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nik_Hi. I would like to ask how could I obtain binary class labels from an CMKLClassification object after training. mkl.apply().get_labels() returns a list of decimal numbers. Are these numbers the class probabilities? Thank you.00:25
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shogun-buildbotbuild #846 of nightly_none is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at  blamelist: Bj?rn Esser <>03:01
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shogun-buildbotbuild #964 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed notebooks]  Build details are at  blamelist: Bj?rn Esser <>06:00
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, could you please git pull on bugfix-branch, build now and check for segfaults in py_mod?08:41
@SWAGGRegationwiking,    ^08:41
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: ya08:42
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yolo!08:43
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qachenWhy my _modshogun has two version of hdf5 shared library?
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@SWAGGRegationqachen, no idea...09:06
@SWAGGRegationqachen, you compiled it...  ;)09:07
@SWAGGRegationqachen, noone know which libs are installed on your system, but you ^^09:07
GaussKernqachen: huh? does maybe one of the hdf5 libs require the other one?09:07
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yolo?09:07
qachenyeah, I want to do some hacking on shogun XD09:08
@SWAGGRegationGaussKern, possibly as we have noone here, who is deep enough into Arch Linux, we'll never know ;)09:08
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@what_switchSWAGGRegation: segfault09:09
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, dammit...  then that all is apple's fault! <tm>09:09
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, currently setting up a hackintosh in a vm09:10
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, I can trace that down in there!09:11
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yolo?09:13
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, could ya fix da bro-grammerproblem?09:13
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch, SWAGGRegation - I finally announced shogun on g+ and some newsgroups09:14
yesnofreelunch4.0.0 I mean09:14
* yesnofreelunch slow09:14
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, **yay**!!!  :D09:14
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, let's see if I can reproduce on Hackintosh Yosemite 10.10.1...  ;)09:16
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: didn't heiko want to blog about this?09:17
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, prepends on I can figure out, how to open a shell with that...  :S09:17
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@what_switchSWAGGRegation: hmm that's easy09:18
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: just to check09:18
@what_switchremoved shogun09:18
@what_switchand reinstalled09:18
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, ^09:19
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@what_switchSWAGGRegation: yolo09:21
@what_switchain't no hustle09:21
@what_switchnuthing works09:21
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, and if you try compiling with da jizzy-c?09:28
@what_switchwhat_switch: oh wel I can try09:29
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, that would be a deal, so we can see if it is apple's clang, thanks breaks everything...09:29
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: my python is compiled with clang though09:30
qachenI use a brute force script, combing find, ldd and grep command. Trying to find who is using old version of in /usr/lib, but found nothing.09:30
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, mhh... that might be the problem as well...  let's wait for the outcome09:31
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, I'll create diffs from swig-output with different flags...  let's see what the flags are impacting on output...09:32
qachenI couldn't found which part of code is compiling python, any ideas?09:48
@SWAGGRegationqachen, cmake/CommonModularInterface.cmake  ;)09:51
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, file and diffs are here:
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: massive09:57
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, and there real fat thing about them is:  you can compress those ~110 MB down to ~ 3 MB  \o/10:00
qachenohh... that's cmake problems, it always use swig3 in ARCH...10:29
@SWAGGRegationqachen, can you please try to build from my bugfix-branch and confirm the solution here works?10:30
@SWAGGRegationqachen, you are working with a fork on github or direct checkout from shogun-repo?10:31
@SWAGGRegationqachen, *personal fork10:31
qachenwhich I10:31
qachenyou mean I download the branch and compile it on my os?10:31
@SWAGGRegationqachen, yes, i can give you instructions, but i need to if you checkout from shogun-toolbox directly or forked before checkout...10:32
qachenOh, I would be very happy if swig3 can works10:33
@SWAGGRegationqachen, git fetch origin10:33
@SWAGGRegationqachen, git checkout bugfix/python_modular_swig310:33
@SWAGGRegationqachen, did that work?10:34
qachenwait a moment10:34
qachenNetwork in china is very slow, you know, GFW...10:37
qachenRequirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): numpy in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages10:41
qachenDid you edit something about numpy ?10:42
@SWAGGRegationqachen, nope10:43
@SWAGGRegationqachen, which branch did you checkout?10:44
@SWAGGRegationqachen, that is the correct one10:45
@SWAGGRegationqachen, but there were no changes to numpy or sth.10:46
@SWAGGRegationqachen, just some changes how swig is handled internally10:46
qachenSWAGGRegation, I'm trying to figure out what's happing, I will give you some response latter.10:47
@SWAGGRegationqachen, allrighty10:47
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qachenSWAGGRegation, it works like a charm! \:D/10:58
@SWAGGRegationqachen, nice!11:05
@SWAGGRegationqachen, did you run the testsuite?11:05
qachenhow to run it?11:05
@SWAGGRegationmake test11:05
@SWAGGRegationqachen, ^11:05
qachenI ran it on build directory, but it reported "No rule to make target11:07
qachenneed to add extra cmake option ?11:08
qachenoh, i found it11:09
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@what_switchSWAGGRegation: doublewrapping?12:04
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yolo! lemme hear you say `What?`12:05
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, is that the reason for crash on osx?12:15
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: doublewrapping12:18
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, that's a buzzword...  .P12:19
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yolo speak in whole sentence!  =)12:20
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: sounds like a reason12:20
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, but why doesn't that happen on linux?12:20
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: yolo12:20
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, looks like craplang on Shiatz OSX Yosemishiat has regret on this...12:21
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: no regrets!12:22
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, so we should blame the YOLOSWAGGR @apple12:22
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: I didn't compile with gcc yet12:22
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, then stop working and care moar about ya cum-pile action!  :P12:23
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: fscking map reduces are wating12:23
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, map-reduce is old-school and deprecated...  noone uses that anymore, but Hadoop...  Yolo!12:24
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: we have our own stuff for that :D12:24
@what_switchcalled Yt12:24
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, the replace that with newer stuff like 4-LOKO  :P12:25
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Nick_____Someone here?12:38
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, no, we are all bots :P12:38
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@what_switchSWAGGRegation: my protobuf is compiled with other compiler arghhh12:41
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, damn...  then recompile or deactivate it...  ;)12:42
Nick_____Well @SWAGGRegation it seems you are not a bot :) Can I ask you something about shogun?12:43
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@SWAGGRegationNick_____, sure  ^_^12:43
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Nick_____Thanks. I have a  MultiKernel Binary Classification problem and I am not sure how to obtain the classes after classification. If i use the apply() function and then get_labels() that returns a vector with decimal numbers.12:45
Nick_____But I would like to get the classes.12:45
Nick_____As -1 and 112:46
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, which language?12:46
Nick_____I am using the Python interface12:46
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@SWAGGRegationNick_____, ok...12:49
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qachenI encounter some problems while compiling, . Is it necessary to install atlas ?12:51
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, can you please paste an except from your code?  fpaste.org12:51
Nick_____yes sure12:52
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@SWAGGRegationqachen, yes, for unittests it's mandatory12:52
Nick_____    output = mkl.apply()12:52
Nick_____ output_vector = output.get_labels()12:52
@SWAGGRegationqachen, and highly recommended for use12:52
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, please use http://fpaste.org12:53
Nick_____where mkl = MKLClassification()12:53
Nick_____ok sorry!12:53
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, np, thx! :D12:53
@SWAGGRegationqachen, either atlas or eigen3, both are highly recommended12:54
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Nick_____Calculation of the AUC score works but I would like to get the output classes.12:56
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@SWAGGRegationNick_____, did you try class= mkl.m_parameters()13:01
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, what's the output of this?13:01
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@SWAGGRegationNick_____, you may possibly find a way in the module's docs...13:03
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, python -c'import modshogun;help(modshogun.MKLClassification)'13:03
Nick_____Well no I did'nt try that before.13:04
Nick_____It does not work though13:04
Nick_____Do you know what is the result I am getting? Is it the class probabilities? The result of the function?13:05
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@SWAGGRegationNick_____, you should get the set of parameters and data inside the class13:06
Nick_____Yes I know that. My code is based on the examples in the documentation13:07
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, what do you intend to do with the whole class?13:15
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: hah!13:15
@what_switchImportError: dlopen(/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/, 2): Symbol not found: __ZN6shogun14SGSparseMatrixINSt3__17complexIdEEE10from_denseENS_8SGMatrixIS3_EE13:15
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Nick______Sorry connection went down13:20
Nick______With the class nothing ... I just want the class vector  i.e. (1, 1, -1 , ... ) for further analysis.13:21
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@SWAGGRegationNick______, support_vectors=mkl.get_support_vectors()  ?13:22
-!- Nick_____ [d4c945ed@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun13:23
@SWAGGRegationNick______, support_vectors=mkl.get_support_vectors()  ?13:23
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, support_vectors=mkl.get_support_vectors()  ?13:23
Nick_____Yes that works, but I don't want the support vectors now.13:24
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, ?13:24
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Nick_____I want to get the class labels not the support vectors.13:25
yesnofreelunchNick_____: mkl.apply()13:25
Nick_____I think mkl.apply().get_labels() is the correct way.13:26
yesnofreelunchNick_____: or get_values() if you want the real valued output13:26
Nick_____I do get some real values already. Usually to convert this you say if value > 0.5 then it's class 1 for example, and -1 otherwiser.13:28
Nick_____In my case all would be of the same class if I do this conversion13:28
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, so segfault is caused by missing symbol?!?13:29
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: no13:29
@what_switchit is because gcc + clang13:29
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, ?13:30
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: python stuff is clang13:30
@what_switchshogun is gcc-4.913:30
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, ahh...  i see...  strange...13:30
Nick_____Well anyway thanks for your help. If I don't figure it out I might just use the AUC values that I can get already.13:31
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, that shouldn't happen anyways...13:32
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, yw ^^13:32
Nick_____For class= mkl.m_parameters() I get a syntax error. Maybe it's because I am using an older version of Shogun.13:33
@SWAGGRegationNick_____, might be...13:35
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@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, any ideas about that?
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, you can ignore the json stuff...  that's another story on fedora...14:02
@what_switchwhats that14:02
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, output of testsuite14:02
@what_switchI mean what outputs s14:02
@what_switchand should e14:02
@what_switchor vice versa :D14:02
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, dunno...  that's sth. cryptic shiatz...14:03
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, bigger problem is `EXCEPTION Wrong number or type of arguments for overloaded function 'new_PolyKernel'.`14:04
qachenHow can I change the atlas include and library path in compile time?14:06
@SWAGGRegationqachen, add -DATLAS_INCLUDES=...  / -DATLAS_LIBRARIES=...  to cmake switches14:07
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, the problem with CPolyKernel is in tester itself  :D14:09
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, wrong order of arguments  :P14:09
@what_switchheh yeah probably14:09
qachenWARNING: Target "variational_approx_example" requests linking to directory "/usr/local/atlas/lib/".  Targets may link only to libraries.  CMake is dropping the14:11
qachen item.14:11
qachenNo problem ?14:11
@SWAGGRegationqachen, problem...14:15
@SWAGGRegationqachen, you need to specify all atlas libraries on the switch...14:15
qachenlol, can I change the atlas search path...14:19
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qachenSWAGGRegation, is it bugfix/python_modular_swig3 branch pass all test cases on your computer?15:14
@SWAGGRegationqachen, not all  :P15:14
qachenI found almost all python test is failed..15:14
@SWAGGRegationqachen, ~6 or so are failing15:14
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qachenSWAGGRegation, here is my test log, any ideas?15:19
@SWAGGRegationqachen, did you checkout data submodule?15:19
@SWAGGRegationqachen, git submodule init && git submodule update15:20
qachenI think I should learn git & cmake lol15:22
@SWAGGRegationqachen, possibly  ^^15:22
yesnofreelunchHeikoS: did you already register yourself and shogun in the gsoc thing?15:30
yesnofreelunchHeikoS: piiiiiing?!15:39
@HeikoSyesnofreelunch: not yet will do soon15:39
@HeikoSI am teaching atm15:39
@HeikoSso sparse responses15:39
@SWAGGRegationqachen, you have gdb installed?15:39
yesnofreelunchHeikoS: ok so let me do that then15:39
yesnofreelunchHeikoS: but I need one person as backup admin15:40
qachenHeikoS, what is atm ?15:40
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: have you already registered for gsoc 2015?15:41
@SWAGGRegationSWAGGRegation, no, but can do instantly15:41
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: please do15:41
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: I will make you backup admin then15:41
yesnofreelunchand later add the crowd!15:41
@SWAGGRegationallrighty1 :D15:41
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: it is best if you just copy your profile over from 201415:42
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, how to do that in melange?15:43
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, i'm in15:44
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: log in and then select 2014 and manually copy & paste stuff over to the 2015 profile that you create15:45
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, allrighty, just completed  :D15:45
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation, HeikoS I will just copy stuff over from last year for now so we have somethign to start with15:49
qachenSWAGGRegation, would you tell me where is the test script located or the command that run it ?15:52
qachenSWAGGRegation, I want to use gdb to find the failed reason.15:53
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: sergey_lisitsyn please15:54
@HeikoSyes, please just put in stuff, send me a link otherwise ,then I will edit a bit15:54
@HeikoSyesnofreelunch: thanks!15:54
@SWAGGRegationqachen, you just need to specify with cmake-switches...15:54
@HeikoSalso please everyone write projects proposals thats more important for now15:54
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: what is your id?15:55
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yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: added you15:55
yesnofreelunchwe need a 256x256 img as shogun logo!15:56
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, bjoern.esser@gmail.com15:56
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: no the id of your profile15:56
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: username15:57
yesnofreelunchshould be at the very top15:57
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, besser8215:57
* yesnofreelunch could have guessed so ;)15:57
-!- dhfromko_ [] has joined #shogun15:57
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, as everywhere...  ;)15:57
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: added you15:57
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation, what_switch did you get any email from melange about that yet?15:58
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, I'm added with no role...  :/15:58
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, now i'm admin  :D15:59
yesnofreelunchonly what_switch is missing15:59
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: thanks15:59
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: yes got it15:59
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: so now you have no excuse to not fill in reasonable content :P15:59
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: $DEITY now too!15:59
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: last year we didn't fail any student either right?16:00
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: never16:00
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: crazy horse!16:00
@what_switchwe pull out all the juice16:00
-!- exploreshaifali [~shaifali@] has joined #shogun16:00
@what_switchuntil they do what we need16:00
-!- rajul [] has joined #shogun16:05
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: veteran organization!16:06
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: you old now too old friend16:07
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: ?????? ?????? ????????? ???????? ??????? ????? ?.?. ?????? ????????????????? ??????????? shogun machine learning toolbox16:08
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: *lol*16:10
-!- vortex_ape [~vortex_ap@] has joined #shogun16:12
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch: please bring some over - I lost mine ;)16:17
@what_switchyesnofreelunch: just ask KGB16:17
-!- qachen [671b6fbd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client]16:23
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, I want one, too!  ^_^16:26
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: too far west you are!16:26
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, ;(16:27
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, but I'm back in Berlin soon ^_^16:27
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: east or west :P16:28
yesnofreelunchor in other words in the sergey or merkel sektor?16:28
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, West-Berlin, nat?rlich ^_^16:28
* yesnofreelunch you loose16:29
@what_switchyeah east coast baby16:29
* SWAGGRegation stick around in Neu-K?lln or Charlottenburg, only ;)16:29
@what_switchI like D-Pointer Platz16:29
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, where is that?16:30
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: near forward declaration strasse16:31
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, ahh :P16:31
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yesnofreelunch:  ??????????? ?????? sticks in Charlottenburg near Richard-Wagner-Allee  ;)16:31
@what_switchhhaha solntsevskaya bratva lol16:32
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: where did you get that16:32
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, ?16:32
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: about bratva16:33
@what_switchI am originally from the most criminal city btw16:33
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, ??????????? ?????? is in Berlin, too  :P16:33
@what_switchno idea about those :D16:34
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, both are ???? ? ??????16:35
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: hmm you seem to 'understand' these words16:35
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, presumably  ;)16:35
@HeikoSat the moment16:37
@HeikoSI can be admin16:37
@HeikoSyesnofreelunch: put me as full admin I wanna get the emails16:37
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, username?16:37
yesnofreelunchyesnofreelunch: you are longing for it right?16:37
@SWAGGRegationwhat_switch, yesnofreelunch: anyone needs some .38 ????????? ?16:47
-!- dhfromko_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]16:50
yesnofreelunchwhat_switch, SWAGGRegation: fsck! I forgot to update the website with the new doc and since I announced stuff today I better don't break it now... we have quite some users on the page it seems now :)16:58
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: care to try the heise stuff again?17:04
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, sure... can bump them again :D17:06
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: put it all your weight!17:06
@SWAGGRegationyesnofreelunch, I'll bully them until they write XD17:06
yesnofreelunchSWAGGRegation: +117:08
@what_switchwhat's heise17:09
-!- what_switch is now known as what_heise17:09
yesnofreelunchwhat_heise: slashdot17:09
yesnofreelunchala germania17:09
@what_heiseyesnofreelunch: should they write about shogun?17:12
@SWAGGRegationwhat_heise, yes, they should  :D17:13
@SWAGGRegationwhat_heise, They should tell folks Shogun is most gangztah ml-stuff in world, yolo!17:13
@what_heiseI can make yandex use shogun17:14
@what_heise6k people should be enough?17:14
@SWAGGRegationwhat_heise, I think so...  Can you make them give $$$, too?  :P17:14
@what_heiseyeah sure easy17:14
@SWAGGRegationwhat_heise, so what iz ya w8in' 4?17:14
@what_heiseSWAGGRegation: we just have to make shogun best ml framework17:15
@SWAGGRegationwhat_heise, Shogun already is!  =)17:15
@SWAGGRegationwhat_heise, you just need to sell them the message <tm>17:15
@what_heiseHeikoS: !17:16
-!- what_heise is now known as what_switch17:17
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-!- SWAGGRegation is now known as what_lisitsyn18:07
@what_lisitsynwhat_switch, Any ideas about json-c fscking up unittest?18:07
@what_lisitsynwhat_switch, with json-c 0.11 all is fine; json-c 0.12 breaks stuff...  :(18:08
-!- what_lisitsyn is now known as SWAGGRegation18:08
@what_switchSWAGGRegation: don'tknow18:10
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HeikoSwhat_switch: ?19:13
-!- mode/#shogun [+o HeikoS] by ChanServ19:13
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@HeikoSwhat_switch: hey19:40
@what_switchHeikoS: hey19:40
@HeikoSwhat_switch: say, could you post an entrance issue on github that is about making Shogun things like here:19:40
@HeikoSI think thats a good thing to follow19:40
@HeikoSmaybe there are some simple cases where entrance students can do it?19:41
@what_switchHeikoS: and implement 'maybe'19:41
@what_switchwe should have and use maybe19:41
@what_switchaka optional19:41
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@HeikoSSWAGGRegation: around?20:01
@HeikoSwhat_switch: still there?20:01
@HeikoShow do we activate linalg on travis?20:01
@HeikoSwith the native backend?20:01
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, no, just a bot answering your questions...  :P20:01
@HeikoSwhich does not require any libs?20:01
@HeikoSor egien3 backend?20:02
@HeikoSso dear bot, SWAGGRegation, any ideas?20:02
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, which is "native" backend of linialg?  :P20:02
@HeikoSSWAGGRegation: the one where we implement things by hand20:03
@HeikoSor eigen320:03
@HeikoSdoesnt matter20:03
@HeikoSbut native would be best20:03
@HeikoSSee here for the problem20:03
@HeikoS/home/travis/build/shogun-toolbox/shogun/src/shogun/kernel/LinearARDKernel.cpp:86:4: error: 'linalg' has not been declared20:03
@what_switchHeikoS: hmm I don't know20:04
@HeikoSwhat_switch: maybe Wu just forgot to add the include20:05
@HeikoSLets see20:05
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, probably since Eigen3 was present in Travis...20:06
@HeikoSyeah I think thats it20:06
@HeikoStell Bj?rn thanks, bot20:06
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, will do so  ^_^20:07
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-!- mode/#shogun [+o HeikoS] by ChanServ23:15
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, bot told me you thank me ^_^23:17
@SWAGGRegationHeikoS, yw =)23:17
@HeikoSSWAGGRegation: haha, indeed23:17
@HeikoSproper bot you have there sir23:17
@SWAGGRegationyeah, it's handcrafted <tm>23:17
@SWAGGRegationGood N8, Folks!23:20
-!- dhfromkorea [] has joined #shogun23:23
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@thoralfHeikoS: Ping?23:43
@HeikoSthoralf: pong hi!23:44
@HeikoShow are things?23:44
@thoralfThings are perfect... a big busy though. ;)23:45
@thoralfa bit23:45
@thoralfWell, bug busy also true. :D23:45
@HeikoSwhat are you up to then?23:45
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