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wikinglambday: so how's life at the multinationals? :)09:39
lambdaywiking: boring :(09:40
lambdaywiking: you were right09:40
lambdayoracle *IS* evil09:40
wikingand brace yourself that this is what awaits you usually at a multinational09:42
lambdaymy work here is not even remotely related to ML and this is depressing..09:44
lambdaywiking: btw we haven't actively done any stammtisch (or forgot what the actual spelling of that thing is) after gsoc, right?09:45
wikingseems everybody is superbusy lately09:45
lambdaywiking: yeah... I have been doing some work on the refactoring stuff which I want to do right before I jump into implementation..09:46
lambdaywiking: any chance you happened to see that thread?09:46
lambdaywiking: its more of a general ideas which we can do for features, kernels and other stuffs as well09:49
lambdaywe have all the kernels but sparse features are not supported...09:50
wikingah ok09:50
lambdayshould have been easy09:50
wikinghaven't seen it09:50
lambdaymaybe we can discuss during the meeting - I can use your inputs on this..09:52
lambdaylet's have a meeting next Monday09:52
lambdayabout the release as well09:52
lambdayI can send a calendar invite09:52
* lambday afk09:53
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