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@vowpalkardashianlambday: besser82: guys09:04
@vowpalkardashianhow do we edit wiki by 'foreign' guys?09:04
@besser82vowpalkardashian, dunno...  :(09:08
@vowpalkardashianbesser82: had to add mentor guy to pushers09:08
@lambdayI remember something regarding this on the mailing list few days back - don't remember if they got any solution :(09:16
@lambdayvowpalkardashian: you're sergey??!!09:19
@vowpalkardashianlambday: yeah09:20
@lambdayvowpalkardashian: man!09:20
@lambdayreally? :P09:20
@vowpalkardashianlambday: hah09:20
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@lambdayoh that was also you09:20
@lambdayI was like who are these people!09:20
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@rock_curvelambday: I am having fun of these crazy nicknames09:21
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@natasharomanovcall me black widow :D09:21
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@afaikidkrock_curve: you have a min?09:23
@rock_curveafaikidk: yeah probably09:26
@rock_curveafaikidk: putting in some food currently09:26
@afaikidkrock_curve: okay :D09:26
@rock_curvewho is natasha romanova09:26
@rock_curvenatalia alianovna haha09:27
@rock_curvewhat a middle name09:27
@afaikidkrock_curve: who is natalia?09:27
@rock_curvenatasha = natalia09:27
@afaikidkoh is it09:27
@rock_curveI can't tell portman from knightley anyway09:28
@afaikidkrock_curve: join the team09:28
@rock_curvewat team?09:28
@afaikidkrock_curve: loved the "for female" part though :D09:28
@afaikidkpeople who can't tell portamn from knightley09:28
@rock_curveafaikidk: haha09:29
@rock_curveafaikidk: I was disappointed by knightley in this imitation game movie09:29
@afaikidkrock_curve: haven't watched it yet09:29
@rock_curveimho cumberbatch rocks but not knightley09:30
@afaikidkyeah that he does! :D I liked knightley in those pirates of Caribbean movies09:30
@rock_curveafaikidk: this movie like tells you09:30
@rock_curveall these computers were created by GAAAY09:31
@rock_curvelive with that!09:31
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@afaikidkrock_curve: you mean, pidorah :D09:31
@afaikidkI remember this term09:31
@rock_curvein such a homophobic country like mine it is funny09:31
@rock_curvethey are like woaah he is gay no way09:32
@afaikidkpretty much same picture here as well09:32
@afaikidkapart from mumbai fashion people09:32
@afaikidkthey are all gay09:32
@afaikidkrock_curve: btw who does keira knightley portray then? if turing was gay... :/09:33
@rock_curveafaikidk: his wife!09:34
@afaikidkwait.. what? he had one?09:34
@rock_curveyeah real story09:34
@afaikidkno wonder you didn't like her in the film :D09:35
@rock_curveiirc in real life they were talking etc09:35
@afaikidkrock_curve: btw are you floating the REST api project for gsoc?09:35
@rock_curveI guess it was better for them to get married :D09:36
@afaikidksuch a painful life09:36
@rock_curveafaikidk: ohh should post it09:36
@afaikidktalking about marriage freaks me out now - I went home last week and all my family was talking was 'when are you getting married' :|09:37
@afaikidkrock_curve: btw what I wanted to discuss is - say, we write our own parallel computation engine using openmp..09:38
@afaikidkrock_curve: we need a job scheduler09:38
@rock_curveafaikidk: hah just like my gf09:38
@rock_curveafaikidk: hmm job scheduler09:38
@afaikidkrock_curve: oh and also - since computation engine is internal to shogun - I suggest we get rid of inheritance and use policy09:38
@rock_curvethat's like big09:38
@rock_curveafaikidk: inheritance could be better sometimes if you want remote execution09:39
@afaikidkrock_curve: yeah my gf too! she gave me 7 gifts on 14th and all I gave her was a poor stuffed puppy - still she wants to marry me09:39
@afaikidkrock_curve: what do you mean?09:39
@rock_curveif everything is static you can't just obj->dosomething()09:40
@rock_curveand dosomething is like remote procedure call09:40
@rock_curvewhich calls other object on other machine09:40
@afaikidkrock_curve: why would we need obj->dosomething()09:40
@rock_curvejust an example09:40
@rock_curveI should take a look at this thing09:40
@afaikidkrock_curve: you know any readymade alternative ?09:41
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@afaikidkrock_curve: basically I want that serial, parallel and cluster engines should work from the same interfave09:41
@afaikidkso it kinds depends on how viktor is planning to get mesos into shogun09:42
@rock_curveyes mesos is the way to go09:42
@rock_curvewell writing a scheduler on top of zookeeper is really easy09:42
@afaikidkrock_curve: we'll have to think a bit about this - but I believe that we won't need virtual things for engine - that09:44
@afaikidkis shogun's internal09:44
@afaikidkwe just expose jobs09:44
@afaikidkumm maybe director class09:45
@rock_curveafaikidk: why?09:51
@afaikidkso that even from python someone can define a job09:52
@afaikidkthat may not be there in shogun09:52
@afaikidksimilar kinds of plans we had for linear operator09:52
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@rock_curveafaikidk: is it really needed? :)09:56
@afaikidkrock_curve: doesn't hurt :D09:57
@rock_curveafaikidk: I think such out of box scheduling can be done by some other framework :)09:59
@besser82rock_curve, afaikidk:  ZeroMQ?  ;)10:00
@rock_curvebesser82: hmm well on top of zmq may be10:00
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HeikoSrock_curve: hi13:31
HeikoSrock_curve: haha I get confused with ally our names13:32
HeikoSrock_curve: check my edits:13:32
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shogun-notifier-shogun-web: Heiko Strathmann :master * 319d1f2 / static/figures/gsoc_2014_follow_up/ (15 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-web: added images for gsoc 2014 blog post15:54
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Tendulkarhello guys16:27
TendulkarI need help with installing Python Shogun Modular16:27
Tendulkarwhen I do cmake -DPythonModular=ON in build dir16:27
TendulkarI get an error16:27
nirantkWhat is the error?16:28
TendulkarCould not find CCACHE & SWIG16:28
TendulkarAny idea how to fix this?16:29
nirantkI will try to reproduce the bug and see16:29
TendulkarI did16:30
Tendulkarmkdir build16:30
Tendulkarcd build16:30
Tendulkarcmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install" ..16:30
Tendulkarcmake -DPythonModular=ON ..16:30
Tendulkarcmake -DPythonModular=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install" ..16:30
TendulkarAfter that I keep getting that error on whichever cmake command I use16:31
@rock_curveinstall swig16:31
Tendulkarok let me try16:32
@wikingwhat do i need to do?16:50
@besser82wiking, for what?  :P16:50
@wikingi've got cazillions of emails16:52
@wikingthat i shoudl do for shogun :D16:52
Tendulkarrock_curve: thanks, that works16:58
Tendulkarbut when I do import modshogun, it doesn't work16:58
@wikingwho's who in this  nick mayham :)17:05
@rock_curvewiking: what17:05
TendulkarI get this warning CMake Warning:   Manually-specified variables were not used by the project:      pythonModular17:07
Tendulkarwhen I do cmake -DpythonModular=ON17:08
@rock_curveTendulkar: Python17:12
@rock_curvenot python17:12
Tendulkarrock_curve: that was a typo17:17
@rock_curveTendulkar: yes, fix that and it will recognize this optiona17:17
@rock_curvewiking: want to do rest with me?17:18
TendulkarI mean, I wrote correctly in the terminal..17:18
TendulkarIt generates modshogun.py17:18
Tendulkarin shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/17:18
TendulkarI added that path to pythonpath17:18
Tendulkarbut not working.. import modshogun gives an error17:19 no such file17:19
@rock_curvethen you need LD_LIBRARY_PATH17:19
TendulkarThanks a lot rock_curve17:24
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AndreLopesHello :)17:35
AndreLopesWhere do i find the documentation of the methods of shogun?17:37
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@wikingrest rest rest17:52
@wikingi'm gonna be going to sleep now17:52
@wikingas i'm suppert tired17:52
AndreLopesi mean the methods documentation17:55
@wikingwell that's what it is17:55
AndreLopesis there anything close to javadoc?17:55
AndreLopesFor example...17:56
AndreLopesidk what this method does17:56
AndreLopesDoubleMatrix out_labels = to_binary(perceptron.apply()).get_labels();17:56
@wikinggets all the labels for your features after classifying them17:57
@wikingand puts them in a matrix17:57
@wikingor in this case into a vector :P17:57
AndreLopesThanks, but is there a C++ doc?17:57
AndreLopesanything so i can find out what x method does?17:57
@wikinghave u checked the link i've just copy pasted17:58
AndreLopesyes i did17:58
AndreLopesbut i cant find what im looking for17:58
AndreLopesi find the examples, some tutorials but not a method doc17:58
@wikinguse the search box17:59
AndreLopesI love you lol17:59
@wikingit'll give u the results for each class17:59
@wikingand then you can read the docs17:59
@wikingbut of course you can just have this locally18:00
@wikinghaving doxygen + make doc18:00
@wikingit'll generate the whole thing localhost18:00
AndreLopesI dont think its possible to generate a javadoc yet right?18:00
@wikingrock_curve: have u managed to create a docset?18:00
@wikingAndreLopes: noup not yet18:00
AndreLopesWhat if i java doc by copying each method lol18:00
AndreLopeswould that help others too ?18:00
@wikingwell that's very manual work18:01
@rock_curvewiking: didn't try18:01
@wikingthis should be automated18:01
@wikingswig wanted to add the support for it18:01
@wikingbut i think that's not yet ready18:01
AndreLopeswell if they dont, then i might do it manually18:01
AndreLopesand send to you guys.18:01
AndreLopesmight take some days :D18:01
@wikingwell maybe putting the effort to do that18:01
@wikingin swig18:01
@wikingwould be more beneficial for everythingy18:01
@wikingbut that's only my 2 cents18:02
AndreLopeswell im new here18:02
AndreLopesim not sure how to mess with swig18:02
AndreLopeswhere do i start?18:02
@wikingmmm swig?18:02
@wikingtry finding out where's the code that was actually performing the doxygen -> javadoc stuff18:02
AndreLopesgoogling.. found 2012 related18:03
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shogun-notifier-shogun: sanuj :develop * 5487052 / src/shogun/neuralnets/ (4 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Add leaky ReLU layer23:20
shogun-notifier-shogun: sanuj :develop * a5ccb5f / tests/unit/neuralnets/
shogun-notifier-shogun: Add leaky ReLU layer unit tests23:20
shogun-notifier-shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn :develop * 4849e5e / / (5 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2707 from sanuj/feature/leaky_ReLU23:20
shogun-notifier-shogun: Feature/leaky re lu23:20
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travis-ciit's Sergey Lisitsyn's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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