp,src/shogun/kernel/CustomKernel.h:
shogun-notifier-shogun: updated custom kernel sum methods with linalg sum methods16:57
shogun-notifier-shogun: Soumyajit De :feature/linalg * e11dbea / src/shogun/kernel/CustomKernel.cpp,src/shogun/kernel/CustomKernel.h:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2241 from lambday/feature/linalg16:57
shogun-notifier-shogun: updated custom kernel sum methods with linalg sum methods16:57
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khalednasrlisitsyn, hey20:44
lisitsynkhalednasr: hey20:44
khalednasrlisitsyn, I've been playing around with viennacl a little bit20:45
lisitsynwhat can you say about it?20:45
khalednasrturns out it doesn't support random number generation :(20:45
lisitsynwell we can extend it in quite a few ways20:46
lisitsynwith custom kernels20:46
khalednasryeah I guess20:46
khalednasrI know almost nothing about random number generators though20:47
lisitsynkhalednasr: doesn't opencl have anything on it?20:47
lisitsynkhalednasr: I was looking at your PR20:48
khalednasrIt doesn't have any generators out of the box20:48
lisitsynwe need to summon heiko or wiking in the thread :D20:48
lisitsynto make sure it follows the way other developers think is good20:49
khalednasryou mean the PR?20:49
khalednasryeah sure20:50
lisitsynI mean it is kind of specialized IO20:50
khalednasrlisitsyn, well, summon them! :D20:56
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