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shogun-notifier-shogun: khalednasr :feature/linalg * 42829d4 / / (7 files):
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shogun-notifier-shogun: refactored linalg's dot product10:48
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shogun-notifier-shogun: FisherLDA coverty defects fixed12:40
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fernando Iglesias :develop * 352b606 / src/shogun/preprocessor/FisherLDA.cpp,src/shogun/preprocessor/FisherLDA.h:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2369 from kislayabhi/fisher_dafects12:40
shogun-notifier-shogun: FisherLDA coverty defects fixed12:40
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Fernando Iglesias's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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shogun-notifier-shogun-data: Abhijeet :master * ca0adc5 / testsuite/python2-tests/ (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-data: added data files for LDA.cpp integration14:54
shogun-notifier-shogun-data: Heiko Strathmann :master * 527e601 / testsuite/python2-tests/ (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-data: Merge pull request #61 from kislayabhi/master14:54
shogun-notifier-shogun-data: added data files for LDA.cpp integration14:55
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: Saurabh :master * 456a8ae / / (4 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: add predictive plot15:08
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lambdaykhalednasr: hi18:40
khalednasrlambday, hi18:40
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lambdaykhalednasr: could you please explain the issue with returning a new matrix for gpu?18:40
lambdaykhalednasr: sorry but I just want to understand :D'18:41
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khalednasrlambday, If you have the square method always returning an SGMatrix, it'll do the computation on the gpu, create a new matrix on gpu memory and then create another matrix on cpu memory and copy the data18:42
khalednasrlambday, which would take a while :)18:42
lambdaykhalednasr: ah I see!18:42
lambdaykhalednasr: great catch!18:42
lambdaykhalednasr: so you're suggesting that if we use gpu backend to compute something18:43
lambdaythen we should better stick with gpu memory instead and continue the rest of the work with that18:43
lambdaykhalednasr: what I am wondering is that, how often would we actually use a gpu backend for non gpu matrices...18:44
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khalednasrI'm not sure, the overhead of copying data back and forth between gpu and cpu is quite large18:44
lambdaykhalednasr: I am just thinking that creating the result matrix in my code and then passing it to the method is too much work :(18:45
lambdaykhalednasr: plus, I gotta do it this way... square(SGMatrix.... a, GPUMatrix.... b)18:45
lambdayresult goes into b18:45
khalednasryeah, If we add another template parameter for the return type18:46
khalednasrfor the result*18:46
lambdaybut I guess more often than not, when someone is *knowingly* working with gpu backend, he'd be using gpu matrices18:47
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khalednasrlambday, yeah18:47
khalednasrso another template parameter for the result is probably not necessary18:48
lambdaykhalednasr: I am just wondering if we need to do it this way for backend independent cases..18:48
lambdayI mean, yes, technically its possible to set global backend to be viennacl18:48
lambdayin that case any method using global backend is doomed18:48
lambdaybut if in my code I want to use with *only* gpu matrices, then maybe in the code I should use explicit backend and use gpu matrices18:49
lambdaywhich is safe no matter what global backend is set18:49
khalednasrlambday, yup, make making it possible to select backends for invidiual algorithms would be better18:49
khalednasrmaybe making it possible*18:50
lambdaykhalednasr: that's always possible.. for each method18:50
khalednasryeah, I mean on the user side18:50
lambdaythe developer just has to be concerned about the gpu-ness of a and b :D18:50
khalednasrlike, the user should be able select which backend neural nets run on, an so on18:51
lambdaykhalednasr: you mean module wise backend setup?18:51
lambdayI mean module-wise global backend setup?18:51
khalednasrlambday, yeah18:52
lambdaykhalednasr: my main concern is this - say, we're using eigen3 matrix for example... and I have a SGMatrix... so I want the result to be SG, not Eigen::Matrix18:53
lambdayI mean the non gpu cases shouldn't suffer18:53
khalednasrlambday, ah I see18:54
lambdaykhalednasr: if I understood your concern correctly, then you want to avoid data copy back and forth from cpu <--> gpu.. which is possible if we use in our code CGPUMatrix and explicit backend for the methods we call on them18:56
lambdaybut the module-wise global backend setup for those methods won't work!.. we can't use CUDA for that, for example18:56
khalednasrlambday, yeah, the main problem is with the return type18:59
lambdaykhalednasr: if we do things explictly then there's no problem though, right?19:00
lambdayI pass a gpu matrix, use gpu backend to compute things which constructs a new matrix in gpu,... and it returns a gpu matrix only19:00
khalednasryeah, but we have to pick a return type for the wrapper method19:00
lambdaykhalednasr: if we use the same matrix type then what's the problem? when I am passing CGPUMatrix then return type is also CGPUMatrix in which case we're steering clear of the data copy thing19:02
khalednasrlambday, ahh I see, sorry I was confused about something19:03
khalednasrlambday, yeah there won't be a problem19:03
lambdaymaybe we need to rethink this a bit... using another namespace to separete things as wiking suggested...19:04
lambdayhaha happens all the time :D19:04
khalednasrlambday, but we should probably have another wrapper methods that uses a pre-allocated result matrix19:04
lambdayso I guess it should be mentioned in a SG_INFO that data copy is a disaster19:05
lambdaykhalednasr: yeah that's fine19:05
lambdaykhalednasr: in those operators/copy constructors where you copy cpu <-----> gpu... could you please put a SG_INFO in there?19:05
khalednasrlambday, yeah sure19:06
lambdaySG_INFO("Caution: You're laptop's gonna curse you in 3...2...1... BOOM!");19:06
khalednasrhaha :D19:06
khalednasrlambday, another thing: in the Block struct, the matrix is copied into a struct member19:08
lambdaykhalednasr: I think no.. :/19:08
lambdayblock just carries indices19:08
lambdaylet me check19:08
lambdayif I did that then I'm stupid19:08
lambdaykhalednasr: block just wraps around the matrix19:10
lambdaymemory is allocated via pointer to that ptr is copied not the data19:10
khalednasryeah that's the case for SGMatrix and GPUMatrix19:10
khalednasrbut eigen3 does deep copies19:10
lambdaykhalednasr: err.. we should use const&19:11
khalednasrlambday, yeah19:12
lambdaykhalednasr: you're a lifesavor19:12
khalednasrlambday, haha :)19:13
lambdaykhalednasr: if you add a new module, please make appropriate changes in the cmake also :)19:15
khalednasrlambday, sure19:15
lambdayI'm psyched about getting feature/linalg merged with develop...19:15
khalednasrlambday, me too, can't wait to crash my computer's gpu with a huge neural net :D19:16
lambdaykhalednasr: haha... my poor laptop can't now run viennacl.. I am using pocl19:17
lambdayit shows pocl error : unimplemented opencl method with your new stuffs :(19:17
khalednasrlambday, oh, what should we call the new module? I don't think Util is very suitable19:19
lambdayI am the last person to ask about names :(19:19
lambdayyou suggest19:19
lambdayIdeally we want general stuffs to be there... matrix matrix multiplications, etc19:19
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khalednasrI hate naming stuff too19:20
lambdayI always turn to heiko about names :(19:21
lambdaylisitsyn: SOS19:21
khalednasrmaybe Core? or Basic?19:21
lambdaybasic yeha19:21
lambdaycore sounds good too19:21
lambdaylet us steal names from eigen319:21
khalednasrlambday, good idea :)19:22
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khalednasrlambday, back19:36
lambdaykhalednasr: wb19:36
khalednasrlambday, seems like Eigen3 has that stuff in their Core module19:37
lambdaykhalednasr: do you know if we can use ccache with clang?19:37
lambdaykhalednasr: yeha... and many more things19:37
lambdaycore is literally the core module there :/19:37
khalednasrlambday, nope, no idea19:37
lambdaybasic is cool19:40
lambdayno advanced stuffs... just basic things :D19:40
khalednasrlambday, cool :)19:40
lambdaykhalednasr: later when you send the PR then maybe we can ask peers to suggest names19:41
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khalednasrlambday, yeah19:42
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lisitsynlambday: khalednasr: I am back :D22:28
lisitsynanything I can help with?22:28
khalednasrlisitsyn, hey :)22:38
khalednasrlisitsyn, we were talking about what we should name a module in linalg that contains matrix mulitplications, additions and elementwise operations, etc22:38
lisitsynkhalednasr: uhmm and what were suggestions?22:54
khalednasrlisitsyn, core, basic, util, got any others?22:55
lisitsyndoesn't sound util22:56
lisitsyncore seems to be ok22:56
khalednasryeah, I agree22:57
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