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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's khalednasr's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in khalednasr/shogun:
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lisitsyn1khalednasr: hey19:10
lisitsyn1looking at your pr now19:10
lisitsyn1looks good so far19:10
khalednasrlisitsyn1, cool19:10
lisitsyn1I like the tempo :D things going very fast19:10
khalednasrlisitsyn1, yeah, I hope I can keep it up :D19:11
khalednasrlisitsyn1, ruby and java are failing on travis for some reason19:12
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lisitsyn1khalednasr: ruby sees no shogun around19:45
lisitsyn1same with java19:45
lisitsyn1strnage indeed19:45
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khalednasrlisitsyn1, It tries to download some file an does a hash check on it, and the check fails19:49
lisitsyn1khalednasr: what file?19:49
lisitsyn1I see19:50
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abinash_pandaHey thoralf !20:27
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abinash_pandaHey thor|home !22:20
thor|homeHey abinash_panda22:20
thor|homeabinash_panda: I read your mail.  As long as the results are comparable with other implementations, I don't see big problems. :)22:22
abinash_pandathor|home: Ok :)22:23
abinash_pandathor|home: scikit-learn also trains multiple classifiers independently for multilabel classification. That's why I think the results are comparable.22:24
thor|homeabinash_panda: Okay, sounds plausible.22:25
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