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abinashmeher_Hey guys, any ideas how to send a PR to the wiki?06:11
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abinashmehercan anyone help me with forking the wiki?08:04
sonne|workabinashmeher: just git clone it08:14
abinashmehersonne|work : What I had done was fork the main repo and then submodule update --init08:22
abinashmehernow whenever i go to wiki to fork I am getting the same main repo08:23
abinashmeherMy intent is to suggest some changes in the wiki which I am not able to do since after submodules update --init I am not able to find any remote of my fork in doc/md08:29
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sonne|workabinashmeher: git clone
abinashmeherthanks let me try08:53
abinashmehersonne|work: I am getting this error
abinashmeherabinash is a separate branch09:14
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sonne|workabinashmeher: I see - well then just do the changes and send us git diff's or even the fixed files09:25
abinashmeherTo whom shall I send the diffs09:26
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lambdayabinashmeher: I guess you need to clone your forked repo09:39
abinashmeherlambday: I did but upon `git submodule update --init` the doc/md submodule was created, when I navigate to doc/md I dont see any remote for my fork09:41
abinashmeherWe are having the same discussion on the mailing list09:41
lambdayabinashmeher: did you try pushing it to your fork?09:42
lambdayabinashmeher: make changes locally, push it to your fork, create pull request - I guess it should work09:43
lambdaygiven that you cloned your fork09:44
abinashmeherlambday: This is what I am getting
lambdayabinashmeher: do 'git remote show origin'09:44
lambdaypaste the output09:44
abinashmeherlambday: here it is
lambdayabinashmeher: ah, it's showing the shogun git one for submodule data... that's why09:48
abinashmeherwhats the solution?09:49
lambdayabinashmeher: I'd try updating the origin and upstream..09:50
abinashmeherlambday: I am a bit new to git.. can you please explain how would you do it from yourside and how i would fork it09:52
lambdayabinashmeher: ah sorry I don't have my machine to try things out now (@work) ! maybe you can google a bit.09:53
abinashmeherlambday: Cool.. Thanks for the help :)09:54
lambdaysetting upstream is easy 'git remote set upstream' or so09:54
lambdaymaybe this can help09:54
lambday[or similar things]09:54
abinashmeherbut without my fork of the repo I cant set the origin09:55
abinashmeherThanks I am searching for it09:55
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@HeikoSwiking: hey, I am currently writing the blog-post, could you change the version of the release to 4.0?11:55
@HeikoSdiscussed with s?ren and I think he is right with that11:56
@lisitsynHeikoS: this guy wrote to all of us I guess11:59
@lisitsynthis gonna DDoS us11:59
@HeikoShe first wrote to me12:02
@HeikoSand I did not reply for a week12:02
@HeikoSnow he wrote to all you :D12:02
@lisitsynahh I see12:04
@lisitsynHeikoS: emtiyaz can help us with the list of shoguns12:05
@lisitsynso we can plan future release names ;)12:05
@lisitsynI guess ten should be enough12:05
@lisitsynas a true rock star I have to die 2712:05
@lisitsynHeikoS: I am now kaggling with avazu challenge12:06
@lisitsynwanna join?12:06
@HeikoSlisitsyn: would love to12:08
@HeikoSbut its unrealistic12:08
@lisitsynHeikoS: I now try to use khaled's neural networks12:08
@HeikoSlisitsyn: great12:08
@HeikoSgreat great12:08
@lisitsynand it actually works12:09
@HeikoSmake it a notewbook12:09
@lisitsynwe have really good neural nets part12:09
@lisitsynuhmm that's harder as I wrtie in C++12:09
@lisitsynmodern C++ is just like python in terms of verbosity but fast12:09
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ephasHi, the examples on cross-validation show how to run CV and return just a single metric (e.g. accuracy).  I was wondering if it was possible to return more than one metric when running CV, e.g. accuracy, precision etc., without having to run the CV a second time for the other metrics?12:44
ephassorry, I should have added that I am using the Python interface.12:47
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@HeikoSI see12:54
@HeikoSthats cool12:54
@HeikoSephas: hi12:54
@HeikoSephas: I dont think that is currently possible, right lisitsyn?12:55
@HeikoSephas: I will put a feature issue on github, its easy to extend this and we got a horde of students looking for such easy tasks12:55
@lisitsynHeikoS: I don't remember exactly :D12:55
@HeikoSephas: could you open an issue on github and put the description there? I will complete it12:56
ephasHeikoS: thanks - I'll open an issue.  I think I have a work around for now but it would be great to have it as a feature!12:59
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@lisitsynHeikoS: have you seen my two PRs lately?13:14
@lisitsyncurious what you think13:15
@HeikoSlisitsyn: not yet13:18
@HeikoSbut I will get there13:18
@HeikoSephas: its super easy to put this in, so putting the issue makes it likely that we have it within a month or so :)13:19
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Sergey :feature/some * d0e76e8 / src/shogun/base/some.h,tests/unit/base/
shogun-notifier-shogun: Better support of Some with pointer semantics #267516:54
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travis-ciit's Sergey's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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jejjohnsonI tried using "sudo apt-get install shogun-python-modular" to install the shogun toolbox but apparently that package doesn't exist. I recently followed the instructions on github ( and believe I managed to install the require components. However, if I test the mod out using python (import modshogun as sg) I get an error saying that there is no module named modshogun. I was won23:37
jejjohnsonI am using Linux Mint 17.123:37
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