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AndreLopesDoes shogun java module works fine on Ubuntu?04:01
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AndreLopesDoes anyone knows if shogun for java works fine?14:35
AndreLopeson ubuntu*14:35
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@wikingAndreLopes: i've used it14:52
@wikingand had no troubles14:53
AndreLopesdoes the java code has comments? i mean javadoc14:57
sonne|worklisitsyn, wiking - could any of you setup a wiki page (google doc? github) for collecting ideas again?14:59
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sonne|worklisitsyn: I think that is the best way to make any progress here.15:00
@lisitsynsonne|work: yeah15:00
@lisitsynI am a bit lost about mentors15:00
sonne|workmeetings are rather wasteful...15:00
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@lisitsynI hope Heiko and Fernando talked to someone15:00
@lisitsynoh HeikoS hey15:00
sonne|worklisitsyn: yeah that is the biggest issue.15:01
@wikingAndreLopes: lets continue here15:01
@wikingso no we currently do not generate javadoc at all :<15:01
@wikingi think this should be handled on swig level15:02
@wikingdunno if they've merged anything concerning this15:02
AndreLopesim starting to use shogun now15:02
AndreLopesany ideas how can i get familiar with the classes and code?15:02
AndreLopesis there any documentation or book ?15:03
@lisitsynexamples and headers :D15:03
@wikingyeah i'm just preparing the docset for dash15:03
@wikingbut its only for c++ api15:03
@wikinglisitsyn: if u dont know that app u should most def download15:04
@HeikoSlisitsyn: H15:04
@lisitsynwiking: oh finally someone did that15:04
@wikinglisitsyn: yeah it's super great that i dont have to google for an api call every timw15:05
@lisitsynohh finally15:05
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@lisitsyngoogle knows all the code I have15:05
@lisitsyne.g. I can't keep stl in mind15:06
AndreLopesSo guys im a bit confused now15:07
AndreLopesI have little knowledge on C++15:07
AndreLopesmy main language is java.15:07
AndreLopesWithout javadoc or documentation, im not sure how to start coding15:08
@wikingAndreLopes: there's almost a 1-1 mapping between java class names and the c++ class names15:09
@wikingthe only thing you need to do is to remove the C prefix15:09
@wikingCSVM -> SVM15:09
@wikingCFeatures -> Features15:09
AndreLopesWhat about examples and documentations?15:09
@wikingAndreLopes: there are quite some examples under the examples dir15:09
AndreLopeseven in java?15:09
@wikingsee shogun/examples/undocumented/java_modular15:09
@wikingthere are 123 files in that directory15:10
AndreLopesSo its possible right?15:10
@wikingwell check those java examples15:10
@wikingyou'lll get the basics from there for sure15:10
AndreLopesIm picking shogun for my master degree project, sorry for so many questions15:10
AndreLopesbut i really must be sure15:10
@wikingthis files shows u how to do knn in java15:11
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AndreLopesHm, well i guess people in IRC can give me a hand if i get stuck right ?15:12
@wikingadn mailing list15:12
AndreLopesOh ok15:13
AndreLopes1 more question if you dont mind :P15:13
AndreLopesI most learned about neural networks with encog books from Jeff Heaton15:14
AndreLopesABout SVM and other topics.. what do you recommend me ?15:14
AndreLopesEspecially for shogun environment-focused15:14
AndreLopesI will search for a good AI book i guess15:18
AndreLopesDid you use any ?15:18
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@lisitsynwiking: dash is absolutely awesome15:32
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@wikinglisitsyn: yep15:35
AndreLopeswho is dash :O15:43
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@besser82AndreLopes, /usr/bin/dash  ^_^16:09
sonne|workbesser82: no no
@besser82sonne|work, damn...  I'm really old-school, then...  :(16:11
@wikingbesser82:  :D16:11
@besser82sonne|work, you know: Here in Hildesheim we still eat "Raider" && "tretz"  :P16:12
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Bj?rn Esser :feature/CMake * 76663af / / (4 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: generate files into binary-tree17:36
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travis-ciit's Bj?rn Esser's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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Rahul21Hello, I am Rahul, I recently graduated. My interests are Machine Learning, IR, NLP. I would love to put my theoritical knowledge to work. I hope I am in the right place18:19
AndreLopesYou are! :D18:39
AndreLopesYou code in what language18:39
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Rahul21Done some work in python, did quite a lot of js stuff earlier. I dont mind learning a new language too :D18:58
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