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kislayhey pickle2706:19
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@besser82wiking, see:
@besser82wiking, what's the beef with it?07:41
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thor|alfHappy Friday everybody.08:24
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thoralfHey abinash_panda09:42
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@wikingbesser82: 3.0 started to scream about it11:26
@besser82Whether to use rpaths on Mac OS X.11:27
@besser82When this property is set to true, the directory portion of the "install_name" field of shared libraries will be @rpath unless overridden by INSTALL_NAME_DIR. Runtime paths will also be embedded in binaries using this target and can be controlled by the INSTALL_RPATH target property. This property is initialized by the value of the variable CMAKE_MACOSX_RPATH if it is set when a target is created.11:27
@besser82Policy CMP0042 was introduced to change the default value of MACOSX_RPATH to ON. This is because use of @rpath is a more flexible and powerful alternative to @executable_path and @loader_path.11:27
@besser82wiking, ^^11:27
@wikingbesser82: oh yeah one more thing
@wikingbesser82: how can i enable new ports?11:27
@besser82wiking, open them in firewalld  ;)11:27
@wikingbesser82: i've tried to update/etc/sysconfig/iptables11:27
@besser82wiking, open them in firewalld  ;)11:28
@wikingps aux|grep firewall11:28
@wikingroot     24751  0.0  0.0 112624   936 pts/0    S+   09:28   0:00 grep --color=auto firewall11:28
@wikingbesser82: i've added the rule by hand to iptables11:28
@wikingno luck :(11:28
@besser82wiking, no firewalld runing?11:29
@wiking-A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 2375 -j ACCEPT11:29
@wikingbut that didn't help at all11:29
@wikingi have a feeling that it's filtered out somewhere else11:29
@wiking2014/06/20 09:29:27 Listening for HTTP on tcp (
@wikingbut if you try to telnet 237511:30
@besser82wiking, let me discuss this on #fedora-admin...11:30
@wikingand that's all11:30
@wikingso imo it's really filtered somewhere else11:30
@wikingwould be great to have any port enabled other than 22 ;P11:30
@wikingi'm good with 80, 443 or basically any port11:30
@besser82you want to have httpd on that?11:31
@wikingbesser82: no i want dockerd on it11:31
@besser82or which kind of service?11:31
@wikingdocker's rest api11:31
@wikingany tcp port is good for me11:31
@wikingother than 2211:31
@besser82lemme check with the guys in #fedora-admin11:31
@wikingbesser82: kk thnx heaps11:31
@besser82wiking, np  ;)11:33
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@HeikoSthoralf: around?15:19
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thoralfHeikoS: Yes.15:22
@HeikoSthoralf: hi!15:22
@HeikoScurrently checking the next steps for workshop15:22
@HeikoSwiking: around?15:22
@HeikoSthoralf: next steps are: registration and preliminary schedule15:23
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@HeikoSthoralf: Let's face it, the two of us will have to design everything15:23
@HeikoSthoralf: so we should decide on the number of talk slots and make people vote again, as last year15:24
@HeikoSbut less talks this time15:24
@HeikoSthoralf: do you have a minute now to discuss this?15:24
thoralfHeikoS: There is no such thing as a good timing for this. ;)15:25
thoralfSo let's do it.15:25
@HeikoSthoralf: ok :)15:25
@HeikoSso here is the preliminary program:15:26
@HeikoSthree parts:15:26
@HeikoS1.) into 2.)science 3.) cummunity15:26
@HeikoS1.) a) speed dating. b)welcome, introduction, overview, c) shogun overview15:27
@HeikoS2) a) ML intro, b) external talk c) ml1 d) ml215:27
@HeikoS3) a) Shogun's last year b) GSoC & cummunity c) hacking Shogun15:27
@HeikoSdiscussions between the three blocks15:27
@HeikoSthoralf: what do you think?15:27
@HeikoSThen we would have to do the welcome, overview, Shogun's last year, hacking GSoC talks15:28
@HeikoS(maybe fernando can also help=)15:28
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@HeikoSand there are 2 science talks (what to do?) and maybe one external one15:28
@HeikoSah sonney might also be there15:28
thoralfHeikoS: 2) is a big vague - any ideas about this already?15:28
@HeikoSthoralf: last year we had people voting on topics15:29
@HeikoSthoralf: basically, every developer added an item to a list that people could vote on15:29
@HeikoSthoralf: for external talk, we could call for contributions (also for science talks)15:29
thoralfHeikoS: every developer [that plans to attend the workshop]?15:29
@HeikoSthoralf: well yes15:29
@HeikoSyou, me, maybe fernando, mayber sonney15:30
thoralfHeikoS: Hmm.  Okay.15:30
thoralfI can talk about something, but only overview, since my current work doesn't involve shogun.15:31
@HeikoSthoralf: maybe some things on research you have done before?15:31
@HeikoSthoralf: we actually dont need people to vote this time as we are quite constrained on what to talk about15:31
thoralfHeikoS: Of course... as we're currently moving MultiLabel stuff into shogun.15:31
@HeikoSthoralf: so each of us can just choose what to present15:31
@HeikoSthoralf: yeah, so a 40 min talk about this stuff would be cool, ill put that in15:31
@HeikoSthoralf: can you put in a descriptive title into the googledoc or tell me now?15:32
@HeikoSthoralf: we just need rough things for now to send out a program draft to the people to register15:33
thoralfHeikoS: Intro to MultiLabel learning with shogun? ;)15:33
@HeikoSthoralf: nice!15:34
@HeikoSDo you want to talk about other things?15:34
@HeikoSLike GSoC?15:34
@HeikoSOr Shogun's last year?15:34
@HeikoSor both?15:34
@HeikoSsince you did a lot over that yera15:34
thoralfWell, I was fighting with different limitations of SHOGUN, like memory-violations, (old) make builds, solving my problems with shogun without hitting memory limits. ;)15:36
thoralfDoing hashing.15:36
thoralfNothing cutting-edge.15:36
thoralfJust solving "some" "problems"...15:36
thoralfOh, well.  Fighting with sparse interfaces.15:37
thoralfStill big construction site.15:37
@HeikoSthoralf:  I know, what about some more high level things?15:38
@HeikoSlike what kind of GSoC projects we had15:38
@HeikoSdevelopers who joined15:39
@HeikoSthings being implemented15:39
@HeikoSlike the notebooks, the cloud server, the demos, etc15:39
thoralfWell, I didn't have the time to follow the list or gsoc discussions.  So my view is really limited.15:39
@HeikoSthoralf: the point is, if we want to run the workshop, we should provide som ekind of high-level overview (obviously need to prepare this) to have some story in case none of the others can do this. If we don't have time/mindset to do this, it might be quite difficult ot run the workshop15:42
@HeikoSthoralf: I cannot lead this alone, so would depend on your help15:43
thoralfHeikoS: I can only offer lower levels.  Setting up shogun; how to create own project/classes outside shogun (most of the people are hacking their stuff in examples, but I don't like this approach).15:46
@HeikoSthoralf: what about talking a bit about GSoC from your side? Introduce the program, your project, how things work, present the results? And maybe some of the other studen'ts projects (like one or two more)15:47
thoralfSetting up IDE with shogun is a bit bumpy and finally didn't work out for me (doesn't support my workflows).15:47
@HeikoSthoralf: but the above is already great15:47
@HeikoSthoralf: basic intro to hacking  Shognu would already be amazing15:47
@HeikoSthoralf: like walk through a few examples, explain interfaces, blablabla15:47
thoralfTools for debugging shogun is also on my expertise list ;)15:47
@HeikoSthoralf: what was the time for hands-on again?15:47
thoralfMonday the 27th iirc15:48
thoralfYes.  Sunday the 27th iirc15:48
@HeikoSthoralf: just writing the call for participation15:49
@HeikoSwiking: could you set up a registration page as last year?15:50
thoralfSo I can do the hacking part.  Setting up a project, developing a leaking toy project, debugging it, maybe also telling something about refcounting.  Things like this.15:50
@HeikoSthoralf: great!15:50
@HeikoSthoralf: ok we dont need to fix details now, but first have a rough idea of the program in order  to send out the announcement15:50
@HeikoSthoralf: then we can figure details15:50
@HeikoSbut for now just need something to attract people15:50
@HeikoSI goota go to a talk now, but back later to discss. Editing the document now, please also do some updates on it on whatever you feel is good15:51
thoralfI'm a bit limited today.. but I'll try to do something tonight.15:52
thoralfWill you be here later?  When?15:52
@HeikoSthoralf: maybe later today, if not Sunday.15:53
@HeikoSthoralf: lets aim to send out the mail this weekend15:53
@HeikoSthoralf: I have some more time on Sunday15:54
@HeikoSand later today15:54
@HeikoSin 2 hrs15:54
@HeikoSgotta go now, see you15:54
thoralfOkay, Sunday is fine as well.15:54
thoralfOr just use mail.15:54
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@wikingbesser82: news on the fw?16:26
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kislay what am I doing wrong here ? can anyone point me to it.16:52
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kislayhey lisitsyn1 , there?16:54
lisitsyn1kislay: yeah16:55
kislaylisitsyn, if possible..could you see whats wrong in here
kislaylisitsyn1,                                                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^16:56
lisitsyn1kislay: the matrix is not reversible as its rows are linearly dependent16:57
kislaylisitsyn1, But why does matlab gives me a nice output?16:57
lisitsyn1what kind of output?16:58
kislayit is giving me pinv() output16:58
kislaywhich is definites16:58
kislay0.0051    0.0102    0.0153 ...16:58
lisitsyn1ah so you mean our pinv doesn't work16:59
lisitsyn1well it could be :)16:59
lisitsyn1I guess it would be better if it had det that is small but not zero16:59
kislayum, How to calculate inverse then? , any idea.17:00
lisitsyn1kislay: why do you need an inverse of a singular matrix? :)17:01
kislaylisitsyn1, actually.. I am eigenizing the LDA class.17:02
lisitsyn1kislay: hehe well you've got to regularize it or so17:02
kislaylisitsyn1, and there, I am not able to calculate the inverse of the scatter matrix.17:03
lisitsyn1kislay: well it won't work for these features then :)17:03
kislaylisitsyn1,  Even EIgen doesn't have a direct api for calculating pseduinv.17:04
lisitsyn1kislay: I wouldn't bother with that17:04
lisitsyn1kislay: actually they have moore-penrose thing in their FAQ17:04
kislaylisitsyn1, can it be used here!17:05
kislaylisitsyn1, okay. I saw that before. Let me try that then. thanks.17:06
kislaylisitsyn, you think I put this pinv thing as a issue?17:06
lisitsyn1kislay: well not really an issue but you don't really need pseudo inverse here I think17:08
lisitsyn1I mean that's ok your covariance is singular17:08
lisitsyn1you just reduce these features then ;)17:08
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pickle27kislay, I remember the days of fighting eigen vs matlab17:19
kislaypickle27, what is that? :)17:19
pickle27matlab does some stuff sometimes and its not super clear what its doing behind the scenes17:19
pickle27to get the same result in eigen you need to understand the math more - there is a lot of ways to do eigen values and inv in eigen17:20
pickle27like all those crazy classes whose names I don't remember17:20
kislaypickle27, more maths!17:20
pickle27yeah lol17:20
pickle27unfortunately Im not that math savvy anymore17:20
pickle27hopefully what lisitsyn mentioned is helpful to you right now17:21
kislaypickle27, I am hoping!17:21
pickle27otherwise I'd try one of the other eigen classes and see if it works for you17:21
kislaypickle27, that would be great.17:21
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@HeikoSthoralf: back17:38
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@HeikoSwiking: checking19:00
@HeikoSwiking: best thing is to do variational inference19:00
@HeikoSwiking: fastest, also SGD possible19:00
@HeikoSthoralf: nice!19:00
@HeikoSso its free19:00
@HeikoSthoralf: gotta run off now, will work on document later today, and then also be available tomorrow19:00
@HeikoSthanks for the chat, was nice talking after a year ;)19:01
@HeikoShave a nice evening19:01
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's tklein23's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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