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USChello all10:08
USChow are you10:08
USCanybody alive?10:08
USCI need MATLAB mex files for Shogun Toolbox10:08
USCanybody has it?10:08
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@wikingUSC: what version of shogun r u trying to use10:55
USClatest version10:57
USCthanks for writing10:57
USCwiking: 3.2.010:57
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USCwiking: are you there?10:58
@wikingtry using git develop branch11:00
@wikingthat'll generate u what u want11:00
USCcould you please provide me the link for git develop branch?11:01
@wikinggit clone
@wikingor if u don;t know git11:01
@wikingthen u can just11:01
USCI have a question, if somebody creates matlab files for shogun, can those matlab files be used on another computer?11:01
@wikingmatlab files for shogun?11:02
@wikingyou mean the inteface file...?11:03
USCI'm trying to use shogun on MATLAB11:03
@wikingwell you could use it... but it wouldn't necesarily work11:03
@wikingyour biggest problem with matlab + shogun is going to be11:03
@wikingthat actually a lot of new features you are going to miss :<11:03
@wikingas it's using the old static interface11:03
USCthan what is your suggestion?11:04
USChow can I use shogun? I have windows 8.111:04
@wikingyou want to use it from matlab11:05
@wikinghave u maybe tried ever python?11:05
USCit would be better for me because I'm familiar with matlab, but if many features are missing in MATLAB interface, then I would like to benefit all of its features,11:06
USCdoes shogun fully function with python?11:06
USCor should I install wmware linux virtual machine on my computer?11:06
@wikingpython modular interface is fully functional11:07
@wikingmm myou could use docker11:07
USCwhat is docker?11:07
USCare you a developer of shogun?11:08
USCdoes it have multiple kernel learning features?11:08
@wikingthere's some examples about that11:09
@wikingu can check for yourself11:09
USCon what platform should I use shogun? do I need to learn linux to run it with its full features?11:09
@wikingno not at all11:10
@wikingthat's why i suggested you docker11:10
@wikingthat's i think the easiest way to have shogun11:11
USCat the moment :)11:11
@wikingas i'm hoping that one day we'll be able to natively compile shogun on windwos11:13
USCthis is what we're looking for, it would be great11:14
USCdocker is a linux virtual machine for windows?11:14
USCis there a how-to-use-shogun-on-docker-file available?11:15
USCwiking: ?11:16
@wikingusc yes11:16
@wikingyou can use yourself this one11:16
@wikingit's not the official (as we are still working on that)11:16
USCthank you very much, you're great11:19
USCwhere are you from? where do you live?11:19
@wikingatm i'm in singapore11:20
USCdo you have a contact e-mail or facebook?11:22
@wikingthe best is to use the mailing list of shogun as more shogun developer reads it11:24
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USChello wiking11:49
USCI installed docker, then I lost my internet connection11:50
USCcould you please re-send me the documentation for docker - shogun?11:50
USCand the youtube video11:50
USCafter installation, I just double-clicked Boot2Docker Start shortcut my on desktop, do I need to do anything like update etc.11:51
@wiking11:16 <@wiking> it's not the official (as we are still working on that)11:51
@wiking11:18 <@wiking>
@wiking11:18 <@wiking>
USCdocker version 1.3.1 build 4e9bbfa11:52
USCand it says Docker client does not run on windows for now please use "c:\....11:54
USCis this okay?11:54
@wikingshould be11:55
@wikingbut then again about docker read the official documentation11:55
USCthis docker is very complicated11:59
USCwhat language is that?11:59
USCdocker run -p forward_port:8888 -v outside_ipynbs:/ipynbs -d c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb11:59
USCwiking: I know I take a lot of your time12:01
@wikingmmm this you should write in your command line12:01
@wikingi dont know how's that called in windows 8.112:01
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USCMicrosoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.  C:\Users\USC>docker run -p forward_port:8888 -v outside_ipynbs:/ipynbs -d c3 h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb 'docker' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.  C:\Users\USC>12:04
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USCdocker run -p forward_port:8888 -v outside_ipynbs:/ipynbs -d c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb12:05
@wikingdocker.exe  maybe?12:07
@wikingoh no12:07
@wikinghere it is12:07
@wikingRun the Boot2Docker Start shell script from your Desktop or Program Files > Boot2Docker for Windows. The Start script will ask you to enter an ssh key passphrase - the simplest (but least secure) is to just hit [Enter].12:07
@wikingso do that12:08
@wikingand after that12:08
@wikingrun that docker command12:08
@wikingfor more details12:08
USCin docker screen or in windows cmd screen12:08
@wikingUSC: plz read the instruction at
@wikingit's pretty straightforward12:09
USCwiking: ok, I'm already doing it, but okay12:10
USCI guess docker is working properly, hello-world worked12:11
@wikingthen you need to do12:12
@wikingdocker pull c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb12:12
USCI need help, sorry, I tried12:12
@wikingwhat have u tried?12:12
USCdocker run -it ubuntu bash12:13
USCand command line identifier changed from $ to /#12:13
@wikingthen it's working12:13
USCdo I need to get back to $ screen to use docker pull c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb12:14
@wikingsince that means that you logged into the docker container12:14
@wikingso enter12:14
@wikingthat will get u back to $12:14
@wikingand there write12:14
@wikingdocker pull c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb12:14
USCbash: logout: not login shell: use 'exit'12:15
USCshould I enter exit12:15
USCexit worked, now I'm back to $12:15
@wikingah ok then exit12:15
@wikingso now you do12:15
@wikingdocker pull c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb12:16
@wikingand after that12:16
@wikingthe docker run ...12:16
USCI says image c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb not found12:17
USCsorry I mistyped12:17
USCI worked12:18
USChow can I paste into docker screen?12:39
USCcopy a command then paste into docker screen?12:39
USCit says "invalid hostPort: forward port" when tried docker run...12:42
USCwiking: ?12:42
USCwiking: Help!12:46
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USCit says "invalid hostPort: forward port" when tried docker run...13:08
USCwiking: Help!13:08
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USCit says "invalid hostPort: forward port" when tried docker run...14:24
USCdocker run -p forward_port:8888 -v outside_ipynbs:/ipynbs -d c3h3/oblas-py278-shogun-ipynb14:24
USCit says "invalid hostPort: forward port" when tried docker run...14:24
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@wikingUSC: write here about your problem:
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shogun-notifier-shogun: some doc updates17:47
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