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Laxus_25I am a 3rd Year UG student07:37
Laxus_25Is there any work I can help with?07:38
Laxus_25I am very much inclined towards the work in ML07:38
Laxus_25and I am currently pursuin my honors in the same field too07:38
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Laxus_25Is anybody online?15:33
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sonney2k_pickle27, hey - what are you doing?18:47
pickle27sonney2k_: what up18:48
sonney2k_pickle27, nothing shogun wise for me I hope only 6 more months till things normalize18:49
pickle27sonney2k_: yeah I get around to some shogun web work once in a while but not often18:50
pickle27hey did you get my mail about the irssi config?18:50
sonney2k_pickle27, I saw the mail but didn't read it in detail18:50
sonney2k_pickle27, what do you need?18:51
pickle27was just wondering if you could send me the config so I can write up in detail how it works18:51
pickle27I was also wondering how often the irc to html  cron runs18:51
sonney2k_the irssi config is not what it is doing18:51
sonney2k_it basically is just an ascii file18:52
sonney2k_and some python script creating the logs on top18:52
pickle27yeah I know18:52
sonney2k_wish I had something updating things live or so18:53
sonney2k_pickle27, so what is the state regarding the web site rewrite?18:53
pickle27well I have most things done I have an email I was going to send out about the final steps and what we want18:54
pickle27I wanted to include the irc logs in the new site or document how they work18:54
pickle27I didn't really find a better way to do it than irssi and irc2html18:54
sonney2k_pickle27, can I somehow give you access to the website and you look at this yourself?18:56
pickle27I just wanted the config so I could have instructions for running irssi on a different machine18:56
pickle27ummm I would need root I think18:56
sonney2k_pickle27, can you log in to the webserver?18:57
pickle27yeah wasnt expecting it18:57
pickle27yeah I have ssh there18:57
pickle27but I can18:57
pickle27but I can18:57
pickle27't see irssi files18:57
sonney2k_afk, back in ~30mins18:58
pickle27kk I'll have the command I need you to run ready18:58
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sonney2k_pickle27, ok just become the irssi user19:20
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pickle27sonney2k_: yeah becoming the irrsi user would work19:48
pickle27I tried su irssi but there is still a pw on the user account19:48
pickle27all I need is the contents of /home/irssi/.irssi/config19:49
pickle27there may be a nickserv password in there19:49
pickle27not sure if you want to remove it before sending to me19:49
pickle27sonney2k_: back?19:58
sonney2k_pickle27, sudo !20:12
sonney2k_pickle27, yeah please try to be privacy aware with the stuff20:12
pickle27hmm not sure I have a sudo password on that box20:13
sonney2k_pickle27, well do it!20:14
pickle27um sorry how?20:17
pickle27I don't think I ever entered a password on this box20:20
pickle27sonney2k_: okay thanks got what I need!20:23
@lisitsynhey guys20:24
sonney2k_lisitsyn, the man from moscow!20:24
@lisitsynsonney2k_: apparently yes20:25
@lisitsynsonney2k_: are tanks already near?20:25
sonney2k_lisitsyn, yeah obama just stationed them here20:25
@lisitsynsounds good!20:26
@lisitsynsonney2k_: let me to your side then20:26
sonney2k_lisitsyn, you sure?20:27
@lisitsynsonney2k_: da20:27
sonney2k_lisitsyn, well snowden is in cccp20:27
sonney2k_for a reason...20:27
sonney2k_anyone of you pushing a new release?20:28
sonney2k_or any news shogun wise?20:28
@lisitsynsonney2k_: I guess snowden is absolutely blind to not see the same thing here :D20:28
@lisitsynuhmm I am not pushing it because I am pushed with my job :(20:28
sonney2k_lisitsyn, you mean he should rather get some us interrogation treat - njet :)20:29
@lisitsynsonney2k_: well I'd better be monitored than be w/o internet at all :D20:30
pickle27alright guys I am out!20:30
pickle27I'll send something on the mailing list about the new website and planning soon!20:31
sonney2k_pickle27, excellent!20:31
pickle27have a good weekend guys!20:31
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sonney2k_lisitsyn, do you know of anyone pushing a release etc?20:32
@lisitsynsonney2k_: heiko is the only capable yet I guess20:32
@lisitsynhe is like busy as well I gues20:32
sonney2k_lisitsyn, ok then I guess it won't happen soon20:33
@lisitsynsonney2k_: why?20:33
sonney2k_lisitsyn, maybe when the 3 guys are at google20:34
@lisitsynahh this summit20:34
sonney2k_lisitsyn, the house has some stairs now20:35
@lisitsynsonney2k_: oh cool20:35
sonney2k_lisitsyn, so I might move in 3 months20:36
@lisitsynsonney2k_: will you have time once it is done?20:36
sonney2k_constructions will continue until end of spring20:36
@lisitsynsounds massive!20:37
sonney2k_lisitsyn, well deserted land around the house after the constructions right?20:38
@lisitsynsonney2k_: are you like living on the construction site now or what?20:39
sonney2k_lisitsyn, no20:39
sonney2k_lisitsyn, well we extend the house by basically attaching a new house (with connections) to the old one20:40
sonney2k_lisitsyn, so we just get the old one in shape and move into it once the new one has at least a roof and windows (but all interior work is missing)20:40
@lisitsynsonney2k_: I see20:41
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Laxus_25anybody online?20:43
sonney2k_Laxus_25, looks like!20:43
@lisitsynyeah even two of us20:43
Laxus_25I am new here20:43
Laxus_25I wanted to know about some current work going on20:44
@lisitsynoh well we are like relaxing after gsoc :D20:44
@lisitsynonce gsoc is done # of commits get pretty low20:44
@lisitsynso you said you want to do something related to machine learning?20:45
Laxus_25yes I do20:45
@lisitsynuhhm I see20:45
@lisitsynyou can actually browse through issues20:46
@lisitsynit depends what exactly you want to do20:46
Laxus_25well I am more of a reseach kind of person20:47
sonney2k_Laxus_25, which topic?20:48
Laxus_25currently I am working on 2 projects.20:48
sonney2k_Laxus_25, I mean basically the way things work here is you do what you like / are most interested in20:48
sonney2k_Laxus_25, so if you like to do ML algorithms of whatever kind - just do them20:48
Laxus_25I m currently working on classification in graph networks20:49
Laxus_25Do them as in?...Is there anywhere I can start with pertaining to shogun toolkit?20:50
sonney2k_Laxus_25, pointers depend on what you want to do :)20:51
Laxus_25I am interested more in implementing ML algorithms rather than the graphical and visualisation part20:53
sonney2k_Laxus_25, yes understood20:53
sonney2k_Laxus_25, does help?20:53
Laxus_25okay i will start to get working with it20:54
sonney2k_Laxus_25, which algorithm do you want to implement?20:55
Laxus_25I can start with Decision tree20:56
Laxus_25I will start with getting myself familiarising with the toolkit and going through the developer doc21:01
sonney2k_lisitsyn, didn't someone do a decision tree this gsoc - I am not up-to-date...21:03
Laxus_25I am just looking into it to get more familiar with the shogun-toolkit21:06
Laxus_25After I get familiar, I will get into other implementations21:07
@lisitsynsonney2k_: this gsoc no but we have something about it21:08
sonney2k_lisitsyn, id3?21:11
sonney2k_lisitsyn, I guess Heiko & wiking would know right?21:12
@lisitsynsonney2k_: yeah wiking should know that I think21:19
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Laxus_25Sir the ID3 implementaion is not a very scalable implemetation to it21:29
Laxus_25for scalability decision trees using SLIQ would be a better choice21:29
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