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shogun-buildbotbuild #939 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at  blamelist: Fernando Iglesias <>, Tejas Srinivasan <>04:14
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mooooreanybody here?08:08
mooooreI've built shogun matlab static interface08:08
moooorewhen I type sg('help')08:08
mooooreit says;08:09
moooore>> sg('help') Undefined function 'sg' for input arguments of type 'char'.08:09
mooooreI'm working on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS08:09
mooooreI couldn't find sg.oct or sg.mexglx files08:11
mooooreanybody here to help?08:12
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moooorelisitsyn: sonney2k wiking08:14
mooooreshaochuan: are you here08:14
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shaochua_moooore: yo?08:17
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shaochuanmoooore: yo?08:18
mooooreshaochuan: did you build shogun?08:18
mooooreshaochuan: do you know matlab interface08:18
shaochuanmoooore: unfortunately, no.08:18
mooooreshaochuan: where are you from08:19
shaochuanmoooore: sorry I only built it using cmake and called it from python08:20
shaochuanmoooore: so I didn't use it via matlab08:20
shaochuanmoooore: I live in CA, why?08:20
moooorehow did you do it with python interface?08:20
mooooreI live in Los Angeles08:20
shaochuanmoooore: it's not that hard if you know how to use cmake; you need to install what was missing08:21
shaochuanmoooore: when doing the build08:21
mooooreI installed the modular python interface successfully08:21
shaochuanmoooore: what's your operating system? if you're building shogun on ubuntu, that's even easier08:22
moooorehow can I test it if it's working properly08:22
mooooreI'm also working on Ubuntu08:22
moooorehow can I test it if it's working properly on Python?08:22
shaochuanimport modshogun08:22
shaochuanor just try to run a python example code08:23
moooore>>> import modshogun Traceback (most recent call last):   File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> ImportError: No module named modshogun08:23
moooorewhat are the prerequisite steps? like add to path etc.08:24
shaochuanthat would mean you didn't build and install shogun properly08:24
shaochuandid you build shogun successfully?08:25
shaochuanusing cmake it would generate a Makefile for you08:25
shaochuanif successfully built with python module turned on, and after sudo make install you should have python wrapper of shogun installed08:26
moooorecmake -DPythonModular=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install" ..08:26
mooooresudo make install08:26
mooooreand it's installed in shogun-install directory08:27
shaochuanokay assuming you successfully built it08:27
shaochuanin python you'll need to add the include python sys path because you installed at $HOME/shogun-install08:27
shaochuannot the system default python 3rd lib path08:28
moooorehow can I do that?08:28
shaochuanone-off way08:28
shaochuanimport sys08:28
shaochuansys.path.append('<the path>')08:29
shaochuanor set PYTHONPATH in your bash environement08:29
mooooreis this correct08:31
mooooreshaochuan: is this correct?08:32
shaochuanmaybe not, I'll need to see where modshogun is placed08:32
shaochuanit may be in one of subdirs08:33
mooooredd08:33 is under /home/user/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages08:34
shaochuanI'll try to add this path to sys.path08:34
shaochuanand then import modshogun08:35
shaochuansee if it stops throwing exception08:35
mooooreit says Traceback (most recent call last):   File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>   File "/home/cansinmustafa/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 32, in <module>     _modshogun = swig_import_helper()   File "/home/cansinmustafa/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 28, in swig_import_helper     _mod = imp.load_module('_modshogun', fp, pathname, description) ImportError: is not found. it could be the lib was not built and installed properly, or you need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH08:36 is under /home/cansinmustafa/shogun-install/lib08:37
shaochuanOK. Then you need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH08:37
shaochuanlike example here:
mooooreFile "<stdin>", line 1     LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/cansinmustafa/shogun-install/lib                     ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax08:41
shaochuannono LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set in your bash environment08:41
moooorethanks a lot08:41
shaochuansomething like export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/cansinmustafa/shogun-install/lib in ~/.bashrc08:43
mooooreI did LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/cansinmustafa/shogun-install/lib in the terminal bash environment08:43
moooorethen type python, then import modshogun08:44
mooooreit didn't work08:44
shaochuansame error?08:45
shaochuanyou'll need to run sys.path.append('/home/user/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages') again because it was one-off setting08:45
moooorein python, right?08:46
mooooreshaochuan: it worked08:47
moooorethank you very much08:47
shaochuanoh cool08:47
shaochuanmoooore: sure08:47
mooooreshaochuan: thanks08:47
shaochuanyou're welcome08:47
mooooreshaochuan: is this setting permanent, or should I do these whenever I run python on terminal?08:48
shaochuanyou can set PYTHONPATH in your bash environment08:48
shaochuanso I'll recommend to export PYTHONPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc08:49
shaochuanthen you don't need to set them every time you want to run shogun08:50
mooooreshaochuan: have you ever worked with MKL with shogun python interface?09:07
mooooremultiple kernel lerarning?09:07
mooooreshaochuan: ?09:07
shaochuanmoooore: I did use MKL like 4 years ago. At that time I was using matlab, and wrote matlab extension via C by myself09:08
shaochuanmoooore: however, I didn't use MKL with shogun python yet09:08
mooooreare you academician?09:08
shaochuanmoooore: it shouldn't be that hard I guess, if you already knew how MKL works09:08
shaochuanmoooore: I was, but not anymore.09:09
mooooreI have used libsvm for support vector regression09:09
moooorenow I want to try MKL09:10
moooorewhat do you do know?09:10
shaochuanI would try to read this paper before trying MKL:
shaochuanafter that I would try to run this example:
mooooreshaochuan: I've already read the paper you mentioned09:15
shaochuanoh I'll try to run the shogun example09:15
mooooreshaochuan: when I try to run the example, I got errors,09:15
shaochuanwhat kind of errors?09:15
mooooreTraceback (most recent call last):   File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> ImportError: No module named tools.load09:16
shaochuanlooks like tools.load.LoadMatrix is in example09:19
shaochuanone sec, let me boot my shogun machine...09:20
mooooreokay, thank you very much for your help and time09:20
shaochuanit would take a while to boot; i'll reply later about 10mins09:22
mooooredo you have facebook or anything alike to communicate09:23
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shaochuanmoooore: you still there?09:35
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mooooreshaochuan: yes I'm waiting for you09:37
mooooreshaochuan: are you there now?09:38
shaochuanmoooore: I believe tools.load is with examples09:38
mooooreyou mean it is under somewhere /home/user/shogun-install/share/shogun/examples/libshogun09:39
shaochuanyes. I'm checking out to confirm that09:39
mooooreshogun-install is the directory where I installed shogun python interface09:39
shaochuanmy machine was an EC2 machine so it took a while to boot09:39
mooooreok, no problem, you're helping me. I appreciate that09:40
shaochuanbtw, you ran `./` right?09:40
shaochuan./ is under src/shogun/examples/documented09:42
mooooreshaochuan: no, I guess I didn't.. I honestly have no idea what it is09:42
moooorehow do I run it?09:42
shaochuanwhere did you download the shogun source?09:42
shaochuango to that directory09:42
shaochuancd <downloaded_shogun_src_root_folder>/examples/documented/python_modular09:43
shaochuancd <downloaded_shogun_src_root_folder>/examples/documented/09:43
shaochuansorry under "srshogun/examples"09:43
shaochuanrun generate_documented.sh09:44
shaochuanby ./generate_documented.sh09:44
mooooreok I run ./generate_documented.sh09:46
shaochuango to source folder09:46
shaochuanI assume you download the source by git clone, right?09:46
shaochuangit submodule init09:46
shaochuangit submodule update09:46
shaochuanyou need to download the data09:46
shaochuanthe above two commands will help you download the data by git submodules09:47
mooooreI downloaded the source directly from shogun-toolbox website09:47
mooooreI will do it now09:47
shaochuanI see09:47
shaochuanyeah git clone
shaochuanso git repo include the examples too09:48
shaochuangit submodule init09:48
shaochuangit submodule update09:48
shaochuanafter that you will have data downloaded09:48
shaochuanfor example09:49
shaochuanI do `git clone`09:49
shaochuanunder /mnt09:49
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shaochuanI will have `/mnt/shogun` folder09:49
shaochuannow type `cd /mnt/shogun` in my bash09:49
shaochuanand then type `git submodule init`09:49
shaochuanand then `git submodule update`09:50
shaochuanand then `cd examples`09:50
shaochuanrun `./`09:50
shaochuanit should have downloaded the examples and the tools you're missing09:51
shaochuanin my case it's `/mnt/shogun/examples/documented/python_modular`09:51
shaochuannow run `python`09:51
shaochuanyou should see no more errors09:51
mooooreI will try them all, now I'm trying to install git, because I didn't have it09:52
shaochuanoh ok09:52
mooooreDo you want to continue? [Y/n] y 0% [Connecting to (2001:67c:1562::13)]09:52
moooorebut it stucks here09:52
moooorecan't download git09:52
shaochuandid you use "sudo apt-get install git"?09:53
shaochuannot sure why it got stuck09:53
shaochuanmaybe on shogun website it can download data too?(I'm not sure)09:53
mooooreI can download the data there09:54
shaochuanthen you must put the data under your src/data path09:54
shaochuanfor example, in my case it's /mnt/shogun/data09:54
mooooreok I got it09:55
shaochuanI think you should be able to run them09:55
moooorethank you very much09:55
shaochuansure I need to go now09:55
moooorecan I have your email?09:55
moooorejust in case09:55
mooooreshaochuan: ?09:56 (_at_) gmail.com09:56
moooorethank you very much Shaochuan09:57
shaochuanno problem. good night09:57
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@besser82wiking, yo?10:43
@besser82wiking, do you have any idea why this happenes on mac os?  --->
@wikingwhere's the user?10:57
@besser82not here, yet11:01
@besser82But I'll tell her later ;)11:01
@besser82wiking, ^^11:01
@wikingbesser82: okey11:02
@besser82wiking, so can you tell me, plz?11:02
@wikingyeah i'm looking still11:03
@besser82allrighty ^^11:03
@besser82many thx  :D11:03
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mooorehi all11:26
moooreanybody know anything about matlab interface?11:26
moooreI built matlab interface successfully11:26
moooreon ubuntu 14.04 LTS11:27
moooreit says sg is not defined!11:27
moooreI couldn't find sg.oct or sg.mexglx (name varies with architecture)11:27
mooorewiking: ?11:27
@wikingmooore: mmm11:28
@wikingr u sure you want to use matlab static interface?11:28
mooorewiking: yes, I want to try it why?11:29
@wikingmmm it basically doesn't have most of the new (last couple of years) features of shogun11:29
mooorewiking: does it have multiple kernel learning regression?11:31
mooorewiking: ?11:36
mooorewiking: I've also built Python modular interface11:37
@wikingpython modular has it11:37
@wikingi'm not sure about matlab static11:37
mooorewiking: python examples don't run with out adding import sys sys.path.append('/home/user/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages')11:38
mooorewiking: why?11:38
moooreafter 'make install' it created many files but none of them are py files..11:41
moooreinclude, lib and share directories11:44
mooorewiking: can you briefly explain me this11:44
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@besser82wiking, hey, there she is with that problem about PythonModular on the Mac --> marina13:31
@wikingmarina: e cao....13:37
@wikingmarina: it's better to talk here13:54
@wikingplease first tell me what's the version of you osx13:55
@wikingand clang13:55
@wiking(clang --version)13:55
marinahello wiktor14:05
marinamy version is OS X Yosemite14:06
marinaVersion 10.1014:06
@wikingand what's your swig verison?14:08
marinahow do i get this information?14:09
@besser82marina, in terminal `swig --version`14:09
marinamarina:Downloads marinavidovic$ swig --version Unable to find option or file '--version', use 'swig -help' for more information.14:10
@wikingswig -version14:10
marinaSWIG Version 3.0.2  Compiled with /usr/bin/clang++ [x86_64-apple-darwin14.0.0]  Configured options: +pcre14:10
@wikingah ok14:10
@wikingokey so basically we have a bug that hasn't been solved for a while14:10
@wikingsince we r all busy14:10
@wikingbut anyhow14:11
@wikingi can tell u how to overcome one bug14:11
@wikingbut i'm not so sure would that help you 100%14:11
marinalets try it!14:12
@besser82wiking, just tell us, I'll give further assitance if this go wr0ng ^^14:12
@wikingso you would need to edit the CMakeLists.txt14:12
@wikingand replace this line14:13
@wiking                        SET(TARGET_SWIGFLAGS "-builtin\;-modern\;-modernargs")14:13
@wikingwith this14:13
@wikingSET(TARGET_SWIGFLAGS "-builtin")14:13
marinawhere do I find the cmakelists.txt?14:13
@besser82in your shogung checkout-dir  ;)14:13
@wikingit's in the directory where you've checked out shoung14:13
@wikingmost probably shogun14:13
@besser82marina, should be "/Users/marinavidovic/Documents/work/POIM/shogun/shogun " for you  ;)14:14
@besser82wiking, many thanks ^^  :D14:15
marinathx @besser82 :-)14:15
@besser82marina, gern geschehen  :D14:15
@wikingmarina: inace za cega hoces da koristis shogun?14:15
@lisitsynchego vse na svoem yazyke razgovarivayut?14:16
@wikinglisitsyn: hahahahahhah u arrived :)14:16
@lisitsynwiking: ;)14:17
@besser82lisitsyn, hola!  :D14:17
@lisitsynbesser82: hey there14:17
@wikinglisitsyn: so when r u immigrating? :)14:17
@lisitsynwiking: when usdrub reaches 100 :D14:17
@wikingit's 60 now?14:17
@wikingwell fuck14:18
@lisitsynwas ~32 an year ago14:18
@wikingputin is working hard on the matter14:18
@wikingand when putin decides something14:18
@lisitsynand hey my salary didn't increase in the same fashion :D14:18
@wikinghe'll make it for sure :)14:18
@wikinglisitsyn: shit /,14:18
@wikinglisitsyn: inflation crazy?14:18
marinain the line is also py3: SET(TARGET_SWIGFLAGS "-builtin\;-modern\;-modernargs\;-py3")14:19
@lisitsynwiking: I'd guess ~12%14:19
marinai replace it anyway right?14:19
@wikingmarina: noup that should be alright... unless u use python3 by default14:19
@besser82marina, yes14:19
@wikinglisitsyn: :S14:19
marinano...i use python.714:19
@wikingmarina: then it should be fine14:19
@lisitsynwiking: google to close moscow engineering :D14:20
marinawhat should I do next?14:20
@besser82marina, then let's finish that build off ^^14:20
@wikinglisitsyn: yeah i just saw that now14:20
@besser82marina, let go back to query in german ^^14:20
marinaok :-)14:21
@lisitsyneverything goes cool last months I am freaking lucky :D14:21
@wikinglisitsyn: so what now, all the engineers are relocated?14:21
@lisitsynwiking: rumours are, yeah14:23
@lisitsynto zurich etc14:23
@wikingsuddenly massive visa applications for russians in .ch14:24
@wiking :P14:24
@lisitsynthere are just <100 of them :D14:24
@wikingheheh still14:24
@lisitsynwell that's google's issue to solve visa problem :D14:24
@wikingbesser82: there's still a possibility that it'll fail...14:24
@besser82wiking, many many thx, btw ^^14:24
@wikingbesser82: then try using gcc 4.814:24
@wikingbesser82: some weird shit is happening with 10.10's compiler14:25
@besser82wiking, I know... let's wait for the build and afterwards I'll try to fix stuff then ^^14:25
@wikinglisitsyn: yeah true14:25
@wikinglisitsyn: my visa took 3 whole days to get approved14:25
@besser82wiking, if there unforeseen trouble, I'll cycle back to you :D14:25
@wikinglisitsyn: do u know gogol bordello?14:26
@wikingalthough he is ukranian14:26
@lisitsynwiking: indeed14:26
@lisitsynwiking: well ukrainian music was popular here before we claimed they are fascists and eat children14:27
@lisitsynwiking: that's actually very close to quote what you can hear from tv :)14:28
@wikingyeah i can totally see that14:29
@wikingi mean imagine14:29
@wikingbut hey14:29
@wikingnowadays the big friend of putin, prime minister of hungary is on fire as well14:29
@wiking :DDD14:29
@lisitsynheh I heard about some riots due to some lawz14:30
@wikingso stupid fucking shit is coming in news from that area of the world as well14:30
@wikinghahahha yeah14:30
@wiking0.5 usd/gigabyte14:30
@wikingnew tax14:30
@wikingand shit like that14:30
@lisitsynthat's strange for country where all the porn comes from14:30
@wikinglisitsyn: indeeed14:30
@lisitsynI mean it could lead to some porn overflow14:31
@wikingthe latest thing is that all kids in the school will be drugtested14:31
@lisitsynif you don't have proper connection14:31
@wikingall kids between 12-1814:31
@lisitsynhmm happens here as well14:31
@lisitsynlike 3% are consumers14:31
@lisitsynwell they say it is at will14:31
@lisitsynbut I am not sure it is true :D14:31
@wikingso see hungary is copying russia14:32
@wikinggood fucking god where that country will end up14:32
@lisitsynI am curious where life seems more conscious14:32
@lisitsynmust be some place14:32
@wikingSTART WEARING PURPLE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!14:33
@wikingcrazy shit ;)14:33
@wikingi'm just reading news to laugh14:33
@wikingas it's really crazy14:33
@lisitsynI wanted to stop reading news and failed14:33
@wikingnews will neever fail on you :D14:35
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@besser82wiking, with clang it always chokes on PyMod...16:27
@besser82wiking, with mp-gcc-48 this -->
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