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chintakhey anyone there01:14
chintakI'm completely new to shogun and trying to figure out how to use it01:14
chintakI'm trying to use RandomForest in shogun01:14
chintakIt fails when I call the train method after initializing the features and labels01:15
chintakThe python interface complains - "label type not supported". I am using BinaryLabel.01:16
chintakPls help01:16
chintak@lisitsyn: could you tell me how to use RandomForest?01:18
@wikingmmm that error what u r quoting cannot be found in the whole src of the project01:30
chintakSystemError: [ERROR] In file /home/chintaksheth/libs/shogun/src/shogun/multiclass/tree/CARTree.cpp line 77: label type supplied is not supported01:30
@wikingwhy do u want to use regression01:31
chintakI want to do classification01:31
chintakrf = RandomForest(feats_train, labels, 10, 1)01:31
chintakfeats_train has RealFeatures01:32
@wikingyeah that's ok01:32
chintaklabels is BinaryLabels01:32
chintaknext I called rf.train()01:32
@wikingcart tree is being used in regression01:32
@wikingas a quick fix01:33
@wikingtry to use multiclass labels01:33
chintakok, works now01:34
chintakbut it is reasonable to expect BinaryLabels to work, right?01:35
@wikingit is totally reasonable01:37
@wikingbut it needs to be fixed :)01:37
chintakthe notebooks and cloud is inactive?01:58
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chintakHow should I debug the C++ code?21:00
chintakAll I get is: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'shogun::ShogunException'21:00
chintakAborted (core dumped)21:00
chintakIn python SystemError messages are displayed, but unfortunately in C++ I don't get any such messages21:01
chintakI compiled Shogun using CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug and in my C++ code using -O0 -ggdb21:02
chintak@lisitsyn @sonney2k21:03
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