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AndreLopesIs there anyone here?02:33
AndreLopesIm a bit confused on how to install this.02:41
AndreLopesIm here :
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AndreLopesHow do i install shogun for java and netbeans on windows?16:40
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AndreLopesi will leave chat open17:34
AndreLopeshopefulyl someone will guide me17:34
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@sonney2kwiking, around?20:45
AndreLopesSonney are you still here?20:54
AndreLopesdang it21:00
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abinashmeherHi guys, I am very interested in contributing to the project. Any suggestions on where should I start reading the code?21:22
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AndreLopesANyone here22:07
AndreLopes7 hours on and no reply lol22:22
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@lisitsynAndreLopes: hey23:36
@lisitsynAndreLopes: okay so you are using windows?23:53
AndreLopesHow i install shogun? i have netbeans and java and windows 7 6423:53
AndreLopesyes i am23:53
@lisitsynAndreLopes: some kind of bad news then - it would be like some pain to use it on windows :)23:54
AndreLopesis it possible?23:54
@lisitsynyes, with cygwin23:54
@lisitsynbut I'd really recommend you to just run some ubuntu virtual image23:54
@lisitsynit would be much easier23:54
AndreLopesI see23:54
AndreLopesdo you know Encog?23:55
@lisitsynnot really23:55
AndreLopesoh ok23:55
AndreLopesalright im isntalling cygwin23:55
AndreLopesSelect packages to install23:57
AndreLopeswhich ones are neede?23:57
@lisitsynAndreLopes: g++, swig, cmake23:57
@lisitsynand some others until it works :)23:57
AndreLopesok let me see what happens23:59
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