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vigI have some problems installing shogun for python on my linux machine07:42
viganyone here can help me out?07:42
vigI installed using cmake and I keep getting no package called sg found error07:44
vigwhat could be the problem?07:44
abinash_pandavig: Hi!08:09
abinash_pandavig: Can you give the details of the error that you are receiving?08:09
vigHey Abinash, there was a problem with the path. I figured it out, or at least I hope I did. Make is currently running.08:12
vigSo I should have it installed shortly.08:12
vigSo I am getting the same error again.08:17
abinash_pandavig: Okay.08:17
vigIt isn't able to import the module name sg08:17
abinash_pandavig: It would be easier if you could send the error message.08:18
abinash_pandavig: You can paste the error in pastebin and send the link.08:18
vigTraceback (most recent call last):   File "", line 1, in <module>     from sg import sg ImportError: No module named sg08:18
abinash_pandavig: Okay.08:20
abinash_pandavig: So did you build the shogun with python-static?08:21
vigyes I did08:22
abinash_pandaCould you please send the cmake command you used?08:22
vigI went to the directory where I downloaded shogun08:23
vigcreated a directory named build08:23
vigthen did cmake ..08:23
vigwhich is what the readme file asked me to do08:23
abinash_pandaOkay. So for building python-static interface of shogun you need to provide some extra arugements to cmake.08:26
abinash_pandavig: Give me a minute, I am sending you the actual command.08:26
vigSure! That's great thanks08:27
vigAlso I have a question08:27
abinash_pandavig: cmake -DPythonStatic=ON ..08:27
vigsay I downloaded shogun, I have to run cmake immediately within the directory right?08:28
vigyes that's what I did.08:28
abinash_pandaAfter downloading the library08:28
abinash_pandaCreate a directory build08:28
abinash_pandaand within the build directory use cmake -DPythonStatic=ON ..08:28
vigwithin the library directory?08:28
abinash_pandanot within the library directory but within the build directory that you have just created.08:29
vigI create the build directory within the library directory right?08:29
abinash_pandaOkay. I think I am confusing you.08:30
vigI did that08:30
vigand it says08:30
abinash_pandaLet me give the steps one by one.08:30
vigConfiguring done -- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: /home/vignesh/shogun-3.2.0/build08:30
abinash_pandaSo now are you able to build or not?08:31
abinash_pandaOr should I give you the steps one by one?08:31
vigCould you do that?08:31
vigIt would be really helpful.08:31
abinash_pandaYeah. Sure.08:31
abinash_panda1. Download (or clone) the library.08:31
abinash_panda2. Create a directory called build within the library directory.08:31
abinash_panda3. Go to the build directory (cd build)08:32
abinash_panda4. Use cmake -DPythonStatic=ON ..08:32
abinash_panda5. Then make08:32
abinash_panda6. Finally (sudo) make install08:32
vigonce I do this, will I be able to import sg from any location?08:33
vigThanks a lot! I'll try this and get back if it doesn't work out. I think I did this the last time around too.08:33
vigNot sure why it wouldn't work08:34
abinash_pandaYeah. Sure. If you are still facing the same issue then put it in the mailing list or create an issue in github.08:36
vigThanks a lot :)08:37
vigI did make install08:42
vigi tried import sg after opening python08:42
vigit still says the same08:42
vigIn my usr/local/lib there are files named libshogun.so08:46
vigand similar08:46
abinash_pandaLet me try to reproduce this in my end.08:50
vigPlease do thanks a lot.08:51
abinash_pandavig: Hey sorry. I didn't know how to use PyhtonStatic so I said you earlier that it could be used from anywhere.08:57
abinash_pandaOnce the build is successfull you can find in build/src/interfaces/python_static08:59
vighow do I import?09:10
vigI have a python script that has a 'from shogun import *09:11
abinash_pandaSorry. I can't be much help in that. You can ask someone in mailing list. Mostly I use PythonModular interface.09:11
vigcould you tell me how I can install for modular interface?09:11
vigshould I just set the modular flag on?09:11
abinash_pandause cmake -DPythonModular=ON ..09:12
abinash_pandaIt works seamlessly and you can call modshogun from anywhere :)09:13
vigthat's awesome, I'll try that :)09:14
vigwhat is the difference between python static and modular though?09:14
vigit says SWIG is not installed09:14
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abinash_pandaFor modular interface you have to install SWIG09:36
vigI did. Thanks a lot. It worked :)10:25
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travis-ciit's Fernando Iglesias's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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hshihabHi, I am new to SHOGUN, so please bear with me.  I was wondering if the LibSVM solver is related to the LIBSVM package (available here:  I have been trying to compare the performance of both methods using a Gaussian kernel and the same C/gamma parameters (having performed a grid search using LIBSVM), but am getting different performances (the accuracy for LIBSVM is 66.83% and for SHOGUN i15:45
hshihabDoes anyone know what could be causing this discrepancy?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.15:46
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marina_Hello everyone...I want to install shogun on my mac but I have some problems - after 1 hour I got the following error18:46
marina_--->  Configuring atlas Selected C compiler: /opt/local/bin/clang-mp-3.4 Error: org.macports.configure for port atlas returned: Atlas could not detect any fortran compiler. If you really don't need the fortran interface to be built, please use the +nofortran option, else install a fortran compiler (e.g. gcc4X) before building Atlas. Error: Failed to install atlas Please see the log file for port atlas for details:     /opt/local/v18:46
marina_I am going to use shogun with python - so do I really need to install the fortran compiler -> because I am not going to use fortran...18:46
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marina_hello? anyone who can help me?18:55
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@besser82marina_, still there?19:03
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marina_yes still here19:05
@besser82marina_, query  ^^19:06
marina_I installed now the fortran compiler...19:06
marina_do I have to make the whole installation process again??19:06
marina_I followed the 3 points on the installation page:19:07
marina_sudo port selfupdate  sudo port install swig -php5 -ruby -perl +python   (shogun users who want the r and octave interfaces should add   +octave and/or +r to this list)  sudo port install shogun   (for r, octave, and elwms interfaces: +r +octave +elwms)19:07
@besser82marina_, let's continue this in german in the query...  :D19:07
marina_do I have to do them again?19:07
marina_was meinst du mit query?19:08
@besser82/query besser8219:08
@besser82^^ das eingeben und los geht's  ;)19:08
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rujmeisterhello, i am trying to test my build of shogun in Windows and apparently running the example file in command line doesn't work directly since my matplotlib is packaged in ipython. Any suggestions for testing my shogun installation?21:08
rujmeisteri see now i can access matplotlib from within ipython, so will try to run the test from ipython command line tool. will check back later if stuck.21:13
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rujmeisterwhen i tried to run the script from ipython, modshogun was not found. does my path need to be modified to include the whole shogun directory?21:18
rujmeisteri guess i should have replaced SHOGUN INSTALL DIR with its actual location...  $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=SHOGUN_INSTALL_DIR/lib   $ export PYTHONPATH=SHOGUN_INSTALL_DIR/lib/pythonX.Y/dist-packages/21:20
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